NBA / Jul 1, 2010 / 4:02 pm

Rudy Gay agrees to $80 million deal with Memphis

Rudy Gay, Dime #25

Day 1 is finally starting to heat up. There have been multiple signings thus far, most of them puzzling. The most recent news is that Rudy Gay will accept a five-year, $80 million contract from the Memphis Grizzlies.

In other news/rumors:

* Negotiations on a new deal with Phoenix fell through last night, so it looks like Amar’e will be playing elsewhere next year.

* Speaking of the Suns, Channing Frye is reportedly sitting on a five-year $25 million offer from the Suns. He is waiting for more to unfold in free agency before committing, but he shouldn’t wait too long.

* Orlando would refuse to include Brandon Bass in a sign-and-trade scenario with Utah involving Carlos Boozer.

* Raymond Felton has interest from multiple teams. Seemingly everyone needs a decent point guard. Interest is especially coming from the teams with the most cap-space, which goes hand-in-hand with needing PG help: Knicks, Heat, and Nets.

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  • Bandolero

    Wow! Is there Anything Coming out the Knicks but crickets!!! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!*

    *Honestly, I take another bad year any day over a bad contrack to phuck up our cap… Patients Knigcks! bmh!

  • Brickshooting J

    I’m sorry because I know he’s your boy and that, but that’s too much money for Rudy Gay.

  • eazy yeezy

    thats a lot of money for a guy who has yet to make it to the playoffs or an all star game.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I love it. Now the Grizzlies will not be very good for a long time, unless they can later trade this overrated idiot to another team for someone that knows how to win. I kinda feel sorry for Marc Gasol.

  • dmitry of jersey

    all of these contracts are gona look Damn Silly once the new collective bargaining agreement is in place

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Smart move on Memphis, Houston should have had Rudy a long time ago.

    Money just being thrown around, crap why can’t my hand and eye coordination be better lol.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    DIME maybe I have missed it but why not discussion on Josh Childress, he can come back and help a squad out pretty good.

  • karizmatic

    I was hoping Gay would end up somewhere else, but this is good for Memphis keeps that young team together.

  • LakeShow84

    Rudy Gay 80 million?!?!?!

    Thats got to be dumbest shit ive seen so far..

    Oh well


  • Claw

    Yeah Dime you need to update your sh*t, Phil is coming back for one last run.

    JJ at 120 and Rudy at 80 and Frye getting even 25 is insane!

    Wait for the craziness to stop, if i’m a team that doesn’t get one of the major players I’d save my money for next year. Don’t overextend that’ll kill your team.

  • First anf Foremost

    How can Orlando not give up Brandon Bass? Really He played all of 20 minutes in the entire post season if that. All you hear is that Lewis’ natural position is the 3 yet they put his non-rebounding self at the 4 and pray the other team doesn’t crash the boards on offense. Orlando acts as if they would be hurting at the Power Forward posistion with this trade. Look at the flexibility Boozer would give them. This trade is so lop-sided how do you turn it down? Not like Milshap and Bass can even play at the same time. Vince would have been on the next grey hound bus out of town.

  • K Dizzle

    Channing Frye is “sittin” on that 5 per? That fool thinks he’s gonna get a bigger offer? Better sign before the real players eat up all the cake…

  • dimemagreader

    Wow Channing “Stevie Wonder” Frye thinks he’s getting more than 5m/yr??!?!

  • Roman

    @ claw- you beat me to it- come on dime, you guys are slow!

  • Ben1en

    What are the Magic thinking? Brandon Bass played 10 minutes (that’s an exaggeration) all year and the Magic aren’t willing to give him up for an All-Star big man in Carlos Boozer. Boozer could help make the Magic a tougher team by replacing Rashard Lewis at the PF. The Magic have the oddest free agency moves (i.e. signing Gortat to a ton of money).


