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Gone By November

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Monty Williams and Byron Scott are gonna have a lot to talk about the next time they cross paths. Around the same time ex-Hornets coach B-Scott walked into a job with the Cavs thinking (maybe) he had LeBron James — only to watch him take off for Miami — new Hornets coach Williams was thinking he had Chris Paul on his side. But maybe not for long now. CP3 reportedly wants to be traded ASAP, and would prefer to go to Orlando, New York or the Lakers … Money-wise, Paul has two years left on a deal that pays him about $15 million per, so whoever tries to get him likely won’t be doing it for spare parts. Orlando could pull it off by sending Jameer Nelson and Marcin Gortat to New Orleans; L.A. could do it straight-up for Andrew Bynum; and the Knicks could unload Eddy Curry and throw Kelenna Azubuike in there to make the salaries match. From the Hornets’ end, the Bynum deal looks the most enticing, but then again, they already have Emeka Okafor at center. You could roll out a big-man rotation of Bynum, Okafor and David West and give the Lakers problems — except you just handed L.A. the best point guard in the League … And now we sit back and wait for the same critics who have been bashing LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh (well, just LeBron really) to bash CP3 for wanting to play with other superstars and “taking the easy way out” … On the same day when we put Derrick Rose on top of the list of NBA stars who will never leave their original teams, D-Rose confirmed it. “I’m never (leaving). Never,” Rose said at Team USA’s training camp in Las Vegas. Like we said, Rose is a Chicago native who always wanted to play for the Bulls, plus he saw how LeBron got treated when he left Cleveland. Rose doesn’t need that drama in his life, especially when he’s already in a major market that has no problem attracting big-time free agents … Josh Powell is reportedly close to a deal with the Hawks. If ATL brings in Powell, a big man who has championship experience and won’t really play big minutes, doesn’t that nullify their need for Shaq? … Good under-the-radar move by the Thunder, signing Royal Ivey yesterday. Ivey is inexpensive and he won’t play much behind Russell Westbrook, Eric Maynor, Thabo Sefolosha and James Harden, but he is one of Kevin Durant‘s buddies from the University of Texas. Ivey didn’t play at UT with KD, but the two of them work out together in Austin over the summer. Little moves like that keep your superstar happy and don’t cost you too much. Be afraid, though, OKC fans: Another of Durant’s alumni buddies is T.J. Ford … You notice how every free agent has the same list of teams allegedly interested in them? The Lakers and Heat make everybody’s list, then throw in the team they last played for, maybe another title contender, then another random team that has a lot of cap room. For example, both T-Mac and Larry Hughes claim the Lakers and Heat are on them, and Hughes includes the Celtics (contender) and Bobcats (team he last played for), while McGrady mentions the Bulls (cap space) and Clippers (cap space). You could ask Michael Olowokandi which teams are calling him right now and we bet he’d say Miami, L.A., Boston (last team) and New York (cap space) … One guy who actually is on Miami’s radar is Carlos Arroyo. Last we heard he’s on his way to Miami to sign a contract later today. So if we’re officially looking at Mario Chalmers and Arroyo as the PG’s, with maybe undrafted rookie Jon Scheyer in the mix, are we sure D-Wade or LeBron shouldn’t get a crack at running the point? … We’re out like CP …

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  • Bing

    LA isn’t sending Bynum anywhere. Lets just put that to bed already. It didn’t happen for Bosh, it sure aint happening for a PG, even one ask skilled as CP3.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Wow, if CP3 goes to LA I will KILL myself. Having 2 of the leagues top 3 guards as well as the best big man as well as that Miami shit? The leagues gonna be so top heavy shit aint worth. Move that makes the most sense would be CP3 to Orlando for Nelsen and Peitrus. Makes sense money wise and with Pietrus they could run the floor with Collison and Thornton. I just don’t see CP killing it in the triangle ad him and Kobe wont gel as well. Plus it removes LA’s biggest advantage: size.

    I see CP going to New York and Carmelo signing next year if they were serious with this make their own big 3 shit.

    If CP goes Collison and Thornton better step THE FUCK up. Better hope Collison last year want a fluke and this kid is the real deal or else your looking at a 25 win team.

