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Kobe brings another enemy to L.A.; Chris Paul is making enemies in N.O.

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike)

Lots of craziness ensuing around the NBA yesterday, and coming from various corners of the globe. Chris Paul is suddenly the name in everybody’s mouth right now, as he not only wants a trade out of New Orleans, he was apparently kind enough to pull a Chris Bosh and give the Hornets a list of teams they should call first. At last check it was the Magic, Mavericks, Blazers and Knicks, and maybe the Lakers are in there, too. The Hornets have scheduled a face-to-face with CP for Monday, but he might just have a longer list by then … So does this change your opinion of Chris Paul at all? He’s far from the first athlete to request/demand a trade, but he’s one of the few advertised “nice guys” we’ve seen do it in a while. And even Mr. Rogers would be frustrated if he was trying to win and all his team had done was re-sign Aaron Gray … It’s crazy that C.J. Watson is making almost twice as much as Matt Barnes. Granted, they’re both backups now, but Barnes’ deal with the Lakers (2 years, $3.6 million) looks paltry compared to Watson’s 2-year, $6.5 million deal with Chicago. Question: At 30 years old, is Barnes a guy who should be admired for taking less money to play for a winner, or is he just a ring-chaser? And what exactly is the difference? … Meanwhile, Kobe has to be loving this. He’s got Ron Artest and Barnes on his side now; if L.A. picks up Shane Battier next summer, Kobe won’t have to worry about hardly anybody guarding him tough … How do you say “The Answer” in Slovenian? Beno Udrih quit Slovenia’s national squad a month before the World Championship when he found out he wasn’t in the starting lineup. Between Beno and the Dragic/Vujacic beef, there really should be a reality TV camera crew following this team around … And then there’s David Kahn. Minnesota’s GM is building a pretty solid “Teflon Don” resume, and yesterday added to the pile when asked about Michael Beasley. Kahn called Beasley, “a very young, immature kid who smoked too much marijuana (but) has told me that he’s not smoking anymore.” Wow. On one hand, Beasley should be glad Kahn trusts him, but on the other hand, talk about putting somebody’s business out in the street … (Just for argument’s sake, when your buddy who smokes “too much” weed swears he’s done, do you EVER believe him? And would you be more or less likely to believe him if he made millions of dollars and was moving to Minnesota?) … THIS is going to be dope. ‘Nuff said … Did you catch the episode of “Pros vs. Joes” last night? It was three current NFL players versus three former NBA players in an all-basketball challenge: Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny Smith and Rick Fox (whom host Michael Strahan called, “The prettiest Pro we’ve ever had”) versus Donovan McNabb, T.O. and Antonio Gates. Now because the NBA dudes are old and the NFL guys all played college basketball, it was a pretty even matchup … One-on-one, none of the football players could stop Hakeem — who could probably walk into Miami Heat camp and win the starting center job — but Dream couldn’t really stay in front of anybody defensively, either. The 3-on-3 game went into overtime, where the NFL guys won thanks to hitting their threes and being in better shape. Hakeem and Kenny seemed legitimately angry (or at least annoyed) at the loss. Fox seemed happy just to get another hour on TV … We’re out like Beno …

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  • jonny taise


  • Yooo

    Good moves by LA. Wulda liked Tmac, but barnes is cool

  • Jerry k

    With the addition of Barnes,Ratliff,Blake and 2 promising rookies in Ebanks and Caracter along with Odom,Sasha (if he can get his shot back and stay a scrappy defender),Walton (if healthy,and ya hes not the flashiest player but he gets the job done in the Triangle), Lakers have a top-5 bench….
    —Lakers have really set themselves up to make a run to the finals every year til kobe turns 35…..
    —I wonder If dirk or Yao or someone off all-star talent will consider signing with lakers in a few years (like 2014ish when they have no rings)

  • common sense

    Just had a thought. this whole issue about the hypocrisy regarding the ‘Super Friends’ and modern day athletes forming these Megatron/Voltron inspired teams.

    The Lakers, Kobe(top 3 player in the league), Pau(best PF in the league, not Timmy), Bynum(when fit, All-star), Ron Ron (past all star/one of the best defenders at the 3), Lamar(all star in hiding, one of the most talented players in the game). If Kobe isn’t on a ‘stacked’ squad I do not know what the definition for ‘stacked’ should be.

