Smack / Jul 14, 2010 / 12:00 am

The Gun Show

J.R. Smith (photo. Mark Mann)

Tuesday was “Bring Your Real-Life NBA Player to Summer League” Day, as J.R. Smith, O.J. Mayo and J.J. Hickson suited up for the Nuggets, Grizzlies and Cavs, respectively, for a dose of authenticity. Well, kind of. While O.J. is seriously working on his point-guard skills and J.J. is fine-tuning his game as the probable starting power forward in Cleveland, J.R. was in straight clownin’ mode. The stat line says J.R. only took five shots in 15 minutes (9 pts), but trust us: He was looking to shoot every single time he got the ball. The only time he passed was when he couldn’t find the look he wanted, and he usually called for the ball right back. Denver won in a rout, and while most of us had stopped paying attention by the time it was over, we wouldn’t have been surprised if J.R. left the gym at some point during the game … Mayo struggled again (11 pts, 3-10 FG), turning the ball over seven times versus three assists in an ugly game where Memphis only scored 67 points but still beat Milwaukee. Hickson looked good against the D-League Select squad. He had 18 points and 9 boards, but went 0-for-6 at the line. And they questioned whether Shaq could be a good influence on younger teammates … Which is more crazy: That just a couple years ago Al Jefferson was considered arguably the best low-post scorer in the NBA and now he’s being traded for a Cracker Jack box? Or that Minnesota GM David Kahn has earned a rep as arguably the worst front-office exec in the NBA in about 1/4 of the time it took Kevin McHale? We’re still not sure why it suddenly became so important for Kahn to trade Big Al, but yesterday he dealt Jefferson to Utah for two draft picks and Kosta Koufos. Yes, he traded within the division, too. “Kosta F***ing Koufos” already rolls off the tongue; we think we’ll be hearing it often from Wolves fans when they talk about this trade years from now … Great move for the Jazz, though, who replace one 20-and-10 guy in the paint with a younger version (albeit less effective at Deron Williams‘ vaunted pick-and-roll) who can play the four or the five. When you have Jefferson and Paul Millsap on the floor, who else is going to get a rebound? … If you’re a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, please explain this to us: Why was Zydrunas Ilgauskas‘ departure to Miami met with mostly understanding and some slight regret, but LeBron is having his jerseys burned in the streets? Isn’t Big Z also taking the “easy way out” by signing with the Heat? Since he was in Cleveland (as a player) longer than LeBron, shouldn’t he also be “loyal” to the area? Just wondering … Not long after reports spread that Michael Jordan and Larry Brown had combined to cancel the proposed Bobcats/Raptors trade that would have sent Tyson Chandler and Boris Diaw to Toronto for Jose Calderon and Reggie Evans — MJ didn’t want to give up his center, LB didn’t like Calderon) — the ‘Cats turned around and sent Chandler to the Mavericks with Alexis Ajinca for Erick Dampier, Matt Carroll and Ed Najera. And considering the ‘Cats will most likely waive Dampier to get rid of his $13 million contract, basically Charlotte is losing THREE centers in the name of cap space. Does this open the door for a Jordan/Kwame reunion? How about LB reuniting with Allen Iverson? … Other Vegas stat lines: DeMarcus Cousins went for 19 points and 12 rebounds in Sacramento’s win over the Lakers; and DeMar DeRozan scored 23 points (10-15 FG) in Toronto’s win over Houston, while Patrick Patterson had 14 and 9 rebounds in the loss … One of our summer interns goes to the University of Miami, so while we were watching the Bulls/Nuggets game he was all about his boy Jack McClinton. Eventually that led to an argument: In the history of the ACC, if you could take five players to take a big three-pointer with the game on the line, which five would you pick? … We’re out like Dampier …

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  • Mr.Wang

    His shot aint WET, its DAMP.

  • Gerard

    Guillermo Diaz all day.

  • yentron

    Jay Williams (no free throws though)
    Juan Dixon
    Steve Blake
    Juan Dixon

  • Murdog

    Not extremely familiar with the ACC… but surprised to see the list above duplicating Juan Dixon but missing the best shooter in ACC history, JJ Redick.