    So that’s Cleveland, T-Dot and New Orleans as the teams that look MUCH worse than last year. Can’t wait for the NBA season.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Wait a minute, can’t NY not trade Azubuike since they just traded for him. Isn’t it till December or some shit like that?

    And Powell is not filling Shaq’s shoes. Nigga is 6’9 and fits in perfectly with their undersized players. ATL needs Shaq and his fat ass in order to play Al and J-Smoove in their positions. Just do the sign and trade for Marvin Williams.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    1. I think Chris Paul is smart enough to figure out the triangle and talented enough to be very very good in it, if not great.

    2. This will be Phil Jackson’s last year. Whoever succeeds him may not even run the triangle.

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ AB

    good points, but I don’t see New Orleans taking on Bynum’s monstrosity of a contract considering his troubled health. So that leaves Orlando and New York who do you think has the advantage? ORL gives him a WAY better version of Chandler but he made those Big 3 comments bout NY?

  • Kobeeeee

    This could be a move for the future of the Lakers. If they want to loose the triangle in a couple of years when Jackson is gone and Shaw slowly transforms the triangle to old Showtime Style this is the movce. CP can do fast and half court play. If LA can pull it off and keep Kobe, Paul, Bynum – I say do it! Him mentioning LA as a top target means something.

  • Chaos

    The front runner for that is NY….i can see them pullign a heat and gettin CP3 and working Carmelo in there somewhere….then keeping chandler and gallo and felton as the back up…

  • quest???

    I dont get why people underestimate Carlos Arroyo. Last year, his turnover ration was 4 to 1 second only to Chris Paul. I’d say that is pretty solid.

  • J

    I don’t see CP3 bringing anything more to the table than Fish and Blake in the triangle system. He is by far the better player, but his skills are best with the ball in his hands. With such a ball dominant player such a Kobe, CP3 will have to learn to play off the ball. Better off where he can have the ball in his hands setting up guys instead.

    I can see CP in the purple in gold if the triangle gets toned down or completely thrown out once Phil hangs it up. This’ll also require Kobe to start working off the ball to help preserve his body through the regular season where they can start putting in work in the playoffs.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Stunnaboy09 — I wouldn’t count L.A. out already. They could also offer Odom/Vujacic or Odom/Walton and that would still work. Not saying that’s a better deal than Bynum, just that Bynum isn’t the only option. Anyway, I think Orlando would win out for CP over NY (basketball-wise) because they’re built to contend for a title now. Unless he just really wants to live in NY and play with his boys Melo and Amare…

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @J — “I don’t see CP3 bringing anything more to the table than Fish and Blake in the triangle system.”

    You’re over-thinking it. The Lakers don’t run the triangle every play of every game. Especially in the playoffs, there are times when they just need somebody to clear out and get to the rim. So far it’s Kobe 99% of the time, but if you get Chris Paul, you have a dual threat. Plus your transition game improves by leaps and bounds with CP leading the fast break, and your defense improves because CP is a ball-hawk AND he can stay in front of his man.

  • quest???

    Assist to turnover ratio*

  • ShowKase

    I’ll be stopping by Otis Smith’s office and/or house tomorrow to make sure he makes this trade happen…even if I have to use “persuasive force”…

    Hell, bringing in CP3 could make Rashard worth that huge contract…maybe.

  • icey

    chris paul is going to new york…. the city and the team totally suits him

  • That’s What’s Up

    I guess I was wrong about CP3. I said his cheatin’ ass would whine his way out of town by midseason.

    I’d rather he go to the Lakers so he could fuck up their team chemistry

  • http://therulers.bandcamp.com/ pacetola

    im never sharing this turkey sandwich…Never.

  • Stunnaboy09


    So you think CP can play wit another ball dominator like Kobe? They both need the ball in their hands, that’s the reason why most of Kobes PGs are just catch and shoot. That’s why I think LA wont do it, might mess up chemistry and they already have the perfect PG for them in Fisher.

  • pipdaddyy

    “If ATL brings in Powell, a big man who has championship experience”. I’m still laughing at that … dude averaged 3 minutes/game in the playoffs.

  • This_Will_Hurt

    Don’t go to LA. Shit I’d like to see him in Orlando=Champs. At least it’d be their best shot at a title. I WILL KILL MYSELF IF HE GOES TO LA WITH THAT FUCKING RAPIST BALLHOG BRICK CITY MAMBA FUCK.

