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LeBron’s Dilemma: To Be or Not To Be Jordan

LeBron James, Dime #48

You may have heard about Michael Jordan‘s recent comments regarding LeBron James and what went down in Miami. But if you stepped out of hoop reality for a second, let me fill you in: “There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry, called up Magic and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team,’ ” Jordan declared at a golf tournament in Nevada over the weekend.

Jordan went on to add that times are different. Whether that’s good or bad, he doesn’t know.

“In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys,” he continued.

Charles Barkley agreed with his friend and even went a little further, proclaiming LeBron can never be in the GOAT discussion no matter how many titles he wins.

Even the normally soft-spoken Kevin Durant chimed in on Twitter: “Now everybody wanna play for the heat and the Lakers? Let’s go back to being competitive and going at these peoples!”

All of these comments raise some interesting questions:

1. Should stars try to “win it by themselves” or should they try to align themselves with the best possible teammates to win a championship?

2. Should LeBron specifically be held to the same standard or blueprint MJ helped create? Or better yet, why would people want LeBron to do it just like MJ did?

3. As fans, do y’all want generations post-Michael to attempt to match his accomplishments, or instead create their own legacy? In other words, if LeBron doesn’t do it the way MJ did, does that make it wrong?

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    i would rather the best play against the best rather than joining the best…bird vs magic is better than bird and magic on a squad…sure…bird and magic had super star squads as well…but magic and bird were “the man” on their teams…their can only be one guy…no matter what they say

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    Blaze your own trail. There will never be another MJ, just like there will never be another Dr. J, or any other legend for that matter.

  • Whatdahec

    It’s Wade’s team. LeBron will basically be Pippen to Wade’s Jordan. The Cs were Bird’s team. The Pistons were Isaiah’s team. The Lakers were Magic’s team. The Heat is Dwayne Wade’s team, Lebron is just a secondary component. He’ll never be in the GOAT conversation it he wins as just a part of someone else’s team. Nuff said.

  • Islander

    As much talent as there is in the NBA, there is a limit to elite talent. Times like this, maybe contraction is a good idea to improve the over-all talent of the league, and make for a better product.

    I know its a far fetched idea, no owner wants to reduce income.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Better late than never Dime I guess…

    Kareem was arguably the man on some of those early LA squads.

    Seriously though, Bron aint MJ. He just aint got the DNA. Maybe its cause he’s been treated like royalty everywhere he’s gone and MJ had to earn it (cut from HS team, Portland passing up on him). I would have loved to see Bron play 3 more years with the Cavs and try and win the chip. You’d know Cleveland would shut down for 5 years if he had won one.

  • asmaticasiatic02

    Joining the heat will probably add more years to the careers of the “big three”. With a more balanced scoring attack, they probably won’t have to work as hard on most nights to get the w….save themselves for the playoffs…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Durant is the fuckin man. and also next years MVP.

    Sorry Lebwrong. Unless he averages a triple dip and the Heat win 70+ games, Lebwrong will no longer be mentioned in MVP discussion. Especially if the other candidates around the league still do their thing with their respective teams.

    Funny, in an attempt to lay down a foundation for his legacy, Lebwrong tarnished it.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Unless the Heat get someone to help Bosh inside, Bosh will get eaten up and WILL have injury problems. Gasol and Bynum will be too much for Bosh to handle.
    If anybody wants to argue, pls don’t bring up Z, Magloire or Anthony. They are garbage.

  • easy yeezy

    i’m a bulls fan, but when miami puts lebron at the point- they will be very hard to beat. watch for 22-10-10 from him this season, along with the countless matchup problems he will present to teams. theres no point guard in the league who be able to match up with him. the only team with enough depth to counter the heat will be the lakers, but even artest has historically been TORCHED by lebron.

  • Bizz

    At the end of the day, LeBron will be criticized more for not taking Cleveland to a championship during a 15 year career than he would for joining up in Miami and winning 1 or more rings, especially if his #’s don’t drastically drop from what they have been. His career projections for stats are already on the path for hall of fame nominations. The same things you praise Jordan, Bird, Magic and Isiah for staying with 1 team are the same things you criticize Stockton, Reggie Miller, even KG prior to him leaving Minnesota, along with Malone, Ewing, and Barkley. Yea they’re all great, but they didn’t win a ring. It’s the same across ALL sports. A-Rod, Dan Marino, Alex Ovechkin…as great as your career is, you get knocked down a peg for not winning the big one, and at times get put below guys who might not have had the stats you had, but won more rings. Pippen’s stats aren’t as good as LBJ’s year after year, but he won 6 rings as a sidekick, and nobody’s giving Pip any flack for it.

  • hahns

    Dime, youre asking the wrong questions. It’s not whether Lebron should be “doing it like MJ,” or whether future stars should be “doing it like MJ.” It’s whether Lebron/future stars should be colluding or competing in general. Yes, Jordan set the bar for being competitive, but just because someone is competitive doesn’t mean they’re copying jordan, right? its just that they’re being competitive period.

    and yes, why wouldnt we want our players to stay competitive- competition brings out the best in everyone- forces everyone to bring their A game- it produces the best results.

    the fascination about lebron is that his ceiling is soo so high; that we want to see how high he can go. he’ll never reach his ceiling by using wade and bosh as crutches. he’ll only reach it by competiting against the best, which will draw out the best in him.

    barkley said it the best when he said a 2 time mvp should never leave their team to win a chip. If youre the best player in the league (which talen wise i think lebron is), you need to do it on your own.

  • GFrank

    The Durantula is as 6’9 (Tupac) he basically said.

    “F**k Bad Boy (Miami) and anybody who wanna be down with Bad Boy (Miami)….we gone kill all u nika’s!

    Durant will offically carry the torch as the realest NBA balla in my book! Ride or DIE with him team!

  • i am a witness


  • Promoman

    I’d have to go along with establishing your own legacy but wisely.

  • SWAT

    @gfrank…umm no. just no.

    anyway-i see both sides of the argument. but lebron did not hv a squad in cleveland. why would he continue to want to lose? he gave them 7 yrs and the most thy gv him was jamison and an old ass shaq. idk but whts funny is i wasnt really a bron fan before but now im actually a fan-not too sure why? i think bcuz so many people hate him now. lol go heat…i guess.

  • Blue

    If Lebron would’ve called Durant and asked him if it would be ok if he joined Durant in OKC, Durant would’ve creamed himself. Everybody’s goal, in the NBA, is to be on the best team that they possibly can. Nobody wants to be on a shitty team unless they’re just strictly about the money, in which case they wouldn’t even give a shit about legacy.

