NBA / Jul 1, 2010 / 3:23 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: Carlos Boozer to Orlando for Vince Carter

Carlos Boozer (photo. Jeff Salter)

After their season ended in disappointing fashion, Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith vowed that changes would be made, but also said he didn’t foresee a major roster overhaul. If today’s rumor that Carlos Boozer may be headed to Orlando is true, then change is certainly coming.

The proposed sign-and-trade for Boozer would have Orlando getting Boozer while giving the Jazz Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat and Brandon Bass.

I like this trade a lot for both teams, especially the Magic. Dwight Howard has never had a true power forward playing next to him. Most recently, Rashard Lewis has been in the PF slot for Orlando, but he plays more like a small forward. Boozer would complement Howard incredibly well as a true four, as he has the ability to hit mid-range jumpers and run the pick-and-pop that Howard doesn’t possess. Boozer is incredibly gifted offensively and while his defense is below average, Dwight can compensate for that. Also, by acquiring Boozer in this rumored deal, the Magic don’t give up essential pieces to their team. Carter and Lewis never really meshed together this season, and Carter’s disastrous playoff run caused quite a few grumblings in Orlando. Brandon Bass fell out of favor with Stan Van Gundy and didn’t play much in the playoffs, while Gortat has become expendable now that the Magic drafted Daniel Orton to be their backup center of the future.

For the Jazz this trade would also make a lot of sense. One of their big needs is at the center position as Mehmet Okur is getting old, and is very injury-prone. Gortat could provide insurance in case Okur gets injured again, and when Okur is healthy, Gortat is a significant upgrade at backup center over Kosta Koufos or Kyrylo Fesenko. While Carter played terribly in the playoffs, he is still capable of averaging 15-20 points per game, and while Wes Matthews is a nice story, he’s more suited to a backup role than a starting one if the Jazz re-sign him. The last piece the Jazz would get is Bass, who I believe would be a great fit on that team is a hard-nosed defensive presence off the bench behind Paul Millsap.

While this is only a rumor at this point, this trade makes a lot of sense for both sides involved.

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  • The Other Aj

    I like it except giving up gortat…Orlando should try to keep him at all cost

  • Heckler

    jameer nelson………….deron williams
    jj redick……………..vince carter
    rashard lewis………….andrei kirilenko
    carlos boozer………….paul milsap
    dwight howard………….mehmet okur

    hmmmm. not too bad (on paper) for either team. jerry sloan will be benching vince carters punkass by thanksgiving. and stan van gundy is gonna cry by losing some 3pt shooting.

    but its hard to find fault in those starting lineups. 50+ wins for both teams.

  • Legend 33

    I don’t think the salaries match with this trade and no way Utah pays even more money in the luxury tax for Carter.

  • KnicksFan84

    I love the trade for both, as long as the numbers all make sense, this should be a no-brainer. ALTHOUGH I think David Lee is a better fit in Orlando next to Howard.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Utah might as well keep Boozer if they will add that much salary. I don’t see it happening unless Utah unloads a bad contract of their own.

    Bass and Gortat fit, but Carter is not a Jerry Sloan type player and can’t shoot the 3 efficiently enough to offset his terrible d.

  • dmitry of jersey

    this would def give utah the best east european set of big men in the NBA

  • the cynic

    this would actually be a nice move for the Jazz and Orlando

  • Lets Go Hawks

    tragically bad move for the jazz. get a over the hill shooting guard, a backup slow footed center and a less talent milsap clone for a in-his-prime big man and destroy their cap? i just cant see utah’s brass doing this. they have been too smart

  • Doc

    One thing not mentioned. Carter only has one year left on his contract. Bench him or not this next season, that’s some cash off the cap come the end of 2011.