  • Andrew


    If you are wondering about Kelenna getting traded multiple times, all I think you have to do is look at Q-Rich and however many teams he was on in that short amount of time. You can be traded more than once if that is what you are wondering.

  • Stunnaboy09


    Forgot about Q-Rich, thanks bro tried the trade machine and it didn’t work so I thought there was some new rule in place.

  • J

    I agree with stunna. Unless they have plans on bringing in someone that has a different system that’ll bring out the most out of CP and have Kobe start to work off the ball a bit more to prevent wear and tear going into the playoffs I don’t see it happening.


    If the Knicks were serious about building their own big 3 they’d have to save Currys big ass contract for Carmelo.
    I dont see Denver giving up Melo for a cap relief unless he acts like a proper bitch and forces it, but they still should hold onto Curys big ass contract for a 3rd player and try a CP3 for Felton and Turaf/Azubuike swap.

  • http://www.lifeofagiant.com Big Aaron

    Man, I want CP3 in Orlando so badly. Honestly, who doesn’t want to see Paul lobbing passes to Dwight or dishing wide-open looks to Orlando’s array of perimeter weapons after cutting inside. It would be beautiful to watch.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    This just in – Chris Paul confirms reports that have been out ever since he punched a guy in the balls: he’s a huuuuuuge bitch.

  • Larry

    I’m still surprised that the hornets didn’t take the blazers offer before the draft. They are stupid you were geting bayless,miller,jole,batum,dante Cunningham and a draft pick. but I’m happy because I’m a blazer fan an I think that’s to much for Paul and I forgot the other player.

  • OneZero

    CP3 to lakers, you mean my all time fav player to my Lakers? damn… haha, that’d be awesome and mind-blogging, but I dont think he’ll fit RIGHT NOW.

    I dont see why Rose would leave Chicago too.

  • Diggity Dave

    Didn’t Lebron once say early on that he’s stay in Cleveland? Shit happens, and who knows where Rose’s head will be in a few years.

  • Robmo35

    Wow so CP3 wants a trade. How many years are left on his contract? Two? Too bad Paul there is no reason to trade you to either of the teams you would like to go to. What would New Orleans get that would remotely offset sending their marquee player to either New York or L.A? What is in it for the Hornets? The difference between LeBron and Paul is James was a free agent and could go anywhere, and Paul can’t call his shot.

  • ab_40

    cp3 to orlando makes all the sense in the world. he made chandler into a 13 ppg scorer guess what he can do to brandon bass and dwight howard. new york is done for the upcoming three years. no draft picks not a coach you want to play for and weak bigs.

    bynum cp3… you just made that up huh haha they’re not gonna trade bynum.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @Stunnaboy: “So that’s Cleveland, T-Dot and New Orleans as the teams that look MUCH worse than last year.”
    Toronto is much worse than last year?? I disagree. They aren’t THAT bad. I think they’ll finish the season with about 5 less wins than last year. Bargnani will increase his scoring output to +20 and give headaches for every bigman who tries to guard him.
    An maybe i’m smoking too much but I have this funny feeling the Cavs are gonna be the 8th seed next year. Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking. Heat/Cavs in the 1st round. I hope it happens.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @Diggity Dave
    Lebron also made it clear that he’s from Akron, not Cleveland. Rose is a Chitown kid. But yeah, you right though. Anything can happen. He has at least a decade in front of him.

  • Pedro

    Oh Please!

    The Knicks have Turiaf, Jerome Jordan and Timofey Mozgov.

    C’mon DIME!!

  • john

    CP3 to the Blazers would be a beautiful thing to watch. They have some nice pieces.

    CP3 for Bynum ??? You must be out of your mind. The best PG in the world for the injury prone 8pts – 6 reb – 16 Millions
    Bynum ???

