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10 Undrafted Rookies Who Will Be On NBA Rosters This Fall

With Summer League now officially over, NBA teams are beginning to hand out training camp invites. While first-round picks have guaranteed contracts, and second-round picks are almost always assured invites to training camp, the undrafted rookies who partook in Summer League now must wait for the phone to ring allowing them to creep another step closer to being on an NBA roster. Here are 10 undrafted rookies who will be suiting up for an NBA team this fall:

Lin put on an impressive display during the Vegas Summer League. He showed off his all-around skills which include a high basketball IQ, a good outside shot, and fearlessness on the court. While Lin’s Summer League team, the Mavericks, probably don’t have a need for him with Jason Kidd, Rodrigue Beaubois, Jose Juan Barea and Dominique Jones on the roster, some team (the Lakers have shown interest) will find a spot for him.

In my opinion, Scheyer fell into a great situation. He went undrafted but signed to play with the Heat in Summer League. Now that the Heat have signed the Big Three of LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, they need minimum salary guys to fill out the roster. With point guard being their biggest question mark, Pat Riley & Co. were surely impressed with Scheyer’s shooting ability and basketball savvy this summer.

Reynolds was invited to Phoenix mini-camp yesterday, and he will likely stick with the Suns. He is a solid point guard who makes his teammates better, and fits in well with the Suns’ style of offense. With Leandro Barbosa gone as a guy who could play point, that leaves Steve Nash and Goran Dragic as the only true PGs in Phoenix. Expect Scottie to be the third one.

I read a great article the other day about Samhan that talks about how he has been constantly overlooked because he doesn’t have the physical attributes other players do. Samhan’s game is based mainly on skill particularly areas of the game like footwork. He doesn’t jump the highest or run the fastest, but Samhan gets the job done which he showed for Dallas by averaging 10 points and seven rebounds for them this summer.

Zoubek has a partially-guaranteed contract from the Nets that ensures him a training-camp invite. Even if he doesn’t stay with the Nets, Zoubek will find a home. He was one of the most efficient rebounders in all of college basketball last season, and rebounding is the skill I believe translates easiest from college to the NBA. Any team with a size and rebounding deficiency could use Zoubek.

Like Zoubek, Uzoh also has a partially-guaranteed contract with the Nets. He has great size for a point guard and also possesses the ability to knock down the three. Uzoh shot over 46 percent from the field in Summer League, and showed good all-around ability. He can be a solid third point-guard somewhere.

Had Landesberg stayed in school another year he probably would have been a first-rounder in next year’s Draft. Landesberg played with the Kings this summer, and while he was overshadowed by teammates Donte Green, Omri Casspi and DeMarcus Cousins, he quietly carved out a nice summer. He averaged just under 10 points per game on 46 percent shooting, and showcased his wide range of abilities: ball-handling, and mid-range shooting among them.

Samuels should have stayed at Louisville for another season, but he left early and is fighting for a spot like the rest of these guys. He has a ton of potential and ability, and averaged 12.6 points (57 percent shooting) and 7.4 rebounds for the Bulls. Despite some attitude issues, teams are always willing to take a risk on big guys with talent like Samuels.

Torrance didn’t play at all for the Heat Summer League team because of an injury so he is at a disadvantage because of that. However, Torrance is a big point guard who can be a distributor or a scorer depending on what his team needs. He plays great in transition, and also excels at creating his own shot. A heart ailment has teams concerned about him, but at the end of the day his talent will get him a roster spot.

I’m surprised that Collins didn’t get drafted. He is a player who is a proven winner, great leader and most importantly, a solid player. He shot over 55 percent while averaging over 12 points for Charlotte in Summer League, and displayed the toughness and smarts that made him so successful at the college level. A playoff team would be smart to sign him.

What do you think? Would you want any of these guys on your team? Is there someone we missed?

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  • asmaticasiatic02

    I’m pulling for J.Lin; first full blooded asian born that was raised in America to make the NBA; regardless of race Lin has a solid game and can hopefully get a back up position or maybe go overseas to improve his game….

  • The Other Aj

    Scheyer is actually a great fit for the heat…

  • http://www.jurassicsparks.blogspot.com BigSteve1537

    What about Matt Bouldin, he’s a buddy of mine and i’ve been checkin him out this summer. He didn’t WOW anybody but he was solid. his only issue would be that he is a defensive liability. He should be on somebody’s nba squad next season.

  • Dan

    I like Scheyer on the heat. Doesnt it ruin his chances though because he got hurt the second game.

  • Daniel Marks


    Bouldin is a good all-around player but he doesn’t do anything exceptionally well, and in the NBA the guys i mentioned above have 1 skill that can set them apart and that’s how most guys stick in the League.

    For instance Eddie House all he does is shoot but that’s kept him in the League for awhile

  • http://dreamleague.org/blog Poor Man’s Commish

    Samhan already signed with a team in Lithuania.

