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Top 10 Sidekicks In The NBA

With Chris Bosh on his way to Miami to be Dwyane Wade‘s sidekick for the foreseeable future, we decided to rank the 10 best sidekicks in the NBA today (not including Bosh). Here are how the “Robins” of the NBA stack-up:

While the Bulls are actively looking for another player to be Derrick Rose‘s sidekick, or even overthrow Rose as the No. 1 guy, Noah is currently a solid No. 2. While his offense is average, Noah provides defensive intensity, and great rebounding to complement Rose’s perimeter skills. He won’t be No. 2 for long, but while he still is he deserves a spot on this list.

While Chris Paul needs more talent around him, West has proven to be a good No. 2 option. He is a good pick-and-roll partner for his point guard. While West is a good sidekick in terms of fit for Paul, he would really be best as a No. 3 option for the Hornets.

With Joe Johnson re-signed for $119 million, Smith will be returning to his role next season as JJ’s sidekick. Smith fits the role pretty as he can run the floor with Johnson, and with Johnson doing a lot of ball-handling Smith has become the perfect alley-oop partner for him. But he and Johnson both seem to lack that “killer mentality” all too often.

Lost in Brandon Jennings‘ emergence as a star last season, was Bogut’s emergence as well. His injury likely cost the Bucks their first-round series against the Hawks, and his ability to stay healthy will be key for the team this year. Bogut is an ideal pick and roll partner for BJ, and his post scoring takes pressure off the perimeter guys to carry the load.

Nobody expected Nelson to be an All-Star caliber point guard when he was drafted out of St. Joe’s, but that’s what he has proven to be. Nelson can score, but also knows when to give the ball down low to Dwight Howard. Nelson beats out Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter for this position because he knows how to best play off of Superman.

Aldridge was drafted the same year as Brandon Roy, and the two have grown-up together forming one of the most promising young tandems in the game. Aldridge has great range for a power forward, which enables him to run the pick and pop with Roy so effectively, and like with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant these two guys have better chemistry than most.

Westbrook is the perfect sidekick for Durant. He can create his own shot, lead the break, and is working on becoming even more of a true point guard. Russell also has an incredible chemistry with the face of OKC’s franchise that is so important for any 1-2 punch.

When Billups came to Denver two seasons ago, the team appeared to be an incredibly talented but troubled bunch that would never do any damage come playoff time. Billups took control of the Nuggets and led them to the Western Conference Finals in 2009, and has proved a stabilizing force for the team but particularly for star Carmelo Anthony.

Even though Parker may be on his way out of San Antonio, while he is still in a Spurs uniform the No. 2 spot has to go to him. Parker has the ability to speed the game, and penetrate the lane at will, which is a nice foil to the plodding offense of Tim Duncan. Not to mention the fact that he has won three championships playing alongside Duncan.

Gasol taking the number one spot is an easy choice. He has been the perfect partner for Kobe Bryant in the triangle offense, and since he arrived the Lakers have made the NBA Finals every year including victories in the last two. With Gasol at Bryant’s side, there is no limit to how far the Lakers can go the next few years.

What do you think?

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  • CP

    David West? Boozer > West. Just sayin.

  • Ian

    wtf manu holds that number 2 spot. manu and duncan will always be better than parker and duncan. hell i dont even know if hes 2 whenever hes healthy.

  • Celts Fan

    I may rearrange them and throw in one of the Celtics (Pierce or Rondo) but #1 is dead on. I’d take Pau over Dwight Howard. Also, you can safely slide Bosh into #2 there for the next 5 years.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Boozer doesn’t have a team right now.

  • Ian

    bogut is the bucks best player imo.

  • Daniel Marks

    @Celts Fan

    I was going to include one of the Celtics but nobody is a clear sidekick. Is it KG or Allen to Pierce, or is Pierce even number one? Their big 3 is very egalitarian so to speak, making a definate number two hard to pidgeonhole

  • The Other Aj

    Great List daniel…I tell my buddies this all the time, that not alot of guys in the current NBA want to play what I call the Scottie Pippen/James Worthy role (Looking at You Chris Bosh)

    These guys could go to lottery teams and be “the man” or that can be 2nd fiddles on championship teams, win titles, and have HOF careers. I don’t understand why alot more guys don’t do this…

    A quick list of guys who are #1’s but should be sidekicks

    1. Joe Johnson
    2. Dirk Nowitzki
    3. Rudy Gay
    4. Yao Ming
    5. Andre Igoudala

  • don

    @ celtsfan

    last time gasol was the go to player he never got out the first round so you still would take him over dwight?

  • Daniel Marks

    @the other AJ

    Nowitzki I think is a number one guy. I agree with the rest of the list, but Ming has talent to be number one you just can’t rely on him to fill that role because of injuries.

    Also Gerald Wallace/Stephen Jackson number 1 in Charlotte is not really number 1 whichever guy you consider

  • quattro

    bogut IS the best player on the bucks. jennings isnt even their second best player

  • Ian

    other aj
    most players are retarded and think they can lead teams by themselves other than dirk i agree with your list.

    yes i would take him also over howard
    he never had the team howard had and was in a tougher conference he did win 50 games and got memphis to three playoffs seeds. how many have they been on after he left. remember kobe didnt take the lakers outta the first round also with gasol. would you take ray allen over kobe because his sonics got further into the playoffs??? i think not samething with howard hes on the better team on a softer conference.

