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Giveaway: Dime x UNDRCRWN “LeBron Or Bust” T-Shirt

There might be more viewers tomorrow night than Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Maybe. But one thing is certain: Knicks fans want LeBron James. From Mayor Bloomberg‘s campaign to kids putting out buttons around the city, it’s now or never. So digging through the Dime archives, we came across a couple more “LeBron Or Bust” t-shirts that we did with UNDRCRWN last year. And we’re going to give them away.

All you have to do is answer the following question: If the Knicks don’t get LeBron, who should they sign?

Let us know in the comments below (with your size), and the best answers will win. Good luck!

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  • Thib

    Too bad Darko has already be taken. That would have been a steal!



    If they don’t get lebron they should sign me. just the full MLE, im not greedy.

  • http://twitter.com/RegionWideRell Rell

    If the Knicks don’t get LeBron, they should go after Raymond Felton. He is a more than capable point guard to run D’Antoni’s offense the way it should be. If they don’t make another signing after Felton, the Knicks should use that money toward the 2011 offseason and lure Carmelo Anthony back to his place of birth. Knicks fans will forgive Melo for laying out Mardy Collins if he signs with them.

  • mbug

    without lebron, go for Ray Allen + Raymond Felton

  • Celts Fan


  • sweetv0mit

    Pat Ewing to teach Amare how to rebound!

  • mbug

    without lebron, go for Ray Allen + Raymond Felton

    sz: M

  • Alex

    Anthony Morrow!!!

  • ryan

    Sign Felton if they can this year. Then try and go Melo next year. See if you can sign and trade DLee to the Wolves for Rubio as well. The new 2012 plan

  • fallinup

    I can put this next to my McCain for president T-Shirt, and my ‘Dan or Dave’ poster.

  • stefan

    they should get local streetball legends like Antawn Dobie, Antoine “Miles High” Millien and 2 Hard 2 Guard

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    Some orange traffic cones, maybe some “DO NOT CROSS” police tape around Eddy Curry.

    Joking aside, they should look to surround Amar’e, Gallo and Chandler with a big center, a pass-first point guard and a shooter. Maybe Haywood, trade for Andre Miller and Ray Allen/J.J. Redick.

    I’m an XL. Thanks for the chance Dime!

  • P_Matic

    The logical choice is to split the remaining cap space on the other big three in free agency…Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison and Shelden Williams. Kwame brings toughness, Ammo brings championship experience and Shelden brings Candace Parker to the table.

  • Eder

    I think Knicks should try to get a pg like Parker and then next year get Carmelo

  • whitecollar

    With Melo more then likely signing the 3 year extension, the knickerbockers should grab Boozer and surround them with shooters. By moving Amare to the 5, I think him and Boozer can play together as they both go inside and high post. At that point they could grab some shooters for (relatively) cheap (JJ or Jesus) and then a PG…Felton or Ridnour?

    Mixed with Chandler and Galo, I smell 5 seed…


  • sweetv0mit


  • len-e

    dime better give away “or bust” t shirts

  • Jared

    sign and trade CP3

  • Jared

    sign and trade David Lee for CP3

  • alex “robocop” murphy

    Hey Dime I’m still waiting for someone to contact me for my win on the Boston Massacre shirt.

    Anyways this is what they need to do. Since they already cleaned house with contracts they need to force the hand of the Wizards and trade Curry/Tony Douglas+Cash for Arenas and a future round 1 draft pick.

    Then they need to get more bigs. Sign and trade Lee for Al Jefferson. They should have enough money left to sign someone for 9-11 million. I’d give that to split secure the bench.

    Starting 5 would be

    Al Jefferson
    Amar’e Stoudemire
    Wilson Chandler
    Danillo Gallinari
    Gilbert Arenas (*since LeBron is wearing number 6 and so is Arenas all those premade jerseys won’t go to waste)

    Bench would include

    J.J Redick ($13MM/3yrs)
    Jason Williams (vet min ~$1.2MM/1yr)
    Travis Outlaw ($6MM/2yrs)
    Tyrus Thomas ($10MM/2yrs)
    Udonis Haslem ($9MM/3yrs)

    Then they can sign D-leaguers or vets to fill in since their second round draft picks sorta suck. (no offense Rautins)

  • Nick Ortiz

    Sign Delonte West and Lebron’s Mom. They make a great team.