    Lebron obviously recognized this fact and whilst watching the training day scene were Alonso(Denzel) uttered the phrase ‘to catch the Wolf you have to be a Wolf’, Denzel then proceeded to ‘howl’ along with his trainee. Remember Denzel won an Oscar for this role and this scene is truly legendary. But clearly Lebron has enough smarts to realize this and he made appropriate moves towards joining a ‘Wolf’. Nonetheless, the process was classless and most probably regrettable on Lebrons part but the analogy with the Wolf should still bear fruit.

    Think about the stacked squads in the making, the one down in OKC, the Lakers, potentially the spurs, the Mavericks if they could get Paul. No way all these stars could afford to take a chance and possibly try and win it by themselves and become a tragic martyr like figure, ala Charles Barkley, Stockton and Malone, and somehow have their image enhanced for NOT winning a chip.

    Anyway, i’m sure what iv’e just said has been stated already but I tried to add the POP culture analogy to make it clearer for the masses.

  • princesslebron

    I like how Kobe tries to stack his team with everyone he had beef with….Artest, Raja Bell, Barnes…hell, just throw Shaq on the squad and call it a day.

  • princesslebron

    @ common – Lakers are stacked, but how they got stacked is vastly different from LBJ, Wade, and Bosh all at once deciding to join forces and pick a place to play and team up.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Atlanta brass need to be on the front step of CP3’s crib while phoning the Hornet’s GM on speed dial. Paul is the guy we passed on (drafting Marvin Williams instead) and now WANTS to be traded. This is a chance for the franchise to seriously redeem themselves. MAKE IT HAPPEN ATL!!

  • Stunnaboy09

    I think CP just showed he’s human. I mean f it he’s seen the Hornets get more shit year after year. He still pussied out and asked to be traded but if he had just said “get me more talent or I’m leaving when my contract is up” then he doesn’t come of a bad guy like he does now. Plus he commits himself to building a winner in New Orleans and gets the fans behind him, maybe make management stop cutting cost.

    Which brings me to this point; why buy a team if your gonna be stingy (Sterling…). I think its common knowledge that if you want that chip you gotta spend money. And NBA teams aren’t the most profitable things to begin with. So if your buying a team and you don;t want to commit the money required for a chip, why buy one?

  • daghost

    @ bookkwormmaster…i hate to bust your bubble but cp3 just isn’t going to ATLANTA. sorry bud. nice thought though

  • Talented

    “Question: At 30 years old, is Barnes a guy who should be admired for taking less money to play for a winner, or is he just a ring-chaser? And what exactly is the difference?”

    Answer: He’s just a ring chaser. Because he wasn’t anybody special before he turned 30 and decided to take less money to play for a winner..that’s the difference. No disrespect.

  • Stunnaboy09

    I think Talented got it basically, if your a career high average of 10 ppg and you join a championship team, your a ring chaser. If you were good in your prime or at least borderline all-star then you a vet taking a paycut.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Rule does not apply to washed up vets who can’t contribute shit but sign on championship teams(cough Payton cough)

  • OneZero

    funny how the super “friends” get together in MIA while kobe tries to get the super “villains” together (Artest, Bell almost, now Barnes)

    like they say, keep your friends close but your enemies kloser….I mean closer..


  • Skeeter McGee

    Beasley gonna be getting that Canadian herb up in ‘Sota fa sho fo sho…

    Honestly though, do the T-Wolves carry any bit of significance at all? They keep trading away for the future, but if you keep doing that then you don’t do shit. Don’t believe me? Look at the post-KG era…

    I’m out like Beasley from rehab, then back at it…

  • Craig

    dime your gonna ignore the whole barnes/kobe confrontation that happen? Barnes added another notch to kobes bedpost with the ball fake to the face, and now we are suppose to think they are gonna sleep in rooms next to each other acting like theres no amnesty?

  • RealTalk

    I figure Barnes would go Hollywood with the rest of the actors, his gf will love that.It will not make any difference.I do want to know why nobody gives Gasol any credit. All I read is kobe this, kobe that, when Gasol was the most consistent and efficent player on that team. I really believe Gasol does not like kobe. He already called him out earlier in the season. Don’t be surprised if Gasol ask for a trade after next season…anything is possible.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    @#6 – yeah, the lakers did it differently, they were gifted a championship team via trade- that is much different.

    the nba is 10x softer today than it was in the magic/jordan era, and that’s why dudes are teaming up to get rings. if lebron was a killer, he’d play like one, i don’t know why his move surprises anyone. and good for him, always fun to play with your friends – and he’s playing with 3 of his best friends in the league now.

    he should get publicly punched in the face for “the decision” – shit, put it on prime time sports center, proceeds split between the boys and girls club and the guy who came up with the idea.

    i’m rich, bitch.

