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The USA roster that will win gold at the World Championship

Stephen Curry (photo. Nicky Woo)

If you have NBA TV, you’ve probably been watching “Real Training Camp” featuring Team USA. More than two dozen pros are on the roster trying out to make the cut for this summer’s World Championship squad, and obviously not everyone will be able to suit up in Turkey.

This is literally going to be an entirely different Team USA from the one you saw at the ’08 Olympics. None of the “Redeem Team” is playing this summer. I mean, Kevin Durant was left off the Olympic roster two years ago, and now he’s arguably our best player. So who’s in and who’s out? Here is my ideal Team USA:

PG – Rajon Rondo
Every time he steps on the court he just seems to get better and better. The only thing with Rondo is that he’s not a knock-down shooter. But I believe that he will fare just fine, especially with shooters like Stephen Curry, Rudy Gay and Kevin Durant taking off the pressure. Rondo will find them in open spots just like he does with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce in Boston.

SG – Steph Curry
One of the best shooters in today’s game. He has a ridiculous basketball IQ. If he makes the team, he will play a ton of minutes.

SF – Rudy Gay
I like that Rudy is a legit 6-8 or 6-9 forward who can run and stretch the floor. He will do wonders in transition and if teams were to play zone against the U.S.

PF – Kevin Durant
The best overall player on the roster can do it all and them some. KD understands exactly what he needs to do, as he told reporters yesterday, “I can’t do the things I did for Oklahoma City here for the USA team. It’s out the door. I got to tone it down a bit, sacrifice a little bit more and be a leader.”

C – Brook Lopez
Lopez is perfect for the European-style game, as he’s not overly physical (which is usually the case for us) and relies more on his skills. Why is that good? The FIBA refs love floppers, which gets brutes like Dwight Howard and Carlos Boozer in foul trouble.

Derrick Rose — I could see Coach K using Rose the same way he used D-Wade in the Olympics. He’ll use a combination of craftiness and speed to wreak havoc on defenses.

Tyreke Evans — Did somebody say “‘Reke Havoc”? We know the big PG can get buckets, but how will he play against a zone? I think he’s talented enough to figure it out.

O.J. Mayo — The thing I love about Mr. Mayo is that, yes, he is a scorer, but he’s a jump shooter first and if a team were to play zone against Team USA, we’re going to need guys that can shoot the three.

Lamar Odom — You always need versatility and rebounding, and Odom brings both to this team. He’s also one of the few players at these tryouts with major international experience. Odom played on the ’04 Olympic team that took home a bronze medal from Athens.

Kevin Love — Great role player who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work for this team. While the U.S. has its strength in guards, someone still has to rebound and get them the rock. With David Lee suffering a finger injury on the first day of tryouts, Love makes perfect sense as a rebounding specialist.

Russell Westbrook — Love his mid-range game, plus he’s a shut-down defender who we could stick on a player like Ricky Rubio (Spain) and make him work that much harder.

JaVale McGee — Freak athlete who is making huge strides in his game. Could come in to replace Lopez or Love and allow USA to play more uptempo.

What does your 12-man roster look like?

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  • Detroit Dave

    Fix the error in the title man! *****ROSTER*****

  • D

    I’d start Westbrook, drop Rondo and take Granger, specifically because Rondo’s shot is way too inconsistent and also because he’s a liability at the free throw line.

    The team would already be carrying Rose, Reke, Curry, Mayo and Westbrook basically gives you a ton of versatility at 1 and 2 (especially since Durant can play the 2 as well if need be), and you’d have Granger at 2 or 3 and he can hit the open Js. The only real shooters on the team are Durant, Mayo, and Curry, so adding Granger in favor of Rondo would be a nice fit.

  • Antouan

    What about Billups, dont you need guys with experience and that can shot? I say him over Westbrook…thats the only change I would make

  • http://www.nothingbutthenets.blogspot.com netstar

    I know that the euro game favors centers that arent as physical, but I think that the squad needs at least one bruiser, just in case they face a physical front line like spain.


