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Top 5 Biggest NBA Draft Losers

Stanley Robinson

Each year during the NBA Draft, some teams come out looking significantly better than they had prior, while other teams have you scratching your heads searching for answers. These five teams made some very questionable decisions last night, and ultimately came out of the Draft as the Top 5 NBA Draft Losers.

1. New York Knicks
The Knicks had two picks in the mid second round at No. 38 and No. 39. While New York could not have drafted impact players, they could have drafted guys that they could sell to free agents. With guys like Willie Warren, Devin Ebanks and Lance Stephenson that had a lot of upside still available, the Knicks took Andy Rautins and Landry Fields. Both guys were not even expected to get drafted, and when Fields got picked one Knicks fan went “Who the f*** is that?!” The Knicks could have signed both these guys to their summer league squad after the Draft, missing on guys who have a lot more potential in the process.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves
The Wolves got their man Wesley Johnson at No. 4, but other than that, their Draft was a disaster. They took Luke Babbitt at No. 16 then traded him along with solid bench player Ryan Gomes to Portland for the oft-injured Martell Webster. Then the Wolves took Trevor Booker at No. 23 (who could be the next Glen Davis and provide toughness and defense off the bench), but promptly traded him to Washington for the severely undersized Lazar Hayward and Nemanja Bjelica. Then in the second round, the Wolves took Paulo Prestes from Spain (who like Ricky Rubio may never suit up for the Wolves), then drafted incredibly raw center Hamady N’Diaye from Rutgers. David Kahn has baffled many in his time as GM, and continued to do so last night.

3. Golden State Warriors
The Warriors took Ekpe Udoh who I actually think will be a very solid pro, but he doesn’t make much sense for the Warriors at No. 6. They have tried the past few years to draft their power forward of the future in Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph, and both have yet to live up to their potential. Don Nelson has shown a penchant for not playing young guys except Stephen Curry last year, and with Randolph, Wright, Ronny Turiaf and Andris Biedrins already in the frontcourt, I don’t see Udoh playing much. The Warriors would have been much better suited taking a small forward like Al-Farouq Aminu, or even the uber-athletic Paul George to replace Corey Maggette.

4. Orlando Magic
The Magic took Daniel Orton with No. 29. I think Orton can be a solid 10-15 minute rebounding and defensive specialist off the bench, but isn’t that what Marcin Gortat is for? Unless Gortat is about to be traded, this pick makes no sense for a Magic team that was on the cusp of the NBA Finals this year. Even if Gortat is traded, Orton will be relegated to backup minutes for the best center in the game like he was at Kentucky behind DeMarcus Cousins. With Matt Barnes as a free agent, and Jason Williams likely leaving a hole at backup point guard, the Magic should have taken a guy like Armon Johnson, Devin Ebanks or Terrico White instead. At the same time, the Magic may have gotten a real steal though with Stanley Robinson at No. 57 if he can stay focused.

5. Indiana Pacers
The Pacers are in dire need of a point guard which has been clear for quite some time. While there were no great point guards available for them in the Draft, their picks were a bit confusing. They took Paul George at No. 10 who could be the next Danny Granger, but there’s one problem: the Pacers already have Granger. Then in the second round, they took another swingman in Lance Stephenson when Willie Warren and Jon Scheyer were still on the board. The Pacers have a lot of needs, but high scoring wing players really aren’t one of them.

What do you think? Who are the biggest NBA Draft losers?

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  • chris

    pacers wanted gordon hayward, didn’t get him. avery bradley has the potential to be a very good point guard…pacers could have traded down and still picked up bradley

  • kevo

    am i trippin or did da Hawks fail too…

  • Daniel Marks


    I think Jordan Crawford gives them insurance in case Joe Johnson leaves (which I think he will). Guy is a flat out scorer, who fits in with the Hawks. Selling the 31 pick after acquiring it from the Nets though was a bad move

  • http://www.ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    I dont quite get how foreign players is seen as a “bad move” now. Yes, they may never show up, but thats like saying you cant draft John Wall because he might get in a crash car tomorrow.

  • jryu

    @#4 uh, no that is not the same thing.

    john wall is the closest thing to a can’t miss prospect.. the analogy of a car crash vs staying in europe because of an unfavorable team/player relationship is a bit off..