  • JM

    Just going back last 20 years or so…

    Randolph Childress – WF
    Donald Williams – UNC
    Bobby Hurley – Duke – wasn’t a great shooter and normally wouldn’t come to mind, but hit many timely shots in his career. Was super clutch.
    Dennis Scott – GT
    JJ Redick – Duke

    I am sure there are a few I a missing, but with exception to Hurley – all are prolific 3 pt shooters.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    In my span of memory …
    Juan Dixon
    Curtis Staples
    J.J. Redick
    Randolph Childress
    Trajan Langdon

  • Andrew

    I only like having scorers taking the last shot, despite what type of shot it is (i.e. I wouldn’t want Andy Rautins taking a game on the line 3 pointer).

    So I could only come up with 2
    JJ Redick
    Juan Dixon
    MAYBE Jon Scheyer, probably not

    3 honorable mentions
    Larry Bird and Pete Maravich (had they a 3 point line, they would be #1 and 2 in who I would choose), and Gerry McNamara (I loved watching him shoot especially that 1 year with Carmelo)

  • Chaos

    Juan Dixon
    Curtis Staples
    Jay Williams
    Trajan Langdon

  • Sambuu

    Jay Williams

  • LeYawn “Just Games” James

    Juan Dixon
    JJ Redick
    Rashad McCants
    Jay Williams
    Grevis Vasques

  • Heckler

    @ Dime–
    when was Al Jefferson ever considered ‘arguably’ the best low post scorer in the nba?!!?


  • netstar

    its ok for Z to leave cleveland because when they thought he was tradable enough in feb. to get antwan jamison, he was hurt and felt betrayed, and had to be begged by cavs teammates to come back. lebron was given the world, while z suffered through some of the worst NBA seasons in the prime of his career. he paid his dues so much that the city of cleveland would love him no matter what he did

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


    “one of the best low-post scorers in the league,” Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor


    “Two years ago, Al Jefferson was arguably the best scoring big man in the NBA”


    “He is arguably the best back-to-the-basket offensive threat in the NBA.”


  • yentron

    it was which 5 players would YOU pick. i would never pick jj redick for my team ever. unless it was the roanoke d-bags.

  • yentron

    yall remember that sign ”ly gay” the dude was holding next to the tool with the ”jj is redickulous” sign? that was priceless

  • yentron
  • Stunnaboy09

    Big Al was pretty beastly 2 years ago, I was actually putting him over Howard as best center in the league.

    And I put no one over JJ in the clutch shot department, guy was a killer

  • OneZero

    doez big Z had a gigantic billboard of him hanging in their downtown building?


  • Joe Cooley High

    @netstar — So LeBron didn’t pay his dues in Cleveland? He made the team a high-profile, popular team. (Nobody was tuning in TNT every week to watch Varejao and Hickson play.) He put up the closest we’ve seen to Oscar Robertson numbers for 7 years while carrying mediocre to above-average supporting casts. He’s done plenty to give back to the Cleveland/Akron community off the court. But that’s still not paying dues? Just because he didn’t get hurt all the time like Z doesn’t mean LeBron didn’t pay dues. Cleveland should love LeBron because he did more for the franchise than Z ever did, financially and on the court, but you all feel like he still owes you every piece of himself.

  • Stunnaboy09


    1.) Big Z aint from Ohio last time I checked

    2.) THEY TRADED HIS ASS for Jamison. That comes after they benched him. Looks like Cavs fucked him over first.

    And lastly Big Z is an fing role player. LeBron is a franchise changer. And Big Z didn’t go on TV for an hour screwing over the Cavs. So fuck it saying both things are the same is like saying Scal as a top class contributor to the C’s winning 2 years ago.

  • pipdaddyy

    Was there some serious incident involving Al Jeff that we don’t know about? I could understand them not wanting a player duplicated (Love’s game is similar, although Jefferson is better), but c’mon, why give the guy away for almost nothing? And this trade was not even between Jerry West and the Lakers.

  • yoda

    do you really have to ask what is different between big z’s and lbj’s way out? first one was TRADED once so why he should be loyal? plus, he didn’t have an hour long public humiliation of his former team on national tv…
    do you have any more stupid questions?

