Smack / Jun 16, 2010 / 5:52 am

“We weren’t ready to die”

Lamar Odom (photo. Jeff Forney)

The second half was just for sh*ts and giggles. You don’t expect that in the NBA Finals, where the two best teams in the League should be peaking in terms of chemistry, execution and physicality, but that’s what happened in Game 6. The Lakers jumped on the Celtics right away, leading by 10 at the end of the first quarter, 20 at halftime, and the second half was merely a formality. In a post-game interview, Lamar Odom put it best: “We weren’t ready to die,” L.O. said. The Lakers saw their gravestone going into the must-win game and reacted like any fighter would … Kobe led the charge with 26 points (9-19 FG) and 11 boards, but this was a team effort. Before tip-off, Mike Breen asked something like, “What’s the key for Kobe winning tonight?” — which pretty much summed up how L.A. played the three games in Boston — but this wasn’t a one-man show. Derek Fisher was aggressive from the get-go, even though he actually never shot the ball after the first couple minutes; Pau Gasol (17 pts, 13 rebs, 9 asts, 3 blks) was running the floor and played the tough-guy role on defense; Ron Artest (15 pts) shot the ball with confidence and was locked in on D; and everybody from Odom (8 pts, 10 rebs, 2 blks) to The Machine produced for the bench … About the only thing that went right for the Celtics was Ray Allen (19 pts) hitting a couple of threes after going 0-for-Boston beyond the arc. The C’s scored just 67 points, the lowest for any team in the Finals since the Jazz put up 54 back in ’98, shooting 33% from the field and 5-of-23 from three. Kendrick Perkins didn’t return after hurting his knee in the first quarter, coming down awkward on a rebound. He’d be a huge loss for Game 7. Against this particular team, Perk is probably more important for the Celtics than Andrew Bynum is for L.A. … As stingy as the Lakers defense was, Boston’s offense was simply terrible. Kobe was giving Rajon Rondo 10 feet of open space all night, and Rondo was scared to shoot. And when he did, he bricked. Even the Boston bench, which has been fairly consistent in changing the face of a game when need be, didn’t bring anything to the table … All-Star Weekend might have ruined the Shannon Brown experience for us. Every time Shannon pulls off a sick dunk — like the head-at-the-rim cram he had in the second half, or the ridiculous one-hand lob finish a little later — we can’t help but think of his weak showing in the Dunk Contest and wonder why … But Shannon may not even own the crown of Best Game 6 Dunk by a Lakers Backup Guard. Jordan Farmar caught KG with a poster dunk on the break in the first half that nobody saw coming … Was Jeff Van Gundy putting in his application for Kobe Bryant Fan Club president or something? In the pre-game show JVG looked deep into the camera and argued that Kobe didn’t do anything wrong in any of L.A.’s three losses in the series. Then he went on a longer rant in the first quarter about how “some media guys just don’t wanna give (Kobe) the credit he’s due as one of the all-time great players.” Really? We know there are a ton of fans who live and breathe the “hate” part of the love/hate Kobe thing, but the majority of the media is on his jock pretty hard … Spotted in the crowd (in addition to the Staples Center regulars): Terrell Owens, Spike Lee, Diddy and Snoop Dogg. First lady Michelle Obama was also there, tucked in one of the luxury suites. On the celeb scale, Game 7 is gonna be insane. Everybody will want to be there and be seen there … So who do you got? Kevin McHale (surprise) picked the Celtics, arguing that it’s too hard to win two straight games in this series. He’s got a point, but at the same time, it’s tough to pick Boston when they looked so bad tonight … The other big NBA news from Tuesday was Tom Izzo rejecting the Cavaliers’ offer to be their next head coach. Even if he didn’t come out and say it, this boiled down to Cleveland not being able to promise LeBron would stay, so the risk wasn’t worth it. Izzo says he’s a “lifer” at Michigan State now, and Dickie V guaranteed you’ll never see Izzo consider another NBA job, but we can’t buy that. He’s too good of a coach and there’s too much NBA money out there for this to never come up again … We’re out like Rondo’s J …

