NBA, Video / Jul 21, 2010 / 11:45 am

Cleveland Fans to LeBron: “It’s Not Us, It’s You.”

By now everybody knows how hard Cleveland has taken the news that LeBron chose the Miami Heat over staying with the Cavs. There have been burned jerseys, removed billboards,
and general outrage expressing their feelings about The King’s departure. While the response to “The Decision”
has been overwhelmingly negative in Ohio, some fans are trying to turn it into a positive.

Four fans have started a site called www.breakupwithlebron.com that is designed to help Clevelanders move on with their lives. They have even created donation locations where fans can drop off their LeBron gear after which it will be sent to homeless shelters– in Miami. And check out the “It’s Not Us, It’s You” t-shirts for $15 with the money raised going to the Cleveland City Mission. Additionally they have created a promotional video for the site, take a look:

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  • yentron

    hahaha no cleveland, its both you and lebron who will never win

  • datdood

    kinda weird that these people are treating him like a girlfriend. the whole city of cleveland better call no homo on this one.

  • bobby stew

    So they are giving Lebron gear to homeless people? If you are in Cleveland wearing Lebron gear won’t people make fun of you and belittle you? That’s not helping a homeless person is it? This is like giving homeless people expired food. We should atleast be decent in giving people stuff

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    I think the people in Cleveland are stupid… LeBron didn’t leave because of the fans, he left because of a bad management team that failed to get the help. Plus he wasn’t in a free agent friendly city. I done on this shit people need to get over this shit already.

  • Shot In Your Face

    @3 – the LeBroad gear is going to Miami homeless

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @ #3…. LMAO!!!!
    It’s like the Seinfeld episode where Alaine gives the bottoms of the muffins away to the homeless shelter and the shelter supervisor gets pissed.
    “You figure because they’re homeless they’ll eat anything?”

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @ Nodizzel
    Here we go with the “no help” thing and blaming Cavs management Lebron lured Shaq and he was the guy pushing for Jamison. That argument is the dumbest thing ever. Do you honestly think that Cavs management was making moves without getting Lebron’s input?!?
    As far as Cleveland not a free agent city?? You are right but Lebron could have built that city from the ground up. Mike did. This dude is talking legacy but I think he ruined his legacy. He’ll have a tough time winning MVP now with Durant, Kobe, Howard and others doing their thing on their teams.

  • John

    @ jay thank you

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    No no my friend MJ didn’t build those Bulls teams the Bulls management did. They had, and still have an excellent front office that’s why they don’t fail.

  • fallinup

    The same folks saying Cavs management gave ‘no help’ were the same ones saying the rings were on their way when the ‘help’ came. Hindsight…. gotta love it.

    All I can do is point to both of the last 60 win seasons before Bron’s Decision. And yes, like JAY said… Cavs management just didn’t make those decisions on a whim. No doubt, Bron was consulted first.

    J.U.S.T. S.T.O.P.

  • bobby stew

    I just watched that episode and you’re right on point. I would eat the muffin stumps though.

  • Sporty-j

    No wonder why he got the heck out of that STALKER a$$ city. Those people are sad up there and creepy. First they have a Lebron appreciation day so they can try to make him feel bad and do all these things so he wont leave and now they are switchouts and treating him like the KKK leader owner is doing. No wonder why nobody wants to go there and play and i have my money on Byron Scott getting the heck out of there as soon as he gets the first chance to. Im starting to think that this place must be the most boringnest place in the world…

  • bobby stew

    LeBron will never be MVP again

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/329228-j-r-s jrs


    Lebron in his post ‘decision’ interview with goodmorning america host, said himself (with no prompting) that it was like a relationship with a long term girlfriend. He went into great detail about it.

    He broke up with his ‘long-term girlfriend’ on national television, and thinks of the city of cleveland and the sports franchise he has been a part of since he was 18 years old as such. It is only natural that the sentiment will be returned.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAOOOOOOO @ the muffin tops..

    Thats the one where Jerry’s shavin his chest too right?? the Wolf parody at the end lmao..

