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Chris Bosh is the new Vince Carter

Chris Bosh (photo. Nike)

It’s funny how these NBA team execs get all critical of their superstars after they leave, and act like they weren’t all that in the first place, even though they probably just made an impassioned pitch trying to keep said superstar in town. Case in point: Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, who in an interview yesterday hinted that Chris Bosh milked injuries, quit on the Raptors during this past season, and isn’t really a franchise player. Total PR move on Colangelo’s part — even taking pages from Vince Carter‘s Blueprint to Guaranteed Canadian Hatred — to make sure Bosh is the bad guy and the Raps are the good guys in the eyes of the public. Any smart observer would know Bosh (for the most part) held up his end of the bargain, he just never had a good enough supporting cast to really make a dent in the postseason. And even if you don’t think Bosh is really a franchise guy, it’s not his fault Toronto treated him like one. Nothing prevented the Raptors from trying to go get another “true” franchise guy to play with Bosh … Meanwhile, more blockbuster moves are in the works for the Cavs: Damien Wilkins, Von Wafer and Alan Anderson worked out for the team recently, and Joey Graham (or Stephen, or one of ‘em) is on Cleveland’s radar as well. So, um, what’s the ETA again on that championship, Mr. Gilbert? You said before Miami wins one, right? … Argument in the Dime office: Should the Cavs ever retire LeBron‘s number? They do have Bingo Smith up there in the rafters after all … The Heat added another spare part, inking Shavlik Randolph to a contract. Remember when he was a HUGE deal coming out of high school? Now he’s Joel Anthony‘s crash test dummy … Apparently the Celtics would be interested in Delonte West should the Wolves dump him. Really though, would Delonte be any less toxic than Allen Iverson? Boston gave Stephon Marbury a chance; what’s good with A.I.? … Before it got started and even after this latest Chris Paul trade drama appeared to be put to rest, word around the League has been that CP’s inside people have been digging around seeing what’s out there for Paul in terms of a trade. So although Paul just said he’s cool in New Orleans for now, the NBA has still issued a memo to all teams warning against any contact directly with CP or his people about a trade that isn’t initiated by the Hornets. (In other words, you can call the Hornets and pitch all the Chris Paul trades you want, but don’t call Worldwide Wes.) Six-figure fines and losing draft picks could be at stake. So basically, the T-Wolves should be right on top of this. David Kahn likes collecting point guards, and besides, that Joe Smith thing was like ancient history … We’re out like Shav …

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  • Krayzie

    “Meanwhile, more blockbuster moves are in the works for the Cavs: Damien Wilkins, Von Wafer and Alan Anderson”

    I thought for a second it said Alan Henderson – dude must be 45 by now, but even if the Cavs went after him I don’t think any of us would have been surprised! LOL

  • Three Stacks

    That still doesn’t answer the question of “Who the f*ck is Alan Anderson” though.

  • B-Rad

    First off I am a Raptors fan…that out of the way, I agree with saying that Bosh didn’t have the greatest supporting cast but there is some truth to what B.Colangelo is saying. BC is only doing what any good executive would do and try and put some good spin on a bad situation. However, there were some hiccups in trying to sign that next guy so Bosh wouldn’t have to be “The Man”. Same disease that Vince Carter suffered from (weird huh?). Guys don’t want to come to Toronto, it’s just a fact in the NBA right now. Toronto is a beautiful place, wonderful fans, an organization that treats its players like gods (see MLSE), etc, etc. There is just a staple in the league that guys are afraid of Toronto and that’s fine, if that’s the way it is. But let’s be serious, Bosh is a quitter just like Prince James. Can you see MJ sitting out the final games of the season because he had to wear a mask???? Don’t think so! Can you see KG pulling any sh%t like that???? Don’t think so! That’s why we don’t believe he was ever gonna be jack. Real T-Dot fans were waiting for someone else to step up and be THE MAN b/c CB was never gonna be him. He’s just a twitterite and really good at following people… and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side (also see Vince Carter). See any Shox commercials after Vince left T-Dot bahahahahahahahahahahaha. Bosh, check the LakersNation.com blog on the right of the screen the check out what the champs are doing chump!!!

  • Pareja

    Watched many of Alan Anderson’s games overseas in last two seasons, he impressed me. great at creating his own shoot, nice leaping ability, Guy has tons of selfconfidence. which sometimes leads him playing 1 on 5. Guy is ready for the L. I hope Cavs will give him a chance. He is sharper than Von.