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  • cdubb

    1st comes 1st. LA just blew the Celts outta the building. Buckle up for game 7!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Put that knife in ya/ take a little bit of life from ya/am i frightening ya/ shall i continue/ put that gun on ya/ I’ll let it sing you a song/i’ll let it hum to ya the other one sings along- Jay-Z

    This is how it should be.win or lose effort shouldn’t be a question.
    Loved Pau demanding the ball and delivering. Artest playing intelligent and physical defence. Brown and farmar showed up in a major way.them boys got bunnies.Odom is not a non-factor.meaning we can survive an awful offensive outing from artest. He ended up having a good night.

    The symphony has to show up again for game 7.period. The worst assumption we can make is to assume Boston’s gonna roll over and play dead(though I was expecting perk to roll out in a wheelchair).
    We should expect hell and dish it back in spades. We gotta take it ‘em.Decisively,actively,ruthlessly break their will for 48 minutes.like they handed us in 08,i’m calling for an annihilation of the worst kind at the staples.Anything less,though effective,would be uncivilized.

    Again,LAL in 7.

  • Sambuu

    no instant analysis today?

  • sa
  • Showtime

    I think JVG is simply auditioning for Phil’s job

  • porkpiehat

    Losing Perk is a major blow for the Celts, he is a great screener and a great off ball defender, two things that there are no stats for that are crucial to winning ball games. In fact, Perkins (along with Fisher and Artest) goes on the no-stats all-star team.

    I think the major factor for game 7 will be the performances of Kobe and Rondo. While there may be a hidden hero of game 7, and there will most certainly be a goat, no individual player on either team can do more to influence their team’s chance of victory, for good or ill.

    Specifically, do we see Bad Kobe take 35 shots and refuse to involve teammates, or do we see Good Kobe who almost never makes the wrong decision, makes the extra pass and doesn’t cheat off his man when he’s playing off-ball D?

    Conversely, do we get the aggressive fearless Rondo who’s willing to ignore the creaky hall of famers and take and make big shots? Or do we get hesitant, deferential Rondo that doesn’t look to drive until the lane has closed, and would rather force a pass than take an open jumper, not to mention his fear of the free throw line?

    Whichever team gets the better version of their unpredictable star on Thursday will spend the next year being champions, while the other team has to be content being millionaire super-humans with smokin’ hot wives and girlfriends. Now that I think about it, why should they care?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Aside from the open looks Kobe Bryant is giving Rajon Rondo on the perimeter, the other thing that struck me was his long nails. They showed a close up of Rondo in the fourth quarter on the bench and those fingernails were long. Did he ever learned about grooming in grade school?

    Apologies guys for focusing on those darn fingernails. I just hate blowouts especially since I have a bias for the Celtics here. Boston was the team I followed before jumping to the Jazz after the original “Big Three” retired.

    And please do not get me started on all the shots Rasheed Wallace bricked. Argh. I need something for my headache.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    80. I can track and write a story like how Gil Grissom finds and arrests criminals in CSI Las Vegas.

  • Maze

    Shannon Brown’s sick alley oop dunk:


  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    I love the way my lakers responded tonight.Most people thought we were done but we are still very much alive.Perkins knee injury is huge even if he is able to play,because he won’t be able to be as physical with a bum knee as he has for the majority of the finals.It’s as simple as this, if the lakers rebound and have a high percentage offense, Rajon Rondo is a non-factor. Can’t wait for game seven……

