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Rajon Rondo Rules Boston

On Saturday, the Back Bay Fens in Boston, Mass. was the first stop on the Red Bull 2-on-2 Revolution tour, a summer basketball tournament set to take over the East Coast through July and August. In an exciting day of hoops at one of Boston’s premier courts, Game Time, a duo comprised of Boston locals Rob Adams and Jared Hite, took home the first Revolution tour championship – and the $2,000 reward that came with it – in front of hundreds of fans.

Inspired by the play of Rajon Rondo, the Revolution tour features a special set of rules and scoring system highlighting Rondo’s versatility. As teams battle on the court, additional points are awarded extra for various types of slam dunks, steals and blocks.

With 32 teams fighting for the chance to be crowned champions, the competition at the Fens was intense down to the very last whistle. With legendary NYC streetball announcer Boobie Smooth on the mic, fans lined up to watch some of the city’s best players showcase go to work. Game Time steamrolled through their first four match-ups before besting opponent Marv Squad by a score of 21-10 in the day’s grand finale.

Drawing some of the best local talent across the East Coast, the Revolution tour will hit New York City on July 24th before making stops in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Register now by calling/texting 347.316.1924, or e-mailing revolution@dimemag.com. For more information on the tour click HERE.

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    man too bad I’m nursing this torn acl, I would definitely run for the hell of it…

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    @ asmaticasiatic 02- I would destroy you if you played in the competition…CHI TOWN BABY! best streetballers in the US.

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    @daghost chi aint got nothing on nyc the best basketball is played on nyc blacktop people from all around the world come to the mecca to get a glimpse of nyc streetball