    Im glad Rudy and Joe are staying put, means the Knicks wont overpay for them.
    80 mill is too much for Rudy, the Griz should have learnt from what the bulls and sixers gave to Iggy and Deng that decent-but-not-great wings dont ever deserve them contracts. But, teams gotta offer up big bucks to keep their guys. if your Atlanta or Memphis you gotta overpay if you want to keep these dudes cos you know that there are a lot of teams with a lot of money who will snatch players up if you dont make them happy.

    the Magic not willing to part with Brandon “we should play you but we wont” Bass is the dumbest thing iv heard all day. A Howard and Booze frontcourt would be a fucking Monster.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ben1en

    I thought the same thing.. But they played Boston better when he was allowed on the court in the latter parts of the series..

    Could be Van Gundy’s way of saying OOPS lol

    But in any case Magic try to play defense and Boozer dont fit that mold.. Even though Dwight Howard is EXACTLY what you would want next to Boozer.. Someone to clean up his slip ups..

  • Claw

    Boozer and Dwight would be cleaning the glass and DHow is more interior post moves and dunks while Boozer always does the fade jumper so that might work.

    Stay in Ctown Lebron! Its almost like Byron Scott had insider info on Phil I wonder if he has it on Lebron also?

  • choster

    Why wouldn’t Orlando want to include Bass when he doesn’t even play 5 mins a game!?!?

  • Me

    i was rooting for memphis this past year. Was hoping Rudy went elsewhere because he’s overpaid and not more than a good 3 option or role player. he and mayo can’t coexist, mayo has alpha dog written all over him but rudy’s gonna fuck it up. Knew he’d be overpaid but i was hoping it’d be by someone else.

  • Heckler

    this is some crazy (bull)shit.

    $80 million american dollars buys you rudy gay?
    thats it?…rudy gay for EIGHTY FRIGGIN MILLION?!!?

  • The Problem

    Okay Rudy gets $80M, so what would be the price tag for OJ Mayo? The problem with having a nice young core is that rookie contracts eventually expire. They still need a point guard. Worst of all, Minnesota showed the most interest in Rudy and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t going to go to a team in which he might mess around and lead the team in blocks.

  • http://rapzilla.com Jayo

    Are you kiddin?! $80 million for Rudy-Freaking-Gay!!! That’s why bad teams stay bad. They overpay for players that they shouldn’t. Don’t they see what’s happening w/ Iggy in Philly & Ariza in Houston.

  • boomshakalaka

    If it’s really true that orlando pulled the plug on getting boozer because of brandon bass, then they don’t deserve to win. Put that in the ‘so stupid it makes me livid’ category.

    They possibly gave away a championship there.

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol… Dam well i am glad that my Heat wont be wasting MAX $$$ on these guys even though Rudy Gay and Joe Johnson was on my wish list if we didnt sign Lebron. Ill take back Rasual Butler or even a Mike Miller if we cant get Lebron because i dont believe in wasting money on guys that are not worth that type of money and this free angency frenzy is getting to these owners head because they are starting to just panick and are doing anything to keep there players or make it look like they did something. No wonder Y certains teams stay on top like the Spurs or the Lakers and if they fall off its never for to long unlike other team like Memphis who will always stay down with idiot bussiness moves like this. They might be the only team in league history to offer a guy a max thats not even worth a max without even letting 1 team BID. lmaol…

  • Legend 33

    If the Raptors are going to resign Amir Johnson for 34M over 5 years then Rudy is worth 80 over five. I feel sorry for you Raptors fan, almost $7M a year for a backup center.

  • brandon

    you are dumb. yes thats a lot of money for rudy gay but memphis has to do something to keep him. i mean by god its memphis., however he is a great player who still hasnt reached his full potential, you just dont hear abt him bc of who he plays for i mean xach randolph became the leader this year need i say more

  • egypt

    johnson signed with the hawks… 6 years, 119 mil

  • brandon


  • Detroit Dave

    Rudy Gay might have the best Agent in Professional Sports. He is not even Top 10 at his position or the best player on his team. Great Work by his agent. By the Way.

    Danny Granger
    Kevin Durant
    Josh Howard (healthy)
    Caron Butler (healthy)
    Gerald Wallace
    Ron Artest
    Rashard Lewis
    Hedo Tuk
    Joe Johnson
    Stephen Jackson