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Conspiracy Theory

You knew this was coming: Once D-Wade, LeBron and Bosh essentially formed a super-squad on their own, accusations of tampering and collusion would arise. NBA owners will reportedly meet today to check it out and determine whether there was something shady going on between the three superstars — which Bosh didn’t help when he slipped up and said he and ‘Bron and Wade had been talking about a collaboration for “months.” Rules aside, though, what’s really wrong with players talking about whether they’d like to play together? Owners and GMs talk all the time about swapping players and constructing their ideal roster like it’s a fantasy league, but now the players asserted some power and it’s an issue. You can’t really control whether guys who are friends and basketball players talk to each other about basketball stuff. And one glaring problem is they’d only enforce the rule on superstars. Think about it: NOBODY would care if Mario West, C.J. Watson and Chris Wilcox talked to each other during the season and made plans to sign with the same team over the summer … LeBron responded to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s woman-scorned letter in the Akron Beacon-Journal: “I think it’s unfortunate that he did that. I understand that the fans are hurt and I wish it could have been a different way. But Dan and whoever his partners are have to look themselves in the mirror and understand what he may have done may have cost them in the long run.” Translation #1: If his people had put a good team around me, I’d still be in Cleveland and still be lining his pockets. Or Translation #2: Good luck getting any big-time free agents in Cleveland now that everyone sees how you really feel about players … Meanwhile, Cleveland has been talking to Qyntel Woods, who’s been out of the League for a minute. Whoever replaces LBJ at small forward is gonna be a letdown, but Q-Woods? That makes Jordan replacement Pete Myers look like Earl “The Pearl” Monroe by comparison … Don’t pencil in Miami for the Finals, though. The Pistons have agreed to a two-year deal with four-time DPOY Ben Wallace, plus they still have Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince and — oh wait, this isn’t 2005. Never mind … If Jordan Farmar‘s goal is to be a starting point guard, he might have made a smart move going to the New Jersey Nets (3 years, $12 million). Devin Harris is a good bet to miss about 15-20 games every year with injuries, so Farmar can at least get some shine … The Eastern Conference champs lost one of their backup guards, as Tony Allen reached a 3-year, $10 million deal with the Grizzlies. With O.J. Mayo and Xavier Henry already at the two, minutes might be hard to come by for TA even though he’s on a worse team now. But similar to Boston, there are enough scorers in Memphis to where he only has to worry about playing D and getting the occasional transition buckets and after-whistle dunks. And maybe if he spends some time with Mike Conley, he can improve his handleDavid Lee is getting paid ($80 million), but he may not know what he’s getting into going to Golden State. Not to say there’s a curse on the franchise, but, well, No. 6 pick Ekpe Udoh has already gone down with a wrist injury that could put him out up to six months. And his replacement in the rotation will likely be Brandan Wright, who is about as durable as a cheap pinata. Good thing Anthony Randolph got out of G-State when he did, otherwise his skinny butt might have been broken in half. Now AR’s biggest problem is not getting in Eddy Curry‘s way during pre-game meal … It wasn’t as hyped or as competitive as Stephen Strasburg‘s debut, but the next D.C. sports phenom, John Wall, was impressive in his first taste of pro ball. Wall (wearing #2) put up 24 points and 8 assists in Washington’s summer league win over the Warriors, hitting 10-of-11 at the line but also committing eight turnovers. Reggie Williams scored 34 for the losers … Other Vegas stat lines: Ty Lawson put up 28 points, 7 assists and 5 steals in Denver’s win over New York; Patty Mills had 12 points, 7 boards and 9 assists, and Luke Babbitt scored 13 in Portland’s win over Houston, while Patrick Patterson had just 2 points (0-5 FG) and 7 rebounds; and Kenny Hasbrouck scored 24 in Miami’s win over New Orleans … We’re out like Pete Myers …

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  • shage

    Sounds like a case of sour grapes.