  • Stunnaboy09

    D.Wilkens and Wafer are both kinda solid moves and I can see where the Cavs are going. Still don’t know who Alan Anderson is though. Both fit the R-n-G offense the Cavs wanna run and Wafer still has “instant offense” all over him, kind of a mini JR Smith just less of a headcase and less streaky. Wilkins is what he is at this point, athletic, decent jump shot average defender. They already have that in Moon but hey I aint Gilbert.

    I think we put the order of the NBA no contact-CP rule and Chris Paul staying. Still think N.O. are just locking themselves for more mediocre years and killing CP’s prime but once again hey, who am I to judge? Your not winning with this group so why not go rebuild? Trade CP to Orlando or NJ or NY or any team for decent contracts and draft picks. YOU HAVE HIS REPLACEMENT. Collison has SCARY potential and Thornton and him could form top 5 backcourt in 3 years. Once again what do I know?

  • Gunner J.

    Im guessing Colangelo wasnt near a computer when he said that

  • stefan

    but if the heat actually win one or more championships, will they retire LeBron’s jersey too, or just Wade’s ?

  • Bizz

    Easy to put the blame on Bosh and claim “just wear a mask”… but there’s a difference between a broken nose and a facial fracture especially around your orbital bone. And going into the end of the season with a Raptors team that withered up and died long before Jamison dropped a Macho Man elbow on Bosh’s face, I don’t put the blame on Bosh to play. If he comes back, takes an inadvertant elbow/shoulder to his face, we’re approaching Amar’e potential eye injuries, and he’s without a guaranteed contract coming into this season.

    If he’s not a franchise guy in BC’s eyes, why did it take him 7 years to come to that conclusion, and how the hell do you consider Bosh a franchise guy and then build a team of pylons and pillows around him, along with subpar coaching and expect him to lead that team to anything of substance? Same crap happened in LA and Kobe wanted a trade out…once he got a real roster, they actually became a potential dynasty. You put any of the true franchise guys in Toronto and surround them with the Raptors roster, and you would get the same piss-poor results. This is just BC trying to pull a slightly nicer version of Dan Gilbert to throw his former star under the bus to save his face in the eyes of public relations.

  • ab_40

    i really like tmac but his comments in a bulls interview can really tick people off. He said qu “Without me or boozer this is a .500 ballclub with me and him we’re 30 points better. I know you have to be very confident to get a job but is he maybe overconfident? I hope they sign him for a low price because I really wanna see heem succeed but still. COmments like that can get you in a lot of trouble.


    Everyone always knew Bosh was a No.2 guy. Even Bosh knew it, thats why all summer people said he would end up with either Bron or Wade.
    But he is such a good number two that there aren’t really many players in the L that the Raptors could have bought in who are better than him.

  • sh!tfaced

    Boston getting back Delonte would be a damn good mental edge for the Celtics – in case they run into Miami.

  • flegman

    Bosh tried everything there during his career. He did his best. Maybe that was not enough, maybe, and in this case front office buys/trades for the proper player to build a TEAM.
    If Bosh suxx, than Raptors bball operations and GM staff SUXX big time. Or at least equally.

  • Bill

    Fucking Joe Smith and The Timberwolves. Ruined everything great about KG in his first 12 years in the L.

  • schoops

    KG’s ridiculously large contract also prevented the T-wolves from signing anyone for a long time.

  • Robmo35

    Two things.
    Delonte West can play defense and won’t expect to start, unlike Mr. inversion.

    What was untrue about Colangelo’s statement? Didn’t the Raptors clear Bosh to play, and didn’t? Also didn’t the Raptors work at putting very different rosters around Bosh, and they still didn’t work? I’m not saying that they were the best rosters ever assembled, but they were no worse than what Cleveland had done.

