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The Anti-LeBrons: 10 NBA Stars Who Aren’t Going Anywhere

Brandon Roy (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

I don’t know much about hockey, but I know the game isn’t easy on one’s body. So whenever I see an NHL player who’s been in the League for 15 or 20 years, it always amazes me.

Earlier this week the New Jersey Devils inked 27-year-old wing Ilya Kovalchuk to a 17-year contract worth $102 million. SEVENTEEN years. When the deal runs out, Kovalchuk would be 44 years old and likely a living legend with Devils fans. (Note: The NHL rejected the contract on Tuesday for salary-cap reasons, but the Devils and Kovalchuk can still renegotiate another deal.)

Nobody in the NBA is ever getting a 17-year deal, but I was thinking of some NBA guys who are locked into their station and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Not old guys like Kurt Thomas or Zydrunas Ilgauskas, whose next NBA stop will probably be their last, but young stars (27 and under) who will have opportunities to choose their destiny down the line but will ultimately call one franchise home.

1. Derrick Rose — He’s from Chicago, he grew up dreaming of playing for the Bulls, and now he’s the starting point guard of the Bulls. Having survived the Summer of LeBron (and D-Wade) with his franchise-centerpiece status still intact, Rose isn’t going anywhere. Plus, he saw how Cleveland fans treated LeBron when he left.

2. Andrew Bynum — He’s been involved in trade rumors before; like this summer when L.A. was thought to have a shot at landing Chris Bosh, and in ’07 when Kobe kindly suggested the Lakers “ship his ass out.” But I doubt Bynum will ever get traded. He’s a young, 7-foot, potential All-Star center, and teams don’t give those guys away. From his end, L.A. is the best place for Bynum to thrive. He likes the lifestyle, and the most glitzy franchise in sports could be his so long as he keeps improving and if Kobe ever retires.

3. Rajon Rondo — He’s already the Celtics’ best player from a production standpoint, and if he sticks around a few more years, he’ll be the leader and have top billing in the post-Pierce era. They love Rondo in Boston, and with his naturally introverted and guarded personality, he won’t be as famous or command as many endorsements playing anywhere else.

4. Rodney Stuckey — As long as Joe Dumars is around, Stuckey’s spot on the roster is secure. He hasn’t yet lived up to the high expectations placed on his shoulders when Chauncey Billups was traded, but barring injury, Stuckey will always be talented enough to make the Pistons believe his breakout is right around the corner. And, to be bluntly honest, I don’t know how many teams will actively pursue Stuckey in a trade given his mysterious issues with headaches and dizziness on the court.

5. Brandon Roy — In Portland he’s still close to his Seattle hometown, but not so close where he’d feel the need to get away and spread his wings. B-Roy is the signature nice guy for a nice-guy organization where the fans adore the players and the front office has enough money to continually put solid pieces around him.

6. Kevin Durant — Once upon a time, KD was like LeBron; everybody assumed he’d bounce the hell out of Oklahoma City as soon as possible and move to a bigger market. But Durant has fallen in love with his new home, and signed a five-year extension earlier this summer. Durant isn’t Hollywood. He likes having some privacy and is loyal and tight with his group of teammates/friends. He also has an active and smart management group working to build a contending Thunder team around him for years to come.

7. Tyreke Evans — Not much different than Durant. Tyreke is a low-key dude who can appreciate the small-town charm of Sacramento, and has already built a close-knit group of friends on his team. His family is loyal and will follow him wherever he needs them, so I don’t think he’ll necessarily feel compelled to go back to the East Coast when he’s a free agent.

8. Stephen Curry — You can view it one of two ways: Growing up with an NBA father who played for five teams made Steph more prone to a nomadic lifestyle, or it made him more likely to set down roots in one place and stay there. The Warriors have made Curry their headliner, he plays in front of passionate fans every home game, and with the old ownership/management on its way out, the new owners may not drive Steph into a disgruntled state.

9. Josh Smith — Atlanta native under contract through 2013, by which time the Hawks will have peaked and won a championship, or will be in a transitional period where J-Smoove may be the best (if not the highest-paid) player on the team.

10. Dwight Howard — Orlando doesn’t have a great track record of keeping their superstars happy (Shaq, T-Mac), but they’ve rolled out the red carpet for Dwight and won’t let him get away if they can help it. As long as he’s making good money and has a solid team around him, there’s no reason to believe he’ll leave. Florida will always be a popular destination for free agents, so there’s no reason Dwight shouldn’t be the anchor of a contending team for the rest of his career.

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  • YeaEyeCEDit

    Unfortunatley if KD stays in OKC, he will be just like the Round Mound, sad to say…No rings for the kid. But who am I to say he’s getting paid, and Im a broke ass college student…eh

  • Chise

    I agree w everything, except for Stuckey. If the Pistons have an avenue to move him I think they take it. Good read tho.

  • pipdaddyy

    From this list Stuckey stands out, he is nowhere near franchise caliber and can be shipped easily in a trade. Also, to me the G-State roster is also very volatile, I would guess with Nellie noone is untouchable at all. But overall good job, I’m old school, so I would like franchise players to stay with their franchise…

  • The Other Aj

    lol…The Anti-LeBrons

  • The Other Aj

    Interesting not about D-Rose…He considers the Bulls “HIS” team. He didn’t once call LeBron to persuade him to come to Chi-Town. He’s not leaving the Bulls anytime soon.

  • AC

    Check it out. At least something good is coming from the Lebron debacle in Cleveland.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Bynum and Stucky are stars?

  • Ian

    they got me with that one also

  • Diggity Dave

    Dimemag.com, the anti-journalism web site. Way to be bitter and biased.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Diggity Dave — What are you talking about?