  • bakedbeing

    The difference is LeBron is really, really, really good, whereas Z is solid but replaceable and ageing. He also brings lots of cameras and makes it very exciting to be in Cleveland.

    Some Clevelanders are really bitter about losing money/excitement/wins/short-term-vicarious-self-respect and aren’t dealing very well. A bit like when you make a kid share his toy with his sister and starts wailing because he hasn’t experienced loss before, and hasn’t grown up enough to enjoy the memories and look to the future.

  • Joe Cooley High

    Big Z didn’t have an hour-long show because NOBODY WOULD HAVE WATCHED IT. Nobody asked him to do a show. You all can bash LeBron for going on TV all you want, but everybody watched it, didn’t they?

    Second, it’s obvious LBJ scheduled the show before he’d made his mind up about his future team. When he decided it wasn’t going to be the Cavs, should he have canceled the show the morning of? That would piss off a lot of people at ESPN and his other business ventures (Vitamin Water) who’d shelled out money to put on the show.

    Basically because LeBron is from Ohio, and because the Cavs got lucky enough to draft him, it seems like people think he HAD to stay there until he won at least one championship. Stop all the “loyalty” talk. If LeBron hadn’t lived up to his draft hype, or if he’d gotten hurt and ended up being the next D-Miles, the Cavs would’ve traded the hometown kid in a second.

  • This_Will_Hurt

    Haha, Okay this is fun I grew up with ACC.

    – JJ Redick…as much as i hated him at Duke
    – Juan Dixon
    – Randolph Childress/ Justin Gray/Taron Downey/Robert OKelly (WF fan)
    – Dennis Scott
    – Rashaad McCants idk haha

    and Jesse Jackson would say Big Z’s sitch is racism in America no doubt…nahhhh Just Playin

  • This_Will_Hurt

    Oh shit any1 that knew winston-salem around ’01 knows this….


  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Z was loyal for a generation of time already….nuff said….

    Mark Price
    Trajan Langdan
    Juan Dixon

  • john

    So right now we have :

    Big Z

    Bench :

    Mike Miller , Udonis Haslem , Juwan Howard , Joel Anthony + rookies.

    I expect Riley to go after K. Dooling, Raja Bell and Erick Dampier, all for the minimum and we are set.

    I love it

  • quest???

    guillermo diaz is the truth.

  • porkpiehat

    This is the major misconception. While Jefferson is a more effective one on one post scorer, and is a little bigger, Love is a far more effective player on the whole, and is in fact more productive than all but a handful of players in the whole league, despite his putrid defense.

    Jefferson, as we all know, rebounds well, has an excellent one on one post game and the right combination of size and strength to put it to good use. As we also all know, he (like Love) is a terrible defender. What a lot of people don’t seem to see is that Al is also a terrible decision maker who consistently fails to hit the open man when double-teamed and therefore cannot be a number one option.

    Love, while also not a number one option, is an even better (re: much better) rebounder and an incredible outlet passer, turning rebounding opportunities into easy points if his teammates remember to run the court. He also has range out to the three point line, and while not the post scorer Jefferson is, he is at least acceptable in that area and possesses a much higher “basketball IQ”.

    Trading Jefferson and keeping Love is the smart thing to do, but doing it for Kosta Koufos and picks from a team that never misses the playoffs seems quite dubious.

  • lord pancake sauce

    kenny anderson
    jj reddick
    randolph childress
    jaun dixon
    michael jordan

  • porkpiehat

    BTW, came on here to post about something else entirely…
    read some comparisons between Devin Ebanks and Trevor Ariza, I don’t think they’re the same as players but I’ll be damned if they don’t look a whole lot alike. Freaky.

  • OneZero

    seriously, the comparison of big Z and lbj’s exit annoys me alot, makes me wonder why am I reading dime..

    you’re better than that

  • len-e

    maybe i’m completely stupid, but the timberwolves seem to stock mad talent. jefferson and love reminded me a lot of the millsap-boozer situation. and as i recall, dimes opinion on this was pretty clear: with the play of millsap, boozer became expandable

    another two draft picks instead of injury-prone al jefferson.

    while it lacks the brilliance that is the thunder it reminds me of this other crew of young players that grew together in portland.