  • Celts Fan

    Why wouldn’t Boston want Delonte? You can slide him into either guard spot, he can defend well and has a solid J. He’s also played here under Doc so he knows what’s what and was actually regarded as a quiet, solid dude when he was here. I hope he can get his ish together and control the bipolar issues, cuz he can definitely ball and can help a contender.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I live in Toronto too. I’ll ask you the same question I ask my friends who also blame Bosh… why don’t you blame the guy I blame, Colangelo? BC has been the guy in charge of roster moves, pretty much as long as Bosh has been “the guy”, and just because Bosh left (when he had every right to leave) only NOW is Colagenlo saying anything. Why wasn’t he critical of Bosh when he was here? It takes Bosh to leave in order for BC to see clearly??
    I’ll ask you the second question I ask my friends… every Raptor fan in Toronto and pretty much anyone who follows the NBA knew Bosh was leaving. So why didn’t Colangelo trade him mid-season?? The writing was on the wall, everyone in the world knew he wasn’t coming back. Again, another boneheaded decision by the guy I blame.
    One more question for you. BC took risks in trying to acquire guys to compliment Bosh. That’s fine. NONE of them worked out. JO, Evans(MMA fighter, no skill), Bellineli(Balki from Perfect strangers), etc. Those guys are all 5th options on the floor at any given time… What kind of research were his team of scouts doing to find pieces?? I think they were messing around with NBA Live rosters and when the team won 5 straight simmed games, they pulled the trigger.

    You, and a whole lot of disillusioned Raptor fans, are blaming the wrong guy. and to BC’s credit, he’s making sure nobody notices the shitty job he’s doing by deflecting attention off himself. Apparently, it worked. Ask yourself the tried and true question… “what has he done for the me lately?” The answer would be “nothing good”.

    I, for one, want BC’s head on a stick. He doing a shitty job. The only thing keeping him in Toronto is his credibility.

  • King

    When did delonte become “”radioactive”””

    That’s a bit of a stretch fellas even if he did fuck lebrons moms. I’d take him on the C’s again any day.

  • Dagger

    First of all, Bosh will never be Carter.

    Second, Colangelo chose his words very carefully, and I think that he was right to an extent. It was pretty obvious last year that Bosh simply lost interest in the team once its winning streak turned out to be a mirage.

    And look, the thing with Bosh is that he didn’t even get his team to the playoffs. You can go on about how BC wasn’t the greatest GM, and you’d be right: he’s been excellent at winning deals, but the resulting players have often been underwhelming. For all that, Calderon (when not injured) is a very solid PG, Bargnani is a good young big, Turk was great as a number 2 option to Howard, Ford was a very solid PG when he came to TO, Jack was another solid PG, etc., etc. Since BC took over the Raptors have been deep and while they lacked that second star, they have had talent. The bottom line is that Bosh didn’t even take them to the playoffs in the East. Of course, I agree with Jay: BC should have realized that Bosh’s failings as a passer, defender and clutch player ruled him out as a franchise star, although the hope was always that Bargnani would develop more quickly than he did.

  • kkevster

    Here goes BC now with the Bosh is not a franchise guy, Bosh was milking his injury.
    Why then was he willing to offer max dollars to him to stay? Why didn’t he trade him before the trade deadline last season? Didn’t he say at the season end press conference that Bosh would be a max player and the “man” here and he would build around him? Wasn’t he the one saying that other GMs were calling early last season for Bosh, but the Raptors started playing well and they stopped.Didn’t he say he felt with the direction the club is going, he felt there was a great chance Bosh was going to stay.
    This is just sour grapes. He really thought CB4 (now CB1) would stay here not know about them planning all along to play together. Now he’s mad, so he starts talking ish about Bosh.
    BC, we(knowledgable b’ball fans) don’t believe you. You and the Cavs owner should go cuddle and console each other.

    BC should realize that the Raptors will always be a farm team for the NBA. As soon as a player starts getting some publicity down here in the US, kiss them goodbye, cause they will be gone.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Exactly! It seems like BC was just trying to get as many decent players to fill out the roster. Depth means nothing if the team is only filled with mediocre players. The Raps lineup reflected their position in the standings. I can’t blame Bosh for that.

  • karizmatic

    As much as I would like SOMEBODY…ANYBODY…to pick up AI I have to say West is definitely a much better fit for the Celtics, in fact if it is true they should definitely take him. West is a combo guard who can play both positions and shoot the 3 which will be a good balance with Nate Robinson since you need a big guard to play with him who can guard both positions. He started out on the Celtics and I actually thought he was better than Rondo in the beginning. You’ll have to excuse me for that one …this is before I found out West was a head case. Also it should add for some irritation to LBJ when the Heat play the Celtics, although I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing. He’d be a decent replacement for Tony Allen.