  • i am a witness

    who in the fuck is barkley to talk to lebron…… barkley has no rings so his opinion doesnt COUNT!! HE says lebron will never be MJ or in the conversation with MJ, well neither does LBJ want to b in the conversation with BARKLEY( neither does MALONE STOCKTON REGGIE EWING BAYLOR…etc etc. for that matterlol) he’s always talkin shit . BARKLEY TALKS SO MUCH SHIT he PROLLY uses GLADE as Mouth spray!!…. and mike u cant comapre lebron joining WADE and BOSH to MAGIC AND BIRD!!!!! MAGIC AND BIRD were the top at there respective positions every year they PLAYED!! and shit its not like the king is joining KOBE and TIM DUNCAN or sumthing !! ….. I MEAN SHIT the guy had a decision to make and he MADE HIS CHOICE FUCK IT!! The only problem the media and dumb ass BARKLEY is making out of it is that LEBRON LEFT CLEVELAND… think abou it if WADE and BOSH came to CLEVELAND insted of MIAMI would there have bin as big a deal and outburst and hatred for lebron .. NO! or maybe its the fact that he went to MIAMI ( D wade’s team) thats got all the hate kicking in….. if they all went to new york or any other sorry team( CLIPPERS , NETS) would there be this big of an outburst? NOOOOoo!! i dont think so…..

  • SJ

    I know if I was in LBJ’s shoes, I wouldn’t want to stay in Clevelandtown. I’d want a bigger market city that isn’t dumpy and has more than two buildings. If you were to have Kobe on the Cavs instead of Lakers, he would be itching to leave, too. That’s the small market disadvantage. The NBA tries to make things fair via the salary cap, but there’s only so much you can do.

    That being said, I really feel teaming up superstars is bad for the NBA and overall competitiveness. I imagine the NBA will work to have something in the CBA that bans any team from having multiple max contracts, or something tiered in this fashion. I somewhat doubt Miami could have landed these 3 stars if Wade got $115M, LBJ got $95M, and Bosh got $75M.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Jordan is Jordan, aint no one gonna touch him, ever.

    Kobe is the closest thing, but people still say he aint Jordan.

    A 2 guard can come in and at the end of their career have 7 rings as the man, but he still aint Jordan. Jordan was bigger than just bball, he was global before the NBA was global, no one can emulate that.

  • easy yeezy

    i find it funny that the only ones who really care about lebrons legacy is us. lebron doesnt need to be mike, or kobe or anyone else. this dude has owned the world since high school, won 2 mvps and now has chosen to go have fun in miami. when its all said and done, he’ll have a ring or two, a few more MVPS, a billion dollars and all the time in the world to sit on his ass and reflect on how awesome his life is. and we’ll still be here, on this messageboard, talking about his damn legacy.

    its lebron’s world, we just take up space.

    whatever, go bulls!

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Player

    This is what I’ve been saying to heads all along…sure LBJ is trying to get a ring in a way that hasn’t been done before, by people in their primes…but do it by joining a practical All-Star team? I don’t know

    People keep defending LBJ, casually arguing by saying he shouldn’t try to be like this or do it like that….but truth be told, what superstar at anytime in the NBA’s past history, made a move like LBJ? What superstar said, I’m leaving my teammates behind and teaming up with this other superstar here in order to get a ring right now? Bill Russell didn’t say, I’m gonna team up with Wilt…Oscar didn’t say I’m gonna team up with Marovich…Dr. J didn’t say he’s gonna team up with Magic….the list can go on and on

    I personally think LBJ’s move is a childish one, “I want what I want, when I want it”, instead of REALLY working for it…the greats all changed their games to get a chip, became better teammates, etc…MJ, Isaiah, Magic did pretty much everything, Bird, even Kobe…LBJ has never played on a “team”, because he’s always been the man…watch him in all-star games or watch tapes of the Olympic team, LBJ hasn’t learned the team game yet, maybe this will help, but like Barkley said, his legacy as “The Greatest” is probably tarnished

  • JBaller

    SOmeone oh here said it best the other day, Lebron works tirelessly to promote his Brand, not his Game! Moving to Miami to win seems like another move by a spoiled child who thinks he deserves something – all three of them actually.

  • ShaqFu

    It’s not obvious due to position differences, but LeBron is really the next Shaq.

    A player who is so dominant on the court based soley on size and athleticism that he automatically makes any team he is on a contender and makes their role players into stars.

    Alas he is not the guy to hit clutch shots and close out games come playoff time, thus he has found his Kobe in Wade.

    Now is committing max money to a third Superstar (Bosh) better than spreading it amoung solid role players (Horry, Fisher, Horace Grant, etc) better?

    Guess we’ll find out this year!

  • karizmatic

    How are we going to be able to know who is the best if they are all playing on the same team with each other? As Ric Flair said “TO BE THE MAN YOU GOT TO BEAT THE MAN” to be the best you have to beat the best. WHOOOOOO

  • the cynic

    I would like competition, with uncertainty about the result. If the journey to the top isn’t difficult why even bother

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    Obviously Jordan is the greatest baller ever but the question his comments raise is that didn’t he have help?? Didn’t he have Scottie Pippen (a multiple time all-star and fantastic defensive player)?

    Before Jordan hooked up with Pippen and other quality team-mates, he was just the same as Lebron – a great player with no rings. NO ONE can win it alone.

  • Question Mark

    Hey people,
    Just one question : don’t you think Bron already thought bout what y’all saying (this is Wade’s team, there can be only one), and accepted by himslef to be the greatest Pippen-like player ever ?

  • TK20ketch

    I think this will only show all of the young bucks in the league that the sky is really the limit… The Heats big three will be a great team, but by the trio joining forces will coerce players into considering even more closely where they wish to play so they can have the best chance to win while not getting spanked by the NBA’s elites all the time. Players may even sacrafice some dollars to avoid such embaressment… Just a thought, “joining of forces” strategy could put the competitive level of the league at a much higher level alot sooner than what Stern could actually do all while new “diamond in the rough” superstars will emerge. Maybe executives would be even tougher on who they bring in and send some more players to the D-League and that can become popular at that… we just may have to wait to see if the trend catches with Melo’s decsion for next years free agency!?!

  • Dre

    It is the most ridiculous thing that people can say. People are so full of emotions for Jordan, Magic and Bird they forget that those guys had no reason to go anywhere. They had all star and top 50 players on their team. Magic had Kareem, and Worthy, MJ had Pip for the first few and Pip and Rodman another all-star for the last few. Bird had, McHale, and Parrish 2 hall of famers. I am an Jordan and a MJ fan and I can tell you this, if Chicago would not have put the good players around him he would have left. What the proper question for Jordan is, should be would you have left if Chicago refused to get you any help. That would make him use the old noodle. I love old Chuck but he went ring hunting when he tried to play with Hakeem. However he still thinks that Lebron shouldn’t have left. Kobe didn’t criticize it cause he was on the verge of doing the same thing. Understand this everyone, there is no team that lebron will ever play on where he would be a sidekick or Pippen. He will always be the man for two reason, his star power far exceeds those of anyone in the league, and secondly his talent is too strong for him to be second fiddle to anyone. I think they will all play together with no one sticking out more than the other. They will be like a group of hired assassins who take terms dismantling teams.