  • son#1

    Grizzlies took 3 SG in the first round

  • nate

    i think the Pacers did aright there are other teams that did worse. I really like the Paul George pick, yeah need a PG but there was no PG worth drafting that high. They should have took Sheron Collins with there last pick though.

  • Brown

    Such is life as a Warriors fan. I actually would have been surprised if they didn’t make a bad pick. The last thing they need is another skinny power forward. I’m not sold on Aminu, who seems to be nothing more than a very athletic rebounder. I George may have been a stretch at #6. Maybe they can work a trade with Indy.

  • karizmatic

    I don’t think Orlando is as big a loser as you think, I believe that the drafting of Orton signals that Orlando is going to deal Gortat, so their grade is going to depend on whoever they get back in the deal for Gortat and whoever else they decide to trade along with him, I’m looking for Vince Carter and possibly Pietrus to be on the move as well.

  • http://gladitsover.org Chicagorilla

    @Jryu, you think Wall is a can’t miss prospect? Cant miss? Why, because of the “great” competition he has faced in college? The elite PG’s he’s dominated over his extensive college career? The insane numbers he put up on the big stage? His number of championships he won over his years in college?

    You see, those are the credintials of a “Can’t miss prospect”. John Wall is not Can’t miss by any means. Even LBJ wasn’t can’t miss. You see what happened to Greg Oden, Darko, Kwame, Curry, Jay williams, and so many others who were over hyped.

  • Daniel Marks


    Orlando was the last team on this list and you are right, if they turn Gortat into good value by trading him their grade goes up immensely, but as the roster is currently situated I think other guys could have filled more of a need.

  • showydisplay

    Rockets needed a center and that was not addressed.

  • karizmatic

    Ok I’ll take that… I’ll expect this to be revisited if and when Gortat is traded…lol.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    showydisplay is right, Rockets should be included as sub-losers till we find out if they make some outstanding trade or something.

  • Daniel Marks

    I think the Rockets got a great fit in Patterson. Scola can play some center, and if Ming is back healthy I like this pick. Patterson is tough, solid shooter, and a guy that fits into what Darrell Morey wants


    Grizzlies got insurance if Gay leaves in Henry, sold Dominique Jones, and I think Vazquez will be a very good bench player for them as backup to Mike Conley, his passion and competitvness will be great for Memphis

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Daniel Marks Scola isn’t really sufficient at center especially against legit 7-footers. He does his best work at his position and Patterson is a good player I am not taking away from that but he isn’t what the Rockets need right now unless they plan on using him for trade bait.

    I am glad some are positive about the trade, glass is more than half empty for me on that one.

  • http://www.tpfsports.com Albert

    I have a feeling that Lance is going to run the point for Indiana.

  • shaw 32

    @chigorrilla i dont think Jay williams was over hyped. Honestly he was excatly what you want John wall to be. He had championships played good comp had had nice stats played in college for 3 years. And he got it done on the big stage.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Shaw, ok i’ll give you Jay, but being a UNC fan, I knew every flaw. But yeh, those are the credintials that John Wall should have to be considered a can’t miss prospect.

  • K Dizzle

    “They took Paul George at No. 10 who could be the next Danny Granger, but there’s one problem: the Pacers already have Granger.”


    They took Michael Jordan at No. 2 who could be the next Clyde Drexler, but there’s one problem: the Blazers already have Drexler.

    just sayin….We don’t know til they actually play games

  • Doog

    As to Orlando, it’s rare that the 29th pick has any value meaningful on-court value in the first year. Orton has a ton of potential. And it’s unrealistic to think that Ebanks or any of the other folks that might have been drafted instead will provide more value as a player or asset than Orton.

  • Stiffs

    “The Knicks could have signed both these guys to their summer league squad after the Draft, missing on guys who have a lot more potential in the process.”


    I can live with rautins, but no one’s even heard of fields. SUMMER LEAGUE!

  • Mike Out

    Prestes is from Brazil…

  • j

    get off lance stephenson. he sucks, quit trying to hype him up

  • Eliot Wilson

    Landry Fields is tearing up the summer league, and you look like an idiot