  • ab_40

    dwight is gonna have a field day vs miami in terms of one on one matchups.

  • DoubleA

    Kahn views the little Spaniard as a “transcendant talent” and has built the Wolves built the team around even though he isn’t here yet.

    Big Al, while being a great inside scorer, didn’t play much D and is a black hole once given the ball, he won’t give it up. As a Minny fan I’m good rollin with Love & Beasley at the 4.

  • fallinup

    Ya know. When you brought up Z, and then once again tried to dismiss why CLE shouldn’t be mad at Lebron for leaving. I stopped reading. Just friggin get off it, Dime. It’s to the point where I’m wondering if Brons camp is friggin paying you.

    See you tomorrow.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Boozer became expendable. Eddy Cuury is the one who is expandable

  • james p

    are you serious? a vet like smith and mayo are in the summer league.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com/2010/07/lebron-james-is-not-jesus.html haslem

    hey Dime I keep getting warned your site has malware. Just a heads up

  • K.I.R

    Donald Williams
    Randolph Childress
    Curtis Staples
    JJ Reddick
    Jay Williams

    no specific order

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    The malware warning you get is probably your computer giving you a heads up on the shitty writers.

    Come on Dime. Comparing Big Z’s departure to Lebron’s?? Get outta here with that BS. Apples and oranges.

  • whitecollar

    mark price
    shammond williams
    jay williams
    kenny smith

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J


  • pipdaddyy

    @29 & 33 Minnesota will fight for the worst record in the NBA. As for the above lineup, you cannot really play Rubio and Flynn together + there is noone there to play any D. As for Jefferson vs. Love, I understand Al’s shortcomings, but I’m not a big believer in Love either, at least without a big center next to him. At an unathletic 6-9 he is a fighter and an intelligent ballplayer, but is even a bigger liability on D than Jefferson. Nonetheless, noone could explain why give Jefferson away for almost nothing?

  • Legend 33

    I think Big Al was putting up 23 and 11 before blowing out his knee, dude had crazy moves inside the paint. If Dwight had half the post game of Big Al the Magic will win the chip easily.

    And DeMarcus Cousins is too good for summer league, man among boys out there.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Why are people talking about Rubio? He will never suit up for Minnesota.

    With Al Harrington signing with Denver, the Nuggets now have the two biggest jackers in the League coming off their bench.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com/2010/07/lebron-james-is-not-jesus.html haslem

    @minnesota haters

    Look Either K love or Al Jeff had to go. In return they got a lot of cap space (no one on wolves makes over 5 mill) so it works out pretty good. Don’t forget we also acquired Beaz as well.

    Personally I trade K love but Al jeff was making a lot of money and K love is younger.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com/2010/07/lebron-james-is-not-jesus.html haslem

    @minnesota haters

    Look Either K love or Al Jeff had to go. In return they got a lot of cap space (no one on wolves makes over 5 mill) so it works out pretty good. Don’t forget we also acquired Beaz as well.

    Personally I trade K love but Al jeff was making a lot of money and K love is younger.

  • pipdaddyy

    Minnesota seems to have no concept. First they acquired Jefferson and Love, then drafted two PGs, now their #1 draft pick plays the same position as Beasley, their “biggest” offseason acquisition. And what to use the cap space for, who among the big names really wants to play for them with this supporting cast?

  • Tbeezy

    The Big Z/Lebron question is one of the dumbest basketball questions i have ever seen. It’s like asking why aren’t you as mad when precious finally leaves your ass after you been trying to get rid of her for years as you are when Rhianna goes on national tv and dumps you.

    You need to issue an apology for that stupid question. Just tell us that you don’t really think it’s even comparable. We all know your better than that.

  • http://www.Nike.com Christian Grant-Fields

    Curtis Staples
    JJ Redick
    Jack McClinton
    Trajan Langdon
    Pat Cassidy

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    DIME ASKED “Why was Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ departure to Miami met with mostly understanding and some slight regret, but LeBron is having his jerseys burned in the streets?”

