NBA / Jul 9, 2010 / 12:15 pm

Newspapers React To LeBron

With LeBron‘s announcement finally coming last night, everyone has their own reactions, including the daily newspapers in cities across the country. These are some of the best covers we’ve seen about LeBron today:

What did your newspaper look like?

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  • George W Kush Sr

    LOL, I’m still laughing my ass off, I can believe they pulled off the 3 headed monster. The best now is talking to bandwagon Laker fans trying to become Heat fans, ha ha ha.

  • fallinup

    Was watchin ESPN and the NY reaction outside the garden. What were the fans screaming???

    “Car Mel O, Car Mel O, Car Mel O”

    You guys haven’t any shame in NY. I feel bad for Cleveland. But as I’ve been doing for a couple years now… I’m laughing at NY.

  • Chilirey

    How come no one mentions that the Clippers signed Ryan “Effin” Gomes!!??!!….ha!

  • nas

    I live in fairlawn-bath area in akron, and Lebron lives literally 5 minutes down the road from me. I would be at copley highschool working out and the past couple weeks my buddies and i would see him out on the softball feild playing and mesing around. it seemed like he was never gonna leave. it definetly hurts alot. Lebron carried the heart of a city and state and he just stabbed it. feels like breaking up with your girlfriend, but as much as it sucks i understand he had to go wher he could win. nonone wanted to come to cleveland otherwise we woulda gotten better players in the past summers and when bosh denied Lebron we knew it was over. I am a fan of the game and a fan of Lebrons game and what this does for the game is rediculous. It hurts to see him leave for sure but he had to do what he had to do. Cleveland and Akron will never be the same.

  • jay

    good luck…we shall see how this plays out…why do i think that this is going to be great or it is going to end very badly! i am not a hater..if this is what bron had to do ….i am not going to fault him..his image and brand take a hit…for me personally i am a kobe guy and thanks to the weeks events that led to this hour special…kobe now gets mj status the rest of his career! i am not saying his is mj or better than mj.what i am saying is that kobe gets cheers in msg all the way to sacto…and even chi town!

  • netstar


  • Hoopla

    Honestly, the media created the circus yet they’re mad Lebron made a personal decision. It’s like these media outlets wanna be the ones to spill the beans and say I told you so, but since everyone was wrong they need to blow hot air. First they complain about the NBA being about players and when a player chooses to be with a “team” and leave the superstar status behind its the wrong move. How come no ones crying about Steve Blake signing with LA? Or any other unrestricted free agent not named Lebron? People complain about the hype but actually they should blame themselves for hyping the guy to godly status.

  • Steve

    Lakers 3peats

  • sh!tfaced

    @1 hahaha… true dat, man…

  • Archer

    i’m from boston and a month ago i saw people on the basketball courts with celtics gear on, i was there today and i saw the same people now with miami heat gears on….are you kidding me..???….celtics “fans” are a bunch of fucking bandwagons…….

  • calvin brodus

    @ jay

    uuhhhhmmm, i can assure you first hand that kobe aint getting cheers in denver. he gets the “no means no” chant. but thats about it.

  • http://www.paxtonavenue.com DGtheEnigma

    Man, I haven’t seen America turn on someone this fast since Hulk Hogan turned to a bad guy and formed the NWO…

    …don’t worry LBJ, you gained a new fan last night.

    We may not realize it now, but you will be the poster boy for sacrificing to win if the Miami Heat win the championship within two years.

  • block

    So far he’s the poster boy for failure. Lmao, and if they fail this year AGAIN, which is likely, to either celtics or orlando. It will be hilarious.

  • Tangman

    LeBron will tear up every single team in the league next year and make everyone regret all the constant hating that have done

  • http://www.dimemag.com Celts Fan

    @archer – there are some good fans here, but ya. Def lots of bandwagoners here. I been a diehard my whole life (season ticket holder since Toine’s rookie year) and I remember when we couldn’t give games away. Now everyone rocks green and says they been fans forever. There are plenty of diehards (most of whom were priced outta the Garden years ago) but there are tons of front-runners too.

  • A.

    The ironic thing is that so many people seem to hate LeBron, yet his jersey is 2nd only to Kobe when it comes to sales (and it would be a safe bet he’s gonna overtake Kobe next season), anytime he’s on TV the ratings are HUGE (see playoffs games involving him and last night’s “The Decision”, which-according to preliminary ratings- could go down as the most watched sports show ever on ESPN), games involving LeBron are always sold out, and Miami Heat season tickets for the 10-11 season are already gone. Oh yeah, his Twitter account keeps getting new followers.

    People may claim to hate LeBron, but looks like there are many people out there who enjoy watching/following LeBron.

  • Quest???

    I was just in New York in manhattan and new york sucks..

  • thrillah

    @Comment 16….the finals where the Cavs faced the Spurs had one of the worst ratings ever for a Finals game.

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    I just hope the Miami don’t dominate the TV (on ESPN/TNT/ABC) with their games. I mean it’s great and all but I personally would like to see other teams play that don’t get the national hype like the OKC Thunder or the Sacramento Kings (with ROY Evans and Cousins) or Fear the Deer Milwaukee Bucks (Young Buck Jennings).

  • OneZero

    his followers will increase, but so does his haters, its a give and take

    one thing for sure, he cant go back to Cleveland ever…at least for the time being.

  • OneZero

    @Celts fan

    barring family tradition of team supporting, fans always start as bandwagon fans, and a true fan is tested when the said team is going downward. True fan will stay and hang tight and loyal through good times and bad times, until they rise again.

    I personally hate being a bandwagon fan. but loyalty aint easy matter

  • e