    SZ: L

  • Nabeel

    I think Felton is a must because they need a young point gaurd who can perform for years to come. As for center, they get Brendon Haywood and bring a big guy who can move his feet and play defense….since that is a place where Amare lacks. J.J Redick would be a good acquisition if the Knicks can land him, because he would bring the shooting from the outside along with Gallo. And as for the rest, the knicks can clear up the Eddy curry cap space for next year and try to get Carmelo. Overall, you can’t replace a Lebron…but this team would be a formidable opponent in the East for years.

  • Nabeel

    Oh, and my shirt size is Medium.

  • Celts Fan

    didn’t realize this was a giveaway, just clowning on the Knicks. Real answer (I really, really want this tshirt to wear around my NYC friends and laugh at them for 2 lost years.) If NYK can’t get LeBron, they should sign Luke Ridnour (you need a PG to run that offense and Mike D doesn’t care about defense anyway, perfect fit!) resign TMac or grab AI for 1 year (put butts in the seats for the year and potentially contend for a lower playoff spot,) Kyle Korver for 1 year and Brendan Haywood and just run all day while Haywood could just take naps on the defensive end and wait for the ball to come back to that end so they can at least have 1 guy to play D and protect the rim. This would preserve most of their cap space (between Luke and Haywood you’re probably looking at a combined $8-$10M per.) I would leave Ray Allen alone (you’d need to really overpay – $$$ and years – and kill their cap space to get him to leave Boston) and Boozer and David Lee play the same position as STAT – who probably won’t wanna play center. I’d keep the cap space and pray you make something happen with Eddy Curry’s expiring deal and the cap space you could keep.

    This lineup could definitely challenge for a playoff spot, fill up the scoreboard, AND preserve most of their cap space, while reminding people that the Knicks still exist:
    with Korver and Wilson Chandler as the first guys off the bench.

    Then, we can watch Chris Paul and Melo get wooed to NYC next summer.

  • Simon

    If they don’t get Lebron they should bring back Sprewell… I heard his family’s hungry and that just ain’t right. XL

  • datdood

    they need to resign david lee. guy plays his ass off for the knicks. it would be a shame for them to just let the one guy that has shined for them go. XL

  • Antouan

    If they dont get Lebron they should sign:

    Ray Allen to spread the floor with Galo
    Re-sign David Lee to play along side Amare
    And sign Jordan Farmar…a young PG looking to let loose.

    That way maybe they dont spend too much, end up having a decent and respectable season, and can sign a a big free agent next year.


  • http://www.nba.com heino skovgaard

    i am sure knicks will find some total has been or never will be player and offer him a 6 year max deal.kwame brown,olowakandi and darko all seem like future rosterfillers for the white and orange. i want a xxl shirt-

  • http://twitter.com/RegionWideRell Rell

    I forgot to put my size. XL.

  • Charles

    Do nothing, there is little to no need for anyone in this off season not named LBJ, WADE or CB4. You may want to consider Boozer or work the s & t option with Lee for Monta. Or possibly signing Felton

    But you should really wait and hope to get someone next year. Many RFA and FA’s next year – Melo, Horford, Noah, Ming, Tony Parker, to name a few. Don’t go wasting what you’ve just spent two years fixing.

  • SJ

    Honestly, they should go after TP. I’m a Spurs fan and would hate to see Tony go, but I can see how well that would work out for them. Sure, it’s a reach, but they have the money to make it happen. You know the Spurs won’t give him up for cheap and will want someone in return plus cash. If the Knicks can’t get TP, they should make a strong run at Felton. He’d fit into their system well.

    Oh, also Mike Miller should be on their short list. If LeBron re-signs with CLE for 3 years, and the Knicks sign on his buddy for 5 or more, they would have that much more of a chance of getting LBJ in 2013.

