NBA Draft, Video / Jun 30, 2010 / 2:00 pm

The San Antonio Spurs’ Best-Kept Secret

Ginobili, Parker, Scola, Barbosa, Udrih, Splitter, Dragic. These are all San Antonio Spurs’ international draft picks that you’ve heard of.

This year the Spurs drafted Ryan Richards with the 49th pick, in the second round. Hailing from London, England, Richards has indicated he doesn’t want to continue playing ball in Europe and will most likely be playing for the Spurs’ D-League team, the Austin Toros, next season.

Depending on what draft site you read, Richards is anywhere between 6-10 and 7-0 and weighs between 225 and 230 pounds. What’s indisputable, though is that Richards really impressed at the pre-draft combine.

According to GM R.C. Buford, Richards “is a gifted athlete and a pretty good shooter. That shooting ‘4’ role for us has been pretty important. We’ll see how long it takes him to get ready for this opportunity.”

Until now there haven’t really been any videos of Richards playing. Fortunately Sam Neter, a guru of British basketball, put together this highlight video of Richards for his site hoopsfix.com.

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  • marcus the great

    dont know how good the comp was, but dude looks pretty legit

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    yes yes the spurs pull another amazing draft pick out of their ass. next year, someone will count them out of the playoffs and then they’ll miraculously show up in the conference finals. is there any new information on these guys?

  • Matt

    Hey Dime,

    Looks like Doc is staying with the Cs!

    http://www.celticsblog.com/2010/6/30/1545303/doc-rivers-is-coming-back (quoting actual news sources)

  • Heckler

    the legacy of this franchise is: BORING.

    thats how the Spurs will be remembered.

    if this british bloke is any good, i hope he gets off the Spurs and onto a team that is more exciting.

    yeah yeah…the Spurs win chips, but they are boring as fuck and once timmy duncan retires, we’ll forget they’re a part of the league.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Spurs do a great job of drafting. If their penny pinching wasn’t rivaled by only PHX, they could have had a 5 peat.

    They have some sort of computer program that they use to evaluate talent. And it is working. They haven’t struck out much. But they have given away talent like crazy.

  • Me

    dunno. i see bust.

  • Large

    Imagine what this kid could learn from Duncan.

    Superstar ability.

  • the big fundamental

    reminds me of beasley back in college off course!!!

  • OneLife

    Reminds me of Kenyon Martin back when he was with the Nets!

  • the unknown known

    There is a growing concensus that the Spurs will sign Tiago Splitter this summer, whom they drafted back in 2007.
    Splitter is considered the best big man in Europe, and said recently that his intention is to join the NBA. Adding the hard-nosed PF/C would certainly upgrade the Spurs frontcourt, but it may also be their only significant FA signing — the Spurs will likely have to use their mid-level exception as part of a long-term contract to lure him away from Spain.

  • TL

    The Spurs need to go sign Raja Bell because they were getting torched by wings in the playoffs. They would be solid with Splitter as an addition.

  • hadoken

    i didn’t know you could get drafted out of intramurals…

  • Legend 33

    Spurs fans are in luck, Jefferson is opting out. wow walking away from $15M can’t believe it. Maybe the Spurs can get Mike Miller with the MLE now.

  • Atom

    LMAO @ hadoken.

  • FmsAmos

    Man anyone who says the Spurs are boring (Yes you Heckler) doesn’t know basketball. That’s an old complaint, yes the spurs pick and roll with Avery Johnson was a little boring to the uneducated fan but that was 1999. This is 2010, and you can’t say Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli are boring, I’d actually argue there’s no one more exciting in the NBA than those two. Plus we’ve had Amazing performance after another with our role players like Kerr coming in off the bench cold and stroking 3pointer after 3 to win a playoff game or the series with the Suns when Horry checked Nash into the scorers table, there hasn’t been a better series than that since. I watched the Lakers Celtics series, it was good but hell I could barely stay awake there was nothing exciting about that. So Mss. Heckler before you make a comment make sure your up to date on things. It’s not 1999 anymore even though your outfit is

  • 210dynasty

    The best playoff series I’ve watched EVER was the 2006 conference semi-finals between the Spurs and Mavericks that went to overtime of game 7. That series was so good in fact that the next year the NBA changed the rules for seeding of division champions so that such a future matchup would happen later in the playoffs with more attention on it.