NBA / Jun 8, 2010 / 5:00 pm

The NBA’s All-Los Angeles Team

Russell Westbrook, Dime #43

My New York people will hate me for this, but you can make a solid argument that Los Angeles is really the Mecca of basketball. The Lakers are one of the most popular pro sports franchises on the planet, UCLA has the most national championships in college history, L.A.’s high school powerhouses regularly crank out NBA players, and the playground scene is alive and thriving at spots like Venice Beach and The Hangar.

Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, John Wooden, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton and White Men Can’t Jump are all synonymous with Los Angeles. Cross-country rival Boston might have them in NBA championships, but the stable of NBA alumni who were raised or played high school ball in the L.A. area blows Beantown away.

PG – Russell Westbrook (Leuzinger H.S.)
SG – Gilbert Arenas (Grant)
SF – Paul Pierce (Inglewood)
PF – Tyson Chandler (Dominguez)
C – Brook Lopez (North Hollywood, Calif.)
6th Man – Tayshaun Prince (Dominguez)

PG – Gail Goodrich (Polytechnic)
SG – Dennis Johnson (Dominguez)
SF – Reggie Theus (Inglewood)
PF – Marques Johnson (Crenshaw)
C – Kevin Willis (Los Angeles, Calif.)
6th Man – Michael Cooper (Pasadena)

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  • Mark

    Great list! Here’s a few guys to add:
    Baron Davis – Crossroads, Santa Monica
    Reggie Miller – UCLA

  • sh!tfaced

    So loaded that the first two that came to mind, Jason Kidd and Gary Payton, didn’t even make the list.

    Can even have it North & South on this one to accommodate them…

  • Thunder Dan

    Austin…come on man how could you ever even question that NYC is the TRUE Mecca of Basketball…that’s just a stone cold fact

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    wow, no love for BD or Andre Miller or Ariza, and I’m pretty sure Brook Lopez played high school ball in Fresno.

  • datdood

    kidd and payton played ball in oakland big guy. lets show the bay a little love out here.

  • Heckler


    what are the grounds for this article?

    Players born in the city or players who just played high school or college ball in the city?

    we need clarification. please let us know.

  • jimmyjack

    #6 – It says “NBA alumni who were raised or played high school ball in the L.A. area” right in the intro. Damn people, READ.

    Oh, and I think the Lopezes are from North Hollywood or West Hollywood. Is that considered LA?

  • s.bucketz

    Kevin Willis will shut shit down!!!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @PJ310 — Baron and Dre Miller just missed the cut. Between those two and Westbrook, right now I’d take Westbrook at PG. As for the 6th man, Tayshaun can play multiple positions and has had a more accomplished career than Baron and Miller.

  • Heckler


    dipshit. where the FUCK does it say that in the intro?

  • jimmyjack

    Wow … I’m gonna let you call the Search & Rescue team for that one. It’s not that hard to find.

  • Hoveys_Home

    LOL @ the list being called “All-Los Angeles Team” and within the first 5 minutes people throwin’ in players from Oakland.

  • Heiddi187

    no love for reggie miller?

  • LB

    Damn, the L.A. squad is deep at both guard spots, but we’re really thin up front. We’ve got established vets like B Diddy, Dre Miller, Gilbet Arenas and Paul Pierce, with young bucks on the come up like Russell Westbrook, Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, James Harden, Demar Derozan and Trevor Ariza. But damn, our starting power forward is Tyson Chandler??? Granted, he was pretty touted after high school, but he hasnt done sh*t in the league to live up to that hype. I guess our backup 4 would be Craig “The Rhino” Smith, but he’s too short and not talented enough to be a true starting 4 in the league. Not sure who’ll play center for us, because we really cant claim the Lopez twins, because they played high school ball up in Fresno.

  • flegman

    nice roster, but… Chandler ruins everything, this selection sucks. Anybody but him.

  • BiG_RoB_n_cali

    What about Young Buck Brandon Jennings Compton in da house lmao!

  • Hoveys_Home

    Also, should we consider Riverside as part of LA? Thats a REACH in my opinion

  • dimemagreader

    I’m sorry the only people I consider LA folks are people who balled her in HS and maybe college. Professionals DO NOT COUNT.

  • sam

    WeHo and NoHO (westhollywood northhollywood are in los angeles

  • Seth808

    Jordan Farmar (Van Nuys) should be on this list as well.

  • Sweet English

    @ Heckler

    …stable of NBA alumni who were raised or played high school ball in the L.A. area blows Beantown away….

    Just there. Dipshit.

  • GayforRudy

    On a side note, I’m sick of people calling someone “the truth” as in “That Brook Lopez… he’s the truth”.

    Here’s the truth, people that us “the truth” (especially in obvious situations) can go fuck themselves!

  • GayforRudy

    Damnit… I meant “use” not “us”

  • Ty

    Kevin Willis is from Detroit, MI.