  • Jonas Bros

    But Dan and whoever his partners are have to look themselves in the mirror and understand what he may have done may have cost them in the long run.” Translation: If his people had put a good team around me, I’d still be in Cleveland and still be lining his pockets …

    Actually, I don’t think that is what LeBron meant…

    Pretty sure he meant…Dan and his partners have essentially squashed every chance of LeBron returning to Cleveland and on top of that, cost them the chance to attract top-flight free agents by displaying their true colors…

  • Supreme

    @Jonas Bros

    I was thinking that too. But I guess you can’t change the opinion that he never had any help whatsoever despite the best record the last 2 years.

  • whataboutbob_cats

    Hmm… the Cavs are talking to Qyntel Woods? What a coincidence that one of Woods’ nicknames in Poland is “European LeBron.” Not to mention he kinda looks like LeBron sans headband.

  • RC

    farmar and maybe fisher out of L.A? tony allen out of boston? wow this really is shaping up to be Miami’s season to take.

  • realist

    ^ @ RC– farmar was inconsequential to l.a.’s title run, they got steve blake as a major upgrade over farmar, and ill bet my house that kobe doesn’t let fish leave l.a…

  • cru_thik305

    I dont care what anyone says, Cleveland had enough talent to win this year. If you have a good enough team to have the best record two years in a row, you have a good enough team to win a championship.

  • tbone

    i dont know what idiot dime staffer wrote this but that person needs to look up the word collusion. there’s a reason this situation might be investigated.

  • tbone



  • Showtime

    BREAKING NEWS: Apple is releasing a Lebron Iphone but it will only vibrate because it has no ring.


  • Ian

    i hope u r being sarcastic. people we should end all sarcastic posts with a bazzinga so we dont get confused.

    ehh no he never had a good team to go all the way hes best teammate since he came to the league was jamison and he had him for half a season???
    regular season record doesnt mean anything.

  • gilford22


    Haha bazingga!

  • Stunnaboy09


    Damn man can we stop with the ethering off LeBron, he’s already Public Enemy number 1 :P

    and shite Bosh really slipped up big time with that “months” thing. But I read somewhere the league isn’t going to investigate cuz Miami bought both Toronto and Leavelands asses with draft picks.

    The NBA is on some big BS though, first fining Cuban 100 g’s for basically saying what everyone was thinking and now trying to investigate Miami for what, having friends talk? At this rate wont surprise me if they start fining Kobe for wearing the finger tape as it “violates the dress code”

  • D.I. Dollar


    Regular season doesn’t mean anything???

    In the National Basketball Associatian the best record during the regular season means home court throughout the playoffs. That in itself should at least mean a run deep into the playoffs if not a Finals appearance.

    LeBum should never use the excuse that Cleveland didn’t give him everything he needed to win a chip. He had a Finals appearance and the best record two years in a row after that. Ownership can only do so much, after that it’s up to the players. I’m guessing LeBums new Miami mansion will not have any mirrors anywhere in the place so he doesn’t ever have to look at himself and take any blame.

  • Shaun

    Hedo to Phoenix for Barbosa and Dwayne Jones
    Josh Childress to Phoenix

    Rumoured is Diaw to Toronto for the trade exception they got for Bosh.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Oh and btw, Hedo to the Suns is the stupidest thing I’ve heard this week and that beats Gilbert’s letter and his “promise” of winning a chip before LeBron does.

    But then again you never doubt the power of Nashty, might turn Hedo into an All-Star for all I know :P

  • Otto

    I know this is a basketball website and all, but how do Mario West, C.J. Watson AND Chris Wilcox get mentioned and not a whisper about Spain winning the World Cup?

  • yoda

    i can’t believe wade said they are best trio that has ever played basketball. they haven’t played a minute in nba so far, and he already says that? dude needs some history lessons. maybe someone should tell him about baylor-west-wilt or bird-mchale-parish or magic-jabbar-worthy…. even last big 3 from boston aint bad. i will enjoy it so much when miami fails this year. put up or shut up.
    and its bs to think that bron had bad team. cle did everything he asked of them. plus, he really needs to check what word humble means. he uses it too often but it seems he doesn’t know what he means.