  • Celts Fan

    Wow. Great game by the Lakers. Kobe dominated without dominating the shots, Pau got more looks, and Ron was doing his thing offensively, and defensively, I mean, wow. GREAT job by the Lakers bouncing back and playing solid D. There were no easy looks and they packed in the lane to stop the drive (not as easy to do when you’re not up 20, so hopefully we come out better tomorrow.) When Ron’s making jumpers, the Lakers are damn near unbeatable. Our offense was pathetic. We put up 18 in the first, then made that look great w/ 13 in the 2nd. WTF?!? At one point, everyone other than the Big 3 was 1-14. That won’t cut it. Worst thing is, our defense wasn’t terrible either. We didn’t get blown out cuz of lack of D, just terrible decisions on offense and lots of unforced turnovers. Someone else better show up tomorrow or it’s back-to-back for LA…

    Real exchange between 2 friends: “Do you think they’d notice if we suited up Candace Parker instead of Sheldon Williams for game 7?” “Ya, cuz we’d actually get some production from #13.”

    and Shannon Brown… as Will Ferrell would say, “I’m not even mad. That’s impressive!”

    Best Kobe analysis I’ve ever seen: http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/

  • fallinup

    Losing Perk so early in the game was a big blow to Celts rotation. After Sheed racked up that 3rd foul… it was all over. I knew the Lakeshow would take it to 7… didn’t think it was gonna be THAT damn easy. I noticed Vegas favored LA -6 1/2 Points. That was unseemingly high… put damn… guess they were correct again.

    My prediction is coming to fruition. Lakers in 7 baby. Can’t wait until Thursday.

  • kudos

    Jesus, after game 5 every celtics fan, for some unexplained reason, thought that the celtics played better as a TEAM the whole series. AFter one game might i add. Game 5 the celtics were given every borderline call, the ref’s even gave them a shot-clock violation back.

    Lakers in 7, only because after i saw Nate and Big baby celebrating like they won the championship during the only good game they had all series. God those two are the most annoying, disgusting lil’ men i’ve eva seen.

  • Reno

    No Perkins, no chance for the C’s. He’s the anchor to that entire defense. No disrespect to KG but he’s pretty much the hype man and media darling, Perk is the glue that keeps it together.

  • JAY

    W/ Perk out, Lakers in another blow out for Game 7. It won’t be as ugly but losing by 15 points is a blowout.

  • Heckler

    im not surprised by the outcome, but we all gotta be surprised out how the game played out.

    simply put, Lakers bench finally produced. thats what was missing from the games in Boston. it aint Kobes fault LA lost 2 of 3 in Beantown, its due to the bench not producing.

    and when Pau Gasol is dropping damn near triple doubles, you in for it.

    Celtics still win in 7 like I predicted before the series started.

  • nate

    When you cant shoot jumpers or threes or free throws you cannot be considered a top 3 pg.

  • that’s what’s up

    Does ANYONE know when “Book of Eli” comes out and in what formats it is available in???

    …and FINALLY a Game 7 in these NBA playoffs. As long as it’s not a blowout, I’ll be a happy man…regardless of the winner

  • chris

    lakers blow out celtics at home, after losing 2 at boston…did the lakers play well, the celtics poorly, or is kendrick perkins a way bigger factor than we thought? probably all 3…paul pierce made some insanely good plays, so did ray allen, but sasha, jordan,shannon and especially lamar all did cool stuff off the lakers bench, too

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Conventional wisdom says you don’t wanna see Kobe in a game 7 in Hollywood.

    Conventional wisdom says Boston F***ED UP MAJORLY.

    Conventional wisdom says it’s gonna be a massacre followed by a celebration (probably followed by riots) then a parade.

    But ehhh, I think Boston still has a chance, even without PERK. I’ve been dying to see the KG/Sheed frontcourt for a while now. Baby’s gonna clock heavy minutes. Celts entire bench seemed thoroughly gassed last night. I don’t expect Sheed and Baby to miss all of thier shots again. Plus, they’ll be logging more minutes…they’ll be ready to go for Thursday.

    AND @ #17 that’s what’s up…DITTO !!

    …to everything you said after the 3 question marks.

