NBA / Jul 28, 2010 / 12:58 pm

Al Jefferson: “I go from being in a Toyota to a Bentley”

Al Jefferson (photo. Bethany Gilbert)

Forget diplomacy. Al Jefferson has been letting the world know he’s happier to get out of Minnesota than Mel Gibson would be to get out of the Apollo Theater.

A couple weeks after he said, “The basketball gods were thinking about me” when he was traded to the Utah Jazz, Jefferson again big-upped his new team while simultaneously throwing his old team under the bus.

“Some people didn’t even know they had a team,” Jefferson told Yahoo!, referring to the Timberwolves. “Everyone knows the Utah Jazz. I go from being in a Toyota to a Bentley. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Then he may have went a little too far.

“One reason I came to Utah is so me and Deron (Williams) could grow old together and win a championship,” Jefferson said. “No disrespect (to Stockton and Malone) … I hope we are better and we win a championship.”

Do you think Al Jefferson will be an All-Star this season?

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  • cdubb

    No. I dont think so.


    i think Utah are more like the toyota, reliable but unspectacular …… hes gone from a Bicycle with no wheels up to a Toyota.

  • D.I. Dollar

    Damn, you paraphrased the hell out of his quote and took him way out of context.

    Dime’s been slipping a lot lately, this was on Yahoo Sports like 2-3 days ago, with his whole quote. Which said, “They have a nice group of guys, but will have a couple more losing seasons,” Jefferson said of the T’wolves. “Minneapolis is my home away from home. I respect the fans that have supported me through the good and the bad … but when I told people I played for Minnesota, some people didn’t even know they had a team. Everybody knows about Utah. Everyone knows the Utah Jazz. I go from being in a Toyota to a Bentley. It’s a beautiful thing.”

    Trying to make news out of misquoting someone is shitty reporting. Why not just post the whole quote and do it right? This is some shit I expect from FoxNews not DimeMag.

  • K Dizzle

    Will he be an all-star this season?
    Assuming that he’s on the ballot as a forward and all-stars Amare and Booz are in the Eastern Conf now, he COULD get in if he makes an impact like Randolph did for the Griz last season. Voters and coaches loves dudes tearin it up in a new setting.
    AJ just needs to beat out one of Durant, Melo, Pau, Dirk, Blake Griffin, Z-Bo, Duncan, Scola, David Lee. If the Jazz win, he’ll get in.

  • Gunner J.

    No basketball gods. He’s just fortunate to have had an incompetent GM

  • BeEqual

    on the flip side… as an SLC resident… its nice to have a player of his capability and caliber talking about how happy he is to be here. Instead of the opposite.

    the jazz will def make him a better power forward, and if he’s anything like the 23/11 guy he was for a year in Minny, both sides have good things to look forward to.

  • brado

    Utah has quality ownership, a hof coach, the best PG in the league – and a young and strong core of players.

    Utah is a huge upgrade.

    And saying he took it too far by saying he wanted to come to Utah so he could “win a championship” is ridiculous. Utah is always on the verge of a championship team – they just need to splurge one season and they’re in it.

  • BeEqual


    couldn’t agree more brother. the question is, WILL they ever splurge??

  • jmg

    until he plays better D, he isnt winning a ‘Chip any time soon!!!

  • K

    He crossed the line because he hopes he can be better than another player and win a ring?!?!?! he sure crossed the line

    Always gonna be a fan of Al Jeff. it was sad to see him traded but the chance for KG and a ring was too good to pass up.

  • Stunnaboy09

    If Al can get anywhere close to 20/10 then I see Utah contending and Al maybe sneaking into an All-Star game or 2.

  • Heckler

    hahaha. NO he aint gonna be no allstar. not with the group of forwards in the west. maybe if he gets on the ballot as a center, he’d have a slight chance.

    carmelo anthony will start. kevin durant may start. dirk will get voted in (either by fans or coaches), pau gasol (if listed as a forward) will be in. zach randolph may build on his allstar appearance last year. david lee (if listed as a forward) will have as good a chance of making it again next year. at some point, lamar odom will make an allstar team. lamarcus aldridge is going to be al jeffersons main competition.

  • patrick

    big al > david lee&zach randolph. one “bad” year after acl surgery and everyone forgets about him. 17-9 is legit to me after surgery. this is the same al jefferson that averaged more than 40 a game in highschool.

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    First (and last!) time Utah has been compared to a Bentley.

  • BeEqual

    not to mention what the Utah system does for power forwards. Lets not forget Boozers numbers pre-Jazz, and look at what the Utah system did for him. Granted, its not all the Jazz system, but if you take a Power forward with some upside, plug him in, and he puts in the effort, he’ll get results. Paul Millsap anyone?

  • Cross

    Wow, looking at the fullquote D.I. Dollar @ #3 posted,

    Dime that is some scandalous reporting. I know you’re a low budget streetball mag but don’t insult the intelligence of your fanbase by blatantly paraphrasing, bordering on misquoting.

    And Toyotas are good cars. At least he didn’t say a Chevy haha.

  • Matt

    he’ll be snubbed this year while Deron Williams makes it on the team for the Jazz. I think he’ll be the individual that the sports pundits are saying deserves to be in because of his numbers and the team record, but the west is loaded at forward, even with the departure of Boozer and Amare.

    Not this year, but next he’ll make the all star team

  • Pat

    @D.I. Dollar (poster #3)

    you said it best brother, I saw this news on Yahoo! too, but Dime did paraphrase it a little much to twist his intent.

    got caught slipping Dime.

  • M Intellect

    This is so mean but DAMN that nose. Shit looks like a radiator key.

  • S-SiN

    Better than Stockton and Malone? Did u even have a practice run TOGETHER, u know as a duo?

    Put the pipe down Al..

  • ernesto

    Only a dozen-plus more consecutive seasons of title contention, incredible personal durability and near list-topping statistics to go, Big Al. Good luck! *rolls eyes*

  • ernesto

    I think the comparisons are legitimate to some degree, however. Stockton (Williams) being the clever set-up guy, Malone (Jefferson) the dopey but highly-skilled, brutish finisher.

  • Matt

    he said he would like to beat that comparison and wants to, and there is nothing wrong with wanting that. When Stockton was drafted out of Gonzaga, Jazz fans went “What the Fudge?” (after all most of them are Mormon) but he ended up as one of the greatest players of all time and arguably one of the top five point guards of all time, and I doubt his records will be broken any time soon.

    Malone? Everybody saw the potential in him, yet nobody thought he would become such a great player for such a period of time. He missed a total of 18 games in his career for the Jazz. 18! that was less than one a year.

    So I see nothing wrong with wanting to be better than the best, after all, if you don’t want to be great than you shouldn’t be playing, it is rather a question of if they will be able to actually do what Stockalone couldn’t and that is bring a title to Utah. I honestly think that if those two do it, they will be considered better by many Jazz fans as the better duo.

  • Giantnyc

    What is “going too far” about expressing a desire to win?Does anyone have an email for the “writer” Austin Burton? Austin did a really terrible job and seems to have created a story out of whole cloth. Austin has some explaining to do.

  • http://Aol.com Matthew

    Yo dime! I read about this like a week ago. I read the whole thing. Celtichub had a link too the entire article. Dime y’all chopped it up bad. Al didn’t through anyone under the buss. The timberpups do that to them selves by drafting and signing and trading for only pg’s!

    Now on topic…Al will be an allstar this year. If healthy he will put up 20-10 easy in a weak west. Give him another yeAr and you will see him thrive in utah! Deron will make him a perenial all star!