  • Legend 33

    Watch for Reggie Williams to win 6th Man of the Year, dude can score like nobody’s business.

    Maybe Dan Gilbert will have some goons break LeBron’s legs to prevent him from winning a chip. LOL

  • Stunnaboy09

    The Warriors confuse me. On paper they have a young athletic squad who should be pushing 40 wins, yet it never seems to come together. Maybe because of the injuries forcing them to become the D-League all-stars but they still got potential.

    Can’t believe no one made a joke about how the Spanish players were flopping around just like a certain Spaniard I know in Hollywood…

  • Arno

    Dan Gilbert’s letter was a smart move : it was his last chance to get (in)famous and he didn’t let go.

  • Orange

    lol @Legend33

  • shuttles

    You guys who think Cleveland did a good job putting pieces around Lebron are hilarious. The best player’s on the teams that have knocked out Lebron the past 4 years are Duncan, Pierce, Howard, and Pierce again. Here are there supporting casts:


  • shuttles

    Ginobili, Parker
    Allen, Garnett
    Turkgolu, Lewis
    Allen, Garnett, Rondo

    Name me one player Lebron has played with who is even close to as good as any of those guys.

  • Rebo


    Well, I LeBron has played with the likes of:

    Shaquille O’Neal
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Mo Williams
    Antawn Jamison
    Carlos Boozer

    At some point or another, those guys were All-Stars and while some of them have waned in skill as they have aged, the same can be said of the list you provided. Its funny how after Cleveland acquired Antawn Jamison, many analysts and reporters were calling the the Cavs supporting cast a legitimate threat to the LA Lakers and after being dismantled by the Celtics, the media is talking about how LeBron hasn’t had any help. LeBron has certainly had help, the Celtics were simply more cohesive and better prepared to take on the Cavs then the Cavs were to take on the Celtics.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    I would suggest that Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison are close to Turk or Rashard Lewis. LeBron has also played with Boozer, who, as overrated as he is, is at least as good as those two over-priced donkeys.

    Speaking of Turk, i believe he just got TRADED TO PHOENIX for Leandro Barbosa.

  • M

    Almost a triple double from Patty Mills with only 2 turnovers in 26 minutes of court time!

  • rank

    Ownership can only do so much, after that it’s up to the players.

    You said it best bro, but it also is the same as LBJ. A superstar can only do so much, and it’s up to the role players (Mo Williams, Antawn Jamison) which for me plays their best basketball during the season and chokes during the post season..go check Mo’s Stats during playoffs, the guy is like Rashard Lewis during the Celtics-Magic playoff match.

  • futuristic handgun

    @24 you reachin

  • bakedbeing

    Go go Patty Mills, good to see the kid has his feet back under him.

  • Nyeme

    @23 – Why aren’t Jamison & Mo Williams > Shard & Hidayet? You might even can say that currently Jamison > KG and Mo Williams > Allen..

    The team made moves to try and build a strong enough roster, they just fell short. One man doesn’t win 60 games 2 years in a row, so let’s quit with “Lebron didn’t have any help”. The Cavs lost because they never figured out how to use Jamison effectively AND Lebron has the ball in his hands entirely too much.

  • TJ

    I think the potential problem with these guys talking and deciding where to play comes from when they did it. If they decided before they were technically free agents and Wade was doing some behind-the-scenes work for the Heat, that’s against the rules.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Lebron’s eight-head is getting out of control…you’d think his management team would have fixed that shit by now….at least Vince and Kobe Shave their heads, although Vince really should shave every day, his hairline is hilarious when its all stubbly and gray under Orlando’s lights….

  • The Journeyman

    ohhh also as a BTW… LBJ I think handled his whole exit rather poorly but…

    I CAN NOT STAND JESSE JACKSON…he is NO REVEREND and should be thrown in a ditch along with all the stupid comments he has made recently about LBJ and over the years.

