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The Impact Of Kendrick Perkins’ Knee Injury

As a basketball fan, even if you root for the Lakers, it is tough to see a guy go down in the NBA Finals. Kendrick Perkins‘ knee injury appears to rule him out for Game 7. If he is indeed out, I don’t think the Celtics will be able to recover and win the game.

Reports are that Perkins has a sprained knee with sprained MCL and PCL ligaments. If that is the case, Perkins could play, but his effectiveness would clearly be hampered. John Jenkins, a rising sophomore shooting guard at Vanderbilt University, sprained his knee against DePaul this past season, and talked about the effect the injury will have on Perkins’ game:

“I was in a lot of pain when I sprained my knee,” says Jenkins. “The pain can sometimes be overwhelming physically and mentally, but it’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals, so I think he will fight through it and play.

“It is really hard to play with an injured knee though because you use your knee for almost everything in basketball,” adds Jenkins. “The knee really affects your ability to move well. You have to find new ways to make cuts, get open and play defense because your knee can no longer do what you expect it to do. I think the knee will certainly hurt Perkins’ ability to alter shots, get up for rebounds and play defense which is what he contributes best to the Celtics.”

With Perkins potentially out for Game 7 (and less effective if he does play), the Celtics will be hard pressed to beat the Lakers. Perkins is the Celtics’ biggest body in the post, and despite his lack of an offensive game, his size, defense and rebounding are keys to igniting the Celtics’ running game. Perkins sets the tone for Boston’s defense and is not afraid to mix it up inside (or with officials for that matter). He epitomizes the Celtics “Ubuntu” concept, doing exactly what he needs to do and not trying to do anything more. Perkins knows his role on the team, and he excels at it. Without Perkins as an enforcer in the low-post, Boston’s options for limiting Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum down low are limited.

Perkins is really the only guy on the team who can size up Gasol and Bynum, and without him, those guys will have big game sevens. Glen Davis has girth, but is at a significant height disadvantage against both Gasol and Bynum. Rasheed Wallace can guard both guys, but his penchant for foul trouble leaves his ability to play more minutes in doubt. Kevin Garnett is still very capable of guarding those two players, but without Perkins roughing it up inside for 25 minutes, he will need to revert back to his 2008 form defensively and become the defensive enforcer that Perkins has been.

Also, the Celtics cannot allow Shelden Williams to get onto the floor. He is an absolute liability on both ends of the floor and unless two of the Celtics’ three remaining big men (KG, Davis and Wallace) foul out, Williams should not get time.

While the Celtics need Perkins, according to doctor Robert D’Agostini of Bedminster Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, there are three concerns when any player plays with a sprained knee that should cause him to think twice:

“The first concern is, ‘Can he do more damage to the structure of the ligament if he plays?’ The second concern is, ‘Can he injure other parts of his knee by overcompensating?’ The third concern is, ‘Can he hurt his team on the floor with his bad knee?’ The answer to all these concerns is yes, the player is taking a significant risk of hurting himself and the team by suiting up.”

What do you think? Should Perkins play in Game 7?

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  • dano

    Yeah man as much as you know Perk wants to play, hes only like what, 23? Messing around with two of the three main ligaments in the knee is no joke. If he plays Thursday, he could hurt the knee worse, injure the other knee, or, and i think this is the most important, play like horseshit. Him playing tomorrow could jeporadize his WHOLE career. Ask grant hill or even bynum about reinjury and see what they would say about it. I know its game 7 of the fucking NBA finals, but thats a big decision. Sucks to see him go down.

  • Michorizo

    Nah…he should sit out and wait til another Final’s GAME 7 to play

  • Mike

    Man… Shelden Williams was decent if not pretty effective when he got time in the regular season but in the post season he has been everyone thought he was.

  • tj

    i remember that jenkins injury, it was a big blow to vandy late in the season – perk is truly the anchor of the celts D, it’s sad to see him go down. best of luck to both the commodores (next winter) and the celtics (tomorrow)!

  • Daniel Marks

    Yea Shelden has been a big bust, he just isn’t ready for the big time yet. I’d almost rather see Scalabrine suit up then him at this point

  • NTstateOFmind

    he should sit out bc he might be more of a distraction out there than a productive player. LA is already giving Rondo 10ft of space, with Perk in, they D will be able to cheat a little more.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Sheldon Williams should get absolutely 0 mins is right. They guy did decent in the regular season, but game 6 he was so horrible.

    Perkins will probably play, thats the kind of dude he is. I hate looking at that scowl on his face, but I respect his game. That being said, he will only play 10 mins until Doc sees he is completely out of it and is not doing the team any good.

  • ab_40

    play em bring some energy. 20 minutes 5 points 10 boards that’s what boston need. game 7 is gonna be a BATTLE man I can’t wait.

  • dimemagreader

    too bad this last game wasn’t played at the Boston Garden. Perkins could have used a wheelchair

  • BlazersBabyBri

    The report from nba.com is that Perkins *tore* his MCL and PCL, so he’s out for Game 7. Perkins was quoted as saying that the team doctor told him that if he had had this injury in December, he would have been finished for the season. It sucks that this happened and even more that it happened when it did. Prayers are definitely with Perkins now.

  • kool bro

    i really hope he doesnt play so the lakers hav an easier time

    jus speaking honestly from a lakers fan standpoint

  • analyst

    Kendrick Perkins will not play in Game 7 after revealing he tore the MCL and PCL in his right knee on Tuesday night.
    It’s a huge blow to the Celtics’ chances on Thursday night. Perkins was the one that could challenge the Lakers size and strength down low, defending the defensive glass and bodying up with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Now coach Doc Rivers will have to rely on Rasheed Wallace and maybe even Shelden Williams along with Glen Davis. Perkins’ status for opening night of next season is also now in jeopardy.

  • fallinup

    Ya know back when Lakers fans were all… “If Bynum was healthy… we’d of won in 08.”? Well, there ya go Celts fans… run with it.

    Lets face it. Perk is Boston’s best defensive big man. Without him, the Lakers’ length is too much.

  • dk

    Its a wrap. D Fish, GOAT…

  • hippie james

    Celtics…. “Win it for Perk”.

  • http://www.jeezem.com Mike

    watching the replay, if you think about what Kobe is doing on this play, he clearly puts his leg and foot between Perkins legs, then kicks his foot and leg out to throw him off balance. Plays that are dirty/illegal, that end in injury should be looked at very seriously by the league. It isn’t very good basketball when half the players are injured due to dirty illegal plays.

  • nola

    Mike=biggest idiot EVER.

  • Daniel Marks

    Perk has been ruled out, it’s unfortunate to see and I don’t think the Celtics can overcome it. They are trusting two guys on the downside of their careers in KG and Sheed, and an undersized 4, to stop the trio of Lamar Odom, Bynum, and Gasol. I just don’t see it happening

  • whatever

    Mike: a) I just don’t see what you see, I don’t see Kobe doing anything odd there at all and b) that’s rich, a celtics fan complaining about dirty/illegal play, isn’t that supposed to be what tom thibodeau is such a master at teaching, the grabbing, tripping etc. off the ball that won’t get called? No one’s happy that Perk is out but seriously, take your lumps and don’t be such a whiny beatch.

  • http://thebigcigars.com Lamont

    Perkins being out changes the whole dynamic of the Celtics. They can win, no doubt, but just at a bigger disadvantage. Perkins may not have scored alot but he gave Bynum problems and in game 7 he wouldn’t have to worry about his final technical allowing him to really open up.