  • M Intellect

    D-Wade ain’t going nowhere ever now either.

  • NoLyfe

    Totally spot on with most. You could have gone more in depth about the best player on that list though B-ROY. The whole northwest is behind dude. If he where to leave via free agency/trade I think Portland would burn. Thats on momma

  • S-SiN

    Gotta love Durant and ‘Reke. I’m a laid back dude myself so that point makes me appreciate them even more, those two are the future..
    Could Bron go down in history as the biggest bust ever if they don’t win none?

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    Dumars’s obsession with Rodney Stuckey is very strange – Stuckey is an okay player but Dumars, for whatever reason, seems to believe that Stuckey is some kind of franchise player when he’s most obviously not.

  • chris

    stephen curry would be crazy to stay long term with the warriors, the home of spastic management, coaching, and roster for 5 years and counting.

    josh smith would be crazy to stay long term with the hawks, where joe johnson’s lazy ass will be planted, and no chips will grow, for years to come.

    now that lebron, dwayne, and cb4 have blown the lid off player-led team building, i can’t see tyreke evans
    or dwight howards sticking in their current situations unless things get better in sacto, and stay good in orlando; in both cases, poor team performance will lead to both of these stars taking their games elsewhere.

  • stupid

    Others missing: KB, Dirk and Timmy…I think they would play for their respective teams until they retire

  • ToAn

    @stupid….i mean your nickname isn’t very clever, but read the article again…under 27 stars…and i’m still not sold on bynum. if he gets injured again next season, then i think the lakers are going to try to trade him. but i’m saying this like every year and nothing happens so who knows. but if i’m the lakers i would try to trade him now when he still has potential in the eyes of GMs

  • Chaos

    its funny tho, young guys like that that usually stay when they are the center piece and pieces are added via the draft so the young players that are on the team develop a personal relationship along with the super stars and are guided by the veterans who dont have much longer

  • SWAT

    @yeaeye…i def think KD will be contending for chips sooner than later. they actually have a nice squad and damn near all the cats on the roster just finished with prom last year. lol-whts their avg age again? 19? plus thy have a good coach and good mgmt. yea i see the thunder being a problem for the next few years

  • control

    Been a while since I’ve thrown some hate Rondo’s way, so here it goes:

    You can change “They love Rondo in Boston, and with his naturally introverted and guarded personality, he won’t be as famous or command as many endorsements playing anywhere else” in Rondo’s entry to “The idiot fans in Boston love Rondo, and with his naturally introverted and douchebag personality, he won’t be famous at all unless he is playing for fans who can completely relate to being total douchebags.”

  • 100k

    LOL @ the Hawks peaking in 2013 and winning the championship

  • YeaEyeCEDit

    agreed…but contending and winning are diff. They have a nice core group of guys, and youth is on their side, but uhhh with the Mavs getting better every year, Phx stepping up, and as much as I hate to say it L.A will be good for years to come. Theyll have it rough in the West.

  • SJ

    I don’t see Bynum staying in LA. One more knee injury and they will look to trade him again. Granger should be on this list IMO. I know he just turned 28, but he’s going to be a Pacer his whole career.

  • Duane

    This list shouldn’t include anyone on LA, Boston or Chicago. The pre-Jordan Bulls? Maybe. But not the Bulls that turned Chicago into a basketball town.

    Lebron was in Cleveland, a nowhere city. He was on a team that can win a lot in the regular season, but can’t overcome the Lakers or Celtics in the postseason. Orlando can give them a run for the money too.

    Lebron has done enough for the Cavs, and they just weren’t good enough. Should he stick around like KG, or leave like Shaq? The Magic made the Finals too, but Shaq saw the writing on the wall for the franchise and left for greener pastures.

    Lebron, and everyone else, knows Cleveland will never win the big one. What! Is perennial champion Byron Scott supposed to instill confidence? What about that big man they signed in the offseason. Oh that’s right, they didn’t get him any assistance…again.

    Get over it. Lebron will be like Magic with Wade’s Kareem and Bosh’s Worthy. He will win many rings and enjoy the sun and fun. He won’t have to break his body down struggling to drag an organization that doesn’t care to the championship. Miami showed him they wanted him far more than Cleveland, and that is HUGE.

    If any of us were in his shoes, we’d have chosen Miami. You’re lying if you say otherwise.

  • Stunnaboy09


    While you have a point Rondo is a douche sometimes, in the NBA who isn’t? Kobe sure is and fans love him, same with LeBron before he moved. Hell Noah is the biggest douche of them all and Fans love him. Same with VC (cept Toronto).

    My point? Fans don’t care about players attitudes as long as they ball and no matter how much you hate Rondo you gotta admit, kid can play.

  • yoda

    i don’t think cle hates lbj because he left (at least not for that reason alone). i think it has more with the way he did it. if broy leaves portland in nice, gentlemen way, saying he’s sad to leave that place and that he has fond memories about that town, without going national on one hour long show, fans would be sad, but they wouldnt hate him

  • http://myspace.com/mannywhite_01 Timperin

    I think bron did the wrong thing. i really think he hurt his legacy. And how can you say d. rose wont leave Chicago cause he’s from there, Uhm hello, didn’t bron just leave Cleveland.

  • K Dizzle

    “And how can you say d. rose wont leave Chicago cause he’s from there, Uhm hello, didn’t bron just leave Cleveland.”

    Only funny cuz it’s true

  • jdizzle

    K Dizzle says:

    “And how can you say d. rose wont leave Chicago cause he’s from there, Uhm hello, didn’t bron just leave Cleveland.”

    Only funny cuz it’s true

    Except for the fact that LeBron is from AKRON!

  • War

    no mention of TD?