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The NBA All-Tattoo Team

Birdman (photo. Rob Hammer)

After the Nuggets signed Al Harrington last week, making Denver the most tatted team in the NBA, we were talking in the Dime office about who has the best ink in the League. Here’s our All-Tattoo First, Second and Third Team:

C – Chris “Birdman” Andersen
Not only does Birdman have a ton of tats covering almost every visible inch of him, he also has the most colorful collection of tats in the League. He looks like he fell into the middle of a tie-dye party.

PF- Kenyon Martin
Over the last couple of years he’s become best known for the lips on his neck, but K-Mart is an All-Tat team member from back in the day. The “I Shall Fear No Man But God” on his back is sick.

SF- LeBron James
The tat speaks for itself: “Chosen 1.”

SG- DeShawn Stevenson
This man has Abe Lincoln tatted on his neck and replicated the Lil’ Wayne veins tatted on his face. Not only does he make this list, but DeShawn Stevenson may be the MVP of the tat game.

PG- Gilbert Arenas
I remember when Gilbert got the tiger tatted on his chest, but he’s been killing the tat beyond that one huge wild animal. Between his “Change We Believe In” tat on his fingers for President Obama to his homage to Martin Luther King Jr., Arenas has surprisingly inked his way to a starting spot.

C- Amar’e Stoudemire
PF – Michael Beasley
SF – Marquis Daniels
SG – J.R. Smith
PG – Brandon Jennings

C – Eddy Curry
PF – Larry Sanders
SF – Wilson Chandler
SG – Monta Ellis
PG – Nate Robinson

Honorable MentionCarlos Boozer, Delonte West, Carmelo Anthony, Al Harrington, Larry Hughes, Tyrus Thomas, Shaquille O’Neal, Deron Williams, Shannon Brown, Jameer Nelson, Terrence Williams, Allen Iverson

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  • miller126

    Jason Williams???

  • Whatdahec

    So who started the trend? Was it Rodman? I remember back in the 80s NO ONE had any ink. So who started it???

  • Stunnaboy09

    AI had a lot to do with making it mainstream but I guess Rodman kicked it off.

    How about the All-NBA No Tat team. Off the top of my head you got B-Roy, Dwight and a shit load of white players

  • cp3fan

    AI started the tattoo craze. And the cornrows. And the arm sleeve. No one wanted to be like Dennis Rodman. Lots of players wanted to be like AI.

  • Showtime

    Lebron´s “loyalty” tatoo is kinda funny right now


  • whitecollar

    I think the all no tat 1st team, would take out any tatted 1st squad…

    C – Dwight
    PF- Bosh (think he may have one on his back)
    SF- BRoy
    SG- DWade
    PG- CP3

  • Teflon Don

    theres CP, JJ, Rondo, Durant, Phil Jackson

    Is there any player with major ink who isnt selfish/jacker?

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    c’mon Rey. You can’t have teams like this with no mention of the boy JWill! He’s got to be on there!

    And it’s always funny to look at Iverson pictures from like 2001 or so…we all thought he was OD then. Now, he looks plain compared to people like Stevenson and JR Smith.

  • Rey J

    my bad Sean he made honorable mention because i dk if he even gonna b n the league next year…i hope he is…but to me he the originator for todays prototypical player is AI!!!!!! feel me @Whatdahec?

  • JJ

    most of these guys look stupid with tats (IMO), way over done.

  • Davros

    Ray Allen has no tats, when asked why I think he said his body was a temple and why would he want to deface it

  • K Dizzle

    I remember when that other basketball mag put AI on the cover and airbrushed his tats. That didn’t go over so well. Now, a player without tats is the exception.

  • Jer Johnson

    there should be a NBA Tats blog, but it’d be impossible to keep up with the new ink.

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    How could you forget Stephen Jackson? Praying Hands with loaded gun on torso. There needs to be something said about that.

  • Curt “Zaddy” Lever

    The People Who Made This Obviously Drove The Short Bus To School, Because J.R. Smith’s Tattoos Are Way Better Than Gilbert “Gun Man” Arenas’ … OH ARD!

  • Curt F’n Zaddy Lever

    The People Who Posted This Obviously Rode The Short Bus To School .. Because, JR Smith Tats Are Much Better Than Gilbert “Gun Man” Arenas’

  • quest???

