NBA / Jul 13, 2010 / 3:10 pm

NBA Rumor: Tyson Chandler traded to Dallas for Erick Dampier

Tyson Chandler, Dime #33

Hours after a seemingly done deal sending Tyson Chandler to Toronto was squashed by Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, Chandler has been dealt again — this time to the Mavericks.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the trade has Chandler and Alexis Ajinca going to Dallas in exchange for Erick Dampier, Matt Carroll and Eduardo Najera.

After the Bobcats acquired Chandler last season in a trade for one-time franchise centerpiece Emeka Okafor, Chandler averaged 6.5 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.1 blocks. In the playoffs he came off the bench for 15 minutes and 3.5 points and 2.5 boards per game. Jordan was reportedly reluctant to trade the 7-foot-1, 27-year-old because Charlotte would be left thin in the frontcourt, but apparently Dampier was enough to eliminate that problem. Then again, the ‘Cats could just waive Damp, whose $13 million contract is not guaranteed.

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  • Showtime

    Will Dallas and Charlotte keep trading Matt Carroll back and forth between the two cities?

  • RapTOr

    Nooooooooooooo…my raptors need him!!!!!!!

  • S-Man

    Chandler is a nice backup for Dallas. This gives them a chance to always have a legit center on the court

  • ShaqFu

    Can someone please explain why the Bobcats would take back 3 yrs of Matt Caroll and 2 yrs of Najera as well as give up a young big man who could possibly have a little potential all just to unload Chandler for Dampier?

  • dmitry of jersey

    stupid one by the Mavs. they already have Kidd who can’t do shit in a half court set… now with chandler they literally gona b playing 3-on-5 and wear out Nowitzki by mid season

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    If only this was 2007 for Tyson Chandler, Dallas would’ve made a nice pickup.

    If only this was 200…oh, wait, Erick Dampier has never been good.

  • Stunnaboy09

    This shit cold to T-Dot, I really thought that was the trade to put the Raptors in the right direction.

    So MJ would rather get Najera, the player formally known as Dampier and Carrol instead of Calderon and Evans? Hope he knows what he’s doing…

  • K Dizzle

    @ Stunnaboy09
    He drafted Kwame Brown….Kwame Brown lol

    So Charlotte needed a point guard and some toughness.
    I was discussin Chandler with a Bobcats fan yesterday who said he could bounce cuz they had Diop, Ajinca, Mohammed and Ratliff at center lol.
    Bad break fot T-Dot, but if we bein real, Diaw and Chandler for Calderon and Evans was a robbery. Does this mean Barbosa ain’t comin no more either?

  • Stunnaboy09

    @K Dizzle

    Nah, Toronto and Pheonix did that trade spereately thank God.

    And yeah wtf is wrong with MJ you have THREE Centers and your “thin” in the front court? Only positive for Charlotte is now I can see DJ starting which is good cuz kid got mad potential

  • Brown

    MJ should not be allowed any say in personnel movement. His track record shows he’s clueless. This trade does nothing for them.

  • BigRedFred

    Booooooooooooooooooooo to MJ


    this sucks for everyone. Tyse woulda bin great in Toronto. He aint even better than Haywood in Dallas. and now, instead of getting decent-if-d-less Jose the bobs get 3 dudes there just gonna wave.

  • control

    Fuck Michael Jordan sucks at personal choices. Can’t really blame him for Kwame, ANY GM would have picked him, he was the clear cut choice for #1…it just worked out poorly.

    Fucking Toronto like this though, man, fuck that shit.

  • karizmatic

    I think this is a great deal for Dallas. If this is true they will be making some pretty decent under the radar moves.

  • Stunnaboy09

    MJ competitive nature took over again. Probably heard from someone no one could be a worse GM than Kahn and took it personally.

  • S-Man

    The Mavs are also looking to sign Al Harrington for the MLE..

  • fallinup

    I got 13 million non guaranteed reasons why the Bobcats made that trade.

  • S-Man


  • Legend 33

    Dallas just got a little bigger and with the addition of Hayward can now match the Lakers size.

  • Big Island

    Fallinup – exactly…

    Stunna, LOL on the Kahn comment.

  • the cynic

    Great move by the Mavs, somehow they even got rid of Carrol

  • Heckler

    doesnt matter to either team one bit.
    this assures Dallas is out of the running for Al Jefferson.

    Tyson Chandler is just gonna do his thing in Dallas for the season, and then sign with NY aas a free agent next summer. he’ll be 28yrs old and he’ll lineup with amare stoudamire using old boy Eddy Currys money slot.

    its possible, next year this time, NY roster might include:

    tony parker
    carmelo anthony
    amare stoudamire
    tyson chandler