  • common sense


    I appreciate you counter argument with the manner in which the Lakers acquired/built their team. However, upon further analysis the Lakers acquired Gasol with one of the most lopsided (borderline fraudulent) trades ever witnessed in professional sports at the time. The balance of the trade has since been slightly re-addressed due to the development of Marc Gasol. Memphis could have sent Pau to ANY other team and received more value and guaranteed return but they chose the Lakers who had ties with individuals on the Memphis management team. I reiterate, Marc Gasol has since made the trade slightly more palpable.

    At the time of the trade other teams were rightfully suggesting that some sort of foul play was involved in this trade, much the same as the ‘Super Friends’ trade, and that this trade would ultimately shape the face of the NBA for the next 5-6 years. This deduction proved correct and due to a ‘fraudulent’ trade, the Lakers have subsequently reached the finals 3 years running and counting.

    So for all those out there, especially the Lakers fans lamenting the formation of what I believe is destined to become the greatest team ever assembled, please analyse the facts and historical context regarding this trade, also, enough with the hypocrisy and short sightedness already.

  • pipdaddyy

    Maybe Barnes just wanted to go home. And what’s wrong with wanting a ring over wanting more money when you’re already a millionaire?

  • Ekstor

    I love this negative backlash against the Lakers now trying to state that the Wade/Lebron/Bosh triumvirate is no different than Kobe/Gasol.

    Here’s the biggest difference between the two situations. DWade and Lebron are #1-calibur options for championship squads. They are two of the three top players in the NBA. Both have led their team to the finals and Lebron was captain on the team with the best record two years in a row. I won’t give the same credit to Bosh. He’s probably better as a #2 option.

    As for Gasol, is he the best PF in the league? …and yet, not many would truly consider him a top 5 player today. Also, people need to stop acting like he’s always been as good as he is. He became better because of Kobe. Often overlooked is the fact that as a #1 option in Memphis, he was 0-12 in the playoffs. The truth is that he’s a perfect #2 to Kobe’s #1.

    There was nothing fraudulent about Lebron going to MIA… but Skip Bayless had it right. In choosing MIA over CLE or even CHI, he basically admitted his own lack of confidence that he could win a ring as “the man” and wanted to be with another franchise player.

  • seany_t

    I think Barnes was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He’s been earning the minimum or just above for a while now, and finally started getting the props he deserved for his defence. Problem being every team he’s been on in the last four years has valued him but not enough to pay him what he’s worth.

    It looked like he was finally gonna get the “big” money deal with the Raps until it fell through. So he probably thought fuk it, play on a team that going no where in Cleveland for more money or take a real shot at a ring in L.A. I don’t think he’s a ring chaser at all, I think he’s exactly what every contender wants on their team and he does it all at a reduced price.

  • RonRon’s Hat

    @6 RT common; plus 1

    Lakers are not having the same $ problems with improving their roster compared to Miami. That alone should tell you that it is a different situation. All the discussion proves is that you can’t win it alone (which everyone intuitively knows)

  • K Dizzle

    Don’t be surprised if Gasol ask for a trade after next season…anything is possible.
    I can see it now. “I’m gettin sick of all this winning. I wanna be the man again cuz it worked out so well in Memphis before…..Send me to Minny”

    @ Dime – that Pros vs Joes was fun to watch but the only reason the Joes won was cuz they went all Hack-a-Dream on Olajuwon, who couldn’t hit a freebie, before McNabb startin shootin like Steve Nash in ot….No joke, Kenny and Dream were pissed. Rick was a little too happy about losin tho.

    Beautiful day in Laker Nation today. Apparently, the Heat signed Arroyo….while the Lakers replaced Farmar, Morrison and Powell with Blake, Barnes and Ratliff. When Kobe gets the knee and finger fixed and Bynum gets back healthy, it’s a wrap. Wanna know the difference between championship squads and contenders? Lakers 2nd forward off the bench is Matt Barnes. He could damn near start for the Heat…

    Feelin good as a Laker fan, but I feel a lil pity for those Raptors. They went from recoverin nicely to losin Bosh by gettin rid of Calderon and Hedo and pickin up Chandler, Diaw, Barnes, Kleiza and Barbosa….and then gettin denied by Mike and the Commish…..damn

  • vince

    @ 8 Stunnaboy09:

    ‘fans’ & ‘new orleans’ in once sentence?

