NBA, Video / Jun 11, 2010 / 10:15 am

The Greatest Post-Game Interview In NBA Finals History

If you were to tell me that after Game 4 in Boston, the two Celtics players doing the post-game interview were going to be Nate Robinson and Glen Davis, I would have never believed you. But as you already know, they stole the show. Take the time to watch this interview that ends with Nate comparing the two to Shrek & Donkey. Priceless.

What will these two contribute to Game 5?

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  • JM

    I know Big Baby is a vital part in the Celts success and has had big moments, but am I the only one that thinks he is making a complete @ss of himself out there?? I like emotion after some big plays like anyone else, but after every bucket? I liked him at LSU, but his over the top reactions are beyond comical and now have become unwatchable for me.

  • DavMat

    Dude was “in the moment”

  • House

    Have u ever been so close to fulfilling your dream.
    So close that you can taste it. It’s called ‘Emotion’
    & it can overtake you..It’s the NBA Finals, that’s his
    dream of being a Champion..Give him a break

  • JM

    I am not talking just about last night’s one play…he has been doing this for a while. Again, I like emotional players and its not about “the moment”, but he gets crazy almost after each basket it seems. If he gets the hoop and the foul, straight up craziness occurs.

  • haslem

    yo fuck the gooch! his new nicknmae is SHREK!


  • ENEW

    @JM – If you can’t appreciate the passion, emotion and intensity then don’t watch.

    That is what has to be brought to the table when the trophy is at stake. Many players need to get themselves to that level to have success, he is one of them. The crowd and his teammates feed off of it. He is a Celtic playing the Lakers in the finals, there is NO toning anything down. And as far as him doing it for a while, well, it seems to be working.

    Big Shrek is quite a difference maker out there.

  • thedoc

    Big baby played great last night. Can you imagine if this guy was in the NFL?! Talk about a very athletic big man.

  • sh!tfaced

    Shrek and Donkey. LOL. Well, Shrek IS green, so…

    And If I were somewhere near Boston, I’d prolly try makin’ a few “Big Baby Shrek” & “Nate/Donkey” shirts in time for Sunday GAME 5.

    Think Eddie Murphy, Mike Meyers and the rest of the Shrek crew gonna take advantage and call it in and to try getting “good promo seats” courtside for GAME 6…?

  • karizmatic

    That’s fun…that’s part of basketball too, I’m a Lakers fan but I can take time out to appreciate those guys having fun in the interview.

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    Yea, those guys need their own show!!!

    But am I the only one who found it odd that Shrek started rubbing Donkey’s head during the interview?

  • Brazzle

    Best part is when Nate goes “no homo but I was tryin to wipe some of the slobber off him”

  • nate

    I wanted to punch davis in his face so bad last night

  • the cynic

    I’m sensing a remake of the 90’s classic, Twins, starring Big Baby and Nate Rob. The movie would try to be hip like the new karate kid

  • dimemagreader

    @ cynic – LOL

    @ superhero – yeah it was funny since you see a big chubby arm and hand patting donkey on the back and then rubbing his head

  • Bandolero

    Thats what up Donkey!… You’re sure making Zeke look good… and da knicks like… well… I want da Lakers to win… but this is a very good story.

  • Gmaine

    Fuckin’ gotta love it….!

  • young_money32

    i hate the way big baby talks n nate is good but he needs to control his emotions like when he got fouled n got in lamar odoms package lol had to look up at him


    fuck yeah. big baby and l’il baby. shrek and donkey. devito and the goverminator. hahahahahaha

  • Smokescreen

    JM says:

    I am not talking just about last night’s one play…he has been doing this for a while. Again, I like emotional players and its not about “the moment”, but he gets crazy almost after each basket it seems. If he gets the hoop and the foul, straight up craziness occurs.

    Would you be happier with Odom’s dead-pan non-expression instead?

  • TheBrute

    Every game he does something really weird with his tongue after a big play. sort of freaks me out, but Big Baby can do whatever he wants as long as he plays like a manimal.

    Love it!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    that was a funny interview.
    still gon whoop that ass tho..

    lal all day boyeee!!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Baffoon. Both of them. all of them for that matter.

    -Pierce punching the refs while celebrating over a basket that didn’t count and wasn’t even a big game changing play

    -Big Baby drooling on one play, then dancing at the FT line later when the ball bounced around the rim and went in, there was still 3-4 min left in the game!

    -Nate screaming and flexing every time he scored the entire game

    -KG scowling and crawling on the ground while on the sidelines like he was some sort of pedaphile watching a kids bball game.

    They act like punks and I hate to say this as a black man, but they act like the N!&&@s white America expects them to act like. Shyt is embarassing man.

  • Few the Proud

    C’mon moppy JM and Chicogorilla, lighten up and listen to the very sensible House. Be happy for the cats, even if you can never be them. And to the public cursers, (a) you’re not qualified to comment or clean the skid marks out of Shrek and Donkey’s shorts; and (b) learn how to spell before embarrassing yourselves. Now go have a nice day!

  • http://dankla.com celticsin010!

    chicagorilla..you are a complete fucking idiot….they do what they need to, to bring the energy and hype up the crowd as well as themselves..why judge their methods? IT’S THOSE EXACT SAME METHODS THAT HAVE THEM IN A POSITION TO WIN THE NBA FINALS..so who are you to say they acting like niggas? if that’s the way they want to act so be it..why do u care? why should they care they act accordingly to please the white man..gtfo here ..u sound like a uncle tom ass retard..it’s basketball bitch..do whatever gets the job done to win the game, w/out crossing the line..simple as that