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LeBron James “The Decision” Live Blog

Before we press PLAY on what could be the biggest day in some basketball team’s history (recent history, at least), we have to hit PAUSE real quick: During the “SportsCenter” lead-up to this LeBron James program, Shelly Smith was reporting live from a Cleveland bar when one of the anchors said, “It looks like the fans behind you are getting oiled-up for the show.” Oiled-up?? I know Greenwich, Conn., is near the WWE campus, but I didn’t realize Triple H and Randy Orton were gonna be involved in this …

* LeBron walks in the room, flanked by two gigantic goons who I assume are his bodyguards. I’m guessing Braylon Edwards didn’t get an invite.

* It’s me, Aron Phillips, Daniel Marks and Sean Sweeney in the Dime office. I’m only here because I just moved back to NY last week and still don’t have a TV. No idea why these guys haven’t gone home yet. Sweeney is a Lakers fan and AP is a Celtics fan. If LeBron goes to Miami, those two might need a few drinks.

* Somebody we know just texted that Kanye West is in the Greenwich Boys & Girls Club. I’m not sure if they’re serious or kidding. All day people have been making jokes about Kanye rushing the stage to interrupt LeBron to tell the world that Carmelo is really the best player in the world, and now it might actually happen.

* Overheard in the room: “This is like a LeBron suck-fest.” … “He’s gonna start wearing a crown after this.”

* Not that anybody really cares about the pre-announcement stuff, but right now they’re re-capping the other big offseason moves for the teams relevant to the LeBron chase: Amar’e to New York, Chris Bosh and D-Wade in Miami, Boozer to Chicago. Taking LeBron out of the equation, my favorite move out of that group was the Bulls picking up Boozer. They’ve needed a real low-post scorer for years and they finally got one. Derrick Rose now has a legit pick-and-roll threat.

* ESPN does the “Here’s how LeBron would look in (Team X) jersey” and didn’t even bother Photo-shopping the Clippers. That’s cold.

* Who is more nervous than Chris Broussard right now? He’s been saying Miami all day, and if it’s NOT Miami, Broussard turns into the next Sam Smith. Nobody will believe anything he reports.

* Speaking of, I like how ESPN has been putting a Heat logo next to LeBron all day and telling us he’s going to Miami, then act surprised when their viewer poll is so heavily swayed towards the Heat.

* RT @JoshCribbs16 — “I’m getting the word that he’s going to stay in Cleveland.” If you don’t know, Cribbs is the Cleveland Browns’ best player and boys with LeBron.

* I can’t even explain why, but I hope he stays in Cleveland.

* And here we go … Jim Gray gets cute and asks, “So what’s new? What’s going on this summer?” You know Gray wanted to just ask straight-out “Who is it?” but I’m sure he’s under orders to stretch this out as long as possible.

* LeBron just happens to have a Vitamin Water next to his director’s chair. Surely that was a coincidence.

* Gray: “How many people know your decision right now?” LeBron: “Not too many.” I’d guess LeBron, his girl, his Mom, a couple of his boys, and some people at Nike. LeBron then says the team he’s picking just found out.

* LeBron says one big thing is he wants to win now. So the Clippers are out, the Nets are out. I’m guessing. The Heat, Cavs and maybe the Knicks (depending on who else they sign) can win right now with LeBron.

* And … it’s … the Miami Heat. Wow.

* As soon as he said, “This is very tough,” I officially canceled out Cleveland.

* My gut still says Pat Riley will be coaching this team within the next year, but LeBron says Erik Spoelstra is still the coach. Can you imagine being in Spoelstra’s shoes right now? He rose up within the organization from video coordinator to head coach at a relatively young age, and now he’s at the helm of what might be one of the most talented NBA teams of all-time.

* Back in the studio, Jon Barry says he’s disappointed that D-Wade and LeBron won’t be singularly dominating games anymore.