    Billups over Rondo. You cant take a guy with a broken jumper to a Fiba tournament, and starting Chauncy puts him as the team leader, which on a young team will be important.

    Spain have to be the real favorites tho. NBA level talent, been playing with each other for at least the last 8 years and are comfortable with the FIBA rules.

  • ab_40

    wow realy no billups and a grand total of 10 players who can’t hit a three when their live depends on it you sir are an idiot.

    It’s gonna be serbia, spain or usa that wins it this year. Luis Scola is gonna score 40 points or more when they have to play these guys. Havn’t they learned from the marbury, francis, iverson fiasco’s of the past. These guys are great athletes and creators who can’t shoot the ball very well. When the D gets tighter (no hand checking rules) and penetration get’s harder you’re playing 4 on 6. btw I havn’t even seen reke in practice in that show?

    I’m very glad I didn’t buy tickets to this event. I though they were gonna come out with a light version of the 08 squad this is a whole new squad. which is a lot worse.

    btw odom SUCKS in international play.

  • Rafa23

    pau gasol won’t play, so Spain is not going to be the favorites.
    with that team, the USA would normally have problems winning, but discount Spain, France(no Parker), Germany(Dirk), Argentina(great time is over and no manu) and they should really win it.
    all the other european countries which once had great teams are not that good anymore(serbia, lithuania).
    Even though Team USA isn’t that strong, they should win it.

  • atticusmitch

    Agreed Billups over rondo. He can ball and he is def going to be the team leader. Granger would also be a good addition over McGee. Odom can play Center in Euro ball because they rarely have seven footers, same with Love.

  • Bobb23

    that is a horrible lineup….who is gonna play defense. If your making a team, you need to have player that fill roles, not just a bunch of fast young guys. Here is the team that wins:

    PG. Billups-steady point, experienced and great shooter
    SG. Iguodala-big physical defender, another ball handler, underrated mid-range shooter(which is good with the short 3 arc)
    SF. Durant- Because hes good
    PF. Wallace-Best shot blocker on the team, doesnt need the ball to score, and will get to line
    C. Lopez- streches the floor and will help defend the rim


    A bunch of guys that would have certain roles, and they can all play multipule positions.

    But if they dont want to win, they could pick your lineup Rey

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    I don’t see Rondo playing much part in the World Championship – the intentional game requires shooting ability and Rondo is an abysmal shooter.

  • Celts Fan

    No no no no no. Come on now Dime. You didn’t learn anything from the early 2000s? To be an effective international player, you need to be able to shoot and can’t dominate the ball. Guys that can only drive get stiffled by international zone Ds and cannot get to the rim as easily as in the NBA game. Goodbye Rajon and see ya Tyreke.

    The squad:

    PG: Steph Curry
    SG: Chauncey (you could flip-flop them if you really want, I just figured Chauncey would guard the 2 in this lineup, so call him the 2. either way…)
    SF: Durant
    PF: KLove (your bigs need to shoot and pass well. He’s great at both, could also play backup 5)
    C: Brook Lopez

    Iggy (can play the 2 and 3)
    Crash (I’d play him as a backup 4)
    Granger (volume scorer, Durant’s backup)
    Mayo (backup wing)
    Rose (backup point)
    Gay (as a 3 or 4)
    Odom (I know he’s struggled in int’l comp efore, but his game just seems tailer-made for it. I’d play him some at the 5 if need be since this team’s gonna be very small…)

    I would love to see this lineup trotted out for a few minutes a game and watch other squads crap themselves:
    1. Rose
    2. Curry
    3. Chauncey
    4. Durant
    5. Love
    3 ball-handlers and all but the one crazy athlete who’d push the pace (Rose) got range like crazy. It would be raining buckets allllllllllllllll day.

  • Stunnaboy09

    While I agree that Rondo is a horrible shooter, still think you gotta take him since he is the best passer and floor general they have.