  • Yup

    Simple fact: when you’ve been cleared to play by medical staff and you choose not to for 6 games, while your team needs you and you are their supposed leader… you’re a quitter, esp once the trade deadline has passed so that you can handcuff your team to work yourself the trade of your choice, thereby renegging on your word that you will honor the franchise whose given you everything by building around you (whether that was warranted or not) by work ing with them, that is, by keeping them abreast of your intentions so that both you and your team can benefit by your departure (again as stated by Bosh) with the best possible deal for both. Bosh leaving is acceptable and his choice; it was also his choice to quit on his team after the all star game (after the voices got in his ear) and speak nothing of his decision making process during the free agency week. It’s a win- win for both Bosh and Toronto fans that, he the man who said he wanted to be a team’s #1, left to go be the third banana. Best of luck to both Bosh and the Raptors.

  • Yup

    @kkevster he was offered max because that was the going rate. Apparently you as a true basketball mind didn’t realize people in the are getting overpaid because of the limit of available upper tier talent.

    @ Jay does it matter who you’re playing with, i.e. Lebron, if you quit on your team after huge winning regular seasons and then quit on your team during the playoffs and then altogether? Bottom line: where is the leadership and integrity?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Yup — Did you consider that the doctor who cleared Bosh may have been working in the best interest of the Raptors? I didn’t look it up so I don’t know if it was a team doc or Bosh’s doc or what, but that’s been known to happen in sports (especially football). And the doctor isn’t the one who has to go out there and play. If Bosh felt like he couldn’t play with his face busted up, he’s the only one that can speak to that. Doesn’t necessarily make him a quitter.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    You beat me to it. Anybody who plays any sport at a high level knows the docs are there to get you to play. Even NCAA players are given shots to numb the pain. Does it mean they are better?? No. Sometimes it’s the player who asks for it, sometimes it’s the doc acting on behalg of the team. and most of the time when a Doc is administering something, the player has no idea what it is. It happens. And it happened to a buddy of mine. Doc’s act in the best interest of the TEAM.

    Put yourself in Bosh’s position. You sprain your ankle, w/ a month left in the season. Free agency is looming around the corner. Regardless if you think Bosh knew he was leaving, as a player with a bright future, I seriously doubt you will put your health in jeopardy for a losing team in a country that you are not from. It’s funny that people judge his character and judge his work ethic, and accuse him of quitting, but if you put those same people in his situation, they’d do the same thing.

    BTW, if his teammates come out and accuse Bosh of quitting on his team, then that argument will hold water.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Of course it matters who you are playing with. The Raps were no better last year than the first year BC joined the club. He was touted as the best young executive in the league and he hasn’t improved the team AT ALL. For me, that’s inexcuseable. As I said earlier, the world knew Bosh was leaving except for the hopeful people in the Raptor front office.

  • Yup

    @ Jay up to the all star break, no one knew. After it waso obvious.

  • Grissy

    I get what AB is saying but also keep in mind that most players try to get back early or play through injuries, especially during the final playoff stretch.

    Yes, there may have been a chance to he could’ve worsened the injury but I think he felt the bigger risk was losing out on the biggest free agency campaign in the history of sports.

    If the Heat were fighting for a spot (I doubt they’ll be “fighting” for one) at the same point in time next year, I’m guessing Bosh comes back.

    Either way, the Raps got nowhere with him so they can’t be that much worse off without him.

  • Paul Wall

    You’re slacking today ALF. Where’s your horrible reasoning for a job through Dime?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Reason 64 Dime should hire Alf: He is available to work all weekends as he only takes off on Wednesdays

  • Brown

    Colangelo ultimately signed Bosh’s fate by drafting Bargnani. When your best player is a 4, and you get a #1 pick, you don’t draft a 4 with similar skills. That’s not how you build around your franchise centerpiece, especially when complimentary talents were available (Roy, Gay).

    No matter how BC spins it, the plight of the Raptors rests entirely upon his shoulders. Winning teams have talent at every position. The only position the Raps were strong at in Bosh’s tenure as the franchise centerpiece was the 4. Bosh plus four players who wouldn’t start for any playoff team doesn’t make a strong starting lineup. When you have bench-level talents vying for starters minutes, your team isn’t going very far.

    Colangelo is good at acquiring solid bench players, but they shouldn’t be starting. Looking at their roster right now, they have some talented bench players, but nobody worthy of starting for a contender.

    I’m not convinced BC is capable of building a contender. With him as the GM, they’ll never be anyting more than mediocre.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    AMEN!!!! <— and I ain't even religious

    BC is a value hunter. He tries to find the best players at bargain prices. So he looks for guys who he thinks are doing shitty because of the situations they are/were in. Ex. Bellineli is GS, Amir Johnson is Detroit, Sonny Weems whereever he came from, Lol.. Even acquiring JO thinking he can still play at the all-star level but may just need a change of scenery. He needs to stop that M.O. It doesn't work. It worked in PHX because of a little caucasian man named Steve Nash who elevates his teammates and maximizes their strengths.

