NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Jul 26, 2010 / 10:45 am

Charlie Villanueva Shows You What $35 Million Can Buy

After Charlie Villanueva signed a five-year, $35 million contract with the Pistons last summer, we all thought he was going to have a big year. Well, so much for that happening. But at least he’s putting some of that money to good use. Over the weekend, Villanueva asked his Twitter followers if he should buy an Aston Martin Rapide or a Lexus LFA. After 45 minutes of taking input, he made his decision:

I think the Aston Martin Rapide it is, thanks twitterland

In case you were wondering, the base price for the Aston Martin Rapide is $199,950.

What do you think? Did he make the right decision?

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  • That’s What’s Up

    He can buy watever he wants but that ain’t gonna guarantee a fine dime will be in the front seat

  • http://therulers.bandcamp.com/ pacetola

    i reeeaaallly like the LFA, but the Rapide is a dope ddecision since its a four door and he’ll stunt on everyones S63’s and 750i’s

  • “Tha Boddy” Arenas and Wall For Best Backcourt

    It kinda does wasn’t he dating the chick from 106&Park last year???

  • what_beef

    how long will it take the big knuckle head to crash it??

    im sayin 3weeks!!

  • Captain Fantastic

    He’ll be outta the league in two years and bankrupt in 4.

    Then he’ll be selling his shit pennies on the dollar.

  • M Intellect

    Capt. Hatetastic – Why don’t you start saving so you can buy his Rapide when he decides to sell it for the low-low and then maybe people can hate on you for a change.

  • Sporty-j

    As long as you goy money you can look like Flavor Flav and still get a dime piece 10 star chick. Chicks are always looking for someone with money to take care of them and dont dont give a dam how you look because money talks and makes up for a lot of things. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL…

  • SJ

    With $200k, I’d buy an ’02 T/A and mod the SHIT out of it. It’d be faster than any new car you can buy (with maybe the exception of McLaren F1, but depends on when I stop the modding).

  • me

    @ #5,

    dude is in 2nd year of 5 year guaranteed deal. so no, he won’t be outta the league in 2 years.

  • Octopus Jonny

    A 2002 pontiac? Most dudes droppin 200k on a car want something with extreme luxury and the hottest new technology. And there are plenty of cars faster and more luxurious than the Mclaren these days. When you have 35 mil, 200k is a drop in the bucket. CV already had millions from his first deal, and he actually isn’t as much of a knucklehead as you’d think, he donates an awful lot of his time to charitable events in the offseason. I wouldve gone with the LFA though, that thing is pure seckz

  • SJ

    Honestly, I could do everything I want with the 02 t/a for less than $120k. It’d run the 1/4 in the 9’s easy and look flash as hell. I love the body style of those cars. Not as exotic as the LFA, but everybody has their tastes.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    He should have dropped for the Veyron Sportster but the Rapide is a good choice

  • Corebean

    What a slap in the face to all the fans of the NBA. The guy doesn’t even produce for what he is paid for, then asks all the people who fork out their hard earned dollars to see him play and buy his jersey and this is what he does?

    Why doesn’t he buy 10 Toyotas and give em away to his 10 most loyal followers?!?!

  • DVS

    Go on big Charlie..
    The Rapide is hot as…. I wish i could afford it.

  • Max Framba

    with the Lexus for as good as possibly it can be he would have bought a vehicle
    Aston Martin he has taken home a piece of art… he is exiting his perimeter within a piece of art… almost alive when riding

  • CJin2552

    @13 (Corebean):

    If he gave them Toyota’s then his most loyal followers would be killed.. Howbout giving them all Chevrolet Camaros. If you were like me and had a free Camaro, I’d just keep it and sell it in 2020 when it was a classic. (Basically cause I hate Camaros and wouldn’t wanna be seen in one.)