* They show the reaction shots from bars in Miami and Cleveland … then cut back to Mike Wilbon in his best Alfred Hitchcock pose. When you saw the guy in the Cavs LeBron jersey jumping up and down in the Miami bar, why would Stu Scott presume he was a Cavs fan? Obviously he was just a LeBron fan.

* The happiest guys in the League right now? All the other free agents whose phones have been silent as teams waited for LeBron to pick. (And I’m not criticizing LeBron at all for taking as long as he did. It’s a major life decision and he should take all the time he wants/needs.) Now guys like Earl Watson and Damien Wilkins can see what’s out there for them.

* Good point by LeBron: This is not a “super-team” yet because they only have five players so far. I’ve said all day to everybody who asked me if Miami would win a ‘chip with LeBron that it depends on their bench. They need good coaching, a good bench, great defense, and THEN the superstars to go all the way.

* A reader commented, “The so called ‘king’ (note the lower case ‘k’) couldn’t hack it in his own kingdom so he’s settling on becoming the Princess (capital ‘P’) in someone else’s.” So winning two MVP’s and 50-60 games every year and averaging 27-8-7 doesn’t even count as “hacking it” anymore? Damn…

* Video footage of people in Cleveland burning a LeBron jersey. And Wilbon actually asks LeBron what he thinks about it. LeBron looks a bit hurt by that, but sticks to the “It’s a business/I couldn’t make an emotional decision” script. He had to know some people would react like that, though.

* I think Stu is trying to get LeBron to cry. He asked “Which text or call meant the most to you?” but LeBron said he’d turned his phone off. So Stu came right back with, “Which person during the process meant the most?” and almost got LBJ to choke up. Roy Firestone is somewhere shaking his head calling Stu an amateur.

* Asked if he’s gonna take #6 from Mario Chalmers, LeBron says, “We’ll work something out.” As in Chalmers will give up #6 out of respect for the older guy and gladly take whatever number they give him.

* I feel bad for Glen Rice. He just got knocked off the Miami Heat all-time starting lineup at small forward.

* Asked about playing Obama in H-O-R-S-E, LeBron says, “Pretty much all lefties can shoot.” He must have forgotten about Anthony Mason.

* Looks like it’s just recapping by the ESPN crew from here on. I gotta catch the train up to 155th and it’s not a short ride. I’m out like the Cavs …

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  • fallinup

    5 Bucks says he’s going to… MINNESOTA!

  • fallinup

    Seriously… all this MIA talk. I’m scared for the league.

    BTW: Great drinking game. Shots for every commercial played endorsed by Lebron. Get plastered!

  • fallinup

    How come you busters can have a live blog now… but during no times during the Playoffs or Finals?

  • Daniel

    wouldn’t it be funny if we are all waiting for him to choice an NBA team and he goes to Europe.
    They might actually make him a real king

  • fallinup

    9:18… I’d be drunk now.

  • oooP

    at the bar watching with no sound, anything relevant been said?

  • fallinup

    I want the decision with a drum roll before.

  • Stunnaboy10

    Nothing but 20minute long Bron cock sucking smh

  • fallinup


  • That’s What’s Up


    Lebron James is donating all proceeds to the Boys and Girls AT the club

  • fallinup




  • fallinup

    The NBA as we know it… is over. Pat Riley, you ared the next Red Auerbach.

  • princesslebron

    The so called “king” (note the lower case “k”) couldn’t hack it in his own kingdom so he’s settling on becoming the Princess (capital “P”) in someone else’s.

  • fallinup

    Wow… just wow.

  • the cynic

    Lebron is Wade’s new sidekick!

    Lakers are still going to stomp all over this team. Kobe is still better than Wade and Gasol still crushes Bosh

  • Stunnaboy10

    Wow, LeBron broke a citys heart

    On National TV


  • Ian

    fuckin shit well the nba in the 00s was fun peace people c ya in 15 years.

    i wouldnt be pissed at all if td manu and tp get traded for sasha and morrison

    fuck u lebron

  • E

    wow worst decision ever if hewins a title it wont even count it took three stars in their prime to win a chip he ended his stardom tonight

  • fallinup

    Wowza… just wowza.