  • Stunnaboy09



    N.O. got some of the CRAZIEST fans I’ve ever seen. Too bad most of it aint for basketball though…

    Hell, can we start selling 3peat T-Shirts already? Anything bar Kobe’s body giving him the finger and I see LA walking threw the West and handling Miami/Orlando/Boston or whoever makes it to the finals

  • shiptar

    gotta tell you this guys: yesterday i returned from croatia, where i saw Andrew Bogut on the best party destination in this part of Europe Zrce beach. Damn he is huge+ he had three hotties with him :) Life could be worse..

  • KnicksFan

    Damnnnn im upset LA got Barnes…thats a good pick up

  • http://www.myspace.com/streetfactors ChaseGreen aka Hobe Bryant

    Barnes and Kobe are not enemies….Barnes is an idiot who tried to get under Kobe skin in 1 game..lol..Raja and Kobe they are enemies…and thats why Raja aint on the Lakers Roster…Kobe would never give an enemy a free ring…which is why I can’t understand why Dwade gave Lebron and Bosh a chance to be mentioned in the same sentence.

    And we are so glad to see Jordan leave!!!! He thinks he can be a starter and handle the pressure every night!!! Good Luck in New Jersey idiot…

    A lesson in life that I go by: “Be careful of what you ask for”

    the Lakers aint stacked…they are carefully put together (sorta) Pau was a bust in Memphis, Odom had one good year prior to coming to the Lakers (him and dwade in miami), Nobody wanted the “Fan Fighter” on they squad…(the lakers are still unsure if he is a fit)…shannon brown wants to be a star so bad, that he jumps thru the roof on every attempt and f#$ks up everytime he’s finally about to prove himself….and Sasha aint been right since Ray Allen smashed him in the Finals a couple years ago..(plz let him go Lakers) he is turning into a modern day (BJ Armstrong) Kobe should punch him in the eye and go public on his rage against his sorry ass teammates…

    (Hip Hop Example) Nobody would’ve wanted Day 26 or Danity Kane on their record Label, but since Diddy signed them they had a chance to do big things with alright talent!!!

    With all that being said we are still the team to beat…Come take the f#$kin ring Miami!!! see you on Christmas Day!! -Hobe Bryant- (ichasegreen, i dont tweet)

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @common sense: “Memphis could have sent Pau to ANY other team and received more value and guaranteed return but they chose the Lakers who had ties with individuals on the Memphis management team.”

    I admit the Gasol for Gasol trade appeared to look lopsided at first but if you dug deeper, it made total sense for the Grizzlies… to me at least. They were cutting costs and rebuilding for the future. Kwame Brown was in his contract year and they got two 1st round picks in addition to Marc Gasol. Pau was being a suck at that time so who knows what offers the Grizz were getting. With Pau moping, they weren’t exactly trading from a position of power. It was no different than the Vince-to-New Jersey trade. The Raps got ripped off if you just look at talent alone, but as we all know talent is only one criteria when discussing trades.
    To me, it made sense. I mean, look at the Grizzlies now. Would they have been better off by keeping Pau? Or making a different trade?? Perhaps this trade gave them the most flexibility out of all the offers they had on the table. It worked out for them.

  • Heckler

    @ ALL–

    Does the NBA really need two teams in Los Angeles? Is it necessary to have the Clippers there? Shouldn’t the Clippers be moved to Seattle?

    Does the NBA really need a team in Minnesota? That is a football town; not basketball town. Shouldn’t the Wolves be moved to another city?…like maybe Las Vegas? It would increase their value immediately.

    and now, what about Cleveland? The city and the team only had relevance when Craig Ehlo was getting shitted on by ‘you know who’. Now that LeJudas…errr…sorry, LeBron has ditched town, does the NBA need to have a team there?

    is contraction really a bad thing for the league?!!?

  • Skeeter McGee

    Yeah, Pau Gasol for his brother and a future draft pick… Real fair Lakers fans. Maybe Jerry West wanted to send a nice present to where his heart is: L.A.

    “Super-friends”? Is there nothing better than that term? Over/Under on “super-friends” being used this NBA season: 5000… I’ll say over…

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6


    2007-08 – Hornets are one game from Conference Finals
    2008 offseason – Paul signs 4 yr extension
    2008-09 – Hornets, w basically same team, early playoff exit
    2009-10 – Chris Paul misses 45 games, Hornets miss playoffs
    2010 offseason – trade demand

    So … he is so much of a winner he basically gave this ONE year. When you consider he DIDN’T PLAY this year.