    I dont think Lil Wayne’s tattoo on his head are supposed to be “veins”….


    aint deshawns head tats sposed to be cracks?
    not tryin 2 start a race war or anything…… but birdman get extra tatstyle props for bein white. ther’s nothing subtle about colorful ink on white skin.

  • Shot In Your Face

    All NBA Non-Tat

    C – Dwight
    PF- Bosh (Gasol close second)
    SF- Durant
    SG- DWade
    PG- CP3

    Pretty interesting (and cool in someways) that the arguably best position players in the league all don’t sport tats

  • s.bucketz

    chris bosh has a tramp stamp

  • http://www.wix.com/reyrey33/REYZ-WORLD Rey J

    @Stunnaboy09/@whitecollar/@Shot In Your Face attention every 1 with the all non-tat team

    “All NBA Non-Tat

    C – Dwight
    PF- Bosh (Gasol close second)
    SF- Durant
    SG- DWade
    PG- CP3″


  • LB

    All these players getting inked up is probably just a reflection of American culture in general. Nowadays, tattoos are alot more mainstream. How many girls have you seen with a lower butterfly tattoo? How many bros have you seen rocking that god-awful tribal tattoo?

  • Bryan

    CP3 definitely doesnt have one. He’s talked about how his brother wanted him to be the clean guy for his “brand” many times.

  • yoda

    gasol has some tats on his shoulder blades i think. too bad kobe did those stupid tats. ugly and so not him…

  • Stunnaboy09


    Bosh has tats. Don’t know about Gasol though.

    That’s why I love the All-No Tats team, because when you think about 95% of the NBA has at least 1 tat on them.

  • Dave

    people that say TATTED or TAT etc are fucking wankasses. you losers.

  • jones26

    All NBA Non-Tat

    C – Dwight
    PF- Dirk
    SF- Durant
    SG- DWade
    PG- CP3

  • datdood

    matt barnes.

    i dunno about monta’s he has his own name or initials on him like five times.

  • d12

    All NBA Non-Tat
    1st Team 2nd Team
    C – Dwight Yao Ming
    PF- Dirk Gasol
    SF- Durant B Roy
    SG- DWade Ginobili
    PG- CP3 Nash

  • freez

    what about iverson?? no love for the out of work ballers i guess

  • dimefaithful

    Gilbert?? deshawn stevenson has to worst tattoos of all are you kidding me??? the abe lincoln is stupid and he has his damn #2 jersey on his back

  • Young Sneezy

    The NBA All-Tattoo Team, featuring ONE GRAINY PICTURE.

    Way to go.

  • http://www.30secondtimeout.com patchovan

    How did Jason Williams not make this squad?

  • barons beard

    tats are played out

    Kobe has the worst tattoo in basketball history, awful. It makes me cringe everytime I see it

  • nawlage

    luke walton has the worse tat in basketball history.

  • QazQami

    richard jefferson’s “RJ” is the worst tattoo in tatoo history.


  • boston sucks

    Seriously people, the words are “tattoo/tattooed”, stop disrespecting an artform that’s been around thousands of years. You all sound like a bunch of idiots/prisoners talking like that. Btw , 90% of the people on the list have terrible tattoos. For all the money they make you’d think they’d go to a nice shop and get good work.

  • Brickshooting J

    @ #36: WORD!!

  • srb

    Perkins should be on here, for being so dark you can’t even tell that he has a tat.

  • snuffkin

    AI should be on the 1st team!

  • Thulsa_Dooom

    NBA players have to have the worst tattoos of all athletes. Is it because they’re cheap or that old athlete brain lacks creativity?

  • Joshua

    Deshawn Stevenson?

  • $am

    Teflon Don:
    Rondo has a big “R” on his back (http://athletetattoodatabase.com/Rajon+Rondo) and Joe Johnson has some small tats on his forearms (and presumably a back piece as well?).
    I’m personally a fan of tats but I agree that a lot of these dudes are way off in choosing them, especially considering they have unlimited funds. I’m surprised they don’t go to a famous tattoo artist such as Mr Cartoon where the rappers & rock stars get their ink. That Bosh piece was nice, though : )