NBA / Jul 1, 2010 / 11:43 am

NBA Rumor: Denver Looking to Add a Warrior

With so much excitement surrounding this year’s free agency class, the Denver Nuggets are feeling left out. Yesterday, sources began reporting they were willing to trade Carmelo Anthony so he doesn’t walk next year when he’s a free agent. Now, the Denver Post said the team could be positioning themselves to have a run at a couple of big names.

One name circling around the Nuggets is disgruntled Golden State center Andris Biedrins. Denver desperately wants to upgrade their inside game. Right now, they have only Nene, Kenyon Martin (who just had knee surgery) and Chris Andersen in the frontcourt. The Denver Post wrote:

The truth is the Nuggets are running out of options to improve the cast. Aside from Anthony, only Nene has significant value on the trade market, but trading the one healthy big man on a team looking to get bigger doesn’t really help.

By putting Anthony out there into the rumor slipstream as NBA free agency gets underway, the Nuggets position themselves as a potential white knight in the event of a sign-and-trade deal for one of this summer’s premium free agents. This is a very long shot because the only top-tier free agent for whom a sign-and-trade is even plausible is power forward Chris Bosh.

Biedrins would be a great fit in the Nuggets up-tempo system. While he may be very similar to Birdman’s game, Denver just needs more bodies at this point.

The Denver Post continued:

At 24, Biedrins has already played six years in the NBA. He averaged a double-double two years ago, but slumped to averages of 5.0 points and 7.8 rebounds in an injury-marred campaign last season.

That and his contract — he has four years left at $9 million per — have apparently made him expendable to the Warriors. But the Nuggets are struggling to come up with a package that will get a deal done.

The difficulty in acquiring Biedrins is one more sign of the trouble the Nuggets are having this summer trying to improve an aging team with a swollen payroll under an owner determined to stem the franchise’s financial losses. The best they can offer is J.R. Smith, who doesn’t have much trade value at the moment, or Kenyon Martin, who has only one year left on his contract, but a year with a hefty $16.5 million price tag.

The Nuggets are in danger of falling completely out of the picture with the best teams in the West and it sounds as if management is willing to make some big changes in order to keep them there.

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  • Scott

    I don’t think anyone in Tdot would have a problem with getting Melo. lol

    If only dreams COULD come true.

  • Paul Wall

    If I were the Nuggets I would try doing a sign and trade deal for David Lee. Give up either Nene and Jr Smith or Jr and Kmart. If you take Kmart and Jr you have $20M+ coming off the books for next summer.

  • The Other Aj

    Denver needs to ship out Kmart (& his knees) to Gstate. The warriors should love that expiring contract. Start Biedrins @ center and move Nene to the power forward spot. Denver’s not trading Melo…there is no way you get value for one of the 5 best players in the league. That’s why Cleveland ruled it out this year for LBJ. Whenever you make a trade like that you always lose

  • The Other Aj

    Agree w/#2 David Lee should be someone they are looking at as well. The knicks would love to have 10-15 mil coming off the books next summer to make another free agent run next year

  • kong yang

    i like this trade, but why would you want to bring in Andris Biedrins? he’s no shooter he’s only a defender just like birdman. dude nuggets GM think smart man get some help some BIG BIG help not this kind of help. do a sign and trade for david lee and give up future draft picks, k-mart and jr. or do another sign and trade for amare stodmiure and give up nene, jr, and birdman…. but wat ever the GM’s do think smart bring in BIG help not little help

  • buffaloballa

    when are you going to mention the “BIG NAME”?!

  • Celts Fan

    DON’T TRADE FOR DAVID LEE. Dude’s about to get the worst contract of the summer if he ends up with $8M per (seems like a lock) then some GM’s getting fired cuz of it down the line. Mark it down.

  • Paul Wall

    I much rather pay Lee $9M per rather than Biedrins whos making $9M per for the next 4 years

  • http://kapatid7799@yahoo.com bucks fan

    if things dont work out in LBJ going to miami, i thnk miami should trade BEasy and chalmers, throw in a future draft pick or two for Melo. then sign bozer,bosh,or amare.

    lot of PG availble who can run with the heat too

    2010 miami lineup:

    1. farmer/fleton or blake…
    2. DWADE
    3. MELO
    4. bosh or bozzer
    5. BHayword

    i would love to see this. denver will be getting BEasy, who basicaly has the same game as Melo.