    PG- Rondo, Rose, Billups
    SG- Curry, Iggy/Mayo
    SF- Granger, Durant, Gay
    PF- Odom, Wallace
    C- Lopez, Love

    You gotta take Billups since the team needs a leader. With Rose and Rondo you have two speedy PGs able of pushing the tempo. With Billups you can start him in crunch time and let him knock down those clutch FTs

    You also gotta take Crash, dude is the best rebounder we have (along with Love) and would get to the line like CRAZY.

  • smooze

    i am not to sure about the us winning gold with this team. the defense played at the international level is much more intense compared to the nba, guys like curry will struggle unless his shot is falling like it was in college… looking forward to the games

  • smooze

    got to add that the us team is also quite short compared to international standards, the european teams as well as argentina are much taller on average, i see the us winning bronze

  • quest???

    Puerto Rico is going to whooop that team’s ass ala 2004 olympics.

  • Seamus

    haha @ everyone who says who’s going to play defence.

    Did you see Rondo pull down 18 rebounds against the Cavs this year in the playoffs??

    And did he not lead the league in steals??

    And was he not an NBA All-Defence 1st team?


  • Shakers

    I agree with Stunnaboy09’s roster exactly. Perfect.

  • Shaun

    JaVale MaGee ? seriously? he had a good summer league, but if that’s the barometer – Nate Rob should be starting for Team USA

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ Seamus

    EXACTLY, people forget that Rondo is one of if no the best rebounding PGs int he league as well as being the best defensive one. He also 4th in assists (3rd if you don’t count CP3) and was All-Def 2 years in a row. Yet I guess since he can’t shoot he’s useless right smh.

  • Aussiedestroya

    How about some analysis on the opposition? Firstly I don’t think team US is a lock to win the tournament as the title suggests. International teams will be playing as if their lives depended on it and I’ll predict they’ll be much hungrier. They also have a lot more knowledge of team US than vice versa.

    Who are the big threats in this tournament? C’mon dime, spare just a little love for your international readers.

  • quest???

    @ aussiedestroya Challengers are Greece, Spain, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, and Serbia. I do not think Argentina is a contender because most, if not all, of the Argentine NBA players will not play. I love international basketball.

  • heartbreaker85

    are dime writers ignorant or something?

    the fiba isnt the nba. point guards with broke jumpers cant excel since the rules allow hand checks, bumps and so on (unlike in the nba where guards have all the freedom in the world to create). that basically means that the defender can stick as close as he wants to the ball handler.

    the only reason why jkidd stayed on the floor was because he had the handles, size (strength) and werewithall to get rid of the rock asap whenever someone pressed.

  • Guitar Hero

    Come on, you haven´t learned anything from the past?…

  • S-SiN

    At the very best – Bronze medal game fellas

  • DSwyn24

    I like Stunnaboy’s roster as well. But aren’t iggy and wallace a little redundant(athletic slashers/defenders who bring energy)?

  • DSwyn24

    I like Stunnaboy’s roster as well. It should fit FIBA style but use America’s strengths(pace pushing, longer 3pt line). But aren’t Iggy and Wallace a little redundant(athletic slashers/defenders who bring energy)? If they are, I guess mayo could go over Iggy. And could Westbrook be slashed with Rondo, since he’s bigger and more physical(in line with FIBA hand check rules)? Those two are pretty similar as well. That leaves the roster like this then:

    PG- Rondo/Westbrook,Rose,Billups
    SG- Curry,Mayo
    SF- Granger, Durant, Gay
    PF- Odom, Wallace
    C- Lopez, Love

  • YeaEyeCEDit


  • alex

    You guys are all morons, I agree with Rey’s line up it give us the best chance to win the whole thing and some of you put your own rosters and didn’t include Tyreke Evans?! WTF! This is the reason why the NBA will have a lockout next year due to its ignorant and favorist and biased fans who think they know EVERYTHING!!!

  • john marzan
  • john marzan

    Since there are 5 players on the court and only one basketball, some of these “star” ball-handling guards and forwards will have to sacrifice some of their game to play the role of spot up shooters (ex. jason richardson).

    among the choices above, which guards and SFs can create their own shot AND BE EFFICIENT in the catch and shoot?