  • LakeShow84

    The same INTENSITY and DRIVE that Jordan, Bird, Bryant had and brought to the game are SORELY lacking in Lebron..

    Not to say he knows it but i find it extremely suspect he wouldnt want to win that first chip in Cleveland AS THE ONE AND ONLY.. As i said in another post that was his main challenge..

    And he never accomplished it..

    Lebron said it himself he wants to be the best ever.. but how can the best ever admit he needed top 5 help and switch to one of the other top 5’s teams??

    You would think the BEST EVER would have ONE TEAM for the first 12-13 years of his career right??

    As a TRUE competitor you wouldnt think about that so early in your career because you have such a ways to go.. But looking at Lebrons rise to fame i wouldnt say im surprised by his boat jumping..

    dude has lacked substance since day one.. hes a diva and you can never trust a diva to do something THE OLD SCHOOL WAY..

    Divas think they bigger than whatever is in front of them and they can do it THEIR way..

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    “he’ll never reach his ceiling by using wade and bosh as crutches. he’ll only reach it by competiting against the best, which will draw out the best in him.”

    SO they won’t push him in practice??

    9 times outta 10, teams are gunning for Lebrons team.

    We only know him to be on one squad. And EVERYONE bought their a-game when they faced his squad (same with Lakers, Orlando, Boston)

    Everytime NON-ELITE team play the ELITE teams, they put thier SUNDAY BEST on when they face the best.

    MIAMI adding BOSH and Lebron…assuming A LOT OF THINGS GO RIGHT…will be ELITE or a Top NON-ELITE squad.

    I think we all wanna see how high he climbs his ceiling.
    I don’t think playing alongside 2 very, very, very good players is gonna hamper him. I just don’t see it.

    We still marvel at the other Greats…even though they played with other Greats.

  • Blue

    Several years ago Kobe flat out demanded a trade. Bitching and moaning about the quality of the people around him. And to say that he (Lebron) can’t do it without top 5 talent. Kobe hasn’t done with at least top 10 talent around him.
    Every team is looking to put the best possible players together that they can, and anybody who says differently is a liar. Just like Kobe wants to compete with Raja Bell instead of against him. Does that mean he’s not manning up?
    Everybody is just scared of the Heat and are just making excuses to diminish whatever accomplishments they will achieve.

  • JB

    I hope MJ unretires so LeBron can dunk on him.

  • We-It Athletics

    the lakers and celtics have been loading their teams for years…For example the Lakers won the championship one year and the next year had the number 1 draft pick( how does that happen…Big Game was the pick)…As successful as the celtics was in the 80s they still was able to get a lottery pick to draft Len Bias..wtf…More recently the celts and lakers were basically handed championship when former GMs Jerry West(proclaimed life-long laker) and Kevin McHale( life-long celts) Gave each team franchise players in the same year for absolutely nothing…Last I checked these teams had multiple HOFs during their runs!!! ..CB34 if he had a chance to team with MJ you think he would have turned it down..I don’t think so!! I like Lebron’s decision. And commend him for being brave enough to make a bold decision like that!!

  • LakeShow84

    Oh its Blue.. i read ur stuff before :)

    “Just like Kobe wants to compete with Raja Bell instead of against him”

    Nah its an arms race and we know whats going to win championships.. DEFENSE.. You seriously think Kobe is SCARED of Raja (especially this far into Raja’s career) so he goes and recruits him?? I aint got nothin to say to that one..

    And yes he demanded a trade..

    When the trade didnt happen what did Kobe do?? He reported his ass to training camp, kept a positive vibe and MANNED UP and actually led us to a decent record that year.. Middle of that same season Bynum gets hurt, we get Gasol and the rest is history..

    So all that little history lessons really points out is Kobe let his frustrations be felt.. when it all came down to it he didnt hold out, act disgruntled or anything else when he didnt get his way.. he manned up and did it with what he was given..


    Just checking thanks :)


    none of this really matters anyway, LeBron will never get to 6 rings.
    Right now they still gotta go through the Lakers, Celtics and Magic, then in few years other teams will have made moves to match up to them and superfriendz style trios will be the norm in the league.
    The Knicks are already eyeing up Melo and Chris Paul.
    Then in about 4 years, when Wade is 32 and can barely walk, the Thunder will have Westbrook, Harden and Durant in their primes tearing shit up, the Brooklyn Nets will have their Favors/Lopez frontcourt bullying the crap out of everyone, Dwight Howard will probably have some real help too…….
    So yeah, none of this matters, i say theyll have about 3 or 4 years at the top, then fade, and someone new will be around and we’ll be talkin bout that person being the next MJ (which they wont ever be either)

  • LakeShow84

    @ LMNOP

    3-4 more years of highlights..

    LakeShow takin the next 2.. BET

  • Jah

    I think LeBron’s goal is to win several NBA Championships. I think we (the crazy fans) are more caught up in the “Who’s Greatest” arguments that we forget that. Michael Jordan is considered the best to ever do it, so let him have that. The best thing that LeBron can, should and will do is CONCENTRATE ON WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS, HAVING A LOT OF FUN AND MAKING A LOT OF MONEY IN THE PROCESS.

    As far as the hate is concerned, it wasn’t too long ago when everyone wanted Kobe Bryant’s head on a stick for the Colorado incident, and AGAIN when he asked for the trade a few years later. Now? He’s king of the world. Let’s consider our own fickleness.

    In short…LeBron can do what he wants. He’s earned that, hasn’t he?

  • Jah

    One more thing…

    …GO HEAT!

  • Blue

    Do you think it would’ve turned out differently if Kobe were a free agent at the time? Would he have really ‘MANNED UP’?

    I can’t stand Lebron, but he did it his way. He didn’t do anything that was against the rules. He waited to be a free agent and he left. It’s that simple.


    @ Lakeshow …. yeah, i still think the Lakers are a better team for at least the next 2 years or however long Kobe’s health lasts out.

  • one and done

    What this boils down to is that if Lebron had stayed in Cleveland, traded away spare parts for D-Wade, and had Chris Bosh join as a free agent, no one would be mad.

    We all know Lebron will never be like Mike. Does he even want to be? Do you guys know for sure or just assume he does? What’s wrong with being Pippen on steroids?