    Seinfeld damn near the best show ever.. whens it gonna get old lol

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    See…. *sigh* Jerry Krause (if you don’t know who he is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Krause) didn’t pass much of anything past MJ, which is why he and Jordan constantly bumped head, that’s what happens when you put two alpha males in one room. Do you really think MJ said to Krause I want you to go get Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant this draft? HELL NO! Krause is a genius and he has a great eye for talent. So when I say the Cavs management failed, I mean they failed on ALL levels. You think MJ wanted Toni Kukoc LOL he and Scottie hated the guy they didn’t want him on the team they tried to embarrass him ever chance they got during the Olympics. I betcha they loved him after he got to balling for them.

  • iannyb

    Lebron turned out to be what alot of his haters anticipated,NOT A LEADER. I know Kobe would never run to play with those guys,he lights up when they come to town. Poor Lebron, he had the potential to be one of the best.
    Now he’s only in contention to be the best sidekick ever.Waste of talent if you ask me……..but who am I to judge right?????/

  • hadoken

    cleveland get a life. ur a stage 5 clinger with no tits or ass and got dumped for the supermodel in the magazines. this shit happens everyday so quit acting surprised and salty. u should be thankful that you got to pimp out the lebron show for as long as you did.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    bahaha i love how that ad was so serious. it’s just sports cleveland. And in reality, it’s just business. Please stop whining it’s not a good look.

  • 12t

    I’m not personally from Obio but essentially my entire extended family is from North Eastern Ohio. And up there’s people have a since of pride & connection with their teams and it’s players. There’s a local hot dog franchise that hangs photos of celebs & sports figures who come into have a bite. The majority of those photos are the “unsung guys” riding pine with little pt in their respective sports. However, the owner & the “old-timers” talk of them as adopted sons to the region. They can quote you there college stats despite playing elswhere & having no previous Ohio connection. Lebron is a homegrown two-time MVP.

    So it’s not thT they feel like they’ve lost a girlfriend, but they just witnessed their son fighting for the South (to use a Civil War analogy-all racial overtones excluded).

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    I hate to jump off topic, but does anyone think Bynum is crazy to keep pushing back his knee surgery?

  • realakron

    What is exactly is the LeBron show? Promise a championship, Win a ton of regular season games, fail miserably in the playoffs, then run away to your best buds for help.

    The Akron/Cleveland area is disgusted by the fact we helped create this monster of a loser. As much as it pains me to say: Skip Bayless was right all along. I never wanted to admit it and always had Lebrons back, but sure enough, he skipped town at the first chance leaving his promises of a ring in the dust.

    Everyone says this is a business, but Lebron is treating the NBA like a playground. His team couldn’t find a way to win with him leading the charge so he waits till his buddies show up and calls next. Unfortunately for him this is still Kobe’s court.

  • YeaEyeCEDit

    LMAO @ datdood

  • hadoken

    take a look in the mirror. this type of attitude and perpetual bitterness is exactly why anyone would leave cleveland and never return. good luck getting anyone worthwhile to come in the future especially after dan’s lunatic rant and this constant hate from the fans.

  • realakron

    The fans do not hate when you stay and play. Everyone loved Lebron until he left. If he stayed people would still have his back. The fans were selling out every game and buying into everything he did. It was not our bitterness that made him leave. Just like the video said “Its not us.” Blaming our attitude and bitterness on him leaving is inconceivable because those feelings did not arise until he was gone.

    Also, if he would have called Gilbert, like a man, and made his decision on PTI with Bosh and Wade these fans would not be so pissed. He wrecked our salary and his refusal to decide screwed us of getting even average free agents. Then he turns it all into an hour long spectacle without so much as a text to his boss who spent an absurd amount of money on him.

  • RealTalk

    It’s only basketball people. Cleveland act like Lebron is a GM or Ford auto plant moving out of Cleveland or something. Cleveland was lucky to get him in the first place. Cleveland could have been like the Browns if they didn’t have #1 pick. Hell, they might end up like the Browns anyway. Cleveland had 7 years to get him some help but they didn’t, he made a smart business decision for him and his family. Who the hell wants to wake up and feeling they have to play ball to please everybody in Cleveland except yourself. Get over it. Like that older gentleman said in that video…he didn’t do anything for me or you…so let it go and let that man live his life.

  • JD

    @JAY: Please do not compare LeBron to MJ – or even comparing Bulls and Cavs

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @ JD I’m not comparing… just pointed out the differences. the word “legacy” was used a lot by Lebron. I think it’s fair to speak on the differences between a real legacy and a wannabe.