  • Gary

    True to the shirt, if New York doesn’t pick up LeBron James, this off-season will have been all for not. Knicks management (not to mention) Knicks fans have been slowly waiting and preparing for this over the course of the last 3 years. In an attempt to lure, LeBron, the Knicks have already picked up Amare, however, with the addition of Amare comes the inevitable exit of David Lee. I’m not exactly sure if simply including Amare to the pieces they already have will yield a different result from what transpired last year. One thing is for sure, the Knicks are going to need a lot more than Amare Stoudemire to compete with the likes of the Kobe/Gasol and Lakers and the “Quartet” in Boston. With the addition of Amare and the subtraction of David Lee, I see this more as a lateral move which doesn’t do much from a basketball standpoint as it does from a business standpoint as it might help to sell a few more seats at the Garden, given the novelty of having the first bonafide superstar down low since Patrick Ewing. The Knicks desperately need LeBron James as it will not only pull the franchise from the doldrums of the NBA and into the pantheon of elite teams by teaming him with a player like Amare who would compliment him nicely. If you look at the blueprint of successful teams of present and in the past, a great big and sure-fire guard are a recipe for success in the league. Take a look at Kobe-Gasol, Pierce-Garnett, Ginobili-Duncan. Teams of the past include Olajuwon-Drexler, Shaq-Kobe. With the news that Bosh is teaming up with Wade down int he Everglades, the Knicks absolutely need LeBron in a Knicks uniform, or this summer will be all for not. True to the shirt, it’s LeBron or Bust for the New York Knicks.

    With that being said, I feel that if the Knicks are unable to obtain LeBron James up this summer, the best alternative, and certainly not a bad consolation prize, would be to pick up Carmelo Anthony next summer. Having, grown up in Brooklyn, I am absolutely positive that Carmelo will be able to fill the seats up in the Garden, much like LeBron can. If there was anyone that could potentially alleviate the sting of losing out on LeBron James, it would be another bonafide superstar in the likes of Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo, depending on who you ask, is a top-5 player in this league and the fact that he is from New York, would certainly sit well with fans. If the Knicks are unable to sign LeBron James, I think it’d be wise to sit this one out and take a wait and see approach with Carmelo Anthony. Simply put, there is no need to press the panic button and force a horrible signing with what is left after the LeBron-Wade-Bosh trio is snatched up. No need to pick at the bed crumbs when you can go for the loaf again next year. I’m crossing my fingers that the Knicks don’t decide to hand a “Joe Johnson-like contract” to a second-tier FA that will set the franchise back another decade.

    For the Knicks, there is no question that this summer is “LeBron or Bust”. However, if LeBron doesn;t end up in a Knicks Uniform, the Knicks should divert their attention to starting the “Carmelo or Bust” campaign.


  • P_Matic

    Oops, forgot too put down my size…gimme a L.



  • cesar

    they should sign isiah thomas back to that job as GM, darko, rafael araujo, jonathan bender, kwame brown, darko, morrison, shaun livingston and patrick obryant and change the name to new york bust

  • Ant

    XXL, if they won’t keep Lee..they need to go after the Monta Ellis deal. That’s how Amare is best used on a fast paced offense and Monta is used to that style of play…get him a good guard and he’s good to go. oh and maybe a couple of tier 5 dudes in the mix.

  • Ant

    Isiah back as GM??? that dude sucked as a GM!!!

  • Gary

    Forgot to list a size, but I’ll take an M, thanks.

  • Zok

    Wait till next year and sign a legit C in Tyson Chandler to play with Amar’e, a proven PG in TJ Ford, get rid of Eddy Curry’s expiring contract, and pick up a solid scorer like Michael Redd or something, and then still have some money to blow.

    PG Ford
    SG Redd
    SF Gallinari
    PF Amar’e
    C Chandler

    Not a bad squad


  • bobby stew

    If the knicks don’t sign LeBron then they should sign Allen Iverson. He would be extremely cheap and give them cap room to sign future stars. He would sell a few more seats and keep the season interesting if not entertaining. AI to NY would be awesome! XL please

  • MBE18

    David Lee-Bring his ass back! 10-11 Million per. I do not understand how this dude gets slept on so much. People say he plays no D, but neither does Amar’e. I’d rather have him for 12 million per year as opposed to Amar’e for 20 million per year.

  • MBE18


  • http://twitter.com/nickcicero Nick

    They should sign Mark madsen. the Knicks need some flair, and better dance moves.