    Barkley saying that him joining Houston was different because they were all washed up is funny. To me, an old vet chasing a ring is more pathetic than someone in his prime trying to win.

    Jordan should be ashamed of himself. First for the terrible comparison of Bird and Magic to Wade and Bosh. And second because he acts like he won it himself. Lebron had some very solid teams, but if he had teammates like Jordan and Kobe, he would’ve stayed in Cleveland. Also, by the time Jordan came into his own, Magic had HIV and Bird’s back was falling apart, so they couldn’t have played together anyway.

  • LakeShow84

    @ BLUE

    If Kobe had this past year’s Cavs squad i think Kobe wouldve put more of a onus on himself for not getting it done and YES possibly resigned because he wouldnt back down like that..

    Back then in LA after a 3rd playoff exit and a team with AT THE LEAST NO CLEAR #2 option?? he mightve bounced..

    Who knows?? NEVER HAPPENED..


    I heard Lebron say “Cleveland didnt do everything they couldve done” to keep him..

    Well shit what else was there?? lol like i said everyone wanted dude to have squad.. i mean what is squad in basketball?? A collectin of SUPERSTARS?? Nah a SOLID SQUAD in basketball is having different talents mesh and become a cohesive unit that plays to each others strengths but also knows each others weaknesses.. and at the top of such a snake is your SUPERTAR who leads the troops to glory..

    it aint having CP3 running poit for you..

    it aint throwing lobs to Dwight Howard or Amare..

    it aint running the break with Brandon Roy..

    Its about getting it done with whatchu got and everyone always said Lebron didnt have enough.. WACK.. and once again referencing those 3 years in LA we got Lamar and our next biggest move before Pau in those 3 years was signing Radmonovich.. Get the point??

    Like i said someone shouldve asked Dwayne Wade if Lebron had a good team last year.. Cuz honestly i think DWade possibly leads that team into June..

  • http://facebook.com/peterpancho Pedro Limia

    LOL…this is way too funny…so many haters..the Miami three kings will win it all and they will win more than 4 for sure…so get use to it…stop hating and accept the hact that these players wanna win championship…if you cant win it in 7 years maybe his best option was to do what he did…at least he wont end up like Charlse Barkley, the biggest critic to have never won THE BIG ONE….JAJAJA YOUR A JOKE BARKLEY….go heat!!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    And the title of the article is moronic

    He has NO CHOICE if he wants to be Jordan or not..

    But for fodder seeing his greatest playoff moment was the 25 straight WAY BACK in 05 he damn sure AINT Jordan..

  • Taj

    I hate to quote Ric Flair on this one.. But if you wanna be the best, you gotta beat the best!!! MJ did, Lebron although still a great player couldn’t so yeah, I would say that even if he won a Chip or 7 in Miami he wouldn’t be on the same level as MJ. MJ took his lumps, figured out how to get better and then beat all comers.

  • one and done

    @ LakeShow84

    I have to hand it to you. You are a die hard fan. Gotta disagree with you on LA winning the next 2 championships though. You think they’ll make 5 finals appearances in a row? That hasn’t been done since the old Celtics dynasty.

    Also, you are absolutely right that Kobe vented his frustrations, stayed and was rewarded for it later. But it’s not like he had to wait very long. Gasol came 8 months after Kobe threatened a trade, so it’s not like he had to wait years and years for help.

  • Taj

    I also think Cleveland had a good enough squad in Cleveland to win, they didn’t have a good enough coach and got outcoached in every series they lost.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Before one more person quotes Ric Flair, I don’t think anything has changed in LeBron’s path to “beating the best.” Was anybody worried about Miami or Toronto standing in LeBron’s way of a championship? No. So it’s not like he joined up with some guys he was having problems beating. LeBron (and Miami) will still have to play the Lakers, the Celtics, the Magic, etc., the “best” that you’re referring to.

  • http://rapzilla.com Jayo

    I agree w/ Post 17. If Bosh & Wade joined Bron in Cleveland then nobody would care. Besides Jordan, Bird, & Magic had competent front offices that surrounded them with decent talent. Cleveland’s 2nd best player was Mo “freakin” Williams. Trade Pippen for Mo Williams & then lets see how many rings Mike wins. Bron did what was best for him. I don’t see why so many people are hatin on him for that.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Nah we talkin matchups.. and everyone alreadys knows watching Wade and Lebron go head to head was beautiful basketball..

    In all honesty if Lebron DOESNT goto Miami Wade still gets Bosh and Miami has money to sign decent role players.. The Heat, depending on said pieces, damn near become contenders for the Eastern crown off top..

    Miami was going to make moves regardless of Lebrons FAgency and ultimately come out better..

    That wouldve been a “beat the best” scenario right there..

    Give Wade and good team and give Lebron a good team and let them kill each other.. its SPORTS dude..


    @ One and done

    It was a short wait but KB had the time (offseason) to make all the noise he wanted..

    You know if he truly disrupted the team they wouldve had NO CHOICE but to dump him for whatever they could.. i think it was more of a warning that he COULD cut.. that he wouldnt be scared too..

    If dude doesnt show to training camps and completely blows off the organization ge gone.. plain and simple..

    And yeah i think we make the next 2 just because the makeup of our team is sturdy… only team in the West who can stop that is OKC.. but thats the year AFTER the next..

  • Dre

    Lakeshow my friend I don’t care who u are u hve to have the right players around u. I don’t care how great of a player u r u have to have at least one or 2 all stars to win and maintain a championship team. Kobe has another great player in Gasol and two really good players with Odom and Artest (any questions look at Artest career average). This made Lakers a very very good team. However I think Miami might end up being a little bit better. No matter what anyone says, Jordan, Barkley, or anyone says, you cannot win it without another great player and sometimes 2. I mean Rodman was absolutely the best at what he does, rebounding and defense, he was a star. I can guarantee you had Chicago failed to give them the players they need anyone of the ex-players moaning would have done the same.

  • Dre

    Lakeshow if you read kevin Durant’s comments he stuck the Lakers in the same boat as Miami because of Artest. I remember Artest getting all buddy, buddy last year during the playoffs. Kobe is a great recruiter as well and he is none to call and get players in LA and no one thinks that’s bad… hell I don’t. Kobe wants to win plain and simple and who can blame him.

  • boto

    MJ is a hypocrite. He did team with Magic and Bird. It was called the Dream Team.