    Because Lebron raised Cleveland’s profile to such a degree, some fans and area denizens actually thought an NBA championship was attainable and inevitable.
    In addition, he is Ohio’s product, he’s from the area…it’s very personal and that’s why these two situations are different. It’s like breakin’ up with your girlfriend, someone you grew up with, damn-near raised, you thought she was gonna give you the world and more. Forever.

    DIME ASKED “Isn’t Big Z also taking the “easy way out” by signing with the Heat?”

    Big Z’s signing with the Heat could mean a lot of things…and all of those things are debatable…play with a friend…play with a bomb squad…maybe he didn’t like what Dan had to say about his boi…fill in the blank but it’s too soon to know that he’s taking the easy way out.

    DIME ASKED “Since he was in Cleveland (as a player) longer than LeBron, shouldn’t he also be “loyal” to the area?”

    No, he should not. He should sign where he wants to, this is a business.

    I STATE “To my dime posters – when Dime says or insinuates sumptin extreme or highly polarizing, we post more. posting more means more site traffic. Have u noticed the ads around the border that are paying their bills? Traffic is needed. This is a FREE site just in case u 4got. U guys are playin the game and u don’t even know it. Well, some of you are. I know some of y’all know this. digital publications don’t seem to abide by the same journalistic standards as more traditional media like print. Rules and standards…on the internet?!? Please. Hence the blogs and our ‘comment section’ and what not. Just think about it. Next time u wanna blast them for “slurpin” someone or sayin’ Big Al is the best post player…keep it in mind…even if sometimes they fudge their ethics to get a response, this leads to divisiveness and tons of back-n-forth banter…this my friends pays the bills.

  • http://dimemag.com/ Camron Ghorbi

    If the game’s on the line and the question asked remains, “Who do I want taking my team’s last three-pointer?” the answers are probably different.

    But to answer “the top five shooters in ACC history” question, the numbers speak for themselves:

    Jack McClinton is the all-time leader in three-point percentage amongst ACC players.

    Jack McClinton is second all-time free throw percentage amongst ACC players. (Duke’s JJ Redick holds the #1 spot).

    Jack McClinton is second all-time in three-pointers made amongst ACC players. (Redick also holds the #1 spot here).

    He also ranks in the Top-50 ALL-TIME in college basketball history in each of those statistics. To put that into perspective, Trajan Langdon isn’t in the Top-250 nationally in any of those all-time statistics.

    And, keep in mind, McClinton had absolutely zero help in his three years at Miami, carrying the Hurricanes to the NCAA Tournament singlehandedly his junior year. Defenses were locked in on him each and every game, and he still dominated the ACC.

  • fallinup

    @ Brogden

    BULLSHIT. They don’t have to rephrase the exact same question since last week in a different way every damn day. We all know where Dime stands on the whole “Decision” issue. The fact of the matter is, most of us have stated and restated our feelings for this.

    Asking us readers to compare Z leaving to Lebron leaving is, as JAY stated… apples and oranges. Any Dime Reader who posts here on the usual knows how asinine of a question that is.

    Dime has better writers… and more varied points of views then to be rehashing the same tired question day after day. They can do better. And I’m sure everyone and their mother isn’t going to be changing their minds on the whole “Decision” thing now. Hell, just thinking of the whole Miami “team” situation now opens up several… SEVERAL… OTHER topics we can discuss.

    We’re not mindless robots here. The usuals visit day after day. Pay the damn bills… but shit, maybe we wouldn’t have to sift through pop ups and ads if Dime was coming up with more intriguing questions/topics/ articles to keep the readers coming.

    tldr: Bron and “The Decision” is sooooo last week.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ haha shit Brogden beat me to it ^^^^

    DIME puts that dumb shit up there so we can debate that kind of shit because opinions are like assholes..

    Just so happens this “polarizing” question was presented incompetently and executed poorly..

    Oh sorry that was the “Decision” hahahahahahahahaha

    Ummmmmmm LeDime??

  • AZ

    comparing Big Z to Bron…REALLY? Dumbest basketball questions i have ever read on this site. Straight D$@K ridin

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    hahaha DITTO fallinup!