  • karizmatic

    It sounds like a good trade but to me it really ends up being more of a lateral move for both teams. Orlando would still be without the playmaking that it lacked this past season unless they get Turkoglu back which has been rumored, Lewis sounds good as a small forward but in practice, he’s too slow to guard any of the small forwards in the league, and would probably end up coming off the bench with Boozer there, while Barnes remained the starting small forward.

    On Utah’s side of the ledger VC would probably get lost in Sloan’s system, although he’d probably get a bunch of open looks courtesy of Deron Williams, however the trade would be worthwile for Utah if they could get Gortat, and Bass. If I were Utah I’d take the trade and immediately put VC right back on the trading block, I’d be looking to trade him somewhere like Phoenix for maybe Jason Richardson and Barbosa or something or maybe I hang him out there for the Wizards and take a chance on Gilbert Arenas.

  • johnsacrimoni

    Are the Jazz trying to piss off Deron Williams?

  • JBaller

    I agree that the magic need a true 4 who can pick and pop next to Howard. Like #4 said I think D. Lee would be a great fit in Orlando, and Bass + Gortat could be some of the pieces that round out the Knicks roster. They should sign and trade. Boozer will be a good fit with another grinding team, not the uptempo Magic. How about sending Boozer in a sign and trade to Toronto? The Jazz and Raps can swap top flight 4s that don’t like their current employers…

  • lifep

    Both teams trade hard..

  • russell

    this is a good deal for both squads. boozer wants out. gortat wants more time. carter is the most humble guy i can think of and that is all utah fans care about. utah better take this deal! they are a bunch of pussies and thats why they cant win! if orlando can land boozer then they will need just one more guy to step up to win it all. look for pietrus to be that guy.

  • arisloco

    Make this trade happen! Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee!!

  • icey

    @Jballer bosh has made it very clear that he only wants to go to texas, miami, chi-town and NY

    i dont think anyone wants to go to Utah

  • heavy d

    Who else would go from the Jazz to the Magic because that is 28M in next year salary heading to Utah? Would it be Boozer and Okur? or Boozer and Kirilenko?

    If Boozer and Okur for Carter, Gortat, and Bass then I like it for both teams.

  • jimmhummv

    the numbers aren’t that off, but yeah somebody else needs to come to the magic. Booze/VInce make similiar cash but Gortat and Bass re upped for like 5 mil a piece last year.

  • Dave

    yeah right, the Jazz are going to trade a cancer and in return get a worse cancer?

    this trade will never happen, the Jazz will likely let Boozer walk without a sign and trade, bite the bullet for a year and probably barely make the playoffs, and wait for Tomic to come over and be their big man next year.

  • Dan

    The Jazz won’t take VC, and the salaries don’t match. I think Gortat + Redick for Boozer is the only way that this trade could work out for Utah. I think Utah would rather play Milsap/AK at the 4 then Milsap/Bass.

  • http://www.google.com chlimon

    vince carter is still vince carter never release him, don’t you understand yo magic fans that he wasn’t the problem .. orlando magic is the # 1 best players in the league in every position except the power forward.. the players lostin the finals 2010 every1 want to be the hero lewis,nelson,pietrus even barnes ,then vince let his team play whatever they want cz his not ther coach so they lost!!best line up :G: jayson williams(jameer nelson,..)
    SG: vince carter(pietrus,reddik)
    SF:rashar lewis(barnes,..)
    PF:need a trade(bass)
    C:dwight howard(gortat)
    they will win the nba title definitly

  • http://yahoo Jazzfan

    Who ever posted this article is on crack or something, who honestly thinks boozer is worth that much. Vince Carter just got done with his 16.3 million dollar first year on the Majic while Boozer just got done with his 5th year at 12.1 million. Unless they are trying to clear up cap space this is way out of the question. Utah wont want to use up the money that Carter will want. Utah is trying to be cheap like they always have. Thats why we havent ever won a championship. There were many chances for some big names this year and Utah hasnet even been on the radar. We need to get rid of Kirilenko and make a push for LeBron or something. Thats the only way we would have a chance at anything this year.