  • dj

    i know im late and this probably wont be read by many but in 2011 it will be 5 yrs since dwade made it past the 1st rd. bosh has never been past the 1st rd (winning only 3 playoff games in 7 yrs) how is that lbj is considered to be jumping to an automatic ring(s) when they still have a much improved east to go through w/ boston’s final run(s)orlando $93 million payroll, atl, mil, chi,to get through not to mention the lakers and their 5 players in the top 50 in the league. I look at it as getting in the best possible place to compete for titles now and going forward. he did win 66 & 61 games and the mvp the last 2 seasons only to go 1 vs 6 or 7 vs orl and boston plus the other team had a better coach and gm

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow — So if LeBron watched Wade/Bosh team up, and Miami sign enough pieces to become an automatic contender, he’s supposed to choose to stay in Cleveland when his front-office has a history of only getting him mid-level “stars” at best. Yes, Mo Williams and Jamison were once All-Stars. Yes, Shaq used to be great. Yes, Ben Wallace used to be great. But it’s not like LeBron had 1992-2004 Shaq, or ’04 Wallace, and it’s not like Jamison or Mo have a history of doing anything significant in the playoffs. LeBron keeps being compared to Kobe, but when Kobe saw other West contenders loading up, he also knew his team would load up as well. LeBron didn’t have that going for him. Case in point, look at what Cleveland has done to improve this offseason. They hired a coach and THAT’S IT.

  • LakeShow84

    Heres some trash talk lol slow day

    “That is another way of asking a related question, “What is more important, the journey or the destination?”

    I vote for the journey. The whole point of competition is the challenge. It’s testing yourself against the best. It’s pushing yourself to your absolute potential.

    But when you take shortcuts to make things easier on yourself, and all you have in your sites is that sparkling reward at the end, you’re missing the whole objective.”

  • K Dizzle

    @ Taj (post 48)
    Post of the day.Point blank.
    Now if you could just remind people who the coach is in Cleveland now, we can discuss why Lebron didn’t give him a shot.

    @ Jayo – you really agree with post 17? Basically, seems like a Bron fan tryin to vent on future HOFer Charles Barkley for espressing his opinion, but to expand on your point about nobody gettin mad if Wade or Bosh went to Cleveland.
    Nobody would care if Bosh went to Cleveland. We been callin him a 2nd option since day 1 so that wouldn’t have been an issue. In all honesty tho, I couldn’t see DWade leavin his franchise to go join anybody else.
    Wade knows he’s the man. He’s the champion. He won a ring damn near on his own. Lebron needs DWade more than DWade needs Lebron. In free agency, all he needed was Bosh, Boozer or Amare and instead of maxing on Lebron, coulda got two other solid starters. Once it became possible with the trade of Cook, then it all went down.
    Wade’s the closer. The Jordan. the Kobe. Lebron’s the Pippen now. Nothing wrong with that, but Lebron defenders need to stop acting like the man going to a squad where they already got an alpha doesn’t tarnish his rep.
    If Barkley, Mike, C-Webb, Otis Smith and Kev Durant shakin their heads at it and talkin on it, how many players and front office execs you think are secretly spittin venom? And just so it’s clear, Pippen before the rings was a totally different player after the rings. He was the Mo Williams and the Jamison who no-showed when the Pistons were killin Mike. 7th year came. Bulls got thru. 7th year came. Lebron bounced. Don’t ignore the obvious comparisons.
    Personally, as a Laker fan, I love this. Kobe needed motivation this season, Gasol just beat the demons of ’08, Artest is getting comfortable and the Heat still can’t match up with Bynum and Odom. Can’t wait for the Finals!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — I love Wade, but “The Closer” hasn’t been out of the first round since 2006. If we can all agree LeBron is the more talented player AND he’s performed on bigger playoff stages over the last four years, why would you automatically put LeBron in the “Pippen” role?

    Either way, this is all based off our own opinions. Notice how nobody is bashing Chris Bosh for “taking the easy way out”? It’s only because we all decided Bosh wasn’t a true No. 1 guy anyway. And now since we all decided we wanted LeBron to be the next Jordan, we’re bashing him when he takes a different path.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Being a superstar kinda messes up things, when Artest joined up with Kobe 1 year after beefing with him in the playoffs nobody said shit.

    LeBron doesn’t want to be Jordan. NO ONE CAN BE JORDAN. So stop comparing people to him or adding “next-” to their name. LeBron already has 2 MVP’s and a scoring title. He’s done it solo. Now he want’s a ring and we’re hating him for it. Yes we’d all like to see him stay in Cleveland but to say his ring has an asterisk next to it is too far. What about Kareem? He won his rings next to 2 top-10 players (Oscar and Magic) Does that make his 6 rings less special?

    A side note, now that Bron has pulled himself out of next generations best player race, who do you think ends up with it? Popular pick would be Durant but I could see Tyreke (if he and Cousins gel), Curry or Rose giving him a run for his money.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dre – Artest comin over to join Kobe is completely different than Lebron comin to Miami.
    Artest is a 3rd option on a contender.
    Artest is Chris Bosh comin to Miami. Not a franchise player, but a good solid piece.
    Carmelo or Durant leavin Denver or OKC to go join Kobe is a better comparison.

    @ Lakeshow – Hell yeah, it’s about the journey.
    Here’s a list:
    Adam Morrison
    Luke Walton
    Sasha Vujacic
    Brian Scalabrini
    Darko Milicic
    Jacque Vaughn (Pasadena, baby!)
    Matt Bonner
    James White
    Melvin Ely
    Scot Pollard
    Gabe Pruitt

    All these dudes have rings and ain’t nobody callin them legit. Gtting it done as the main man or even as a contributor means alot more than just gettin it.
    Nobody callin Robert Horry one of the greatest ever, but he got more rings than Mike…

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    My biggest gripe with what you said is, once again, you make it sound like he had NO ONE..

    BOTTOM LINE whether people like to admit or not Cleveland was the DEEPEST team last year..

    When the Cavs lost to the Magic in 08′ i heard everyone whining about the Cavs needing a post presense because Dwight was too much too handle.. So??

    They go and get Shaq who is still top 5 C in the league and he proceeded to pay dividends.. all matchups against the Magic the Cavs didnt have to double once.. So Shaq’s signing was successful right??

    Was anyone saying Lebron didnt have squad when they took 2 from us?? Nah because everything was going good but low and behold ANOTHER team comes out the blue and knocks Lebron off his ass and all of a sudden,

    Shaq’s washed up.. forget he was signed to play big and man the middle which he did WELL when he could..

    Mo Williams is a choker.. well he is lol but still a helluva shooter who showed up for that game 6.. dude aint Hardaway out there ok.. Hes a shooter and he shoots and he does it well..

    Jamison?? Well shit i guess the excuse was “he just wasnt the right kind of player Lebron needed” < WACK

    And basically Delonte West, Antawn Jamison, Big Z, Andy V, Hickson, Moon and whoever else that team boasted were all garbage players.. lets not acknowledge CONTENDERS could use every player in this paragraph except maybe Moon..

