• JJ

    first!! KOBE always

  • Bruce

    As long as Kobe is in the league, he was always be 1st at his position and All-Star starter too!

  • Mateus

    you guys dont start complaining about monta ellis being in the list. No SG in the league racks up turnovers better than mr ellis!

  • Jake

    isn’t evans a point guard?

  • sid

    isn’t turner a SF?

  • Heckler

    this is a wasted article.
    no weight.

  • T diddy

    I laugh at people who think high schoolers
    can outball Ginobli—he’s to crafty so add him
    and Ray Allen

  • lobohobo

    @4 He plays where ever he wants to play.

  • bsteezy3

    Another top 10 gimmick article. I know guys…things are slow. Amare just signed with NY though…

  • Sporty-j

    Dont know what was the point of this article and it doesnt make any sense…

  • http://www.ayeyedubu.tumblr.com Asha

    Stephen Curry should have Tyreke Evans spot since Evans is a PG…

  • Chris

    I love most of the articles on here, but this one is idiotic. So if an 8th grader averaged 40 points a game he should be ranked over Kobe?

  • JD

    I thought Tyreke is listed as a ‘point guard’?

  • “Tha Boddy” Building the Wall

    Gilbert Arenas is better than Brandon Roy

  • OneZero

    Gilbert is better than who know??

  • jake10

    This is some funny as *****

  • Celts Fan

    Tyreke is NOT a point guard. If he was, why’d they have to ship KMart outta town and start Beno next to him? He’s a ball-dominant 2. Big differance.

  • Ace

    Tyreke Evans AND Evan Turner both played pg for their respective teams on a regular basis. If Evans is on the list then just amount of the same argument for Stephen Curry that he should be on the list as well. But then again like Evans he also plays pg.

  • Ace

    I believe that all 3 of them arguably should be a sg but I am just saying so far they have all mainly played pg in their respective leagues thus far. Turner for sure will not play pg this year though either 2 or 3. Curry I can see playing 1 or 2 and Evans 2 or 3 as well but I guess if they do the best job at their position as a 1 (not Turner) and have a good player at the 2(GS has Ellis) then there should be no problem.