    Yeah. I can tell you as a Hornets fan my opinion of him will never be the same. As far as I’m concerned Jordan & everyone can make fun of this generation all they want. They’re right. Everyone in this city put this guy’s name in the same sentence with Drew Brees as a leader, and this is how he handles ONE season of adversity (in which they still made the playoffs). Or is he really counting the season they didn’t make the playoffs BECAUSE OF HIM BEING OUT OVER HALF THE YEAR? He needs to look in a damn mirror hard.

    Never mind that every large, bad contract the Hornets have was on the books in 2008 when he signed. Every fan knew then that the Hornets would not be a player in free agency & would have basically the same roster till 2011. He doesn’t have people who tell him this? He can’t read? But he’s the one who signed the contract anyway. He can suck it up.

  • Skeeter McGee


    Good point. I’m interested to see how much influence LeBron had in convincing him to leave, because how can one player who is with one franchise (‘Bron) be “advising” another player under contract for another team (CP3)? I know Maverick and LRMR or whatever LeBron’s marketing agency represent Paul, as well, but LeBron should not be getting involved, his people should.

    Overall, it’s been a real sketch offseason haha…

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Skeeter

    The second I read that he signed with LRMR I predicted this would happen. (Seriously: http://hornetshype.com/wp/2010/07/08/those-moments-when-you-realize-your-hero-is-not-who-you-thought-he-was/ ) I wish I hadn’t been right.

    It is disappointing that Chris Paul would align himself with people who everyone pretty much agrees just soiled the image of LeBron James. Here’s exactly what I think’s going down: Paul hires them to call around to the media & be the “person in his camp” who leaks trade demands. He doesn’t talk to the team himself. He doesn’t say anything about this. Note there are zero recent quotes from Paul in any of this. He’s trying to have them do the dirty work behind everyone’s back while maintaining his nice guy image. Nice try, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Fact Check: Sorry, he PLAYED 45 games, missed 37. I always get that mixed up. Still. The point is the same. It’s pretty weak to demand a trade after a season where YOU were the guy who didn’t play.

  • karizmatic

    Donovan McNabb and TO played on the same team?

    The Paul situation was to be expected, he had been unhappy in New Orleans for a while and now he sees Miami creating an apparent superteam he doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch them roll through the league. This is just part of the realignment that’s going to happen now for guys to compete with Miami and LA.

  • jimmyjack

    @Ekstor — “There was nothing fraudulent about Lebron going to MIA… but Skip Bayless had it right. In choosing MIA over CLE or even CHI, he basically admitted his own lack of confidence that he could win a ring as “the man” and wanted to be with another franchise player.”

    Here’s the problem with that statement: LeBron is better than D-Wade. LeBron is the two-time reigning MVP. LeBron is the one who’s been to a Finals, conference finals, and conference semis over the last 4 years, while Wade hasn’t been out of the first round in 4 years.

    So tell me why LeBron won’t be “The Man” in Miami? All he did was switch uniforms, not roles. He’s still going to be “The Man” he just has better teammates now. And Skip Bayless can eat a dick. He’s the master of talking loud and saying nothing.

  • SJ

    Lakers won’t win it this coming season. Guaranteed.

    Some of you people act like stars never leave their teams and LBJ is the first to ever do so. Everyone knows that’s not true.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Also a question: Chris Paul apparently thinks the Hornets told him they were going to be big players in free agency this year and he was lied to. Serious question, do players know anything about the salary cap? I find it weird that he doesn’t seem to.

    The Hornets are over the CAP. Not the tax, the CAP. They have the MLE, the bi-annual, and a couple trade exceptions. Does Chris Paul legitimately not know his team’s cap situation? I seriously doubt anyone really told him they’d be going after big free agents. They can’t. Flat out can’t. That’s not the owner being cheap. That’s the salary cap. If he wanted one of those guys to come to New Orleans in a sign and trade, he should’ve been on the phone to his “friends”. Now they did their own thing and he feels left out.