    I mean do people actually think about garbage rosters when they call the Cavs roster garbage?? I'd call Toronto, LAClips, NY, PHI rosters garbage..

    but a team who is 2 deep and even 3 deep at some positions is FAR FROM GARBAGE..

    You got ur bench and u got ur role players.. Just hope your SUPERSTAR mans up and gets it done..

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin –
    Only sayin it cuz Wade’s done it before as the MJ-type killer. Yeah, he had help, but he carried that squad. Kinda like when Lebron destroyed Detroit by himself with the 29 straight points. It’s not fair, but we respect a player more when he beats those odds. I never saw Lebron as the next Mike. Always saw him as the next Magic. Remember when he passed the rock to Donyell Marshall for a gamewinner instead of shootin it himself? He got ripped, but I never shit on him cuz it was the right basketball play. It’s what Larry and Magic woulda done. I look at the Heat and see the ball goin to Flash in the clutch or at least Lebron drawin the d and then findin him. I’d be shocked if in the first close game, they go t Lebron to close with Wade’s resume. Lebron got screwed when they started talkin about him as the “Next Mike”. There is no “Next Mike” Kobe’s the closest and he ain’t even that close. MJ was the only player in NBA history to win as the leading scorer and undisputed best player, and even with Scottie, was looked at like he did it himself. I can’t even remember mvps winning in their mvp years. Every other championship team in NBA history had mixes of top level talent. Even when Hakeem won it by “himself”, Kenny Smith, Sam Cassell and Otis Thorpe played like all-stars and how many big shots did Mario Elie hit?
    I’m more disappointed that Lebron didn’t give Cleveland a fair shot in the same year Mike got his first ring. The team would only get better and Byron Scott’s a big upgrade.
    It’s been said, but it’s true. 1 chip in Cleveland would mean more than 5+ rings in Miami.
    As it is, he’s got no way out now. If they win, it’s cuz of Wade, if they lose, Lebron will catch even more venom.
    Ask Knobe bout that. When the Lakers lost, it was Kobe, when they won, it’s cuz we had Pau.
    Good luck to Lebron, but I think LA still owns the matchups.

  • Stunnaboy09

    and @ AB

    Pippen to Jordan isn’t really accurate cuz we all kew Jordan was by far the superior of the two.

    A-Rod (LeBron) and Jeter (Wade) is the most accurate.

    A-Rod is almost universally hated, while Jeter is respected by most.

    A-Rod is the best player on the team yet its still considered “Jeters team”

    A-Rod went ring chasing Jeter stayed put.

    That is basically whats going on with Bron and Bosh

  • alf (from melmak)

    Am I the last to post a comment here? Anyway, Dime, this article is a stretch. Wrong questions.

    It is not about stars aligning themselves. Those Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago teams were built from the ground up. They were not teams that were projected to win championships from day 1.

    People are not asking LeBron to be the next Michael Jordan. They want him to earn the chip by really competing at the highest level. He gave up.

    Lastly, Jordan’s legacy was the same as the other greats who came before him. It was not and never will be a Jordan blueprint. It is about winning a championship that you can really cherish for your entire life.

  • Hoopla

    The guy obviously doesn’t want to be Jordan and yet the media will not let it die. Everyone wants him to be Jordan. He’s basically saying screw all of you… I’m Scottie Pippen biotches… 3+3=6…

    When will the media ever learn. You create your monster yet complain that he’s baskin in your light. Just shut the light off.

  • hahns

    alf, i dont know if you read my comment above, but i agree entirely. it almost seems like you rewrote my post (not saying you did).

    brogden, are you seriously talking about practice bringing out the best in lebron? dont make me call AI…

  • Blue

    Bottom line, for me, is this…everyone wants to have the best team around them. The rules of the CBA are put in place so that everyone, be it the teams or the players, has a fair chance to get the best team that they can. I don’t think any player in this league would say no to Wade, Bosh or James if they wanted to join them on their team and had the ability (whether free agency or trade) to do so.

    People love a winner no matter what. Which is why Kobe was able to overcome his earlier missteps, and which is why Tiger Woods is still as popular as he is. Once the Heat start winning their championships in about 11 months, everybody will be singing their praises. Everybody but the Lakers fans, that is.

  • JD

    sigh… if this teaming up thing happen in 3 years rather than now – no one would even care. Now it’s a f**kn big deal…

    MJ was MJ, no one can ever be like him (and yes not even Kobe) – so let LeBron and Co., do whatever they feels the need to, and we all can just enjoy the games.

    To me, this Miami heat is not so much different to the Lakers back when they had Magic, Kareem, and Worthy. Or even now when they have Kobe, Gasol, and Artest.

    I wonder if people would re-act differently if Pierce, KG and Ray Ray decided to team up while they were sorta still in their prime, or Wade and Bosh gone to CAVS instead,lol. Jeeez

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ hahns

    I saw it earlier. Made a quick pass on some of the comments. Was just answering the three questions in the article, which I would repeat, (in my opinion) were wrong. Glad, we, and most others here are in agreement. Respect also to the others who have different views.

    But Dime, as a media outlet, should always try to remember this: “The power of the press is like a flaming sword. Hold it high. Guard it well.” I learned that very early and I believe the staff knows it too.

  • YpsiRickitheDragon

    Jordan had Pippen and Horace Grant. Magic had Jabbar, Worthy, but Lebron was supposed to win by himself with Mo Williams and Anderson V. Come on Son! Lebron needed a winning team and it wasn’t going to happen in Cleveland now he going to MIA yes with Wade but Wade also gets hurt a lot so there will come a time win LeBron has to carry the team. And when Bron win the Chip (excuse me, multiple chips) and finals MVP we’ll see what people are saying.

  • NappySupreme

    1. Stars should do whatever they possibly can to win chips, up to and including teaming with other stars to make it happen. I wonder why so many people are shitting on LBJ’s competitiveness just because he took the best possible steps to win. True, Jordan never struck deals with the stars of his day, but he DID threaten to retire when the Bulls were thinking of trading Pippen for McGrady in ’97. wonder why nobody remembers this? because he’s got 6 rings dangling from his fingers.

    2. Lebron has done enough to solidify his own legacy as a HOF player. Seven years into his career and he’s already on the 50 greatest list, won 2 MVP’s, broken every “youngest player to…” record, and given a couple heroic playoff performances. His accomplishments should be held in their own light and not be compared to MJ’s or anyone else’s.
    why is no one talking about how he turned down millions to accomplish his goals? or how he singlehandedly resurrected
    one of the most historically buttfucked franchises in the NBA?