    I can’t wait for worms and bacteria to eat his body.

    That is all

  • SJ

    John Wall breaking teams down! Dime, any word on the nickname contest?

  • Steve Nasty

    Give Patty some TICK

  • Marparker

    lol at Lebron’s supporting cast.

    Let’s see how many wins they get this year. Pencil me in for guessing 30something.

    How many championship level teams really have a 30 something win team without one player? Houston in the mid 90s?

  • Heckler


    i saw some punk kid around my neighborhood wearing the new LeBron T-shirt. funny as shit. where can I get one?
    no lie, this is what the tee shirt said:


    i shit you not. im behind on shit, so most of yall probably seen them already. but that shit sure was funny…

  • control

    Clev right now is like a 10-20 win team. All because of one player missing from the roster. All of those people talking shit about LeBron having a great supporting cast, you’ll see how good it is after this season is done. Unless there are some major changes, they are going to be as bad as the Nets were this past season…

  • Showtime

    @ Heckler

    Check post # 10 above

  • Joe’s Momma

    Is it against the rules for players to want to play with one another? I dont think so.

    Karl Malone and GP both said when the got signed with LA in 2004 that they know in the middle of the previous year that they would play for LA, no issues then

    Ron Artest went the the Lakers shower and spoke with Kobe after the 08 loss in the finals that he would come to LA, no issues there

    But the 3 biggest FA’s go to one team and it is an issue now??? This is the first time a team literally blew up their entire roster and came out with 3 of the biggest fish.

    I am not a miami fan, never will be, but this is bull what people are bringing up. If Cleveland and Toronto don’t want an investigation, end of duscussion right then.

  • shuttles

    “I would suggest that Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison are close to Turk or Rashard Lewis.”

    Yeah, the Orlando guys are the only debatable ones. Still, Turk and Lew are better. Jamison and Williams put up good numbers on bad teams and while Antawn used to be better he’s old now. LOL at someone saying Jamison better than Garnett after KG destroyed him a couple months ago. And Mo Williams better than Ray Ray? Uh, sorry, no.

    And, yeah, sure, Boozer. That’s the only guy and Booz bolted before Lebron really reached superstar level.

  • control

    The problem that I see with Bosh, Bron and Wade all talking and collaberating together to join one team is the power shift that happens. What happens if the 5 really good players come together and form a small group and will only sign as a package. That puts the teams over a barrel in some ways, especially with stars as big as BBW (Bosh Bron Wade). That could cause a huge powershift in the NBA that will consolidate all of the talent into 5-6 teams. Team owners should really be scared of something like that, it could really fuck a lot of them up.

  • http://www.ez-general.com Aurelia

    We have an infallible oracle and have only used it for World Cup, go figure

  • K Dizzle

    Post #7 speaks the truth

    @ post #37

    That’s how it goes when you take the best player off a squad built around them. Apart from LA and Boston, which team is any good without their best player?
    Orlando – Dwight
    San An – Tim
    Dallas – Dirk
    Denver – Melo
    New Orleans – CP3
    Utah – DWill
    Oklahoma City – Durant
    Chicago – Rose
    Atlanta – JJ
    Portland – Roy
    Every team but LA and Boston, even “contenders”. Don’t know why dudes be postin like the Cavs are the only team that gonna be sorry without the player they spent years buildin around.

    Cleveland had back to back 60 win seasons. Having Jamison for a training camp and a full season, the improvements of Hickson and most importantly, the HUGE UPGRADE of Byron Scott over Mike Brown means nobody can say what woulda happened in Cleveland this season. Mike got his first chip in his 8th season. Next season is Lebron’s 8th…Like Mo Williams said, they coulda got it done and it woulda meant a lot more in Cleveland than Miami (it would be nice if he showed up in the playoffs, but I remember Scottie Pippen suckin for years with his “migraines” while MJ got beat down by Detroit year after year)
    Don’t ever remember any rumours of Mike callin Barkley and Ewing to go play together tho….