  • karizmatic

    No one saw the Farmar dunk coming really? From what I know about Farmar he generally always tries to dunk it in that situation. It’s probably a good thing that Izzo didn’t take the Cavs offer, now they can do what they are supposed to do and hire Byron Scott.

  • Heckler

    Cavs might enter next season without a coach.
    coz no one is going to take that job if LeBron doesnt re-sign.

    and lets just say LeBron leaves cleveland; the Cavs will be a 25 win team next year. even less if they manage to move mo williams and delonte west.

    then seriously, which coach takes that job? a desperate ass wanna be coach like mark jackson, patrick ewing, bill laimbeer, rick barry, sam cassell and the lot of them wont even want that job.

    and all them boys are DESPERATE to be nba headcoaches.

    imagine that. if lebron leaves, cleveland might not get a headcoach. hahahahaha.

  • Heckler

    @ Karizmatic (#20)–
    question for you since you brought up the topic of byron scott and cleveland. wanna get your take on this….

    if your byron scott, how much money would you want?

    cleveland (reportedly) offered tom izzo (no nba experience) $30mil to coach; $6mil a year for 5yrs.

    your byron scott: proven nba headcoach. 2 nba finals appearances, coach of the year, 3 division titles, 3 rings as a player, .500 win pct as a coach….

    if a non experienced coach can be worth $30mil…what do you ask for as an accomplished coach and what is fair?!!?

  • Legend 33

    Celts will win game 7 because we are tougher mentally and have more experience than the Lakers. I’ll count on KG, Ray and Pierce to bring it before Odom and Artest any day. Lakers only wins have come after we were tired from cross country flights and being jet lagged. What is up with Van Gundy and Mark Jackson arguing that Kobe should be MVP of the series even if they lost after game 6, that goes to prove that the NBA wants the Lakers to win.

  • sh!tfaced

    Here we go fuckers, GAME 7… Hell, yeah…

  • sh!tfaced

    Don’t be surprised if Perk comes back riding in a wheelchair for GAME 7…

  • LakeShow84

    Since everyone gettting on Fish for it..

    Paul Pierce played such a BITCHES game last night.. All he had to offer was FLOPPPING.. and he did it on ALL ends.. Dudes game will be a JOKE in 2-3 more years.. Fish is a small dude.. Paul Pierce aint got no bizz jerkin his head all over the place making RuPaul faces.. JOKE

    No Perk No ring.. Perkins does all the defenses heavy lifting.. without him your going to see just how old the cheap shot artists Sheed and KG really are.. 2 more jokes for the table..

    Boston aint nothing but chumps and its only because of the NBA’s grand scheme this is going 7.. Otherwise them cheap ass suckass moth#$#$#as wouldve BEEN DONE.. How many cheap shots we see last night from them foo’s??

    Bunch of JOKES..

  • LakeShow84

    Hold, grab and throw bo’s all you want Boston..

    They going to be watchin us celebrate while they walk off the court, they going to hear us celebrate while they getting dresses, and they going to feel us celebrating when they get on the plane..

    Then they can fly they asses back to bunk ass Boston and talk out they necks some more..

  • JH

    Personally…I want Perks to be back…just so there are no excuses once Boston loses game 7.

  • Claw

    Lakers dismantled the Cs, but each game its a different story and just because they went off last night that sh*t never carries over.

    Perkins going down is pretty big, need Sheed or Baby to step up. Benches play worst on the road so the starters need to step up if they want to get this done.

  • OneZero

    anyone who said Rondo is a top PG must be a Celtics fan

    the guy cant shoot mid range,let alone 3
    the guy cant make free throws
    and he is a freakin point guard

    I can even shoot better than him and maybe most of you here.

  • egypt

    @OneZero…. you watch the horse competition over all-star weekend?