    3. The search for the next MJ is getting old as shit. Dude has been out of the game for a minute and its time we appreciated what we have on the court these days. Personally, Im glad that Lebron is doing it his own way and I wish more people felt the same way.

  • Joe’s Mama

    Twin dongs in everyone’s mouth!!!

  • Jmoney222

    Ok first up, all u muthafuckas got to stop hating. Maybe Lebron, won’t ever be considered among the greats. Maybe he won’t win six rings, or be crowned GOAT. WHo gives a shit. He’s a grown ass man and its his goddamn choice. Just shut the fuck up and enjoy it for what it is instead of hating.

  • .K.i.n.G.

    to everyone talking about legacy, Lebron James is already better than larry bird, I don’t care how many championships bird has, i’m taking LBJ over him 10/10 times, LBJ IS THIRD ALL TIME IN POINTS PER GAME! THIS PAST YEAR WAS THE HIGHEST ANY NON POINT GUARD AVERAGED IN ASSISTS! If LBJ retired today he would be first ballot HOF! He’s a top five talent of all time and has had a helluva career, not one post on this blog can take that away from him, not one comment from men accross the NBA organization can take that away from him. He’s done everything he can individually and now wants to win and NOT waste his prime years on an organization that has proved cannot get a legit 2nd option! I have and always will be a LBJ fan and hope that many championships come his way. And when he does win it won’t be tainted! Do you know how hard it is to win an NBA championship? It takes 6,7,8 guys MINIMUM to step up and contribute NOT THREE! And this ain’t wade’s team, the way i see it is if bosh doesnt sign with the heat, wade dips to chi-town. This new Miami Team is based on all three players being the foundation of a multi-title team and thats how it should be seen.

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ K.i.n.G

    Did you just say that LeBron is better than Bird. Larry FUCKING Bird? Top-5 player of all time? We should be having the Kobe-Bird argument instead of this shit. WHAT HAS LEBRON DONE. Win 2 MVP’s? Bird had 3 and LeBron just forfeited any more chance he had by going to Miami. Birds rookie year he averaged 20-10-4 to Brons 20-5-5. He led a 32 game turnaround. BIRD WON A CHAMPIONSHIP. First coming in his sophomore year. Guy who HATED losing, was more concerned with winning than his FUCKING image and played his HEART out. Guy who didn’t need OTHERWORDLY athleticism to get it done. I’d like to see LeBron drop 20-9-6 when he can’t dunk anymore. Would you ever see Bird wearing a “Check My Stats” shirt? FUCK NO. To say LeBron James is a Top-5 player now when his BIGGEST career achievement is getting swept in the Finals? FUCKING LUDICROUS.

    *Disclaimer- Celtics fan. Also I’m reading The Book of Basketball and Simmons is poisoning my mind.

  • Christopher

    “What is more important, the journey or the destination?”

    What’s the point of the journey if you never reach your destination? You know what they call athletes who don’t have rings? Losers. Why’re you playing if not to win?

    That said, I’m torn. Cleveland shouldn’t have lost to Boston. They had HCA and the best player. They were up 2-1, having obliterated Boston by 29 in Game Three…at the Garden. Unlike 2009, where the Cavs were beating up on the least of the East, they actually had a winning record against playoff teams. I didn’t watch much of series aside from Games 1 and 6, so I’ll refrain from trying to explain their puzzling premature exit. I had the Cavs in 6. More galling yet, prior to actual 2010 Finals, I had no doubt that Cleveland would’ve annihilated L.A. Remember Christmas, when the fairweather fans went berserk in a 15-point drubbing at the Staples Center? They should’ve won the 2010 title.

    But they didn’t. Cleveland had maxed out. It’s window of legitimate contention was more or less over, although it’d always have a chance as long as it had LeBron. The Lakers still had a stranglehold on the West, while the 2010 Free Agency arms race meant that competitors (i.e. Dwyane Wade) were improving while Cleveland was unable to keep up. Shaq will be 38, Ilgauskas and Parker 35, and Jamison 34. Delonte West is going to jail. Mo Williams isn’t getting any better. They’d be good enough to keep making the second round, but, depending on the depth of the East, they’d have to face another elite team at some point. If they couldn’t get it done this year, what makes it more likely next year? They aren’t the ’94 Rockets. It wasn’t going to happen.

    As for “clutchness” and “killer instinct”…really, we’re asking these questions? The man’s not God disguised as LeBron James, but his crunchtime resume is fairly impressive: two GW in his first playoffs vs. WAS (2006 ECQF: Gm 3, 5), go ahead and icing fts and assisted on Drew Gooden’s GW vs. DET (2006 ECSF: Gm 4, 5), scored the last 25 points for CLE [including GW] vs. DET (2007 ECSF: Gm 5), hit go-ahead layup + fouled out Dwight Howard, hit GW 3 at buzzer, hit both fts to send game to OT (2010 ECF: Gm 1, 2, 4). That’s not including the game-icing FGs and FTs, the double-digit 4th Q explosions, the numerous blowouts where clutch heroics were unnecessary, and his regular season ownage of his fellow MVP candidates (i.e. 2010: the steal, made FTs, defense of potential GW vs. Wade, block on Durant’s potential GW off the top of my head).

    Whatever. Is it October yet?

  • ball in my hand

    Why don’t we just let them play 1st then lets see what happens. Then we’ll start the debate.

  • Dre

    K Dizzle it doesn’t matter whether Artest is considered the Lebron or the Bosh of the trade it is a case of the Lakers loading up with talent. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Also I laugh at people trying to say that Lebron will be a sidekick to Wade. Everyone knows that Lebron’s game is way more dominant the Pip’s game ever was. These are people who want so bad to try to downplay Lebron’s legacy. They know his game is way to powerful to be a sidekick. I mean Cleveland was big Z’s team when he got there but was it Z’s team when he left? I’m not saying Lebron is going to take over the team and in no way am I comparing Big Z to Wade. I’m just saying Lebron’s star power and his game is too powerful to ever be a sidekick to anyone and the haters know this. They are wishing and hoping beyond that this is the case but they might as well wrap their mind around the fact that this won’t happen.

    Come on people they had a huge sign with D. Wade and Chris Bosh sitting on stoles and a King’s thrown in the middle and the title read “Fit for a King”. This is something they posed for… so please don’t let the Lebron hate get it twisted. These 3 will rule evenly with an iron fist in the NBA next year.

  • Dre

    For those who keep saying Cleveland was the deepest team last year they must be smoking. There is a difference between having players who have only done something during the season and have really proven player or stars. Let’s get it out here for anyone who knows about basketball. Lebron has absolutely know player that can create his own shot on that team. No one you can throw the ball to and let do their thing. That totally 100% rely on Lebron to put them in positions to score. This all fine in the reg season but will kill you in the playoffs where the physical nature steps up and the whistles get swallowed. There has to be another go to player on the team.

