NBA / Jul 20, 2010 / 2:00 pm

Rudy Fernandez Tells Portland To Send Him Home

Rudy Fernandez wants to go home. In a case of receiving too much, too soon, the Portland shooting guard told El Mundo Deportivo, “If I could reach an agreement with Portland, so that they would not trade me to another NBA team and they would accept my return to Europe, I’d be pleased.”

He went on to add, “My agents are looking for the best trade for me, but at the end of the day only Portland can decide.”

Before he came to the NBA, Fernandez was drawing comparisons to another unusual foreign wing player in Manu Ginobili. Fernandez racked up a lot of individual accomplishments with DKV Joventut of the Spanish ACB League and really shot to stardom with 22 points in the gold medal game at the 2008 Olympics against the Redeem Team. In his final season in Europe, Fernandez dropped 16.1 points a game.

Expectations were high for him during a period when the prospects of the Blazers were even higher. Portland’s GM at the time, Kevin Pritchard, called him a “tremendous prospect who has excelled at the highest levels of international basketball.”

Looking back, Fernandez was a victim of his own hype. He not only never lived up to the player he was supposed to be – in two seasons, Fernandez was basically a three-point shooter (though he did set a rookie season record by making 159 threes) – but he was also thrust into a bad situation.

Portland was loaded at the wing position the last few seasons with people like Brandon Roy, Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster and Nicolas Batum. There just wasn’t enough PT to go around. And it’s tough to get burn when the team’s best player mans the same position as you.

Fernandez’s name came up in a lot of trade talks this offseason, including some rumblings he wanted to go to New York to play under Mike D’Antoni.

He never really developed into the star many pinned him to be, though some of that assuredly had to do with Portland’s roster. Now, it sounds like Fernandez wants to return to Spain to rekindle that aura.

What do you think? Is Fernandez better suited to play in Spain or should he take his chances with another team in the NBA?

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  • rapTOr

    blame mcmillan for this….why he would let a talent like fernandez rot on the bench is beyond me

  • Stunnaboy09

    Get a trade to a team that needs him, He’d thrive in Phoenix or New York. Hell even contenders like Boston could use the Spaniard. Don’t go back Rudy, who else is gonna drive the ladies crazy?

  • Rich

    He’ll always have the Slam Dunk Contest. All 183 botched attempts of it.

  • Travis

    Waah waaah waaaah, Rudy.

    Blame Nate for this, #1? I’m not a huge fan of McMillan, but he gave Rudy a lot of chances to come off the bench and be a big-minutes guy. Rudy, however, couldn’t hit shots coming off the bench with much consistency, can never create his own shot off the dribble, and just generally doesn’t contribute much when he’s on the floor.

    So, I don’t care where he goes, just so long as he’s not sulking on the Portland bench all season. Wes Matthews and Bayless need those minutes.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    So he wants to go back to Europe?? I have this funny feeling he’ll end up a Raptor.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Dude’s got some skill, too bad he couldn’t find minutes on a deep Portland team. Can’t really blame either side in this case.

    He’s fun to watch, too, so I hope that he doesn’t mind playing for another NBA team.

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    This guy is really annoying. He came in super-hyped and didn’t do that well for the Blazers and just complains now. Would love to see him on the Bulls though!

  • Brown

    Sounds like the kid is homesick. I doubt it matters which NBA team he plays for. He wants to go back to Europe. I say let him.

  • quest???

    this sucks, I really like him as a player and thought that he would blossom into a star. I guess he just does not have the mental capacity to become one because all the talent is there.

  • fallinup

    hmmmm… Portland tail? or Spain tail? What would you decide?

  • Mavs All The Way

    I say he’s a pretty decent player; an energy guy off the bench. I can still remember those alley-oop plays designed for him. awesome.

    let’s give it another shot and then if still doesn’t work then let him go.

    LOL at JAY.

  • jon503

    Rudy complains all the time now, he choked in the playoffs, that’s why Roy came back early. Let him go living in Portland I am tired of hearing about him whining when he doesn’t produce

  • pearce

    Rudy’s fate as a Blazer was sealed when he didn’t SHOOT the ball against Phoenix in the playoffs.