  • Celts Fan

    CP3 gets a pass cuz NO is doing everything it can ot get worse and save $$$. They sold off a draft pick, tried to give Tyson Chandler away for nothing to OKC (which got nullified and turned into the Emeka deal) and haven’t shown any willingness to do what it takes to win. He’s also not a potential all-time great, so the context of wanting to play w/ another superstar is different. If CP3 keeps going how he’s going, stays healthy, and wins a chip or 2, he MIGHT enter top 5 PG ever territory. If Bron had won a few and kept putting up those #s, he coulda been one of the 10 best players ever period. Higher standard there to some.

    having said all that, I also got no problem w/ what Bron did either, other than the hour long, narcisistic, “Hey, look at me as I take a dump on my hometown” special. He was always talked up as more Magic than MJ in HS anyway, but had to put on the MJ cape for Cleveland (who, btw, isn’t exactly a destination city. Had they convinced CB4 to take the sign-and-trade, he’d prob still be a Cav.) Now he can be a distributor first and scorer 2nd. I got no problem w/ LeBron wanting to go play w/ his buddies in an amazing city. Woulda preferred he go be the man in Chi and still have just as good a shot at a ring, but whatever. His life. he’s the one that’d have to deal w/ being called a bust (or loser or choker or whatever) had he never won a title. Go have fun with your best friends, just be classier about it on the way out. Other than that, i got no beef w/ what he did and def wouldn’t say anything bad about CP3, who’s been in a much worse run organization that’s clearly only committed to winning after taking care of the balance sheet.

  • Celts Fan

    @stunnaboy – I think (not sure) that it’s just sign-and-trade guys or RFAs that can’t be moved for a few months. Could be wrong though…

  • dmitry of jersey

    The Nets need to get on the phone with New Orleans and snap up CP3!!! Send them Harris, Lee, and T-Will. This is the only scenario where i’m ok with trading T-Will..

  • Legend 33

    Guys that just got traded can’t be packaged with another player until 90 days after the first trade, but they can get traded by themselves. I don’t know why they have that rule. If I were NOR why would I take Curry and Azubuike? I would ask for Curry, Randolph, Gallo and picks.

    The damn Lakers better not get Paul for Odom and fillers like Sasha, Carater, Ebanks and picks. NOR should ask for Bynum and Odom and make them take Okafor back.

  • Legend 33

    Isn’t Bron’s boy World Wide Wes and Leon Rose working the back channels for CP3 and delivering him to a contender. And Paul signed with Maverick and Bron’s marketing agency.

  • Sporty-j

    This is the new trend in the NBA so we might as well get use to it and players are trying to put themselves in the absolute best possible situation to win a championships. I have my money on Orlando because they already Drafted Orton from Kentucky so they can send Gortat and Nelson to the Hornets easily.

  • DNice

    Only free agent signings cannot be traded until Dec 9. Traded players can be traded and packaged anytime.

  • karizmatic

    I’ve said it since Miami made their move I like Chalmers at the point for that team. I don’t think it will be a problem. If I were Orlando I’d look into that Jameer Gortat trade ASAP. That is really the piece they need to get over the hump, oh yeah that and trading Vince Carter. Couldn’t they just trade Vince for Paul and someome else, maybey Julian Wright or Posey? I don’t know… anyway the Hawks getting Powell is a lateral move, he’s still too small to play center and move Horford to the power forward position which is what having Shaq would allow them to do, now if I were them I wouldn’t try to pick up Shaq either.

  • tp

    GOD STOP CRYING AND COMPARING THIS TO THE MIAMI THREE. its completely different. trades are not the same as collusion.

    BRONS TEAM HAD 60+ WINS BACK TO BACK YEARS. this is COMPLETELY different. god. irritating.

  • The Journeyman

    @ TP (Toilet Paper)

    Shut up

    It is exactly the same

  • Jeremy

    CP3 doesn’t have chosen 1 tatted across his back no one is going to bash him for going elsewhere

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Sorry journeyman… not the same.

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    Forget Miami, if Orlando get CP3 without giving up much (Gortat+Jameer+future first rounder for eg), they’re winning the East. That team would be STACKED.

  • Skeeter McGee

    If Orlando gets CP3, Miami-Orlando games would be like a mini All-Star game. Florida is gonna be killing it in sports next year. With the exception of the Dolphins ofcourse…

    And now you can add another city to the list of ones that hate LeBron. New Orleans, come on down!

  • Skeeter McGee


    Yeah, I was gonna post that but you put it much better than what I woulda said.