  • alf (from melmak)

    The consolation is that he is in the Eastern Conference.

    But, where is the balance in the league now??? This was pre-planned. Sad day. David Stern and the rest of the boys running the league should be ashamed.

    There might not be any rules broken but it is just not right.

  • Tbeezy

    As A Lakers fan bring it on. I’m not scared of Robin James.

  • That’s What’s Up

    two tears in a bucket, mother fuck it.

    Three blind mice – let’s see how they run.

    My guess is 46-50 wins this year and next

  • fallinup

    Now I know what the old schoolers meant when they said Free Agency is killing the league.

  • Jordan Airdare

    Can’t wait to see if LBJ and DWade will be rocking retro Jordans on the court together.

  • Ian

    the cynic those 2 match ups are even and who takes bron???


    glory following bitch… 3 stars who were never good enough to get it done themselves. i hope they fail, i really do… plane crash or something (i dont want them to die, just get shaken up and become crappy at hoops)

    He woulda looked soooo good in Mike D’s Offence, the Knicks might as well send Mike and Amare back to PHX, send the ball boys and floor staff to new jersey and then pack up n go home… shits over.

  • LoBezn0

    Chill people, championships don’t get handed to teams in paper at the start of the season. Championships are earned and won.

    Of those three guys, only one won a ring. Heat still got a gauntlet to run through in the East, and whoever comes out of the West. Besides, the Bulls ain’t finished building their team yet!!

  • E

    i hope they still lose the east

  • fallinup

    And in the end. Feel sorry for the city of Cleveland. They gave him all they could. And they certainly don’t deserve this in a one hour televised special.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    im loving the haters/trolls. if it was your team, youd love it. so stop it.

  • Ian

    so pat riley (great coach) will turn into the next phil jackson (good coach overrated to the point people think hes great)


    @ prof J…… kinda the exact point is that it isnt my team… thats why i hate it.

  • common sense

    can anyone spell 82-0, as 2pac said, ‘can you hear me bitches, can you hear me’, “Picture Me Rolling”, yeah boiiii!!

  • Tbeezy

    Does Shaq go to Miami for the vet minimum?

  • Rizwan

    Holy shit!!! Is this the end of the NBA as being competitive? What kind of moves will teams make now considering the turmoil following the Pau trade? I’m shocked. Not sure at whether the Heat are gonna be crazy good or LeBron just dug his own grave in terms of his brand being as big as before. Does this show that he actually wants to win?

  • Ian

    fuck u lebron james fuck u

  • Tbeezy

    Lebron is A Rod to Wade’s Jeter. (From Espn chat board) Good call.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ Professor J

    To me, it is not about who my favorite team is. Rather, would I still appreciate the NBA when there is an 80 to 90 percent probability that Miami will win the East at the very least? I would still watch it but it kinda takes away the fun, suspense, drama, and excitement out of it.

    What just happened made me appreciate college basketball more.

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    Breaking News: Carmelo Anthony traded to the Lakers for Sasha Vujajic!!!!

  • Ian

    only prob with that is that arod is a top 15 player alltime and 40 times better than jeter other than that nice comparison.

  • the cynic


    Artest can keep James out of the paint, let him shoot jumpers all day. And Jackson WILL out coach Riley

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    It makes sense though, I always thought LeBron was more Scottie Pippen than Michael Jordan.

  • the cynic

    hahaha i loved Bron reaction to Cleveland fans burning his jeresy, classic. I knew this whole show was for PR control on his image

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J


    yeah I appreciate a competitive NBA. but I seriously think that other teams can push the Heat. The Magic are improving and looking to improve more. Can never count out the Celtics. In the West, there are still amazing teams that will totally challenge the Heat (Lakers, Mavs, Nuggets etc.) altho this does totally shift the power and makes things a little lopsided. But theres still talent elsewhere.