  • JBaller

    Delonte on the Celts in the eastern conference finals could do some classic trash talkin’ to the heat…

    Don’t take it so personal, son.

    Hey Dwayne, what’s your mom’s number?

    Yo Chris, yo mama got those same nappy dreads, or does she wear a wig?

  • Yup

    @Austin Burton ..it was an ankle injury, not the facial injury. that was later.

    @Jay re: “As I said earlier, the world knew Bosh was leaving except for the hopeful people in the Raptor front office.” The world speculated he was leaving. Why would Bosh want to leave the Raptors when they had the 2nd best record in the NBA since they got on their roll in Dec. when they were 25-9, including wins over the Lakers, Mavs, and Spurs? They were seeded 5th at the time. Bosh said to the team brass and public, I want to be on a winning team. He had that at that point, then ASG & voices and Bosh isn’t playing like his usual self and sits out 6 extra games for an ankle injury that doctors said he didn’t need to sit out of.

    Agreed that Colangelo hasn’t made a contender.

  • Swirsky’s Soldier

    Bosh tried his best.. no doubt.

    Until the all-star break when he went on cruise control. Those who actually watched the games knew it. Its not the first time Raps fans have seen it before.

    Say what you want about the team not being good enough, say what you want about this being a PR spin, or say this is a disgruntled boyfriend calling his ex names.

    It doesn’t change the fact that Bosh did give up. It doesn’t change the fact that Bosh had no intentions of resigning with the team, and made that obvious right after the trade deadline passed.

    Colangelo just spoke the truth. Did he take the high road? Probably not, but that doesn’t make it any less honest. Just inappropriate.

  • Yup

    well put, Swirsky’s Soldier

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I don’t see it as Swirk’s soldier and Yup see it. I don’t see it as Bosh quitting after the AS break. He busted face and came back. To me, he stopped playing around the time he sprained his ankle. A few games before. Still doesn’t change that fact he gave up but I understand it. Why would he put his ass on the line for a team who won’t even back their main dude? Pierce took Bosh down with an intentional knee to the groin and NOBODY did shit. Triano was more irate than his teammates. Bosh was rolling around in pain and not one teammate even checked if he was okay.
    If you put the whole picture together as Bosh saw it, and account for the looming free agency, his injury, his teammates being soft… why would he come back and battle for the last month when the whole team gave up. It wasn’t just Bosh. Turk, Andrea, Jack, Demar… maybe Weems was the exception but everyone else stopped playing. Why come back to a shitty team with ZERO competitors?

    Swirk’s Soldier says Colangelo spoke the truth. “Truth” is often a perceptional thing. BC’s truth was that Bosh gave up and didn’t play through injuries. If you asked Bosh for his truthful thoughts on the job BC did, i’m sure it wouldn’t be a glowing review either.

  • K Dizzle

    As a kinda fan of the Raptors, I don’t blame Colangelo or Bosh, I blame Hedo Turkoglu for taking the money and being less than 10% of the player the Raptors thought they were getting and not once showing a glimpse of the beast that took Orlando into the Finals. Raptors finally get a legit free agent and he decides that he doesn’t wanna play anymore.
    Just a reminder of what actually happened last season:

    1) Raptors missed the playoffs by 1 game and Bosh missed 12 games with injury. In Bosh’s last game against GSW, he put up 42 and 14 and went to the line 23 TIMES, makin 20….That ain’t givin up.
    I’ll never blame a player for takin a Jamison elbow to the face and missing games. Yeah, maybe, he coulda put on a mask and come back, but he didn’t, and he was never really seen as a player who played thru pain…

    2) Colangelo added 9 NEW PLAYERS and when they started to gel, they were the 2nd HOTTEST TEAM in the league. Goin into the all-star break, the Raps were on a 18-6 streak and had beaten legit squads like LAL, Bos, Orl (all with nothing at all from Turkoglu) and were only 4 games behind Atlanta for the 4th seed. After the break against Memphis, Bosh put up 32 and 10, but severely hurt the ankle and missed games and the season nosedived…