    Durant vs Rondo basically…. go check it out… you most likely cant make half of what Rondo made behind the 3 point line

    btw, i hate the celtics… but there is a reason he is a multi-millionaire

  • Legend 33

    Gotta love how Pau flopped over Pierce’s leg trying to draw a flagrant foul last night on that breakaway dunk by Brown.LOL And this 2-3-2 crap don’t sit well with me, game 6 should of been in Boston last night and it would of been a wrap! Watch for Perk to pull a Willis Reed, guys love him on the team, everybody raced to the locker room to see him at halftime. I can see us winning one for Perk tomorrow!

  • Legend 33

    @OneZero yes there is an old man I saw on 20/20 that made like thousands of free throws in a roll and another guy that made hundreds of 3 pointers in a roll and no NBA player can shoot like that. But how many Joes off the street can make shots in a game and against an NBA defense? And shooting FTs in an NBA Finals game is a lot of pressure, so give pros like Rondo a break.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    June 16th, 2010 at 1:33 pm
    Mr. Brogden says:

    anyone who said Rondo isn’t a top PG must be a genius

    the guy finds driving n passing lanes like no other
    the guy always makes a great play
    and he led his team to the NBA Finals

    I’m 5’4 and I can even dunk on Dwight Howard and probably most of you here.

  • FallODaLdr

    @Legend 33 …You’re retarded. If the it was 2-2-1-1-1 like it should be the Lakers would have had game 5 at home and probably won. Bos probably would have won game 6 at home and then we would be right where we are now…game 7 in LA.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Legend 33

    maybe you should show some class like Celts Fan and just take the beating last night as the better team won, just like the Celts did in game 5.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t BOTH TEAM FLY BACK FROM BOSTON???….but you guys are jetlagged….
    And yeah, Kobe should get the mvp win or lose, cuz he’s been the ONLY player who’s shown up every single game, well, he struggled in the “Fisher game”, but 5 outta 6 is still mvp material, and I doubt if the announcers opinions mean the nba “wants” the Lakers to win.
    Now you don’t like the format? lol
    It was good after the Celts came in 3-2, but Lakers hold serve and now you don’t like the format. If you wanted game 6 at home, you shouldn’t have finished the season 27-27.

    I gotta cosign with Lakeshow on the Pierce flopping. Dude is crafty, but fallin over whenever anybody comes near him gets the calls in Boston, but in LA, we just pick up the ball and go the other way.

    If anybody sees Chicagorilla today, please ask him if Pau is still soft and Phil Jax still “can’t control Kobe”

    No celebrations til Thursday with no time on the clock.
    Gonna go bump some Pastor Troy for tomorrow:
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyyyy…….foooooooooooorrrrrr y’aaaaaaaaaalllllllllll.

    lol Lakers, baby.
    Allllll day!

  • nate

    I do not disagree that rondo is a good nba player. just tired of all the media and celtics fans claiming hes the best pg since magic. He is a total LIABILITY on offense, when your being defended 10-15 feet away you might as well be playing 4 on 5

    Rondo top 10 not top 3

  • control

    How come when people say things I’ve been saying about Rondo all fucking year, I get crucified on the hater’s cross, but now that people are starting to see that Rondo’s lack of shooting is a bad enough problem that it actually reduces his effectiveness (in most areas, helps in some areas like rebounding).

    All I’ve said about him is the media is all over his jock, but it’s undeserved until he can pick up one of the major fundamental skills in basketball: shooting.

    The guy is a douche, and people don’t seem to like him at all (even on the Celts, except when he is doing a good play), but with his complete lack of ability to shoot the basketball (he IS one of the worst 5 shooters in the NBA, I don’t think there is another point guard in NBA history who gets guarded 10ft away outside the paint).

    Glad to see there are others out there who are seeing what I’ve seen all year…

    I fucking hope Lakers win tomorrow, and that is like the first and last time I’ll every say that :(

  • stev

    @legend 33 flopped? HA-HA go look at the replay. Pierce clearly watches pau coming and swings his legs to trip him.