  • Ian

    send him to the spurs
    wouldnt mind manulite subin in for manu.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian
    I knew you’d like him in San An. Open 3s all day. They could use him..but!
    I think he’d like LA.
    Pau’s already there.
    We’d give Portland Sasha…..and Luke Walton……and Gerald Green

  • Heckler

    the article never declared what problem (if any) Rudy is having.
    WHY does he want out of Portland?

    is he just a puss? a lil punk bitch? or is he really getting mistreated?

    travis outlaw is gone. martell webster is gone. rudy will now have minutes and opps to play and produce.

    if not, Portland should just trade his ass. no need keeping players who dont wanna be kept.

    send him to San An for rich jefferson

  • Stretch

    Seems kinda of unfair to say he never lived up to the player he was supposed to be. He was a victim of portland loaded one dimensional roster and his coach tactics. I remembered he complained heavily about being used as a three point shooter. Now that is his know? When do we draw a distinction between a players actions and doing what he was coached to do?

  • the cynic

    this guy makes a ton of mistakes on the court, and he definitely regressed in his 2nd year in the league. It seems like he doesn’t have the mental toughness to play in the nba

  • BlazersBabyBri

    Ya know… I love Rudy. And this past season Nate gave him more chances than anyone. Rudy started off the season great, then he had back surgery and didn’t come out of the slump he was in after it, until our LAST PLAYOFF GAME. So for Rudy to say that he wasn’t given a chance is bogus. I wanted Rudy to stay one more year, just to prove that he is the player we drafted from Spain, and that we saw glimpses of his rookie season, but after this, I saw ship him out. Let him go play with his BFF Sergio, in Spain.

  • lau

    “Fernandez was a victim of his own hype” I’d say Fernandez is a victim of NATE MCMILLAN. I can’t stand that xenophobic man. I hope Rudy comes back to Spain with us. I’m getting tired of your super yankee NBA. You’re not what you used to be. GO RUDY! GO SPAIN! WE’LL BE WORLD CHAMPIONS AGAIN! (While your super Lebron and others are making movies and stuff.)

  • me

    he needs to go to an offense that will give him big minutes and let him run, yet won’t need him to be the #1 or 2 option.

    He’d be good in phoenix or NY.

    Portland put together an amazing roster around 07-08, but didn’t run an offense best suited for most of those guys. Portland’s roster would have been awesome in the triangle offense.

  • Larry

    Trade him for a draft pick that is all. we can’t get anybody good anyway for him because of his 2 mill somthing like that contract and we don’t need anybody else unless it cp3. He’s going to leave anyway so just get a pick for him.

  • Guitar Hero

    He´s a legit NBA player, and he could easily start for some teams. Yeah, he was victim of Portland being stacked with wing players.
    I hope the Knicks get him. That would be fun.

  • http://fartoskon.blogg.se benji

    Please please make him stay and put him in an offense that will suit his game. If it in the end goes well for him, he maybe could get some swagger and turn out to be the player he was projected to become!
    Go Rudy, NBA has certainly not seen all from you, I hope

  • Eric

    Rudy Fernandez was NEVER one of the best players in Europe. He was always extremely overrated. It’s hilarious that even this article makes it sound like he was some superstar in Europe. That was hardly the case at all.

    NBA has to hype and overrate everything for marketing reasons. It’s so ridiculous.

  • KnicksFan

    Sned him to NYC. he wanted to come last year to play with Sergio but now Sergio is gone

  • tdub

    Blame the McMillan all you want, but his shooting, playmaking and defensive output never justified significantly more playing time, plain and simple. And on that, I agree with the ooach.

    Frankly, he appears to have something of a diva attitude, too. Webster and Outlaw are gone. Another player might relish the opportunity to work and perform their way into more playing sime, but apparently Rudy has no interest in this.

  • garrett

    Rudy might be the worst 1-on-1 defender in the league. He’s a good shooter when he is on (think John Starks consistency). Worst of all though is that he disrupts the offense so bad when he is in the game. He would be great in a system like Phoenix or New York. In all reality though if he didn’t have the hype he had from Spain he would have been shipped a long time ago. Especially after his “I’m NOT BRANDON ROY” tantrum he threw in the playoffs.

  • Driftwood

    Travis, Yuo hit the nail on the head, my feelings, EXACTLY! If he sulks on the bech, then we’re going to have PROBLEMS….

  • driftwood

    oops, sorry, that’s BENCH..My problem with Rudy is he DOESN’T drive the ball to the basket more often, if he has that capability, let’s see it! And Quit crying until you porform! You have been given AMPLE OPPURTUNITY…