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San Antonio is the best place for Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh, Dime #33

Right before the NBA free agency negotiating period began, Richard Jefferson threw a wrench into the game by surprisingly opting out of his contract with the San Antonio Spurs. Jefferson would have made $15 million next season, but after a disappointing campaign (12.3 ppg, 4.4 rpg), word is he wants to be back in the New York area, either with the Knicks or Nets. (Although conflicting reports say the Spurs might just re-sign him for less money.)

But if in fact the Spurs did get some wiggle room salary-wise, can they become players in the free-agent bonanza? Yes. Actually, they could walk away with one of the most coveted players in the League. Here’s the trade that can get it done:

* SPURS get: Chris Bosh, Reggie Evans, Marco Belinelli

* RAPTORS get: Tony Parker, Antonio McDyess, DeJuan Blair

In a sign-and-trade scenario, the money works out. Now why would the Spurs make this trade?

Bosh and Tim Duncan can be the next set of Twin Towers, as Duncan (who is nearing the end of the line) can play the mentor role David Robinson played for him years ago. With Bosh taking some of the load off TD’s shoulders, he can prolong Duncan’s career a couple more years, after which Bosh would takeover as The Man when Duncan retires and passes him the torch. Plus Bosh can play in his native Texas, one of his desired destinations.

It’s no secret the Spurs are really high on George Hill at point guard, and with Parker’s contract expiring in 2011, he’s been mentioned in trade rumors already. Evans is another body to bang in the paint for San Antonio, and Belinelli provides outside shooting should he get decent minutes.

Why would the Raptors make this trade?

For starters, Parker is better than whoever you think is Toronto’s best player is right now (since Bosh is almost 100% leaving). He’s an immediate upgrade over defensively-challenged PG Jose Calderon, and with his expiring deal the Raptors can either keep Parker and use Calderon as trade bait, trade Parker before the deadline to bring in some young talent to rebuild their team, or let his salary come off the books next summer to use in free agency.

McDyess and Blair address one of Toronto’s biggest needs; toughness on the front line. Lottery pick Ed Davis is the future at power forward, along with re-signed free agent Amir Johnson, but Blair and McDyess will push them.

Also, if you’re the Raptors and you have to lose Bosh, wouldn’t you rather have Parker, McDyess and Blair instead of Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony, the pieces being mentioned in a rumored sign-and-trade proposal from Miami? I know I would.

Would you do this deal?

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  • rangerjohn

    yeah im ok with it, parker will not be a spur next year IMO so we might as well get something in return.

  • stupid

    good deal..or they can s&t with dallas.. dampier + roddy for bosh

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    it’s a good deal but I disagree with the title though. In this scenario, where would Bosh be in 6-7 years? Probably by himself in San An (Timmy and Manu would concievably retire by then) and possibly losing some of his prime. In Chicago or Miami? I’d say he has a shot at many more chips.

  • cesar

    the departure of blair is gonna be missed

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I thought of this scenario the other day. The best fit for him, IMO, is with Houston but this scenario is right up there.
    The only issue is I think his mind is set in playing with LBJ or Wade.

  • http://dimemag.com/author/adam Adam Flomenbaum

    Great deal. Works for both teams but you know Parker would demand trade immediately

  • Heckler

    why the hell would chris bosh want to go to san antonio?

    he could go to chicago and play with derrick rose. isnt that better than balling with george hill?

    or he can go to miami and ball with dwyane wade. isnt that better than balling with tim duncan?

  • quest???

    why make stuff up that wont happen?

  • Yup

    Why bosh would want to go to an aging to is beyond me. Great deal for Raptors. I’m drooling.

  • jimmhummv

    this isn’t all that great. Spurs let an all star SF in jefferson go, lose a all star pg and two decent pf’s for a soft euro and a guy who plays the same position as their best guy.