    Don’t be that guy. It’s embarrassing. Sort of like how Chris Bosh looks like he’s tagging along after the other two. Ugh. I can’t believe I’m saying this about Chris Paul.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    NBA players are human beings,they get frustrated….I understand why Chris demanded a trade …the team was more of a pretender than a contender.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @ticktock6 — I see what you’re saying, but the Lakers and Celtics were/are just as much over the cap and they’re still making moves in free agency to get better. Aside from the Draft (in which I think New Orleans has done a great job the last couple years), the only move N.O. made was re-signing Aaron Gray. So if the team actually told CP they would improve the roster, and he’s watching high-payroll teams like L.A. bringing in quality players while his team isn’t doing anything, I can see why he’d feel lied to.

  • rell

    Good pickup by LA but Barnes need to fire his agent. Everyone got paid this year except him. Players that are not better than Barnes (Blake, Duhon, Darko, Amir Johnson, Raja Bell(didn’t even play last season)) received a better contract than him. His agent haven’t got him a good deal since he been in the league.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Austin

    Honestly after the big free agents, who is there? There were seriously not that many guys I’d even spend the MLE on. If the Hornets signed one of them, I have a feeling CP would be like, “whoo you signed Ronnie Brewer” and still feel the exact same way.

    I guess what I’m saying is I, as a fan, never expected them to be active in FA. I expect them to be active in trades this summer/fall/winter, but not FA. I doubt they made serious free agency promises to him. The team has been in the middle of hiring a new GM and cleaning house. And he busts out with trade demands at the exact same time? Did he not like the hire? He’s not going to give Dell Demps more than 1 day to work?

  • rell

    @K Dizzle
    Don’t understand how you believe Barnes can start for the Heat? Over who, Lebron or Wade?

  • Sporty-j

    DWade has not been out of the first round because he seperated his shoulder in 2007 and still had the heart to come back and play in the playoffs, 2008 was still hurt and missed the season which made us a lottery team, 2009 was healthy but was playing 1 on 5 against Atlanta, and 2010 was playing 1 on 5 agaisnt Boston. Lebrons team has been adding pieces to get to the championship while Wades team was looking for expiring contracts wasting 2 yrs of his prime waiting for the summer of 2010 to get Wade help and it paid off more than even Wade could have thought of. Wade now has all the help he needs even though the Lakers have reloaded up even more and have the better coach. You do realize that Wades legacy will always be better than Lebron and he will always be ahead of Lebron as an all-time great when you start talking top 10 of all-time because he will always have 1 more ring than Lebron…

  • star_bury

    If I were Rick Fox, I wouldn’t waste my time being on TV. I’d be at home with Eliza Dushku. Call me crazy.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @ticktock6 — Of course it wouldn’t have been anybody major, but if Chris Paul sees L.A. getting solid role players like Matt Barnes and Steve Blake, and Boston getting guys like Jermaine O’Neal for semi-cheap, and all N.O. got was Aaron Gray …

    Like I said, if the Hornets told him they’d be active and they’re not being active, he has a right to be upset. If the Hornets had no room to be active, they should have been up-front with CP3 and told him they couldn’t do much this summer other than have a good Draft.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Austin

    I think the problem with Bower was that he DIDN’T talk to CP. They didn’t give him a heads up when they fired Byron Scott, and stuff like that really soured the relationship. Talking to him more about their plans a long time ago is what should have happened.

    My issue is, CP wanted Bower gone. Fine, he’s gone. Dell Demps was hired within a week. Now let the man talk and work before you send your people behind everyone’s back to make demands. It’s not unreasonable.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Austin

    I personally think the Hornets’d be the perfect team to take a stab at a guy like McGrady. Too bad he’s scared of New Orleans… Could be had pretty cheap, and if it turns out he can’t play, they have Thornton.

  • Mateus

    Right now, Kobe is trying to convince Chris Childs and Reggie Miller to comeback from retirement

  • K Dizzle

    @ rell

    When I said Matt Barnes “could” start for the Heat, I was lookin at Lebron at the point, Wade at the 2, and Barnes at the 3. It could be him or Miller, but whereas Miller gives you offense, Barnes is 90% defense. On defense, Flash guards the point, Barnes can obviously guard the 2 and Bron guards the 3. Bron, Bosh and Wade take a lil more of a paycut, they probably coulda got him.

    @ JAY
    every few weeks, some uninformed basketball fan posts that the Lakers “stole” Gasol. People need to understand it was a salary dump. Memphis actually made out pretty good for what their goals were, which was to get draft picks, young talent and expiring contracts. Haters need to stop assuming that Memphis was looking for a “fair” trade, player for player. They got lucky that Marc Gasol is now a certified stud at the center spot, but they weren’t going to pay Pau anyways, and the Lakers of course, had no problem going over the cap to get and extend him.