    For example, do you guys remember a little while ago when ‘Sheed was traded to the Hawks from Portland and then like 2 days later, after playing just one game, he was traded to the Pistons? Haha he dropped like 29 points I think and then peaced…

  • Skeeter McGee


    AMEN. Hit it right on the head, or at least for me…

  • carmikal

    Giving up Bynum(even though he gets injured a lot) for a top notch pg would be a stretch for the Lakers if they plan on running the triangle. That offense just doesn’t call for the pg to do a whole lot besides hit open jumpers. Now I could see it if Phil wasn’t there and Brian Shaw goes with a different offensive strategy but I doubt that happens. If I’m the Hornets, Bynum is to much of a risk to make that trade.

  • T$

    CP3 to the Blazers! We’ll give them any combination of Andre Miller, Jared Bayless, Wesley Matthews, Joel Przybilla, Dante Cunningham, Rudy Fernandez AND draft picks. There’s got to be a deal in there somwhere!

  • oo wee

    cp3 can’t drain 3s well enough though

  • dukesman2000

    It doesn’t matter who Orlando gets to runt he point, they will never win a championship if Howard remain one dimensional.


    can you guys ever write an articel without making an excuse for Lebron… i swear im bout to cut this site off for good (is he paying your salary?)

  • control

    I’m really tired of these stars who get upset with their current team and demand a trade. They are getting paid 10-20 million and they are going to whine about it? Fuck them. I know CP3 is annoyed by how his team is ran, the obvious cost cutting etc, but the guy signed a contract and is being very well reimbursed for his time. Giving a list of teams he wants to go to…that is absolute bullshit, if I were NO, I’d send him to the Clippers and tell him to enjoy being injured.

  • sh!tfaced

    Yeah, fuck them stars and their spoiled whiny ass bithy bratness… They signed a contract just like any other hard working mofo out there. Suck it up, respect your obligation and play, dickheads, everyone else does… FUCK THEM

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ shitfaced – Amen. Everyone wants to play with the good kids…whatever happened to wanting to BE the good kid?

    I think it’s funny that the same guys that want to be drafted #1 overall then complain and demand a trade when the team that drafted them isn’t good. Or when the team doesn’t magically surround them with Pau Gasol and Ron Artest.

    F-ing CP3, look around the league. How many players have been traded into situations where they can win right away? How many STAR players? Almost none? Then why should you be any different?

    Doesn’t he understand that when he takes a contract paying him 15 million that there’s LESS money for everyone around him? Kinda makes it tough for management to sign other big money players.

    Prissy little wimps. Get paid millions to play a game, then think they can change the rules of the league. Guys like this should have their contracts voided then told to go find another job where they have such benefits, and see if they can make the same demands. See how long it takes them to find their sorry butts back in line for the NBA.

  • control


    Yeah, like KG having a contract worth some 22 or 25 million/year or whatever it was when he was the highest paid player in the league…then he’ll wonder why his team can’t afford to bring in 2 other All Stars to help him win. Minnesota isn’t exactly a big market or rich town…there are only like 3-4 teams that can afford to carry two or more max players, or even one max player and 2-3 all stars. This league is just turning into a pussy fucking league, from the top to the bottom.

    Players like Gilbert Arenas, saying they are taking a pay cut so their team can get some talent around them…and he ends up taking a like $120 million contract instead of $124 million or whatever it was. Fuck that. He took a pay cut enough to sign Brian Scalabrine…

    Look at the 3 in Miami now…they are all getting max contracts. If they truly wanted to win, they would have taken like 5 mill/year less, and then they could actually sign some good role players to surround them, instead of filling team with rookie contracts and vet mins.

    Players gotta decide if they want to win, or if they want to get that extra few million dollars, it’s really hard to actually do both…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @sh!tfaced#57 and dagwaller#58
    I agree with you both 100% but I also understand the state of the NBA. Everyone is friends with eachother. They all grew up playing AAU ball together. Back in the “good ol days” players genuinely disliked other guys on other teams. The competitive spirit was waaay higher than it is today. Everyone in the pre-mid 90s era was a competitor. Even the end-of-the-bench guys. Today, the true competitors are few are far between. It really sucks. Most of these guys let the big cheques motivate them, not the competition. Somewhere along the line this whole “basketball is a business” motto brainwashed them. I can’t disagree more with that motto. I think it’s garbage because the NBA is a business… basketball is, or should be, the game they love to play. That’s how it was, and that’s how it SHOULD be. I doubt it will ever get back to that. The new culture has taken over. I hate to say it but we’ll have to get used to these Sex and The City-type bitches and their demands.
    Sure, some of the old school guys who didn’t win a ring piggy-backed with a better team in the latter stages of their careers, but their competitive spirit made them want to try beat the best players and best teams first. We know Ewing, Drexler, Barkley, Stockalone, and Reggie couldn’t beat MJ. THAT is one of the reasons we can say MJ is the GOAT because none of these other Greats could beat him. At the end of his career, can we say the same for LBJ?? Or even Kobe for that matter. When Mike’s Bulls were ousted by the Pistons 3 straight years, he didn’t demand a trade… nor did he demand to get some more help. He looked within himself. He changed HIS game. He started getting his teammates involved. The year he made that decision, he dominated the Pistons and then swept Magic in the Finals.
    Dammit I miss Mike…. no homo. Lol.