  • http://www.weallscheme.com BackInBlack

    That sounds like a great deal, but the offer of bynum and odom from the lakers is much better. Once McDyess came to tronto he would turn around and retire like bruce bowen did.

  • bryan

    i would like the trade if we left blair out and threw a pick or something. and dont understand how some of those other trades people mentioned are better. bynum and odom they will be lucky to get half a season from bynum and i think he averages like 20 minutes a game and still cant stay on the court and odum comes to play every few games. and why would he want to go to houston when yao cant stay heathy. and with parker and mcdyess they are both expiring even though mcdyess has another year it is not guaranteed so that is about 17 mill coming off their books or they could use them both as trade during the season to get draft picks and young players. no way i put blair in there not with his heart and his salary.

  • http://RR Dave

    Does toronto get San A’s trade exception and at least one draft pick? If not I doubt BC would be interested. Other than that I like this deal becasue it gets us a point guard that can play defence and run the offence.

  • Manu14

    Why the hell everybody thinks George Hill can replace Parker???!!!!
    Do you only follow the spurs via espn or nba.com???!!!

    Hill averaged less than 1 assist in the playoff while STARTING!!!!

    He is a very good altletic SG who can help sometimes at the point (when Manu is next to him a takes the playmaking responsabilities…

    The only way the spurs trade Parker is if they find an elite PG to replace him!
    That won’t happened because Tony is underpaid in comparaison to the other elite PG of the league

  • karizmatic

    I would do this deal but I have reservations about the Spurs trading Parker I would like to see them figre out a way to keep Parker around, I’m not sure George Hill is going to pan out as well as they think.

  • gigi

    i actually like this trade. the other sign and trade deals that have been mentioned for toronto have been kinda wack but at the end of the day im still hoping bosh decides to stay.

  • Manu14

    Trading Parker would mean the end of Duncan/Spurs era…
    Now that Tim and Manu are aging, he is clearly their best player!!
    + It takes time to understand/be comfortable with the spurs system (see RJ)
    Payers have always performed better during their 2nd year in a spur uniform…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    You’re breaking George Hill down like he’s a 5 year vet. Think about how well he played past year and then realize that it was his first year. Whether he can replace Parker or not, it remains to be seen. The Spurs have every right to think so since Hill played very well in his rookie season. He’s poised, crafty and plays within himself.

  • spanair31

    The Spurs make more sense than the Heat and the Bulls. The Heat have one guy, not a team. The Bulls show some promise but they are all about potential, with young players, a rookie coach and owners who say they are committed to winning. However, the Spurs have two great players, promising young players in Hill, Anderson and most likely Splitter along with a Hall of Fame coach and an organization which has only missed the playoffs four times in thirty-four years.

    Life after Parker is a bit terrifying but having Bosh and Duncan together would be worth it.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Professor J — Bosh wouldn’t be “alone” in San Antonio after Duncan/Manu retire. The Spurs have one of the best front offices in the League (probably the best); as long as Bosh is there, he’ll have a good team around him. It’s not like they’d acquire Bosh and then take a nap for five years.

  • Bilal23

    the trade sounds good for both, but i like the houston scenario of battier, ariza and scola.

  • spanair31

    From what I have read about Splitter, he and Bosh would be a perfect fit together once Duncan retires. Splitter would defend the other team’s best big and be able to at least finish on the open looks that would come from Bosh being the number one scoring option in the post. I second Austin Burton on the front office. San Antonio has shown they know how to build around a power forward.

  • spanair31

    Battier and Ariza play the same position and that happens to be the position of the only proven player who would be left on the Raptors, Turkoglu. Wouldn’t it be better to have a Finals MVP point guard than three small forwards?

