NBA / Jul 8, 2010 / 3:30 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: 4-Team Deal With Miami, Houston, Toronto & Charlotte

Want to know the surest way to know if “The Chosen One” will choose Miami tonight? ESPN’s Chad Ford and Marc Stein are reporting a four-team trade is currently in the works involving the Bobcats, Heat, Rockets and Raptors.

The move would help to create even more cap space for Heat, who are now hoping to also sign free agent Mike Miller along with the intended big three (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh).

Here’s how it would all break down:

Charlotte would get Michael Beasley and Jared Jeffries
Houston would get Tyson Chandler
Heat would get Chris Bosh and even more money
Raptors would acquire a very big trade exception and I would imagine at least one first-round pick

One source indicates the main roadblock to the trade is that Toronto is uninterested in taking on almost $3.1 million in salary from the Rockets.

What do you think? Would you make this trade?

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  • Pat

    Wow you guys continue to bring on delayed news. This came from this mourning and now the deal is dead. Update ur stuff quicker guys!

  • Heckler

    why is Houston involved in this deal?
    jared jefferies makes about half what tyson chandler makes.

    and they’ve been playing 4.5yrs without a center anyway (as yao breaks his foot in the 2nd half of every season).

    this deal will fall thru.
    what business does charlotte have with michael beasley if they already got jacko and crash?

  • Shaun

    @heckler Charlotte takes B-easy because Larry Brown loves a rebuilding project

  • Jesus


    hell yeah

  • fiyaman

    @jesus hell nooo that team would suck

  • Brown

    I’m trying to wrap my head around how Toronto inherits $3.1 million in salary when they’re not taking back any players. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I had a feeling the Raps would be involved in a trade like this for Bosh. At least get a first rounder or two for him.

    Beasley can’t be any worse than Tyrus Thomas on Charlotte.

  • Heckler

    @ shaun–

    larry brown hasnt built up any player since haywood workman!
    and now hes an nba referee.

    larry brown couldnt build up anyone in philly. iverson was mess before brown got there. was a bigger mess with brown. and is still a mess after brown. and outside of iverson, larry brown still aint got shit out of any player in philly.

    in detroit, that team was a conference finals team before larry showed up. and they were a conference finals team even after he left (yeah he won the chip, but that team didnt eve really need a coach). and he didnt get more out of any player than say…rick carlisle or flip saunders did.

    and we dont even need to mention NY….

    seriously, larry brown is the most OVERRATED headcoach in the history of the nba!!

    he cant rebuild shit! eff his projects. young players get worse under him as he destroys their confidence!

  • Mateus

    man wtf toronto wants? bosh aint even a max player. what they want back? an allstar player? no way

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ Pat

    Nah, from what we hear, this deal is still being discussed.

  • Jesus


    dude you don’t know shit.

    Charlotte was a mess before LB arrived. He turned the complete franchise around and lead a team, basically consisting of role players, straight to the playoffs, and he made Gerald Wallace an allstar.

    No other coach could have accomplished this.

  • futuristic handgun

    why the f*ck would the raptors do this lmao

  • Vinny

    Well said Heckler-LARRY BROWN IS SO OVERRATED!

  • A.M.

    Idiotic comments on Coach Brown. This is why players collude to ruin the competetive nature of the league and stupid fans worship teams that could win championships with their eyes closed. LB’s the only coach in the last 25 years to win a title with a team that wasn’t riddled with HOF stars. He deserves massive kudos for that. He pushed that Pistons team over the top and no way in hell do I believe they would have won the title (and almost 2) without him. Unlike other acclaimed coaches (Phil Jackson, Pat Riley), LB has never taken the easy way out. He might not be the easiest guy in the world to get along with, but that’s a different story.

    By the way, he’s also still the only coach to win on 2 different levels, college and the pros, and has taken the most different teams in NBA history to the playoffs. How the hell is he overrated? I don’t have time to refute the moronic comment that he hasn’t developed players. There are too many to mention. The main point in this regard is that he gets guys who don’t have too much talent to begin with to play much better than they actually are. He’s almost always working with leftovers too, so keep that in mind. Hell, remember the 2001 Sixers team he took to the Finals. Other than Iverson, there wasn’t a truly talented guy in the bunch. And don’t mention the Knicks mess. They’ve been terrible for a decade, well before he arrived and well after he left. The problem was Isiah put on a power play and didn’t want LB having enough input into shaping the roster. Isiah then got the shot to do things his way, and we all saw how well that worked out, no?