NBA / Jul 27, 2010 / 11:00 am

Dirk Nowitzki: I would have considered Miami if D-Wade and LeBron asked

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Monte Isom)

In a recent interview with a German basketball magazine, Dirk Nowitzki said that although Steve Nash wanted him to consider playing in Phoenix, he never really intended to sign anywhere but Dallas. Dirk also mentioned, however, that had D-Wade and LeBron asked him to join them in Miami to complete their Big Three, he would have had to seriously think about it.

“It would already have to be an unbelievable situation to go somewhere, for instance with LeBron or Wade just to play in Miami,” Dirk said (in the Gooogle-translated version). “I would only be changed if it was an incredible situation that would have been offered. (Had LeBron and Wade asked), that would have been a situation where I would have to consider.”

(Asked about Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson‘s comments regarding the Miami stars teaming up, Dirk said: “If you look at the Lakers … they have accumulated a lot of incredible players,” adding that it is “simply not possible” for one superstar to win a championship alone. “You need at least two superstars today to get to the championship … The league is so strong that it takes so much talent to win a the end.”)

Chris Bosh was always the front-runner for that position in Miami, since he’s the one inside Wade and LeBron’s clique, and he seemed much more likely to leave Toronto than Dirk seemed willing to leave Dallas. Even when Dirk opted out of his contract, it didn’t cause much frenzy because the assumption was he only wanted more years added to his stay in Dallas.

That’s a hell of a hypothetical, though.

Individually, most would agree that Dirk is the better player right now, but in terms of fitting in with LeBron and Wade, Bosh may actually be the better option. Bosh isn’t quite Moses Malone, but he is more of a traditional big man than Dirk. Although the rebounding numbers are similar, Dirk mostly operates on the perimeter and in the mid-range area, where Bosh works mid-range to under the basket. He’s also yonger; at the end of the six-year deals Miami’s current Big Three signed, Dirk would be 38 years old.

Which trio would be better: LeBron/Wade/Bosh, or LeBron/Wade/Dirk?

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  • Geoff

    Dirk would have been better in short term. Bear in mind that they need a legit outside threat with a decent mid-range game. Bosh means they will suffer against zone defenses.

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    Without question Nowitzki would have been better. He is a much better floor-spacer than Bosh. Imagine Nowitzki being ready to unload at the 3 point range with Mike Miller on the corner with Wade and Lebron driving to the hoop – amazing!

  • Bizz

    I’ll take the younger big 3. Your goal is to build for multiple championships, and in 6 years, they’ll be what instead, like 32-34? You’ll still be able to attempt to squeeze 1-3 titles of out a Wade/LBJ/Bosh pairing at that age barring injury better than you could with a Wade/LBJ/Dirk pairing.

  • daghost

    i don’t know. this is a toughie. I would have preffered to see the trio with nowitzki because i think it would have been most fun trio to watch as BV said, but it would have limited their success long term due to nowitzki’s age. So i have to go with the rational that Bosh was a better big for the trio because he still has room to improve and gives them an opportunity as multiple chips.

  • Roman

    Man, the league has really turned for the worst. “I would of joined Miami if Wade asked”??? He aint winning ish with that attitude. Weak!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Mihalow

    Oh, the 2010 NBA Free Agency. Where if you can’t beat your opponents, join them.

  • Brown

    Bosh is definitely the better option. All three will spend their prime years playing together. I don’t think it’s a lock they’ll win a chip this year, but their supporting cast will get stronger each year by spending the MLE and BAE on complimentary players. Their window of opportunity is wide open, whereas with Dirk, it might have been a bit smaller.

  • Heckler

    dont Dwyane Wade and Dirk have beef?

    they were talking shit about each other after the finals and into the 2007 season.

  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    The league is charmin soft

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @Geoff: “Dirk would have been better in short term. Bear in mind that they need a legit outside threat with a decent mid-range game. Bosh means they will suffer against zone defenses.”
    No coach is going to sit back in a zone against these guys. Are you nuts? Even without shooters, Wade and Lebron are too smart. I think playing against a zone might actually help the 3 Amigos because LeWade can see holes and the defence will be lost unless of course they run zones in practice. I seriously doubt NBA coaches go through zones defences in practice. If they do, they’re basically saying, “we can’t guard anyone so we should practice hiding that all of us are shitty.” This is the NBA. They see a zone defence once every 5 games.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    So to you people who think Nowitzki would be the better option for the Heat than Bosh, i have a question.
    Lebron, Wade, Miller, Nowitzki… who’s their post scorer?? Lebron is more “power forward” than Nowitzki is and he’ll be running the point.

  • Ekstor


    While they wouldn’t have a traditional “post-up” threat, both Wade and Lebron score a massive amount of points in the paint. In that sense, I think Nowitzki would be a nightmare to defend knowing that you have two of the game’s best in terms of attacking the basket along with some of the game’s best outside snipers in both Nowitzki and Miller (can’t leave either of them to double team Wade or Lebron).

    Even to try to argue in Bosh’s favor, he’s not really a post-up player. He’s more finesse/face-up with less range than Dirk.

  • Sporty-j

    I thought he hated my Heat but i guess everybody wants to join now. If he still has something left in the tank at 38 maybe he can join but Bosh is better for the long term vision that Pat Riley has. Cant wait until we have our MLE back next year after this year is up and really shut the league down when Jordan Crawford is a free agent…

  • Ekstor

    I do think it’s almost a slap in the face to Nash though that Dirk never considered joining his buddy but would have considered going with Wade and LBJ.