  • http://twitter.com/nickcicero Nick


  • http://www.facebook.com/PLUMPDADDY Luke Manley

    If the Knicks do not get Lebron then I think they should get Shannon Brown from LA to add some scoring, and this may sound absurd, but they should bring in Hakim Warrick from the Bulls for rebounds/blocks, plus he would be back in his college state

  • http://www.facebook.com/PLUMPDADDY Luke Manley

    If the Knicks do not get Lebron then I think they should get Shannon Brown from LA to add some scoring, and this may sound absurd, but they should bring in Hakim Warrick from the Bulls for rebounds/blocks, plus he would be back in his college state.


  • NJallday

    the knicks should sign lebron’s son so we can start hyping it up as “the summer of lebron jr”. minus the false hope and heartbreak.

    for real though, they should sign a legit point guard. maybe sign and trade david lee for tony parker. amare has only been proven as dominant with a great point guard getting him the ball and even though tp isn’t known primarily as a distributor, he’s better than eddie house and toney douglas.

  • NJallday

    size M

  • HTibby

    Luke Ridnour… just pass the damn ball for one season… then go get Melo or CP3. Patience.


  • http://www.undrcrwn.com cruziiie

    You can get more of UNDRCRWN’s King J. tees at http://www.shopundrcrwn.com.
    They have a new “Free Agent” series and “Witnyss” shirt.


  • .K.i.n.G.

    Sign and trade david lee to memphis for o.j. mayo. Simply put, the Knicks need talent. Memphis paid rudy and made him the franchise player so o.j. should be expendable. Sign luke ridnour and brendan haywood, and then fill the roster with minimum 1-year deals and try again next year.

    Starting line up’
    Luke Ridnour
    O.J. Mayo
    Danilo Galinari
    Amare Stoudemire
    Brendan Haywood

    Bench: Wilson Chandler and scrubs

    sz. L

  • wifey


    “It takes 15 seconds to say, ‘I’ve decided to stay in Cleveland,’ but we’ve got another 59 minutes and 45 seconds to, what? Promote LeBron James? As if we don’t do that enough,” said Van Gundy, who will not watch the special.

  • sh!tfaced

    Knicks should just wait it out and try again next year (too bad Durant signed an extension). Albeit lesser capspace.

    Would love to see Amare playing alone being proved wrong about the “Knicks being back”.

  • ML

    Sign felton so they have a PG for the “The Pringles Man”‘s offense and wait for Melo next year

  • http://www.hypebball.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    NY Should Forget Lebron James

    After signing Amare Stoudamire one of the best, young Power Forwards in the game with the ability if needed to play Centre, they are also close to signing Tony Parker from the Spurs and Amare has stated that if he goes to New York then Parker would be happy to join him there. so there you have it a Power Forward and a great Point Guard playing together… However we know Two great players alone cant win a championship without some other help, the Bulls had MJ and Pippen but dont forget Rodman and Kerr and all the other players on that team.

    The Knicks also have the possibility of getting Carmelo Anthony from Denver and is another player who has stated to Amare that if he goes there he too would be happy to join him in the big apple. So that’s 3 great players all converging on NYC, 3 great players that will make the Knicks a dominating team. Amare and Dwight will battle it at the 5 and the possibility of Melo put this team way above any other team in the East and possibly West.

    Melo is a NY kinda guy Brooklyn born and Syracuse educated, he is a great small forward who can compete with Lebron while also being more experienced, he would work well alongside both Tony and Amare and could make NY into a force.

    I say do it NY put all your work into getting these three guys together and give the pople of New York what they want… A team that can compete for a championship, give them something they havent ever truely had, give them total domination, give them the best three players you can get. Get them Amare, get the Parker and work out a way to get Melo. replace the currently Boston big three of Peirce, Garnett and Allen with your own big three of Amare, Parker and Melo, imagine it the highlights the back-to-back’s the Three-peat’s all because you can do it, become the basketball ‘Mecca’ that everyone wants you to become.

    This is taken from my own article at http://bleacherreport.com/articles/415652-the-new-york-knicks-should-forget-lebron-james.

    And my size is small. Thanks


  • nick ortiz

    sooo…..who won?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Congrats to Charles & Gary! We’ll hit you up via e-mail.

  • Zebulun Benbrook

    Adonal Foyle. Gimme dat shirt! Lol XXL