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The NBA Draft Ramifications Of A Derrick Favors vs. DeMarcus Cousins Workout

Yesterday, the Nets announced that after much prodding, Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins will work out together on June 21st. Previously, the two players were scheduled for separate workouts because Favors’ representatives were worried about how Favors would fare against the size of Cousins. But according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, things have changed.

So far Favors’ agent Wallace Prather has been reluctant to let him get matched with the bigger, stronger Cousins on the floor. They worked out together in Sacramento on Saturday, but largely stayed in individual drills.

With the two best big men in the Draft going up against each other, who does this workout benefit more? The answer is Cousins.

Right now, most mock drafts and NBA insiders have the Nets taking Favors third overall, as it seems set in stone that John Wall and Evan Turner will go one-two respectively. This workout can only hurt Favors. With him being the Nets’ top choice at the moment, all he had to do was come to New Jersey, show his length, his athleticism and basically show the Nets why he would be a perfectly good pick at No. 3. He didn’t need to do anything extra, especially not go up against Cousins – who could be the strongest, most bruising force in this Draft.

While Rod Thorn obviously wanted to see Favors go up against tough competition like Cousins – and that is why he pushed Favors’ camp to agree to this workout – there was no guarantee that something like this would get done. If Favors had not agreed to the joint workout, Thorn would have most likely taken him if he accomplished the goals stated above, because it would have been the safe bet for the Nets. Now, if Favors gets pushed around by Cousins, he could fall out of the No. 3 slot.

While Favors is taking a big risk by taking on Cousins in one-on-one drills, the risk for Cousins is low. Right now, he will probably go to Sacramento with the fifth pick (his agent recently cancelled a workout in Minnesota because he thinks the Wolves will draft Wes Johnson), but if he absolutely dominates Favors, he can go to the Nets at three.

Cousins was college basketball’s most efficient player last year, and nobody could truly slow the big man down. In addition to his brute strength, Cousins has an incredible array of low post moves to go along with his deceptively quick feet. DeMarcus can also extend his range to 18 feet, and in Sacramento this past weekend, hit on 78% of the jumpers he took. With his off-the-chart skillset, and intimidating physical presence, Cousins is exactly the kind of player that can give anyone – including Favors – fits. If Favors ends up falling below the No. 3 pick, he will have only one person to blame: DeMarcus Cousins.

What do you think?

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  • Celts Fan

    I love it. You want a competitor. I like Favors and think he and Lopez will be the most dominant low-post tandem in the league in like 5 years, running ish in Brooklyn. Favors looks to end up like Amare. Put that next to a legit top 10 center and you got the framework for a chip. Demarcus doesn’t really fit in NJ anyway. He and Brook aren’t a good fit together, while Brook and Favors are ideal (plodding, lane-taker-upper that can protect the rim in Lopez w/ an athletic 4 that can make an elbow jumper in Favors.)

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    Nice job, Daniel. I’ve been a huge Favors guy since he was in HS. He’s like a low-maintenance Amare. I hope the Nets take him at 3…there is no way Cousins and Lopez can play together. And it doesn’t seem like Cousins has made a lot of fans throughout this draft process so I can’t see anyone caring enough to trade up and pick him at 3.

  • Captain Fantastic

    NJ needs Cousins…..so the Wolves can get Favors.

  • ay yo

    I don’t think its a risk for either players.

    Cousins/Lopez would definitely not be a match, bc both send to fall asleep on the defensive side. Plus, the lack of quickness would be horrible.

    For sure, the Nets are gonna take Favors.

  • Soopa

    Favors is a Sheed/KG mold. I think theres been playing of post about which mold Cousins is lol.

  • dmitry of jersey

    after the Sean and Shawne Williams experiences, i damn well hope the Nets stay away from a talented-with-issues forward.

  • patrick

    Favors is a very poor man’s Amare. Not on par with athleticism or ball skills. I think they should pick up cousins.

  • Captain Obvious

    Nobody else here thinks Favors is D-Howardish?? To me, Howard is more similar to Favors than Amare is… by far. Favors is known for his defence… Amare is known for his lack of defence. Favors blocks with both hands… so does Howard. Similar size and weight at that age also.

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    @Captain Obvious I agree Favors game is almost identical to what Howard’s was when he was 19. It’s just every time I see Dwight, I can’t envision him as a skinny guy anymore. haha So whenever I see Favors, I’m always like ‘there’s no way Dwight was that skinny.’

  • K Dizzle

    Hopefully, Thorn is smart enough as a gm to not bypass a legit 4man cuz of a matchup mismatch with a legit 5 in Cousins. Imagine Al Horford beside Brook Lopez. That’s how I see Favors and Horford made the allstar team even with the Hawks killin his career by puttin him at the 5.

    What surprises me is that the Wolves ain’t lookin at Cousins. Johnson is nice but Cousins is a legit center. Al and Love ain’t. Corey Brewer gettin better at the 3 spot and Gomes is solid. Don’t think the Wolves need a 3, but gettin Cousins and tradin either Al or Love or even keepin all 3 in a nice 3 man rotation would help that team more than Wes would


    how would cousins match with lopez?

  • Daniel Marks

    I think Nets should take Favors he can slide right in to the 4 spot to play alongside Brook, but I think Cousins is an undeniable talent that the Nets need to look at

  • Nycatfan

    Has anybody seen what Gasol and Bynum do together. Cousins and Lopez would dominate down low and grab every rebound. Big Cuz is a rebounding machine and can’t be stopped on the blocks one on one. Lopez can shoot from 15′ in and crash the boards one on one, plus you can rest your center at points during the game. The Nets are crazy not to take Cuz. Avery will get the best out of him.

  • V

    I think the nets needs more athleticism at the 4 a person that can get up and down the court and way above the rim , Cousins is a beast but I see him more as a center and I wouldn’t take Lopez out the middle for him . Nets needs Favors hands down .

  • Joe

    When people as dumb as you NBA fans say Lopez and Cousins wouldn’t work, the Nets should go put them together. What you idiots both don’t recognize is that lateral quickness is more important than jumping ability in playing defense. Both Lopez and Cousins can move their feet just fine – just like Big Baby Davis, D. Blair, and so many other nimble big guys. Cousins is superior to Favors in every way except jumping ability.

    Favors has no feel for the game, so naturally, you losers would promote him. Nets already have a guy who looks good on paper only in Yi.

  • Jason Michaels

    That’s crazy, Favors is going to be a mega super star. Imagine Howard with a post game, that’s Favors! Get Favors Nets!!!!!

  • Jason Michaels

    It was length, not nimble, that won the NBA championship by the way.

  • Russ

    Jason Michaels…I disagree. It was the Celtics loss of their big man that won/lost the chanpionship. Any team would do well to give Cousins a long hard look.