    @ Nodizzel: “No no my friend MJ didn’t build those Bulls teams the Bulls management did. They had, and still have an excellent front office that’s why they don’t fail.”

    You are right the Bulls management put the team together sure. But Mike put Chicago on the map. He and Scottie won those rings. Not Krause. That’s my point. LBJ could have built HIS legacy and HIS team from the ground up. You gotta remember Chicago was “not a free agent city” either. MJ made Chitown legit.
    Furthermore, the NBA was a different culture back then. No franchise player was consulted. Nowadays a lot of these “franchise” guys are involved in the team’s transactions. But for you to solely blame Cavs management, when it was James who was hand-picking these guys, is ridiculous. If Cavs management didn’t include James in their plans do you think it would have turned out differently? Do you think he would have stayed? Fuck no. They were in a lose-lose situation. The Cavs were trying to do EVERYTHING they could to appease their stud, including getting every single player he wanted to play with. It ended up biting them in the ass.

  • Stunnaboy09

    I understand why Cleveland fans take this thing serious since he’s from there and all but the faster you let this thing got the faster you can move on.

    Their just playing the “LeBron betrayed ussss” thing to distract them from how bad the team is.

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    @JAY I totally understand where you’re coming from, but where as an organization do you draw the line? When do you say “look kid I appreciate your input but let us do our job and you do yours.” I don’t know… Maybe you can’t now a days? But somewhere along the lines the organization has to do what’s be for the team regardless of how the stud feels.

  • Thabrasta

    How long is this charade going to last? Lebron chose to do what he wanted to do. Gilbert is the real reason why Lebron left.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Therein lies the problem. I don’t know who was the first GM to include a player with personel decisions. whoever it was, fucked it up for everyone else.

  • e

    this is pathetic the old man said it best “he aint doing nothing for me” they act like the man is GOD and after all the backlash and hate i hope lebron scores over 100 points when the heat play on clevelands floor to break wilts record

  • Festo

    ya’ll are missing the point…these guys are actually using the city’s dissapointment and betryal to do some GOOD…namely donating all those jerseys that would otherwise be burned or tossed in the trash to homeless people who can actually use them, and selling gear to raise money for the poor.

    i don’t know how much lebron did for the community while he was there, but at least somebody is creative enough to use his hype for some good now that he’s gone

  • JDL

    LeBron, just like anyone else who refers to themself in the 3rd person, is a douche. When was the last time a back to back MVP left teams to go elsewhere?If he was such a leader why couldn’t he get others to come with him instead. I thought he’s the “king” (with a “chosen one” tattoo). Don’t even mention him taking less cash in Miami. Miami doesn’t tax income so that’s a weak argument. A telling sign was after the Cavs loss to Boston in round 2 of the playoffs, LeBron was consulting with his business associates and agent outside the locker room instead of being with the team inside. They were overheard talking smack on the coach and everyone else. Funny thing though, I doubt he talked smack on himself for quitting in game 5.

  • Dre

    Can u imagine how bitter these fans would be if the Heat won it all this year? They would jump from buildings and bridges. Lol

  • Dre

    These iditos talking about what Kobe would never do. Anyone with common sense no he was on his way out demanding a trade and trying to go to a team with a Superstar. He was trying to go to Dallas, until they got him his own Superstar with Gasol. You people kill me… how soon we forget. He also recruited Artest after they kiss and made up last year.

  • Dre

    e is right… Cleveland is digging their own grave because they keep running their mouth and running their mouth and they are going to make him go ballistic on them and make them look even more pathetic.

  • Dre

    The fact that people have to say it’s not us proves that it is u. LMAO!!! These people are beyond pathetic. LOL!

  • Johnny

    All you homo’s dissin my city f*ck you. You dont understand what Cleveland went through with this so it is no explaining it to idiots…….

    P.S I would like to punch the majority of you in the face right now.

  • Dre

    I’m no people in Cleveland that r not mad with lebron and they understand. They r not whining and crying cause he made a smarter move for a franchise that can’t get him the right players around him. Many real people in Cleveland understand what he is doing. It’s a game people grow up and move on.

    If it’s me that u want to punch… just let me know and I will let u know how u can do that.