  • sh!tfaced

    so what if the owners got fucked? they fuck with fans and players every damn day anyway. bron, wade, bosh and riles got away clean with this one. so boo fucking hoo, ya rich fucks.

    the heat will disappoint more than we all think next year anyways…

  • control


    I agree with you, and I hate some of the owners in the league (Donald Sterling anyone?). Problem is, despite them sucking completely, without them there is no NBA. The only other option would be for companies to buy the teams…and run them like corporations. Now, THAT would truly suck.

    Most of team problems are a result of incompetent management (100mil to Shard?!?!? 50mil to Valgina?!?! Eddy Curry getting ANY NBA paycheque?!?!), but if BBW started a trend that catches on…there could be some very negative changes for fans in the league.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO so Cleveland still didnt have squad..

    See everyone whining about the “squad” issue was part of the problem with Lebrons stay in Cleveland.. look at it like this.. The 2005 Pistons didnt have a clear SUPERSTAR.. they were a TEAM.. they gelled together and played TOGETHER..

    You dont need a super duper NAME just to win a chip so cut all that.. Lebrons needs were ALWAYS addressed in Cleveland..

    He needed shooters?? Hey Damon Jones, Wally world, Mo Williams, Delonte west, Boobie, Pavlocic, etc, etc

    He needed runners?? hey Jamario Moon, JJ Hickson, Delonte, Jamison, Pavlocic etc, etc

    He needed bigs?? Hello Varejao, Ben Wallace, Shaquille O’Neal, Big Z, Joe Smith, etc, etc

    I mean they had shooters, they were big, they could get up and down the court.. hell they even had a top ranked defense..

    ANYHOO So once all that was done it finally just turned into,

    “F#$k that Lebron needs Superstar talent” >>> WHAT A JOKE LMAO..

    See that was the problem.. Everyone always wanted Lebron to have SUPERSTARS.. no one ever let those assortments of talent GEL.. like KDizz said who knows how good they wouldve been this year.. a year older with your 2nd best player playing with you for a full year, a new coach and improved youngsters.. all this on TOP of last years BEST IN THE NBA record..

    So do i dare ask if Lebron has ANY room to not win a chip this year?? i mean does this constitute as “squad” for the Lebron excuses makers?? it really really should lol

  • Marparker

    K dizzle,
    All those teams are playoff teams without those guys except New Orleans.

    When one guys leads the team in every category thats a sorry team. You just mostly named leading scorers and anyone can shoot the ball.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Anyone who thinks Antwan Jamison is better than Rashard Lewis should seek a catscan. Rashard isn’t the best, but he’s better than Jamison in every aspect.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Oh yeah, Parker and Melo in NY – 2011. You’ve been warned.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Yo Lakeshow, Kobe needed other superstars too. In fact, he’s had the best big in the League on every champsionship squad. Are you seriously comparing 2009 Shaq to 2001-03 Shaq? Are you really comparing Big Z and Varejao to Pau Gasol and Bynum? That’s weak sauce.

    It’s obvious. Every championship team now has at least two legit stars. Why you mad anyways? Your team is the two-time reigning Champs. You scared?

  • sh!tfaced


    Agreed, man. Not all owners, some actually do an excellent job with their team and their respective cities…

    But damn, owners talking about the economy, cutting down, cap space, luxury tax, the cba and all that crap and then they overpay players like Veragina, E Curry, Amir Johnson, Joe Johnson, etc… Bullshit…

  • shuttles

    LakeShow, the Pistons had 5 guys better than anyone Lebron has played with in the past 5 years. You gonna tell me Mo Williams is better than Sheed, Ben Wallace in his prime, Rip, Chauncey, or Tayshaun? Please.

