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NBA Trade Rumor: David Lee To The Warriors For Anthony Randolph

After the Knicks inked Amar’e Stoudemire, it was pretty clear that they weren’t going to make another move until LeBron signed on someone’s dotted line. But while reports surfaced earlier in the week that the Warriors would have to give up Monta Ellis in order to acquire a big man, now it appears they don’t. And instead of David Lee ending up in Minnesota, he very well could end up in the Bay.

According to Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times, multiple sources have reported that the Warriors have an offer on the table that wil send Anthony Randolph and other pieces to New York in a sign-and-trade deal for Lee.

If LeBron announces he is going to New York, in order to make room for his max contract, the Knicks would have to renounce Lee to free up the cap space. That would end the sign-and-trade possibility and the Warriors’ chances at Lee. But if LeBron doesn’t say the Knicks when he announces his decision, then the Warriors are “in the game” for Lee.

One source said the Knicks have at least three sign-and-trade offers on the table in case LeBron opts to play elsewhere. But the Warriors like their chances, considering Randolph is a hot commodity. The Knicks really like Randolph and weren’t so high on Ellis. Certainly, the contracts have something to do with it.

While there is no word on who the other “pieces” would be heading back to New York, Thompson believes the most obvious candidates are Ronny Turiaf, Kelenna Azubuike and Brandon Wright, or an expiring contract such as Vladimir Radmanovic. At the end of the day, anyone coming back in exchange for Lee would most likely make the team.

When looking at the contract, things get a little tricky:

Golden State would have to work out a deal with Lee for a sign-and-trade to happen, even if the Knicks like the Warriors’ offer better. One source said the Warriors will not offer a maximum contract, but the Warriors could go as high as $13 million in the first year of a six-year contract (that would be $78 million excluding raises). With Chicago signing Carlos Boozer, that is one less team the Warriors have to worry about. However, New Jersey can still outbid the Warriors. Plus, Lee could, in the end, prefer to land elsewhere.

What do you think? Would you make this trade?

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  • http://dimemag.com/author/adam Adam Flomenbaum

    @Aron – Anthony Randolph = future star

  • Bernard King

    Agreed! Randolph has amazing potential given the right system and minutes…under D’antoni his offense will shine! Good move if they pull it off!

  • Hectowr

    Great… i hope one of the “other pieces” is C.J. Watson. Then I’ll just get all liquored up!

  • Joe’s Momma

    How is Anthony Randolph a better fit next to Amare than Lee?

    Randolph is like 200 lbs, and can’t play center.

    Lee is about 250 lbs and has played center the past 2 yrs, although he doesn’t like it, he has put up very good #s. But it would be easier with Amare next him.

    Now NY clears all this cap space, to get…
    and Radmonovic….

    Knicks fans must be jizzing on themselves.

  • datdood

    as a warriors die hard i say give me david lee!!!!!!!
    i’m a big fan of his game. we put him at the 4 with biedrins at the 5 and we finally have a big front line that can still run in the warriors system. i am ok giving up randolph even though he has a tremendous upside becasue i have yet to really see him shine in any games other than summer league. randolph has to really really work on his mid range jumper if he wants to live up to his hype. the only thing i would be sad to see go is azubuike. this guy is supremly underrated in the league, and can be valuable to any team. he always plays hard.

    right now i say DO ITTTTTTTTTTT

  • John

    The Warriors need to get this done. Randolph has a lot of potential, but Lee has already gotten to that potential that we are waiting for Randolph to reach. Get it done, Riley!

  • John

    The Warriors need to get this done. Randolph has a lot of potential, but Lee has already gotten to that potential that we are waiting for Randolph to reach. Get it done, Riley!

  • Brown

    I’m in favor of getting Lee, but he’s not worth $13 million a year. I also wouldn’t get rid of Azubuike. They need him at SF now that Maggette is gone. I’m surprised the Warriors are willing to give up on Randolph so soon.

  • Swiss Chocolate

    The Warriors will regret trading Randolph. He is a Kevin Garnett type player. Not a banger, but very good defender and perimiter oriented player. This type of rumor is why the Warriors are the Warriors and will always be Warriors. These moves will make the Warriros unsellable and force the Bay Area to have Chris Cohan as an owner forever! David Lee will be like Jamison. A player that will score 20 and get 10 rebs and then disappear in the playoffs against taller and longer players.

  • Kwai Chang

    Quoted for truth ***Swiss Chocolate

    You Knick fans getting the next rising star in the Eastern Conference in Anthony Randolph if this works out (Hey Lebron might *not* come to NYC) If he’s used properly by the Knicks, he’ll blow-up. You Tube him and you will see. Don Nelson dogged him constantly last year and he then got injured.

    Kalenna Azubuike is a good, young, baller that ain’t afraid of sh**. He came up from the D-League three years ago and fought for a job. He’s coming off of rehab from an injured knee, but he’s finishing rehab now and should be ready for camp.

    Ronny Turiaf – We all know he always brought the electricity each night, just like when he was on LA. That fool is gonna get mad chicks when he gets to New York. Rol player wise, he won’t disappoint in given limited minutes off the bench.

    Damn Warriors screwing us one more time. The sky is the limit for Anthony Randolph. I’ll enjoy following how he does in New York. You have to set some birds free.

  • http://kapatid77992yahoo.com lakerfan

    NYC is stupid. i hope they suck for the next decade. very simple, just trade LEE for Monta. in there system, they need a guy like monta. NYC would be killer if they add ellis on there team to run with amare.

  • HoopDreams

    I concur #11. It has to be Monta. Randolph is nice and going to be better.. But we need a guard and bad. I’m hoping for KING. If not, it’s Monta all day.

  • Heckler

    correction, Anthony Randolph is NOT a future star.
    hate to break it to yall who been watching him with one eye closed.

    he is about the same as keon clark

  • jim sauer

    Why draft a Udoh if you are going to bring in Lee? Makes no sense. Why not draft sMonroe or Aminu? Randolph has the ability to play the 3, 4, and the 5, and with the Maggette trade and the loss of Capt Jack there is no strong 3. A line up of Biedrins or Turiaf, Wright or Udoh,Randoplh or Williams, Ellis, and Curry is a decent place to start. Makes no sense to deliver half of your front court and get no 3 in return. The Warriors need a solid 3.

  • asstman

    both the warriors and knicks are stupid organizations.

    the warriors will never compete with the best in the west, and steph curry will probably leave that team in a few years.

    Amare can score, but he’s not the complete player he thinks he is, he will deliver them fewer finals appearances than Ewing did. And fewer titles. That’s zero, folks.

    I hope the Knicks do trade for Ellis, shows how dumb they really are. Ha ha.

    I’m not a Bosh fan, definitely not a Heat fan, but do like Wade. Now with LeBron, they are dominate for awhile. They should but a shooter in back court, they don’t need a point guard with Wade and LeBron both handling the ball and making plays.