    3) I can’t say this enough: Colangelo did his job and put legitimate pieces around Bosh. Bosh, for the maority of the season, played like a franchise player.If the Raptors get into the playoffs as a top 5 seed and win a series, Bosh would really have a dilemma about leavin. Hedo Turkoglu was the x-factor. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t impressed that the Raps stole him from Portland, but nobody thought he would choke away the season like he did.
    The man dominated Cleveland in the ECFs and played the Lakers tough the whole Finals showing crazy heart and versatility…..then he got his money…….
    The End

  • Raptoronto

    As for a PR move…keep in mind that Bosh opened the door with his interview the day prior (seven wasted yrs in TO and the city smells different to Americans) comment. If he wants to bring the heat (no pun) then he better be ready to catch some back. It was quite evident that he checked (5th seed before injury to battling for 8th afterwards…if Bosh plays those 6 games the season could have ended quite differently and Bosh’s primary reason for leaving would have be a mute point). Either way it’s all water under the bridge at this point.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Great points Dizzle! People are talking about Bosh quitting… when did Turk come out to play??

  • Stunnaboy09

    Bosh didn’t quit on the Raptors like LeBron did to the Cavs but he still pussied out on the injury. His team was 1 game away from the playoffs and he missed 6 games down the stretch.

    BC found out Bosh isn’t a Franchise Player 7 years too late. He traded for a boatload of new people, messed up the biggest draft in Raptor history by taking someone who couldn’t fit in with his franchise player (I know hindsight is 50/50 but imagine if they took Roy)

    Delonte easy over AI. People are taking this fucked-LeMom thing too fa…, yeah it is pretty messed up. Hope he plays in the T-Wolves and screws Kahns wife or mom just so he can end the madness.

  • Willsway

    The Raptors have become a joke, I watch their games only for the laughs.
    Drafting Bargnani over the likes of Roy, Alderidge and Gay.

  • Yup

    @jay re: ” I don’t see it as Bosh quitting after the AS break. He busted face and came back. To me, he stopped playing around the time he sprained his ankle. A few games before.”

    you’ve got your injury timeline backwards. bosh sprained the ankle just after the all-star game, missed 6 games he could’ve played in, and later in the season had the facial injury.

    if you watched the majority of the Raptors season, you will notice a marked difference in his play post-all-star game. both the media and fans noticed and voiced their opinions on the subject. hell, he had 6 turnovers in one game and they asked him about it and he said he didn’t really care or want to talk about that…

    but for 6.5 seasons, Bosh did give his all.

  • kkevster

    @YUP the going rate?

    So you as a GM would overpay someone you don’t believe you can build a team around or who you don’t believe would be the “man” and lead your team, giving him a Max contract handcuffing your team to no cap room just because that’s the going rate?? You’re joking right?? only Isiah Thomas would make that kind of move.

    BC needs to get over it,he’s trying to set Bosh up as the fall guy for the crappy season coming up. It should be easier to build around whoever the man is up there now.

    The man is gone, the Raptors sucked with him and they will continue to suck without him.

  • Yup

    @kkevster …you’re confusing the issue here. my only say here has been that Bosh quit after the all-star break. why go on about the stuff you’re going on about.

  • LakeShow84

    Ummmmmmmmmmm i think he quit :)

    I dont see too many players missing games when its theres a playoff push going on.. They cleared they get they asses back out there.. some even clear themselves lol be real..

    And Colangelo ALSO is to blame for the talent put around him.. He said some shit about putting MULTIPLE pieces around Bosh when really dude just went on a Euro player binge that i personally dismissed as moronic..

    Oh well..

    Everyone knew he was gone this year.. they shouldve traded him when they couldve.. trading a 24&10 stud?? You dont miss out on that..

  • LakeShow84

    And also yes Turkoglu was a piece of shit lol

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @Yup: You’re right I mixed up the timing up the timing. My bad.
    About the 6 TOs… He’s had games with 6 TOs before. Actually a lot of games w/ 6 TOs. At least 5-6 this past season. Who cares if he didn’t want to answer questions? The media only cares when they accuse players of quitting and when he doesn’t want to talk about it, maybe he’s upset at himself. Media knows negativity sells papers so what they say, means nada.