    And really, Lebrons needs were always addressed in Cleveland? You listed a bunch of shooters, runners, and bigs who either are mediocre or who are old. Boobie Gibson? Sasha Pavlovic? Varejao? Broken down Joe Smith? Are you joking? No one said he needed a superstar but he could have used at least one all star. He didn’t have any of those the past 4 years (I don’t count Mo Williams on account of the fact that he sucks). All he got was a team full of role players.

    “So do i dare ask if Lebron has ANY room to not win a chip this year?? i mean does this constitute as “squad” for the Lebron excuses makers?? it really really should lol”

    Yeah, he’s got a squad now. Still not better than what Kobe has, though. Gasol/Bynum/Odom/Artest > Wade/Bosh/random crap. I’ll be shocked if you lucky fucks don’t win the next couple of titles. Your team is still freaking stacked like no other.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Remember a few years ago when everyone hated Kobe after he Marv Albert’d that white chick in Colorado and bitched about wanting to get traded every year? His image was in the tank. His sponsers bailed on him. Flash forward, and now everyone is slurping him off as the best in the L. If Kobe can overcome the rape allegations and the bitchassness from a few years ago, Lebron can overcome this. All he has to do is shut his mouth, stop refering to himself in the 3rd person, do a lot of charity shit, and play like the fucking beast that he is when it comes game time. He needs to become Magic and run the fucking point.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Until I see some of my black brothas weighing in on the LBJ situation and burning his jersy and cursing his name, i’m going to take this shit for what it is… Racism. Every where I look, I see somebody else hating on dude. but not just normal Charles Barkely Chris Webber hate. They on some KKK level type hate. It’s just basketball you inbreds. And Ohio is a football town, you never cared about BBall until Bron and Mayo showed up.

    Now on to my Bulls…I swear if ORL doens’t match the JJ Reddick offer I’m done with bball until his contract expires. Yes i know that means i’ll miss DRose We don’t have ONE single defender capable of shutting someone down. Oh…my stomach is hurting just thinking about it.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Jeremiah

    Trippin on a whole bunch of levels bruh..

    FIRST OFF.. Yes Jamison is better than Shard.. and i aint even going to break it down but your saying a 20&10 player who can go in AND out is NOT better than a career 15&5 player?? GTFOH

    SECOND OFF.. Big Z is SOLID big.. He can shoot and play with his back to the basket and is in general a big body.. so he got a leg up on 50% of all other centers.. And why everyone so quick to give praise when comparing but quick to talk shit when we praisin?? Everyone says Bynums a bum and Gasol is soft.. but when we comparin to other teams OH SHIT BYNUMS A BEAST AND GASOLS THE BEFT PF IN THE GAME.. GTFOH

    THIRD OFF.. Yes his needs were addressed.. not in one swoop like our microwave generation would like but over time they put together a good, diverse roster that could play MULTIPLE styles.. show me 3-4 other roster in the league that can change their style and still win.. GTFOH..

    FOURTH OFF.. Kobe won championships thats how he has silenced his Laker critics.. i hated dude too after that “play on Pluto” shit.. i was in the “if we get something good out of it, trade his whiny ass” boat.. but aye dude didnt disappoint.. He got his ‘weapon’ and been in the Finals ever since.. but even still it was all on Kobe.. he didnt jump teams.. he didnt make the team dump EVERYONE to take on FA’s.. he asked for something, ANYTHING to goto war with, he got it and hes delivered.. thats a tall task your all going to see if Lebron is up to..

    FIFTH OFF (lol) Duncan was better than Shaq back in the early 2000’s seeing he never had a Kobe and got his 4 rings.. oh and he didnt need a closer cuz he could hit his FT’s.. and Dwight Howard is the best big in the league nowadays followed by Duncan STILL.. Dont get it twisted Gasol is the best OFFENSIVE big in the game but total package?? ill still take Timmay for one game and Dwight Howard for all games considering what he does aint in the box score..

