NBA / Jul 16, 2010 / 4:20 pm

Free Agency Update: Celtics re-sign Nate Robinson

It has widely been assumed that the Celtics and Nate Robinson would eventually come to terms on a contract, and today they finally did. Robinson agreed to a two-year deal worth $9 million, allowing the Celtics to keep him in Boston.

This move makes sense for both sides, as they both need each other. Robinson finally learned what it means to be a team player after being traded to Boston mid-season from New York. While with the Knicks he was a me-first player who worried about getting his own buckets before the good of the team. In Boston, he realized what it meant to be part of a team and a winning culture. Doc Rivers and the Boston veterans allowed Robinson to do his thing within the confines of what the team wanted. The structure the Celtics organization provided for Nate allowed him to channel his talents in a way conducive to winning basketball games. Had Robinson not re-signed in Boston, the progress he made as a player this past year would have been diminished.

For Boston, even though Robinson was in and out of the rotation, his value in the playoffs was undeniable. He provides energy that is infectious and instant offense off the bench. His ability to score in bunches is something the Celtics recognized the full value of in this signing. Also, the drafting of Avery Bradley and departure of Tony Allen (signed with Memphis) allows Robinson to shift to the two-guard position with the second unit, which is really where he belongs.

In other notes from today:

* Orlando officially matched J.J. Redick‘s offer sheet from Chicago for 3 years and $20 million. Good move for them. Redick has steadily improved his game over the years and has become more than just a good shooter with high basketball IQ and gritty defense. Didn’t think Stan Van Gundy would let him go, as Redick became his first guy off the bench in the playoffs and was valuable when Vince Carter struggled.

* Chicago signed Ronnie Brewer for 3 years and $12.5 million. After losing Redick, the Bulls rebounded quickly by signing Brewer. This is a solid move for the Bulls, as Brewer is a very athletic two-guard who can run the break with Derrick Rose. Also, he’s a solid defender who should fit in well with Tom Thibodeau‘s schemes.

* Matt Barnes was expected to announce his free-agency decision today, but will reportedly take the weekend to think about it more. Barnes said he’s been talking to Miami, Orlando, the Lakers and Dallas, and Detroit initially contacted him at the beginning of the free-agency period.

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  • karizmatic

    Ronnie Brewer might be a better fit for Chicago than Redick would have been, definitely a good move for Chicago. They are going to have a nice solid team next year.

    The Celtics are going to need to pick up someone else to come in as a shooting guard off the bench they need Robinson to play point, even if he is coming off as part of the second team he’s too small to be running shooting guard.

  • Celts Fan

    @Karizmatic – we need Avery Bradley to be ready to contribute and play him and Nate together.

    @Dime – supposedly Barnes had us in the mix too. I never bought that he’d come here, but that’s what I was hearing on Redsarmy.com.

    We need to go get Josh Howard (or Barnes) and cop Steve Novak for a guy to spread the floor. Also pick up Eddie House again. Round that off with Earl Barron and I like our squad.

  • Celts Fan

    I’m also completely game to sign TMac if he wants to chase that chip for loooooooooooow $$$

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ Celts Fan

    I think the C’s just need more athleticism and size of the bench. I actually like the Bradley Nate backcourt since both can shoot and I can see AB guarding some 2’s to take pressure of Nate. Really all thats left is a backup 3 and Beantown is back in business.

    PG- Rondo/Bradley
    SG- Allen/Nate
    SF- Pierce/ ??
    PF- KG/Big Baby
    C- Perk (When he heals)/J.O.

    Pretty solid team but like I said lacking a good solid backup 3 and more size.

  • Arrogant

    Man I’m loving my bulls team now… we need one more shooter since we lost out on reddick.. maybe cop tmac or AI.. But to have a defensive coach and have a runing team who can post now… real interesting….

    Lets see how many ppl gonna start start saying chicago jazz or utah bulls cause we signed 3 of they ppl…

  • s.bucketz

    i wonder if barnes is gunna have a hour long special when he decides to sign

  • Heckler

    why is not robinson in a knicks warmup in the pic? yall gotta get more up to date. also, nate is nate. he hasnt changed anything about himself or his game since joining boston. dont think because his team went to the finals that he ALL OF A SUDDEN is a diff player or person. not at all, just fortunate enuff to be on a squad that went deep in the playoffs.

    JJ Redick should start at the 2-guard in orlando. does anyone else agree with that? vince carter is a puss and he’s finished.

    is ronnie brewer gonna start in chicago? if not, who’s gonna be the starting 2-guard for the bulls? korver?

    and utah lost out on ronnie brewer and wesley matthews? whats next for them?…flip murray?

    matt barnes is worthy now of a multi year deal. but i still dont think he gets one. should he get the same type of contract (ridnour, blake, duhon got?) 4yrs, $16-$20 million?