    Yes, Lebron’s overall game and as a player is better then Bird’s. Has he done what Bird has done yet? No! However Bird played with 2 HOFs on his team and he won some chips. However you cannot compare their abilities from top to bottom lets get out of nostalgia mode and analyze realistically. We are talking about their abilities not what they accomplished.

  • Dre

    One more thing… let’s not forget D. Wade was recruiting Lebron hard. He is recruiting him for a reason.

  • Qwame

    @lakeshow, first time I disagree with you bruh. Kobe didnt demand a trade, he demanded more help instead of MSush, Kwame and bymun( young drew). But thats what he said to the media to make Kupcheck make a decision. He never wanted to trade out, if he did, he would have left, he is the only player ( now Dirk) that has full control over where and when he can be traded. Buit thats all semantics, MJ earned his, BIRD, Magic, Zeke earned theirs, Kobe definitly has earned his (even though Stern tried his best to stop him after the colorado incident).

    The whole thing is LBJ made the right decision for him, it was his right and its ok that he didnot want to be the man or he needed to play with friend, whatever! LBJ can never be considered the greatest IMO because he has never taken onthe responsib ility of being the man and owning upto decisions he made. He wanted, Delonte, He wanted Shaq, He wanted to keep IGgy, He wanted Jamison, the owner made sure all decision were passed by him even though he may not have had final approval, he has his say so to blame losign 2X on teamamtes when you cherry picked them is just FAKE. Plus he has always be given everything on the court, not that his is not a great talent but if the Refs aid him, it takes him over the top. Let him get Kobe or VC or AI calls and we dont even talk abotu LBJ. Plus how he idd it wsas just “look at me, Im the King” shit so IMO he is just a very very talented fool that does not know any better because everyone around him is an enabler. Hopefully dwade can help him mature and then we can really see how he is.

  • Badger

    @Qwame — Kobe never demanded a trade? OK, so what does this sounds like:

    – “I would like to be traded, yeah,” Bryant said on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York. “Tough as it is to come to that conclusion there’s no other alternative, you know?”

    Bryant, interviewed by Stephen A. Smith, was asked if there was anything the Lakers could do to change his mind?

    “No,” Bryant said. “I just want them to do the right thing.”

  • Qwame

    Jordan said it best, “I’m a competitive guy and I like to play against competitve players and see what happens from there”. Losers dont view sports in that way, they dont understand it’s not wether you win or lose its how you play the game and you play to be the best by beating the best.

  • Qwame

    @75 Hilarious, you should go do standup.

  • Qwame

    @77 and yet he lost because of his team not being able to compete at the top level? Somehow he didnt have the parts in place eventhough as you said “the numerous blowouts where clutch heroics were unnecessary, and his regular season ownage of his fellow MVP candidates (i.e. 2010: the steal, made FTs, defense of potential GW vs. Wade, block on Durant’s potential GW off the top of my head)” GTFOH with that Bullsh!t, he choked, he is not a leader and he left his teamout to dry. IDC whatever way you look at it if any one of you is as competitive as you act on this site, no way you leave a 60+ X2 win team to go join another dudes team if you are a leader. You would say hey, yall can come to my team or I can kick you ass after I replce my coach. But no, he did the bitch move and join someone elses team even though he was at the edge of winning it all. Sounds like he either chiked or got scared to me. Anyway, it’s going to take him, wade, bosh and bunch of other MF’ers to upseat Kobe. KB24 dont care were the F he goes, he still bringing a azz whuppin for all contendors and he dont care who you bring. Bring ya mamma and he will do her like delonte after he kicks your azz on the court. Bron’s mama loves the mamba! LOL

  • Qwame

    @badger – you said “Bryant, interviewed by Stephen A. Smith, was asked if there was anything the Lakers could do to change his mind?

    “No,” Bryant said. “I just want them to do the right thing.”
    Hmmm, the way I read that is I want them to do the right thhing so I dont have to leave, and what did they do, the right thing so he didnt have to leave. If Kobe demanded a trade, he would have been traded because at that time, he and only he could make a move, all others players are subjected to what management decides, all except Kobe because of his no trade clause and the details he has defined in his contract.

  • http://bearcatnews.com TheLoveFamily

    Why do you think Amare,Bosh,Boozer,or any other free agent didnt want to sign with CLE?they knew HE wasnt gonna be there…trust me anyplayer in the league wouldve came to the cavs and took a paycut.CAVS were like 2 players away from winnin it all(tayshawn prince,kenyon martin etc).evryone knew…

    With that being said,BRON knew they were just a few moves away but it was a moral descision,sure he wanted to win there but he knew the owner was fake,management was just unfit,Who lets danny ferry control a team???danny ferry?whatd he ever do????Fired Mike Brown.Fired Mike Brown(had to say it twice,byron scott?)

    Cleveland wont be back in the playoffs for the next 10 yrs.look for a trade to send Mo to MIA by Christmas…

  • Dre

    Qwame, I’m sorry brother but who knows who will actually be the man when the season starts. I think they will pick and choose who will be the man on different nights. I think everybody really needs to chill and watch how they play before making assumptions on how Lebron can play. No one has ever been the type of player he is with his size and skills no one ever. Him and D. Wade will save their knees for years not having to be walking triple doubles every single night… it is smart. BTW, Lebron did not ask for any of those players he got he asked to try and trade and get Joe Johnson, and he got D. West. He asked for Amare and he got Jamison. They never ever gave him another great player or who he asked for.

  • http://www.dimemag.com booga

    Remember a couple of years ago when “the big three” joined, they got their chip but does anybody still talk about that win or how close kobe and crew could’ve made it a 3peat by now? Let them team up cuz DWade is gonna have a tough time check’n QueenJames big head. Bold prediction: DWade and Lebron are bitch’n by March and blaming others for their losses.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/329228-j-r-s jrs

    When you claim to be The King for the past 7 years who are Wade and Bosh, your advisor and court jester?

  • MJax

    It doesn’t make it wrong, if you had a chance to play with your boys instead of playing with some dudes, almost all of us would play with our boys. It just makes the league watered down and boring. There will only be like 8-10 teams to tune in and watch. It just makes certain games a wash, before they are even played.

  • Dre

    The haters are in effect… those dudes knows the positives and the pitfall. None of these guys have ever been selfish players so that is what’s going to make this team great. You have those type of players who are really unselfish. The King just changed kingdoms… he got a new army and joined forces with other rulers. It’s called intelligence for the Haters.