    IMO, if the Lakers meet AND beat the Heat in next year’s Finals, he takes a gigantic leap towards MJ’s level. Still not IN his level, but he’ll be right up there.

  • K Dizzle

    @ control & dagwaller
    good posts

    Question – If you’re the Nuggets, and Melo ain’t signing the extension, do you look at trades for him before he maybes leaves to join the Knicks or whatever CP3 was toastin to at Melo’s wedding?
    I think teams need to start seriously thinkin about that kind of stuff before a Bron or Bosh or Amare or Melo bounces leavin your franchise holdin nothin but a trade exception…

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ control exactlyyyyy…I’m from around DC and I HATED Gil’s contract, even when he was lighting it up and shooting no look game winners.

    He can’t even say that he’s playing in a place like Minnesota, Milwaukee, or another traditionally cold place. As if any of these guys play outside, or don’t take nice vacations in the summer anyway.

    To hear some people talk, there shouldn’t be any teams north of Memphis, unless they’re in Boston, New York, Philly, or other big name cities. There’s probably 100 NBA players and 200 NBDL players that are grateful that such places exist.

  • sh!tfaced

    K Dizzle


  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    good question. I was thinking the same thing. To me, you gotta move him. These players hold more power today than ever before. It’s funny, 2 or 3 CBA negotiations ago the NBA made it so that the player’s current team can offer the most money. The intention was to try to keep the free agent movement to a minimum. Now with these teams willing to do sign ‘n’ trades, that totally nullifies what they intended to do. I think FA movement will be addressed at the next CBA.
    But for now, if was the Nuggets, I’d trade Melo if he doesn’t sign the extension. To much to risk. If he bounces with a sign and trade, you will be rebuilding for the next 2-3 years. Maybe even more with the lineup that they have.

  • sh!tfaced

    Agreed. Bet the “super-friends” conspiracy, the like and other pre-agreed free agency shit will the one of the first things discussed in the next CBA negotiations…

  • Celts Fan

    @dagwaller and sh!tfaced – I’m sure when he signed the extension they didn’t lay it out that they were gonna try to give away key guys (Chandler) and sell off draft picks. There’s a difference between complaining that your team’s no good and wanting out when they’re blatantly more concerned with $$$ than winning.

    @control – KG never complained about anything there. He never asked out and had publicly said at the endo f his last season there that he wanted to retire in Minnesota. Fans bitched about them basically giving away the 2 best guys they ever put around him though (Spree and Cassell) and ruining his prime by illegally negotiating with Joe freakin Smith.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Dizzle

    Yeah i say move him too.. With todays current athletes you know dudes gone..

    I see Melo ending up in NY as well.. dude has LIVED in Lebrons shadow even more than Dwayne Wade simply because his game isnt flashy enough.. Well you go and avg 30ppg for NY and its flash off top..

    @ JAY

    “sex and the city type bitchs” LMAAAAOOOOOOOO but u right on..

    @ DIME

    Still on the LeDime hype i see..

  • Stunnaboy09

    Nothing pisses me off more than trade demands. Especially when they signed extensions not long before. YOU signed the contract. YOU took the risk. YOU got payed like a freakin franchise player. Now you want out?

    I just wish teams gave people the Marbury treatment more often. Just don’t play them, simple as that. Let him rot o the bench for 2 years then see what happens to his value when he becomes a FA. Teams cave to players too often its ridiculous.