    @ post 15 – I’m gonna assume you meant animosity. If you saw the playoffs 2 seasons ago, you mighta seen Kobe and Artest get into it, but one year later, looked like they were gettin along just fine. Barnes wants to win more than he actually hates Kobe. Look at the teams he’s played for in his prime. Phoenix, Orlando, LA. Dude is tryin to get a ring. I ain’t mad at that, and I don’t like the term “ringchaser” when you can stil contribute what Barnes does.

    @ ticktock – I can’t relate as a Laker fan, but as a Chris Paul fan, I ain’t mad at him. He tight with Tyson Chandler, they trade him away; he tight with Byron Scott, they fire him; he tight with Mo Pete, they trade him away. Dude gotta look around and wonder what’s goin on. He gets hurt, Collison blows up and all the sudden, too many people sayin he should be traded now cuz he expensive and Collison’ll give the same numbers on the cheap. Numbers are nice, and I like DC, but it’s about wins and losses and the Hornets weren’t winnin with DC even though his numbers were solid. Heads sayin DWill clearly the best point guard in the league, shit gotta be infuriatin when you hurt and can’t protect your rep. I still say, when healthy, it’s CP3 and then everybody else (matter of opinion) and now, comin off that disrespect last year, he’s takin off heads this season, and I don’t think it’s gonna be in a Hornets jersey(which sucks cuz I just got a CP3 jersey)

  • Promoman

    Chris Paul a nice guy? That kool-aid’s almost is on the same level as Allen Iverson being a team player. He’s possibly the dirtiest player in the league now that Bruce Bowen shut it down. A very talented player but dirty as fuck.

  • LakeShow84


    People getting on DWade when he got something that HOF’s aint got and never will have..

    A Championship.. oh and dont forget that Finals MVP..

    You niggas is bugging.. i gives a fl#$k if he aint done much these past couple of years.. That team went through the Shaq hangover just like we did.. They havent had ANYONE down in South Beach..

    Posey, Zo, Walker, Williams, Shaq all came off that roster and were replaced by Rookies while Lebrons squad kept reupping..

    You guys need to pull your head out of your asses.. Besides 2 MVPS id say Dwayne Wade has accomplished way more than the LeBron..

    And Chris Paul has always been a whiner.. Aint no one watched the dude play??? Hes a dirty lil F’er lol

    Barnes??? Ehhhhh we’ll take him lol damn are we a defensive team.. Whats that old saying??

    Defense wins championships??

  • LakeShow84


    TickTock called it!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

  • Simon

    “Lakers 2nd forward off the bench is Matt Barnes. He could damn near start for the Heat…”

    – K Dizzle

    I have to agree with rell on this one, who is he starting over? And don’t say if Lebron or Wade or Bosh get injured… Actually, maybe Miller should start and LeBron should come off the bench just to win the 6th man award? Would that be the first time someone has won MVP and 6th man?

  • Simon

    Not in the same season, just in general obviously… BUT, maybe someone should try to do it in the same season by coming in at first whistle every game.

  • Chekmate

    The situation between CP3 and Bron is extremely different.

    Cavs were aggressive every year trying to get a Championship and they were willing to spend money. If Bron decided to come back, I would imagine they would continue trying to improve the team even if they took on more salary.

    Hornets were always concerned of their budget first and winning second. They didn’t really go after players through trades or free agency.

    Cavs tried to win, Hornets tried to save money.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^ Yep ^^^^

  • K Dizzle

    @ Simon

    see post #51

    @ Chekmate
    solid post

    If the Hornets were clearin space like Miami to bring in some help for their franchise player instead of tryin to save money, it wouldn’t have come to this…

  • BiG_RoB_n_Cali

    @commomn good word dude

    CP3 doing the same thing Kobe did a few years back that changed everything but Paul will have to be like Lebron and goto another team to get some where

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    “If the Hornets were clearin space like Miami to bring in some help for their franchise player instead of tryin to save money”

    LOL clearing space IS trying to save money, what do you think space is? The problem is to do that Wade had to sit through a seriously shitty year and two “eh” ones. Chris Paul has gotten mad with every move the Hornets have made to clear space.

    Ya can’t have it both ways!!