    You’re the goon that’s gon come back after game 7 and start whining about how celts woulda won it if they had a healthy perk.

    @celts fan teach your boy some class or tell his ass to shut up.


    shit. i probably hate fisher like control hates rondo. fisher is an old douche. always acting, flopping, whining, scheming. i wish the celtics would win and shut up all these loud mouth laker fans here. cant even be gracious in winning. acting like they’re kobe. the celtics are gonna win and shut you all up like its 1969 all over again hahahahaha.

  • LakeShow84

    @ En Fuego

    Eat a d@#k..

    Theres some grace for you..

    And you got it twisted.. we gonna be partying like its 1999..

    As much as Fisher flops he rarely whines.. Thats Kobe.. get it straight.. Scheming??? Man some of you come up with the goofiest shit..

    If you aint got nothing INSIGHTFUL to say but some weird as interpretations you came up with after you jizzed your last thought away please take this moment to BACK THE F@#K UP..

    @ Legend33

    Biggest flopper ive seen in this Finals is Pierce.. How many times your boy hit the deck this Finals?? in 6 games i can call 6+ off the top my head..

    Last night was a joke altogether.. Thats all he got after just 2 years ago he was the best player in the world?? Dudes a ACTRESS out there and that shit is comedy.. Well comedy out here but not comedy in Boston where that shit was actually ENCOURAGED..

    Our superstar is too tough to pull that pu$$y shit..

    Same thing from 2008 just no wheel chair.. And you can actually watch him look at Gasol and trip him..

    Not in our house though.. Ray Allen better hit another 8 3pters cuz thats the only way its going down..

  • D.I. Dollar

    First off, I was up until 3 a.m. PST last night waiting for that instant analysis for game 6 just to see how Dime writers would spin an ass kicking thier Boston Celtics took last night. To my surprise no analysis. What happened guys? Did you guys turn the TV off at halftime?


    Where are all those Boston dick riders that had sooooooo much to say after Game 5 was squeeked out?

    The Lakers have the better team, the Celtics may be a closer team (buncha homos), but the Lakers have the better team.

    It was good to be back home. Finally when the NBA on ABC did its nightly stars in the crowd cam there were some actual stars in the stands. In Boston they showed one D-lister and then 80 year Celtic “greats”. Again I say, man, there are some UGLY ass people in Boston and I’m not even talking about Fat Baby, Kendrick Perkins, and Rasheed Wallace.

  • BHop2010

    I want to root for the Celtics but there going to lose tomorrow. And I wont watch NBA TV or Espn after the game since the Celtics will lose. Congrats again to the Lakers for winning the finals this year. Thats 2 in a row for the lakers. No way a team that was 27-27 in their last 54 regular season games wins the championship. People are going to say Lakers won because Perkins didnt play. People are going to be talking about how Kobe & Co redeemed themselves against the C’s. Doc lost in the 94 finals even though his team was up 3-2. Doc is going to lose this series even though they were up 3-2. Both series Doc’s team didnt have homecourt advantage. Celtics were undefeated when they were up 3-2 until last year. Now this will be the 2nd row they lost after being up 3-2. C’s were 11-0 in Game 6 when they were up 3-2 in the finals. That streak is over. Celtics are like 11-0 in Game 7 finals and 4-0 or 7-0 vs the Lakers in Game 7. Both of these streaks willl end tomorrow. Sheed is 0-1 in Game 7 finals. Tomorrow he will be 0-2. C’ beat a soft Lakers team in the 84 finals then lost to them the next time they played in the finals. C’s beat a soft Lakers team in 08 then lost to them the next time they played in the finals. No one on the C’s deserves the MVP. Thats a sign that the Lakers are winning tomorrow. If the Lakers lose tomorrow then they would of lost 2 out of 3 home games and 3 out of their last 4 games. Lakers are too good for this to happen. Lakers are winning next year again as long as they stay healthy.