  • K Dizzle

    Makes sense that he said that….since he gettin franchise player money in Dallas, but would be a better 2nd option like Bosh.
    Thanks for the honesty, Dirk. Don’t think it’s what Cuban wanted to hear tho….

  • Big Island

    He said it would be something he’d have to CONSIDER. He didn’t say he would’ve gone. Relax…

    I think he would’ve been a better fit than Bosh in all honesty. Every team needs a shooter and there aren’t any better than Dirk. Both Lebron and Wade get their buckets driving the lane, where Bosh will be, along with his defender. You’re gonna leave Dirk to collapse on either of those guys driving? And Dirk can post up with his fadeaway. He isn’t a banger, but Bosh isn’t either. Bosh makes their fast break hella scary though. And just about everyone is a better defender than Dirk. God I hate Miami already…

  • http://www.yahoo.com Fofang

    short term hell yeah to dirk plus he got playoff experience 4 days… plus a true shooter shot is the last to go…

  • Stunnaboy09

    Hmmm, Dirk fits better, Bosh makes sense.

    Dirk is a WAAAY better shooter, and with him and Miller playing, teams can’t even dream of playing a zone. They would kill them. He provides spacing and could open up the space needed for Wade and LBJ to drive to their hearts content.

    Bosh is younger and more athletic, and better friends with Wade and Bron. I can also see him deferring to them more while as Dirk is a legit alpha male. Chemistry might be a problem and while he’s no where close to Dirk level, his midrange is solid and can open up the floor for the slashers.

  • JB

    The Heat will generate a ton of points on the break, where Bosh is a lot more of a factor than Dirk.

  • Krayzie

    They should have got Amare instead of Bosh, that trio would shoot 40-45 free throws a game combined.

    Bosh does not attack the rim the way a big man should or the way Amare does. Bosh is a fake big man where Amare is a Man!

    Imagine a Wade/Bron and Amare pick and roll!


  • Chise

    Dirk’s nasty but he ain’t guardin nobody. Give me Bosh all day. 3-0-5, let’s go.

  • deeds

    @ Krayzie

    Bosh is consistently among the league leaders in ft attempts

  • sh!tfaced

    Are you kidding? Right now, Dirk Diggler is waaaay better than RuPaul…

  • sh!tfaced

    …Dirk also brings a much needed humility factor to the table that Miami is desperately lacking now.

  • Krayzie


    you are right about bosh’s ft attempts…..however he doesn’t have the intimidation and finishing at the rim game that Amare does!

    lets face it – the heat front line ain’t intimidating anyone with bosh/magloire/howard

    I’ll give Haslem his as he is a warrior!

  • OneZero

    Dirk joining Nash in PHX would’ve been awesome, I was hoping it happened but guess its a long shot.

  • slimebucket

    Amare is overrated and has had a host of injuries. Bosh has been’t Ironman but he is younger and less injury prone. Plus, Amare wants to be the man. He left Steve Nash for crying out loud. Mark you that Knicks team will suck and Amare will put up less numbers than with the Nash. Marion, Q-Rich, and Joe Johnson haven’t gone past second round since leaving Nash whereas Nash has been getting to the Conference Finals every so often before losing to the NBA champs eventually. Knicks won’t even make playoffs. Suns will be a top 4 seed in the West again.

  • slimebucket


    I think Sarver realizes they ain’t beating the Lakers with Amare anyway so he reloaded the team so they can make the playoffs and make some noise but eventually rebuild. I can see Nash leaving Phoenix to go chase a ring once his contract runs out. He will still be an awesome backup PG to run a second unit.

    Nash -> Dragic
    Richardson -> Childress
    Grant Hill -> Dudley
    Amare -> Turkgolu, Warrick/Frye (albeit a downgrade but a hard position to fill)
    Lopez is solid

    Basically, this strategy further concedes the interior game which they aren’t going to win against the Lakers and hope you can outshoot them at the 3 point range. You can take out Lopez put in Frye at the same time with the Turk and you can have 5 possible guys who can shoot from 3 at the court at the same time (Nash, Richardson, Dudley, Turk, and Frye). If the Lakers get the injury bug and don’t have homecourt, I could see the Suns getting hot in a playoff series against the Lakers and possibly upsetting them. Amare only really had one good game against the Lakers. He tends to be a blackhole and stop ball movement. I think the Suns should keep the ball moving and go with the open 3 point shooter. It’s a strategy that has never worked but I can’t think of a team that have fielded 5 legitimate 3 point shooters at the same time.

  • slimebucket

    Also adding Childress should make that second unit even better defensively. He really is a nice player as people will see again this year. That last game six that second unit played great one on one defense in the 4th quarter. I think having Childress cover Kobe instead of Grant could have only helped since Grant didn’t do much offensively. Anyway, this upcoming season should be awesome to watch.

  • Jake

    You have to respect Dirk’s honesty in admitting he would have seriously considered leaving the Mavericks if Lebron and Wade had asked him to come.

    Most players would lie in an attempt to build up their image and claim they would have just stayed on their current team.

    After all, I probably would have lied, since who exactly is going to prove I would have left? And with all the negativity surround Lebron a majority of people would be more than happy to believe what I said.

  • ay yo.

    I was hoping Dirk would give Orlando a look, but oh well….

    But yea,