  • John Dough

    Hill is ready. Never trade off Blair, it would hurt to bad to see him lead the league in rebounds with someone else. I really hope that they bring Splitter in this year, I think he’ll fit right in with Timmy. So we really don’t really nead Bosh, we already have Tim, Blair, hopefully Splitter, Richards potentially, McDyess (not a bad veteran, not a starter), and probably the Red Rocket. Thats not a bad front court. What we really need to work on is a certain position in the backcourt that anyone who is a real Spurs fan know we need an athletic , lengthy, competitor, to bring some toughness (especially on the defensive end) who can fill in this black hole the Spurs have called SMALL FORWARD. All we need todo is trade Parker (as much as I love him, we can get to much for him right now and the emergence of Hill (2nd most improved player in the NBA last year) is much younger and has a lot potential left and I think he’s ready. He’s also shown to be a much better defender than Parker. So why not trade Parker for one these small forwards, Granger, Gay, Igoudala, or even Carmelo (which have all been mentioned in trade rumors this offseason). All in all, I think if a few of the right moves are made before next season, the Spurs will be title contenders once again.
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  • Sporty-j

    I like the Heat scenario better… This is not a sign and trade to better Toronto. This is a sign and trade so that Toronto can at least get something back for Bosh and hes doing them a favor because somebody will take Beasley from the Heat regardless. They either do the sign and trade to the team he prefers to play for or they get left high and dry for nothing. Those would be dream scenarios for the the Raptors though and as a Heat fan i would take the Spurs and Houston Scenario in a heart beat over the Miami Scenario but does Toronto really want to take that chance and start pushing Bosh buttons and walk away with nothing or do they want to at least walk away with Beasley whose a 15 and 6 guy and could put up even more numbers on a team like Toronto where he would probably get the go ahead to do his thing and be the #1 guy like Rose, Durant, and even Bosh had the chance of. Its there choice but i wouldnt get to greedy and cocky if i was them and just settle for 21yr old Mike (Beastley) who still has a lot of upside, will be cheaper than Bosh, only has 2 years left on his rookie contract, and sometimes guys do better when they change teams because south beach was just turning Beasley out and he was not mature enough for that type of lifestyle…

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    Austin, good point. I do love San An’s staff and respect how they can find talent pretty much anywhere. If you were Bosh tho, why take the chance when more guaranteed situations lay elsewhere? You never know how the future plays out especially in basketball.

    Also, George Hill is nowhere near Tony Parker. Letting Parker go would be a big mistake.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    Also, would Bosh be playing C on this make-believe team? Because he said that he didn’t want to play center anymore but rather shift to his natural PF spot. Two All-Stars at the same position is risky

  • spanair31

    Duncan is no longer a power forward. He would be playing center. Splitter is also more of a center than a power forward.

  • Joe’s Momma

    This will not work, Pop only wants Duncan listed as a PF for the all-star purposes. Pop would never go for this, playing Duncan at Center? gtfoh. Im playing, Duncan has been playing center since Robinson retired.

    This is really the best deal Toronto can get for Bosh. I would take a 27 yo Parker over a 23 yo Beasley. And even if Beasley is not traded, Parker is better than the trade exception.

    But Pop already told Parker he isn’t going to be traded. And they got a good relationship, so I don’t see Pop lying to him like that. So this is a pipe dream.

  • Tobias

    Toronto is never going to S&T Bosch. He might leave, but never be traded. On top of that how many guards can SA get with 3 rings, a final’s MVP and still 28 years who can play Pop’s system with his eyes closed.

  • that’s what’s up

    I just can’t see the Spurs writing checks out to: “Nut Grabber Evans”

  • esco

    I like everything except trading away D.Blair, he is a beast on the boards especially, I like Tony but do see Hill taking over. I vote to keep Blair, he will turn out to be a big piece of the puzzle for #5!

  • Ian

    funny how u mentioned why play with hill when u can play with rose
    and why play with duncan when u can play with wade

    shouldnt u use the spurs best player in each comparison??
    i would play with timmeh over rose anyday.

    i like the trade if the spurs can keep blair.

    parker isnt the spurs best player
    since timmeh is showing his age whenever manu is healthy hes the spurs best player.