  • Legend 33

    Yes I’m a homer and believe we got the raw deal because of the series format. We should of only had to play games 3 and 4 at home, everybody knows its really hard to win 3 straight at home. We would of took care of home court and won 3 and 4 then be up 3-1 if it was the 2-2-1-1-1 format. LA wins game 5 at home and we win game 6 at home to close it out. And the only games the Lakers won were game 1 after we flew in from Boston, game 3 after we flew back from LA and game 6 after we flew in from Boston. Look for the Celtics to be fresher tomorrow night and not jet lagged.

    C’mon east coast guys where is the East Coast bias and sticking up for our sports teams being greater with more tradition here back east. You guys got to throw out the Celts being 11-0 in Finals game 7s and 4-0 vs LA. Let’s talk about Larry Bird walking thru that door and all the Leprechaun luck we are going to get tomorrow night. I hope Doc lights one up tomorrow night on the bench like Red did back in the day.

    Hey if pierce tried to trip Gasol why didn’t the ref call a flagrant so obliviously Pau was flopping.

  • Roman

    @legend 33- shut the hell up. all these damn excuses. coulda woulda shoulda. please- sounds like you and Shrek are experiencing effects from that concussion.

  • atomicdog

    @legend 33 –

    ok by your reasoning since boston can’t win after a flight, then with a 2-2-1-1-1 format, boston would lose every game after the 1st 4 (along with the 1st and 3rd game). Also by your stellar logic, somehow in a 2-3-2 series it is tied up after the 1st 4 but in a 2-2-1-1-1 series, you claim boston would be up 3-1 after 4 games. I just have one question for you….have you ever won a single argument in your entire life?

  • stev

    @legend 33
    You dumbass even in the 2-2-1-1-1 format lakers would have taken 2 of the first 3 because the first three games of either system are identical.

    The refs didn’t call it cus they didn’t see it. They were focused on the break away. Which if you watch closely, rondo shoves kobe pretty hard from the back. As expected from Boston.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants you to stfu.

  • kingfob1

    @legend 33

    What in the world are you talking about?!?! In reality, (which still follows your suggested 2-2-1-1-1 format) the series was 2-2 going into Game 5. In your fantasy world you say Game 5 is in LA and the Lakers win. Then the series would be 3-2, Lakers. How in the world would the CelTricks close out the series in Game 6?? Hey dummy, you can’t close out a series when you’re tied 3-3!

  • Lake Fan

    @ legend 33

    I won’t even rip you on your logic and/or reasoning. Everyone knows you’re not making any sense. Are you dazed and confused like Big Baby? Do you need a wheelchair like ruPaul? You should just stop while you’re ahead.

    @ D.I. Dollar

    You were on point with calling out Dime Mag. I was waiting for the “Instant Analysis” too. I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t see one, rather Dime took the time out of their busy schedule to post something about the Drake concert. What does Drake have to do with the Lakers and Celtics? This is how Dime Mag takes shots at the Lakers and stay dick riding on the Celtics.

    My favorite quote from this post…

    @ En Fuego

    Eat a d@#k..

    Theres some grace for you..

    Hahhaa! That’s freakin classic.

  • dk

    @ Lake Fan, exactly why instead of reading all day, I check in once a month… Mags r(lak)acist…

  • that’s what’s up

    dime, seriously – CHARACTER LIMIT ON POSTS

    these shits are ridiculous

  • OneZero

    Im with Control

    what I meant to say was, most of you here can even shoot better than the number 9 Celtic douche, admit it, you all cant be that worse.

    Lakers are giving him 10ft of space, any other pg in the L would gladly knock them down in a blink, but he is just not that good, its too damn obvious.

    pressure in the final? cant make free throws during tight playoffs game? ok, you can say I myself would miss it, but calling him an elite pg when he cant make clutch free throws as a point guard is an insult to any other pg in the league

    the dude is like 5-15 already, and even Dwight Howard would probably make more than that.