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NBA Rumor: Detroit Pistons moving to Las Vegas

Rodney Stuckey (photo. Tom McKenzie)

An NBA team in Las Vegas? This is obviously not breaking news, as the proposal has been tossed around since 2007, but reportedly it is very possible in the very near future. According to the Oakland Press: “An investment group wants to bring an NBA team to Las Vegas … The group, International Development Management LLC, said it’s close to purchasing an NBA team to play in its proposed arena … The ‘deal’ has a lot of loopholes to clear. The investment group must first strike a deal with the county to fund construction of its proposed arena … Chris Milam, CEO of International, told the Las Vegas Sun the group has a team “under contract.”

This story is picking up a ton of buzz in Detroit. Actually, some
people are pretty nervous because late former owner William Davidson’s wife Karen owns the team now and is looking to sell. She was quoted as she told the Free Press at a Piston charity event in 2009 that “We’re looking for a buyer.”

While it would be nice to see a team in Vegas, it would be tough for potential buyers to get the Pistons out of Detroit. As a potential buyer would have to buy not only the team, but also all of the Pistons assets — including the stadium. Now, Detroit is not the only team that is rumored: there’s also Golden State, New Orleans, and Sacramento has all been rumored in maybe being the team that International Development Management LLC, is talking about.

What do you think? Would an NBA team survive in Las Vegas?

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  • alex

    If the Warriors, my team, moves away, I will kill some people

  • Dave

    dime is full of nigs that defend nigs.
    where are the black people?

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    Is this the last team that has a name that makes sense still? New Orleans Jazz move to Utah, NAME MAKES NO SENSE. Minneapolis Lakers move to LA, NAME MAKES NO SENSE. Detroit Pistons move to Vegas? CHANGE YOUR NAME DANG IT!

    Oh, I guess Miami Heat kinda and Orlando Magic makes sense. There’s still hope…never mind

  • eazy yeezy

    as a bulls fan, i HATE the pistons. but they have too much of a legacy.

    the new orleans has suffered enough. leave the hornets there.

    cali has too many damn teams to begin with.
    the maloof brothers own the kings, move em’ to vegas.

  • LBchi

    Hello how about that ride in . . . . I guess that’s whay they call it sin city! A team in vegas would be grea pistons need a new start but I think its more likey a cali team will be on the move if it was to go down. And since golden state has just been sold it may just be the kings on the move.

  • Corebean

    Would some please move the Grizzlies out of Memphis and to Vegas. Its the perfect squad to move to move to LVS, as Memphis is a dead-end town. The team has young guns with which to excite their potential new home fans…..

  • Robmo35

    How about Cleveland. Another potential reason to hate LeBron


    Moving the Pistons would be raping another historic NBA City and after killing the Sonics they just cant do it.
    Theyve been there since the 50s and are one of the original NBA teams. If anything the League should be doing what it can to keep teams where they belong, not move them around like they are nothing more than playtoys for billionaires.

  • Mateo

    If the KINGS, my team, moves away, I will kill some people

    id be so pissed after we get tyreke evans, and now demarcus cousins…


    why isn’t the CLIPPERS in discussion or the rumor mill, LOS ANGELES has two teams for crying out loud WTF?!??!?!

  • http://www.thefittestvegan.com Alejandro

    Detroit has enough problems, no need to take the pistons from there. Take the lions instead…

  • DeeMoney

    How about the league brings a team back to Seattle first. California has 4 teams, how about you give us one?

  • Stunnaboy09

    Whatever team moves to Vegas better not have any shady people on the roster, if not a bunch of people gonna sit out some games with “flu like symptoms”

  • BlazersBabyBri

    Why not move the Clippers?? I mean, LA has adopted the Lakers and the Clippers are like the red-headed stepchild.

  • SayItAintSo

    I hate David Stern. I hate the NBA. Honestly, after my Sonics heart was ripped from my chest (I know it’s sinister) but I hope that this actually happens so another city with history and tradition and memories invested into a basketball franchise can have it’s heart ripped out too…

    Hey Detroit fans, atleast your team would prospectively be moving to a big market city that actually makes a little sense but OKLAHOMA @#$%ing city from Seattle?

    Alright, I’m done crying. Just needed that one last pity party.

  • http://nbainstl.blogspot.com StrengthSTL

    Vegas isn’t a big market city its barely a metro of 1.8 million people. No way should the Pistons move from Detroit, Detroit is one of the best markets in the NBA and are routinely among the best in attendance. Besides…the NBA needs to quit overlooking St. Louis.

  • jay

    yeah i gotta concur..this is not the wbna ..no offense to the fans..detroit has way too much history not to mention the mayor will never allow this! there are plenty of other teams hurting that could use vegas as a good location not to mention this would kill division alignment for starters..oh well. i say the kings should move to vegas if anyone..the maloofs run that town!

  • HWM3

    Jordan probably wants to move to Bobcats to Vegas.

  • http://diaryofamiseducatedblackman.com Cal

    Detroits not gonna move, but the Bobcats could, the Warriors definetely could too. http://diaryofamiseducatedblackman.com/

  • ReddiRed

    @ LBchi:
    GTFOH with that BS that Detroit needs a new start.
    I’m gonna guess you’re from the Chi and if anyone needed a new start before the 2008-2009 season, it was them!

    Personally with the Mandalay Bay owner buying the Warriors, it seems that they may be the team moving.

    You gotta be smart here……..The owner of Mandalay Bay has a UFC contract as well, so building a new arena will suit his team and the UFC.
    Nothing but money my friends, nothing but money.

  • Human

    LA has not adopted the Clippers, the Clippers are only tolerated….the obvious move for them would be to move to Orange County, the old Arrowhead Pond, now the Honda Center is still in good enough shape for them, then they could build a mega-complex further south in Irvine area, when needed. But Donald Sterling wants to be the big cheese in Los Angeles…he may get lucky, the players they are accumulating are not all that bad…but not enough to win the whole thing….must be wierd to be a Clipper and look up at the walls and see all the Laker jerseys and championship banners…I’d be thinking..”why are we here???”……

  • SayItAintSo

    @ StrengthSTL

    I agree that the Pistons shouldn’t move from Detroit because I don’t think any other city should have to go through what we’ve experienced here in Seattle as a fanbase. However, to say that Vegas isn’t a big market city because its barely a metro of 1.8, doesn’t make much sense. “Big Market” cities aren’t simply defined by their resident population but also media exposure, national popularity, tourism value, etc…

    Vegas, is without a doubt, a bigger market city than several cities that currently have NBA franchises and it’s DEFINITELY a bigger MARKET city than Oklahoma @#$%ing city.

    Man, it pains me to be this bitter…sorry guys.

    I need to go watch a Care Bears episode or do something really light-hearted and positive.

  • Jerome

    Who ever said the grizzlies should move from Memphis is crazy. I have been there a couple times and it is one of the best cities. Basketball is huge there. Memphis Tigers are superstar in that city. Golden State is the team that’s going to Vegas