    The Nuggets should have a meeting with Melo and straight up ask him if he is signing the extension or wants to go to NY or wherever. He says he wants to go? Fine trade his ass, no point killing chemistry for one more year of ‘Melo when you know he’s leaving.

  • LakeShow84

    But then again i had Lebron FORSURELY going to NY as well so what the hell do i know..

    Melo and CP3 should just wait for their chance next year tho..

    The RoosteR??

    Thats pretty solid.. They just better fill the rest in with defensive specialists.. Man can you imagine Melo in the East?? hed go ginsu out there..

  • Stunnaboy09


    Actually if CP and Melo go to the East, the West would be soooooo shit, its gonna be LA or OKC in the finals for a long ass time.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Great points, but I’m just gonna add my opinion into the mix…

    People sign the contracts in the NBA for a different reason than you or I would normally sign a contract. Yes, technically, a contract means you would have to honor it and go the duration of it, but the reason these players sign to 6 or 7 year deals is to get more guaranteed money. Essentially, the teams give the contracts but it’s more of a contract of the player, rather than the organization, if that makes sense.

    With that being said, a contract extension is virtually the same thing. Kevin Durant claims he will honor the contract extension he signed with OKC, but 4 years from now, for whatever reasons that are unknown to us at this point, he may decide that he no longer wants to play for OKC. A smart business move would be to trade him and get compensation. Then again, you could also take the risk and woo him when he becomes a free agent. Chances are, though, that when he signed the extension he thought everything would be gravy but most of the time the players are just looking for that guaranteed money in the contract; the rest is irrelevant, really.

    Unless the new CBA resolves this kind of issue, players are starting to realize that now the power lies with them, and you can clearly see it being used against the owners and franchises.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Celts – so you’re saying that you’d rather have Tyson Chandler than Emeka Okafor? I know better than to accuse you of not watching games, but Chandler < Okafor, come on now.

    Furthermore, how exactly has NO been f'ing up the draft? Let's see, they draft Collison, trade FOR Thornton, draft Wright (who hasn't panned out but no one was saying "bad pick" at the time), CP3 and Brandon Bass in the same draft, JR Smith the year before, and David West a couple years before. Is that good enough to win a championship? Maybe not, but how many teams win the chip every year? Throw in some personnel moves like bringing in Posey when he was hot and Peja to take the pressure off of CP to score, and it's not like the Hornets have been BAD in the front office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ Brogden ^^^

    You sound like u already doubting..

    Tsk tsk how many times we gotta tell you guys its on lock.. i gives a shit about the super friends lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden



    No doubts whatsoever. I think it’s farfetched he’s going there anytime soon. But nah, hell nah…dead serious.
    I think the Show can do it again without him. It’s gonna be hard. But if their STARTING 6 comes back…I think they have a chance.

    I’m a fan of the game pimpin. I call it like I see it.
    Personally the Amare n Melo add-ons don’t do it for me when it comes to a Big 3 involving CP. Amare’s D is extra suspect. Knicks D is not even taught. Melo stops playin D when his shot aint fallin. And CP can get into foul trouble if the refs spot what he’s doing early in the game.

    I wanna see the new look Heat team destroy sh*t. True. But they might get destroyed, which is a real possibility. Injuries, trades, lack of team chemistry, bad* basketball…u know, the usual suspects.

    *poorly played

  • Stunnaboy09


    As much as it pains me, I actually see Kobe 3peating. The west is SHITE now, bout to get even shittier if CP and Melo leave. OKC are still 1 or 2 years away from being contenders and Kobe knows his body got 1 maybe 2 good years left. LA going all out for the chip and PJ retires with FOUR 3peats. That shit is bananas

  • fallinup

    Why CP3 didn’t do this at the start of dealing season is beyond me. Imagine his options. It was all up in the air with rumors… but damn, with all the cap space getting messed with before the Superfriends, he could have chosen from the entire league dealing for him.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @dagwaller : “so you’re saying that you’d rather have Tyson Chandler than Emeka Okafor? I know better than to accuse you of not watching games, but Chandler < Okafor, come on now"
    I agree with you dagwaller. Okafor is, by a slim margin, better than Chandler. But watching CP3 w/Chandler, and CP3 w/Okafor… CP3 had waaaaaaaay more chemistry with chandler than with Okafor. Their games fit eachother.