    @ Shuttles

    Your trippin what Tayshaun done lately?? dude still hangs on his glory days of MESHING with that 2005 squad.. How about Rip?? what was he in Washington and what has he done since?? only player who rose to prominence since then was Chauncey.. Oh yeah and how did Ben Wallace do in Chicago?? that team was in ECF for 5 years straight because they knew how to mesh their talents together and play as a unit.. PERIOD..

    take any one of those players solo (besides Billups) and they aint shit.. QUOTE ME..

  • LakeShow84

    Anyone who says Gasol is a better big man than Dwight Howard loses 10 basketball points

  • SJ

    ‘so much hate’ is the new ‘smh’ on here. Still shaking my head, though. GTFOI

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Old School Baller

    INTERPRETATION: What Dan Gilbert meant to say in his open letter to fans http://clicky.me/rSI

  • K Dizzle

    @ Marparker

    sorry but are you serious that Dallas without Dirk, Utah without DWill, OKC without Durant, Portland without Roy, Orlando without Dwight, Denver without Melo, ATL without JJ, and Chicago without Rose are playoff teams?
    unfortunately for your point, 95% of leading scorers are their team’s best players and no, not anybody can shoot.

    @ Lakeshow – I like Gasol over Dwight….offensively. Shit, I’d take Marc Gasol over Dwight offensively lol

  • EGB

    best nickname for the king, flash, and cb4 in miami: miami vice.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I read a couple lines from Lakeshow and had to stop. Your support for a team has blinded you. Your relentless Kobe nuthugging is hilarious! If you can’t admit that every Championship team these last 10 years hasn’t had at least two legit stars on it, then you my friend, are blinded by your imaginary bromance with Kobe.

    Are you a Raiders fan too? Same M.O. Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Spurs, Heat – they all had at least two legit stars. And to settle the argument, both Rashard Lewis and Antwan Jamison are both finesse players who are not championship material. I’d take David Lee over either.

    By the way, I could give a fuck about either Kobe’s or Lebron’s legacies. I’m a Knicks fan unfortunately. Thier both great players, but the righteous nuthugging of either has gotta stop.

  • one and done

    Since the 89-90 season, 8 teams have had the best overall record and went on to win the championship. Having the best record doesn’t necessarily mean having the best team. Don’t forget that in the west, it’s possible that a 50 win team misses the playoffs, while in the east, a sub .500 team can make the playoffs. I’m not saying that Lebron never had any help, he was simply beat by better teams and probably went as far as he could go with Cleveland.

    By the way, i’m going to make a bold (and foolish) prediction. The Spurs will come out of the west this year. Think about it, they were the last ones to end the Lakers last streak, there’s a potential lockout on the horizon, it’s an odd year. Oh my god! the signs are everywhere.

  • Nyeme

    I agree with LakeShow…They wanted Lebron to have superstars when he clearly had capable players. Everything needed to have a succesful squad; shooters, defense, hustle, bigs, players that could create own shot. Jamison was 20 & 10 but he just wasn’t utilized right. He scores 20 without having the ball, and he has the type of game that doesn’t get old. They act like Jamison is a player that relies on athletics.

    The real problem is that Lebron had the ball in his hands entirely too much, and if he didn’t have the ball then he is pretty much ineffective. Shaq, Mo Williams, Delonte and even Jamison to an extent can score one-on-one with 3 of them capable of 20 any night. When did Ron Ron & Gasol become superstars? Gasol is more Reef than Timmym good player but he has nights where he’s ineffective too.

    Clev were favorites, should have got it done but didn’t

  • This_Will_Hurt

    Someone please sit Allen Iverson down and convince him to take a backseat role on this squad. Haslem is a big addition to keep around, he’s a big part of the heart on that team, and Brad Miller wouldn’t be a bad pickup to back up the 5. They might not win it this year, because the East is so stacked w/ a lot of solid contenders like Chicago, Boston, Orlando, maybe even New Jersey if they can regroup–I like Morrow & his game.

    Please A.I. come get this ring it’s right there in front of you.