  • Skeez

    Im pulling for Matt Janning from my alma mater. Lets go Huskies!!! If Janning makes suns roster Im buying league pass just for Suns-Mavs games. Barea v. Janning – should be an epic battle of backups, lol.

  • haslem

    what about Sofoklis Skortsianitis?

  • Stunnaboy09

    Scheyer may join Wes Mathews as the luckiest undrafted rookie ever. He could end up playing significant minutes for a championship contender.

    I really hope J-Lin makes it, forget race kid can play and would be a travesty for him to go anywhere else but the NBA.

  • http://spankwall.com Enrique

    The Golden State Warriors should pickup Jeremy Lin. He is smart enough and athletic to run a guard heavy offense. He’ll go up and down the court. The fanbase will love him and so will Nellie. Plus they lost CJ Watson, but I’m sure a lot of nba teams are running to grab Lin.

  • PN

    Jerome Dyson might be able to impress a few teams during summer league. Hes not incredibly skilled, but he plays good defense and plays hard (usually…). I think he had about 20 pts for the Cavs the other night.

  • Daniel Marks


    The Clippers own the rights to him as they drafted him in the 2nd round way back when, so he’s not an undrafted player

  • JR

    Jeremy Lin to the Lakeshow! Lets hope he aint Sun Yue 2.0

  • Sam

    This is false information on Torrance. He did NOT have any injury & did the best at practice during practice for summer camp with the heat. He was released the day before traveling to summer camp because of that common heart condition. Great move by the heat so that he couldn’t have time to sign with another team and do great once again. His circumstance is messed up, but I’m sure a team will pick him up soon. Crazy if they don’t.

  • K Dizzle

    Still can’t believe Reynolds and Collins didn’t get drafted. Dudes build up 4 year resume of continuous improvement and then GMs base their draft on the last game……weak.
    Watchin those two in summer league, they are NBA point guards and are natural leaders. We’ll be discussin that they got bypassed for a bit after the season starts.

  • Pudge

    I hope Mikey Torrence gets an opportunity to play somewhere. He’s really gotten the short end of the stick since this heart ailment issue came up..

  • Frank

    Scheyer wont make the heat. Schyer is wack. Jeremy Lin & Landesberg will be the only ones from this list picked up. I also think Cousins was a way more efficent rebounder than Zoubek

  • http://dime dime

    Edgar Sosa,Cartier Martin I believe,Deron Washington, Lester Hudson, Sean Singletary, Weyme Efejuku, Mustapha Shakur, Xavier Henry & Scottie Reynolds LOL. I tell you when people like or know you your’re good even if you’re bad.

    Jeremey LIn is awesome & should have been drafted. Coby Karl & Patrick Ewing Jr also deserve spots on teams this year. Jeff Adrien as well should make a roster on size & toughness alone. Sherron Collins is definitely a N.B.A. guard. As well as Devin Downey. It was funny to me how many undrafted players faired much better than the supposed lottery picks. They all looked overhyped.

    It’s funny drafting on potential. The GM’s & scouts want players who may be good in a few years or supposedly great. Rather than the players who’ve proven & showed what they’re capable night in & out. What bull#$^%.

    I know I’m missing a few overall summer league was bad because most teams didn’t have a PG who could efficiently run a set. That hinders mostly everybody on the roster trying to make the team.

  • Guitar Hero

    I like Samhan as an offensive big off the bench…he´s an old school guy.
    Some teams could use him for 10 min a game, for sure.

  • http://www.Knicksfanatics TAZ

    Landry Fields would have been undrafted if Isiah Thomas
    didn’t have sole picktothe Knicks 2nd , 2nd Rounder.
    This Kid is our next John Starks!

  • lol

    lol, omar samhan signed a contract for 2+1 with team in Lithuania…

  • KnicksFan

    SHerron Collins is wack!!!!!

  • http://nbadraft.net Yanni C

    The following played summer ball and have a solid chance of sticking … Art Parahouski ( Boston) , Mac Koshwal ( Det), Ishmael Smith ( Houst), Aubrey Coleman ( Hornets) & Wayne Chism ( Sac).

  • Da_Griff

    Anyone know what’s happening to AJ Ogilvy? I’d have thought he’d be a solid showing at some camp or other.

  • icey

    miami needs to pick up J.Lin asap….!!

  • tc

    @17 obviously you are a Duke hater (whats new) real bball players respect whats proven right in front of them both of them worked hard at Duke improved year by year and Big Z is signed …and Schyer is a great shooter which in case you didnt know is the point of this game…smart guy…and when you come from a system like coach K has at Duke he demands nothing less than improvement practice after practice game after game…so hate on haters one word sums it up…CHAMPIONSHIP….anyways to all the real bball fans on here there are a few players i would like to see in the league also reynolds, collins amongst a few others…picking in the draft is a crazy thing lol