    My point is, would you rush back to play with a team who doesn’t have your back?? and from whom you don’t get any help from?? @Yup, you said it yourself, he played hard for 6.5 seasons. The last 0.5 of a season was probably the most difficult because he didn’t get help from anyone. The main guy they brought in(Jurkoglu) didn’t even give a shit. Put yourself in Bosh’s shoes, and I bet you’d do the same. Anybody would. He might have mentally checked-out but he still played. He could have easily said, “fuck this shit” and never put on sneakers as a Raptor after AS break, but he didn’t. He played the cards he was dealt. I ain’t mad at him. I’ve already stated who I think the problem was and still is.

  • Stunnaboy09

    AM I the only one who thinks when you know you franchise player is going to leave you trade them? Tell me if T-Dot gave Houston Bosh for Scola + Another guy they dont jump at the idea? Now you got Scola who pretty much is Bosh with heart and cap space and maybe prevents you throwing 35 million on AMIR FUCKING JOHNSON.

    All of Canada should hope DeMar reaches his mini-Vince potential so his dunks make people forget about his teams shittyness.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    One last thing, when you say the media even talked about Bosh quitting, I’m assuming you mean Dave Feschuk right?? That guy is a fukkin moron.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Scola is nowhere near the level of Chris Bosh.

    I remember i was arguing that Bosh is way better then Amare and now the world is about to find out. I understand the Raptors don’t get a lot of US attention so now everyone will get to know how heady Bosh truly is. Amare out-quicks, out-jumps, and out-bodies opponents. Bosh schools cats with positioning and intelligence. The Heat will be fun to watch. I’ll be booing in admiration for these guys. Lol

  • Yup

    kkevster says:
    “@YUP the going rate? So you as a GM would overpay someone…giving him a Max contract handcuffing your team to no cap room just because that’s the going rate?? You’re joking right?? only Isiah Thomas would make that kind of move.”

    not sure if you’ve been following the NBA for the last little while, but, yes, that’s what GMs are doing. Bosh would’ve gotten max where ever he went, except of course he took a paycut in Miami. he’s not a game finisher like Kobe, Durant, LeBron, DWade…those guys are max and that’s why he teamed up with them after stating he’d like to be the man.

    as for another example of a handcuffing max paycheque because it’s the going rate. did you hear about a guy named joe johnson getting a 6-year $20 million max deal? the guy disappears in the playoffs in consecutive years and he gets max?

    maybe another guy who got close to max this offseason: rudy gay for $80 million over 5 years?

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ JAY

    Didn’t say that Scola was better, just saying with the fact that Bosh was leaving for sure, why not trade him for Scola? Scola is good for 16 and 8 with a shit load of hustle while Bosh is good for 24 and 10. I’d rather have Bosh but if I knew he was gonna leave (It was VERY apparent) I’d trade him for Scola in heartbeat.

  • Yup

    @jay re: “He might have mentally checked-out but he still played.”

    that’s all i’ve been saying:

    he quit/checked out…whatever you wanna call it…he didn’t give a 100%.

    …and hence the title of the article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    On the low Delonte earned some off-the-court stripes because cats don’t like LBJ. That’s so corny.

    Now all the contending teams are eagerly waiting to pick him off of waivers.

    Is LBJ and Delonte legitimately involved in a rivalry now??


  • K Dizzle


    It’s rough but he makes this….and they in the playoffs…

  • Krayzie

    @ JAY

    Amare is much better than Bosh, Bosh has never stepped up when needed.

    Amare dropped 42 on the LAKERS front line when his team was in danger of going down 0-3. Also, he has had numerous great series against one of the best defensive teams of this era (SA Spurs). Even though they lost all of those series but one, you cannot fault Amare and dude played like a man!

    Bosh puts up good numbers on a shitty team against other shitty teams!

  • Krayzie

    @ K Dizzle

    Amare leaves no doubt about the outcome of his shot. He slams that on Turiaf for the AND 1!

    Mark my words – Miami will lose because of Bosh/lack of big man, essentially the same thing!

  • kkevster


    in a country that you are not from.”

    That is the most ignorant stupid thing I have ever seen posted on a Blog. What does the fact that the NBA franchise is in Toronto have to do with the level of effort a paid player should give the team?

    If he was hurt and didn’t want to play fine, but to say because he was in Toronto is just showing how ignorant you are.

  • Yup

    We’ll see how good Amare is without Nash.

    I agree kkevster. I didn’t even bother responding to that silliness.

  • Yup

    Hey kdizzle, you’re right. And if he would have played in those 6 games that he opted not to, Raptors would’ve also made the playoffs. But his heart was already somewhere else.

