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Dime Exclusive: Rob McClanaghan Works Out Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans & O.J. Mayo

While many of the NBA’s brightest stars are off on vacations and free agency summits, the rest are hard at work with daily training sessions and player development coaches. And, like any other off-season, Los Angeles has become the central hub for those guys to get in some quality gym time.

One NBA trainer who hasn’t seen an open space on his calendar since May is Rob McClanaghan. A former hooper at Syracuse, McClanaghan now spends his time working out everyone from Derrick Rose to Kevin Love. His alumni list is both deep and loyal; with many players returning every off-season to maintain their respective workout schedules. The main reason players continue to come back in droves: the stuff works. A basic concept, but it’s true. McClanaghan delivers workouts and training regiments that directly elicit positive results on-court. He’s helped Rose steadily improved his shot, pushed Russell Westbrook to become a top-level point guard and transformed Ryan Gomes into a reliable NBA shooting forward.

“He has good workouts, he works a lot of people out and I’m loyal,” says Rose. “I’m not going to work out with him all of these years and then try to get a trainer somewhere else. So I’m going to stay loyal and stay with him. And every year, I’ve improved on something. So why not continue to go back to him?”

Last weekend, Rose, along with Tyreke Evans and O.J. Mayo, finished up the last of their L.A. workouts with McClanaghan before Summer League, USA Basketball and the rest of their summer traveling begins. Fortunately for us, Dime was granted an exclusive peek into their workout.

(Photo. Jack Jensen & Kenny Hartline)

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  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Awesome man! Wish I could have been there.

  • kb24FAN

    tyreke is going to be a superstar

  • Billy Sunday

    This is dope. Y’all should post more vids like this

  • http://inspiredworlds.com inspiredworlds

    the future at the PG position

  • DerrickRoseMVP

    I like Rose and Evans,but OJ Mayo will be on a different level then them next year.

    I’m a Rose fan and not ashame to admit it.

  • Jesus

    breaking news:

    the new nike lebron commercials:


  • yoda

    anyone knows with whom kobe works out?

  • Seamus

    Anyone know what song that is?

  • thrillah

    Kobe worked out with Hakeem last summer, but only on post moves.

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Old School Baller

    Nice video. It is good for young kids to see how top players put the work in.

  • Slick ric

    @6 that damn commercial is hilarious!!!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jack J

    – Music by Jack The Ripper ft. Rockwell Powers “Then It’s Love”

  • hahns

    love it man…

    ps. rose is so damn athletic..

    i hope these young guns come up quick to take down miami hard. i dont want bron to sniff a ring while hes down there.

  • Bub

    Dope video Dime, im mclovin it.

  • Balla4Life

    Its clear even from these workouts that OJ Mayo is a notch below Tyreke and Rose. Mayo doesnt seem to have the confidence (and the skillset) to dominate yet. Holla at your boy!

  • e

    good A GOOD LOOK at tyrekes handle thats exactly how lance stephenson will be breaking your favorite point guards down oh yeah and tyreke is clearly the best out that group and will make the all star team this season P.S. TELL OJ MAYONNAISE LANCE COMING TO HIS TOWN TO LIGHT HIM UP AGAIN LOL

  • D Roc

    With an improved ballclub that also fits D-Rose’s strength’s (shooters, pick and roll big man) the young Bull is ready to emerge as a top ten talent. Looking at chris paul and deron williams 3rd year numbers and it indicates that elite point guards come into their own at that stage. Tyreke has to learn how to make other players better on the floor before he can be compared to Rose because he has a rep for being a bad teammate

  • ay yo

    should be interesting to see what mayo can do playing the 1, because i think he has the best court vision & shot in the group. I wish he would of played the 1 coming out on USC.

  • Matt


    Didn’t OJ punk Lance after a couple buckets from Stephenson?


  • http://www.nobrainerdeals.com frugal

    I agree I think REKE is going to be a superstar. I just hope he develops a decent jump shot.