    I myself, besides being a heat fanatic, am just incredibly interested. This is something that we have never seen in the NBA. whether you hate it with a passion or love it to no end, I think we can all agree its extraordinary and we are going to be watching.

    also, if I was a fan of another team, I’d be hating my ass off. So I recognize everyone else. Ill see you in October. Things starting to HEAT UP!

  • Ian

    that is not gonna happen but if the two teams meet in the finals for the first time ever ill be on kobes side.

    well man sad thing is the heat have two jordans and one pippen.

  • Witness

    lebron is a straight goof.

  • the cynic

    Kobe loves this; stomping this team is going to elevate his status even more

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    You have to feel sorry for Cleveland as a city, and LeBron better beef up security when they play in Ohio.

  • wit ya

    toilet just flushed… everyone in Cleveland just puked

    Kobe’s rings aren’t relevent with Shaq, what if Miami wins this year, are those rings relevent? Is Wade’s ring relevent with Shaq? I AM CONFUSED?

    I agree I am going to miss Wade and James dominating games single handly and matching up against one another.

    Poor day for the league known as the NBA :(

  • the cynic

    is espn ever going to get rid of Stuart Scott? I mean is there just no one out there who can handle his job

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    I think LeBrons Legacy does take a hit on this move though, Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Hakeem, Bird and on, and on, never left “their” team to join another superstar

    They had other players come to them to help them win, the fact that he couldnt get it done in Ceveland makes him no better than KG, GP, or Gasol.

  • Ian

    comon man thats hating
    hes on the upper class hes no kg or gasol.
    cleveland never gave him a pippen or a gasol. who was his best teammate while in cleveland?? jamison?? comon man.

  • rell

    Game over like Jigga said “A dynasty like no other”. The only good thing about this is more people is bordering the lebron hate train where i am the conductor. All aboard!!!

    Also, if anyone really think their team(including my Celtics) is going to beat this dream team then they are delusional.

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    Ian, but for someone who calls himself the king and has won two straight MVPs, you should have players coming to play with you, not the other way around.

    KG and Ray got a ring with the Celtics but I dont view their legacy the same as a Duncan or Kobe because they had to leave to get it done.

    and somewhere, Reggie Miller, Barkley, Stockton and Malone are kicking themselves for not doing this back in 96

  • Tbeezy

    It’s still hard to believe wade and bron are on the same team.

  • Ian

    dont get me wrong i dont like him and i dont mind if he doesnt win but that wasnt his fault its management the problem. i do agree that his ring will weight less now but hes still not on the kg , reggie miller level hes one inch below td,kobe level.

  • Ian

    btw stockton and malone cant kick themselves cuz they had each other two superstars.

  • Ian

    mchale parish


    jabbar (or is it the other way around) worthy

    those are on the same level as this trio (yes shaq counts as two) and we talk about those players as top ten ever.

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    I never said it doesn’t take at least 3 good players to win, I’m just a bit disappointed in King James for not building his own Castle, pun intended.

  • Ian

    yup agree to me if he won in cleveland he had a shot at being the best ever but he killed that goin to south beach.

  • Cha-Ching

    Lebron basically did a 60 minute show giving the finger to his hometown. Classic!

  • dk

    I told you idiots so…

  • Brian Sobecks

    The Cavs owner may be bitter but he made some excellent points. Lebron disappeared in the playoffs when it counted the last two years. He’s no where close to Michael Jordan at this stage of his career (on or off the court). Michael was loyal to his city. He hung in there through the tough times. Furthermore, he took over the game when it mattered most. Lebron is still a baby in poop filled diapers. Perhaps he will blossom, but in the short-term he can hide behind Wade and Chris. Looks like a good move for a young man who can’t handle the pressure.

    He gave the City of Cleveland hope. For that, they should be thankful, but the city can’t expect a mere youth to do a man’s work or to act like a man.