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    WIN NOW and CLEAR SPACE will never, ever mix. What happens when you say “Oh I won’t waste my star’s prime by rebuilding on the fly” is exactly what’s happening to the Hornets now– the same star tells you you should have been cutting salary 2 years ago. When 2 years ago he said, “Why are you cutting salary, I want to be winning!”

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The VERY OFFSEASON after the Hornets almost made the conference semis– when every media outlet and clearly Chris Paul himself when he signed the extension– said they were the 2nd best team in the West, is when the mistake was made. Don’t sign Posey. Trade Mo Pete THEN. Don’t sell the draft pick. Package Peja with anyone you can to get his contract out of there, never mind that that roster had had success.

    Every Hornets fan knew that team wasn’t young, it was old with old players locked down. Chris Paul should’ve known it too. Which is why I can’t have any sympathy for him now.

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah i agree..

    everyone saw the writing on the wall with Peja.. that year they were successful Peja was STILL shitty.. Dude has always needed to hit 2-3 3’s a game to justify his PT considering he couldnt guard the tortoise..

    Honestly i had them coming out the following year as if not MORE successful seeing they signed that stopper in Posey but i know Posey would bust because hes always been a piece and aint nothing worst than a “paid” piece of shit..

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Lakeshow84

    That summer I thought we should’ve passed on Posey and signed Kelenna Azuibuke for half the money.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Just a thought fellas… Funny how nobody is shouting out A-Rod who is on the verge of hitting his 600th homerum. He would be the youngest to do so at 35yrs old.

    Nobody gives a shit and rightfully so. Those guys took they banned substances so they fucked up their own glory. Fuck A-Rod!!!!

  • K Dizzle

    Just goes to show that Pat Riley is the smartest man in basketball. If the Hornets don’t trade Chandler, him(11m), Peja(15m), MoPete(6.6 mil) and Songaila(4m) come off the books after the upcoming season and they’re in a good spot to sign a max guy like Melo cuz players actually wanna play with Paul. That’s 36 mil off the books.
    I still don’t understand that Okafor deal to this day…
    oh well…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    hahaha…GOONS or SHOOTERS, those are the only things top squads are adding.

    Well, we got those in Southwest Phil. Scouts c’mon down!

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ K Dizzle

    This is exactly what I’m saying… Hornets tried to trade Chandler for 2 expirings in ’09. Chris Paul was the one who pitched a fit b/c he wanted to “win.”

    Like I said, can’t have both. (Technically I believe they can still sign a max guy like Melo next year… 19M would be enough)

  • Stunnaboy09

    Dayum, ticktock going in…

    It must suck to be a Hornets fan. I put CP3 up there with Wade and Bron as the superstarts who are basically their team. You just cant quantify it. Chris Paul was the New Orleans Hornets. Now he wants out. The NBA is turning ugly.

    New Orleans deserve what their getting, nothing annoys me more than cost cutting franchises and the 2007-8 squad, as ticktock said, could never had held up. Traded Mo ad Stoja for a young perimeter scorer then. Nope didn’t do it. The only thing they hope for is that Collison and Thornton somehow turn into Parker and Ginobili overnight

    The only thing I don’t like about signing Barnes is that it takes developmental minutes from Ebanks. Rather LA just play Ebanks and see what they got before signing Barnes. And for a guy who complained about minutes last year he sure isn’t getting much more with LA, Kobe and Artest go for close to 37+ minutes a game. Maybe he can disrupt chemistry?

  • Ian

    sorry but its not the same when u play in toronto and cleveland people dont want to go there. kobe wouldnt have lasted 7 years in cleveland and no more than 7 months in toronto.

  • control


    Kobe would LOVE playing in Toronto…he’d score 81 every practice…

  • Ian

    hahahahahahahahahhaha (sorry cant write lol it would be comment too short bs)

  • LakeShow84

    Looks Kahn aint too much of a teflon don..

    NBA getting him for 50K off top lol

    And if i were Beasley id pull him to the side and tell him straight up

    Mike “look i aint crazy and i dont need no ones help so if you keep droppin my business like that ill f#$kin kill you”

    David “whoa sorry about that Michael, but i promise i wont say anything else about anything.. its all in house now”

    Mike “Good then i am crazy and i will f$%kin kill you”

    Problem solved!!

  • Legend 33

    @Simon I think the great Bill Walton won an MVP with the Blazers and 6th Man of the year with the Celtics.

  • Michael

    the answer in slovenian is “odgovor”, i’m Slovenian and it really sucks. Beno should be in the starting 5, but he shouldn’t bitch about it