    “Dime has better writers… and more varied points of views then to be rehashing the same tired question day after day.” —}}} TRUE INDEED

    “They can do better.” — YUP

    When I read the BigZ/Lebron question I immediately said to myself, Dime’s tryna start sumptin.

    And in a slightly cornier sounding voice than ESPN’s Stew Scott


    LMAO @ LeDime!!!!!

  • Marparker

    We can’t forget
    Mark Price

    Other than that its a hard list.

  • LakeShow84

    Who are the 3 best shooters in ACC history??

    1) Jack McClinton

    2) Jack McClinton

    3) Jack McClinton

    Because he shoots hot fire :/

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    So your comparing LeBron’s impact on Cleveland as a city and a basketball team to Zydrunas Illgasukas, and you call yourself a writer?

  • LakeShow84

    Ooooooooo PJ ATE ‘EM UP!!!!!!!!!

  • Shot In Your Face

    Cavs fans would be burning Illgasukas jersey, except nobody bought one.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Karma will get to lebron. It all eventually catches up to all of us. I hope it happens during his career so we can all bask in the fall of Lebwrong James.

  • Stunnaboy09

    No word on the Hornets firing Bower? If that doesn’t mean CP is gone I don’t know what does.

  • Ballin 305

    Guillermo Diaz was sick, but Mcclinton could shoot his face off

    Also, tired as fuk with all the whiney ass cavs fans. Overpay Kyle lowry and move the hell on. Bitches

  • We-It Athletics

    @ 64

    When you say Karma will get Lebron you must be talking bout GOOD Karma…Cause all he did was take less money and he disregard egos, stats,& celebrity all in the name of winning…I mean as a fan this is what I want to see..an athlete who truly wants to win and took action to do it. I hope KARMA gets him 3 or 4 Championships!

    J.J Redick– thats hard for me cause I’m a carolina fan
    Donald Williams
    Sam Cassell– any shot don’t want him taking the last one
    vs my team
    C.C Harrison– underrated clutch performer
    Mark Price

  • Claw

    Stupid a** comparison, I don’t care if you are trying to solicit a response was just idiotic. Z was there longer? James grew up in Northeast Ohio his entire life!

    All it showed was James can’t handle being a number one and winning a chip, he gives up his status as one of the best players in the NBA and of all time because he chose the easy way out. He isn’t mentally strong and isn’t a fierce competitor, he just want to hang with his boys in South Beach. That’s fine but now you will never be viewed as one of the best.

    You now have CP3 and Melo talking about going to NY with Amare, will this be the norm, best players getting together in big markets. Can you imagine the Laker/Celtic rivalry if Magic and Bird decided “Hey lets play on the same team” instead of having a rivalry?

    Don’t think it is good for basketball and I hope this blows up in their face. Kevin Durant has moved up the ranks, and I think becomes the next MVP candidate to compete against Kobe because Lebron is out of the running.

  • K Dizzle

    Comparin Lebron to Big Z as to their importance to Cleveland is embarrassing. Dime should make the writer of Smack put they name on it

    As bad as that was, I then read this post:
    “Second, it’s obvious LBJ scheduled the show before he’d made his mind up about his future team.”

    If that ain’t the most brainwashed shit I’ve ever read. At this point, it’s pretty obvious that Lebron-Bosh-Wade planned this shit waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before we ever had a sniff.

    Public Service Announcement:
    If you think Wade met with the Bulls twice cuz he was actually thinkin about goin to Chicago or Bron actually tried to get Bosh to Cleveland, please give your head a shake. It was obviously to cover their asses so people who just a little lower leveled intellect could say they tried to rep their hometowns. Hardcore Wade fans will say he was goin to Chicago if Bosh signed with Cleveland and Lebron woulda stayed in Cleveland if Bosh had come. Well, it was clear Bosh was never goin to Cleveland and this whole elaborate plan was slick tho.

    To those people, I hope u understand that those three were smarter than everybody else and had all of this figured out even as teams were makin their pitch to Lebron.
    But please feel free to believe what you need to…

  • LeGroin

    shao KAHN wins. Flawless victory.

  • ballerartist

    WTF? I don’t understand Kahn. Are you telling me he couldn’t trade Al for Favors straight up? Probably didn’t try.