  • Yup

    @jay re: “@Yup…One last thing, when you say the media even talked about Bosh quitting, I’m assuming you mean Dave Feschuk right?? That guy is a fukkin moron.”

    here’s something written about bosh and includes a mention to your man feschuk. seems like feschuk’s not the only one noticed bosh’s disappearing act. from a sports writer in ottawa (the capital of canada, if you were wondering):

    “Bryan Colangelo took his shots at Bosh to Bob McCown on the FAN 590 Monday, admitting what was clear at the time, that he checked out on the team down the stretch. In retrospect, it really was pathetic. After a rough March 26 loss to Denver on a last-second Carmelo Anthony jumper, I was in the locker room scrum and the Star’s Dave Feschuk was grilling him on his recent rash of turnovers. Bosh, in his laconic speaking style, just kept shrugging and mumbling.
    It sort of reminded of the time Shaq called him the “RuPaul of big men,” and he responded in a YouTube video by just giggling like someone to afraid to make a meaningful statement.”

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @kkevster: @Jay

    “in a country that you are not from.”
    That is the most ignorant stupid thing I have ever seen posted on a Blog. What does the fact that the NBA franchise is in Toronto have to do with the level of effort a paid player should give the team?
    If he was hurt and didn’t want to play fine, but to say because he was in Toronto is just showing how ignorant you are.”

    Dude, calm the hell down. I’m from Toronto. and I used to date Magloire’s cousin and hung out with Elton Brand. When I hung out with EB, he made cracks to Magloire all the time about being from Canada. Is that statement ignorant?? Hell no. Wanna know why?? Because it’s true. The truth hurts, doesn’t it.

    Fact is, a lot of American players don’t want to play here. That’s something that you can’t dispute. They’ll deal with it because they have to but once the “going gets tough”, it’s easy for them to look south. Why?? Simple, they want to go home.
    Call that statement ignorant, but it’s true. Ask AI. Ask Antonio Davis. Ask Steve Francis who blatantly refused to work out for Vancouver and Toronto because he didn’t want to play in Canada.

    It’s funny you call that statement ignorant. It’s YOU who needs to be enlightened. Read the Bosh article in the Miami Herald. He says it himself, he didn’t want to play in Toronto originally because it’s in a different country.


    kkevster: I like the fact that you have utopian values. And everyone shouldn’t mind living or playing or working in a different country. But it doesn’t work that way.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @Krayzie: “Amare is much better than Bosh, Bosh has never stepped up when needed. ”

    I guess we’ll see this season.

  • B-Rad

    @Jay…I agree wholeheartedly with a majority of your comments. If you read my post a while back I simply stated that BC was trying to put a good spin on a bad situation and he has had problems signing guys. Did BC do the best he could…probably not. Some things just didn’t work out, such as Hedo Turkapoo getting completely out of shape and looking like a bum. Garbajosa was a great pickup and any true Raptors fan knows that his injury had a huge effect on that team for a while. However, playing devils advocate I do realize that the Jermaine O’Neal trade was a poor one because the Raptors gave up the rights to Roy Hibbert, who has become a fairly decent player. As far as Austin saying that the doctors work for the team and it’s in their best interest to push him to play, that’s garbage! That ish flies in football maybe but not in ball. The team wasn’t making the playoffs so the team really had no reason to clear him, correct? But they did, so he must have been fit to play in the eyes of the trainers and doctors. I’m not letting BC off the hook at all, just my opinion that Bosh is still a quitter…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    The Raps just missed the 8th spot by a single game. With that in mind, it was in the best interest of the team if Bosh was on the court.

  • Yup

    with the concept of yin-yang, i.e., there is no good or bad/things are just what they are/it just is what it is regardless of how you feel about it, in mind, had bosh of played in those 6 games, we probably wouldn’t have davis.

    @jay…does magloire have any more cousins? ;)

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I’ll answer your question with your name… Yup!!!! Hot ones. and their friends are smoking too. Are you from Toronto? You’ll probably see them at the Caribana parade.

  • Yup

    last words for me…actually from Andrea Bargnani in his interview at Hoops Hype:

    “…You could feel that [Bosh] was going to leave for [B]the last couple of months before the end of the season. Everybody had this kind of feeling.[/B] [bold is mine] So I wasn’t surprised.”

    He was doggin’ it…

    Read more: [url]http://blogs.hoopshype.com/blogs/sierra/2010/07/29/andrea-bargnani-i-dont-feel-like-ive-arrived/#ixzz0v8Eqn5mr[/ur