  • Ian

    sorry the kobe comment i said with gasol i meant without gasol.

  • Daniel Marks

    I think Jennings is best player on Bucks. Without him they don’t make playoffs, BJ may not be number one scorer but he’s THE man in Milwaukee

  • ay yo..

    Jennings is not the best player on the Bucks.

    He basically is what chauncey billups is to Denver.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian

    If you been the man on your high school and college teams, you gotta be a “different” dude to decide to go play with a “better player”

    Chris Bosh is a franchise player and a max player. For him to decide to go to DWade’s team, he’s either sayin it’s easier with some help or else, he sayin he knows he’s a second option…

  • Ian

    well in the nba 90percent or more of the players have been the man for some team in some point in their life in fact i think all of them were except davis and scalabrini. still some of them accept the role of sidekick and some are stupid if bosh can take it why not amare , jj , gay who arent as good as bosh.

  • dh

    dirk seems sorta mentally weak to be the #1 guy on a championship team.

  • the cynic

    Since when is Jennings the best player on the bucks? Bogut was clearly the best player on the team. I hate using awards to make a point but it seems a little perfect here. Which Bucks player was on the All-NBA team?

    Gasol is easily the best sidekick since he is IMO one of the 10 best players in the league.

  • Ian

    he can be the best player on a championship team his problem can be fixed by having a billups type of player in the team or even the same kidd can be the leader in that department. remember the heat mavs finals with normal refs dallas sweeps them.

  • AZ

    jennings is the side kick to Bogat…jennings still got a couple more seasons to be the alpha.

  • Manu14

    To Ian,
    Manu is a better “solist” but Tony is a better complement of Timmy

  • Ian

    nah manu the spurs suck when manu is off his game. when manu is healthy they survive bad games from tp and even timmeh cant say the same about tony. tony is the spurs third most imp player.

  • Daniel Marks

    I don’t think Bosh could win a championship as a number one, I think to win he needed to join LBJ or Wade. He couldn’t even get Toronto to the playoffs this year in the East.

  • The Other Aj

    @ Daniel

    Dirk has the talent to be a #1, but I’m not sure he has the mental toughness

    I agree Gerald Wallace/Stephen Jackson combo won’t work. They are both #2’s who need a legit #1 to really succeed.

  • Manu14

    lol at the selective memory Ian…
    What happened when Manu was injured almost 2 years? still +50 wins thks in great part of Tony (who by the way has a finals MVP title).
    Tony had a bad/injured year and peaple already have forgotten what he is capable of!
    Anyway, I love manu (as my name says)…
    There is a reason why they are called “the big 3″, they are just deadly together WHEN HEALTHY!!!!!
    They haven’t been healthy since 2007…….title!

  • dcial

    Poor call on Bogut. I know ya’ll got a hard on for Jennings, but hes not the top dog in Milwaukee.
    But whatever, its your list…

  • Ian

    “lol at the selective memory”
    you are kidding right and why did the spurs lose in the first round to dallas for the first time in timmeh career?? guess who was missing?? this season hes back to form and knocks dallas out. say what you want but manu is more important to the spurs. who signed a three year deal and whos being shopped around?? you mentioned the 07 finals what about the 05 finals vs a tougher team.

  • Ian

    damn i didnt think anyone was going to agree with my bogut comment hehe.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian

    Bogut is a top 3 center in the league.
    I don’t think Jennings is a top 10 point guard yet.
    I gotta agree that Jennings is the sidekick and even that is a huge disrespect to John Salmons…

    The most important thing about a good sidekick is that when the top dog is havin an off game (see Finals game 7), the sidekick can basically become the top dog (see Pau Gasol)

  • the cynic

    Manu is the alpha dog in SA these days and Duncan/Parker are the sidekick

  • Ian

    dizzle or a series (see finals gasol was mvp) hehehe

    the cynic
    thank u

  • http://facebook callingcollins

    So who had the best Partner Lakers of the 80’s Magic,Worthy,Cooper,Shaq an Kobe or Kobe and Gasol…my choice is Magic

  • CP

    Ok, you can put Boozer on that list now. Rose’s sidekick.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Andrew Bogut is the Buck’s best player. Period. However Brandon Jennings is homing in on him like a heat seeking missile in that department. No disrespect to John Salmons but I feel like he is a #3 guy in comparison to his previously mentioned teammates and there’s nothing wrong with that (ask Dennis Rodman).

    Pau Gasol is the number one sidekick and deservedly so. He’s proven himself with back-to-back championships alongside Kobe Bryant and would be hard pressed NOT to make it a three-peat.

    Dirk Nowitzki, in my opinion, IS a #1 Guy who hasn’t really played with a LEGIT #2 guy. He had Steve Nash but Mark Cuban wouldn’t pony up the cash to keep him and the next closest was Josh Howard in the 05-06 season (they were being described as the best forward tandem in the game at that time) until he mentally checked out in the Finals with that inexcusable time-out call and it went downhill from there. Now he has an over the hill yet still effective Jason Kidd and Caron Butler (one of my fav players and easily fits into that sidekick role either as a #2 or #3 guy). Had they acquired Joe Johnson, as they were rumored to be, to play with Dirk, Tough Juice, and J-Kidd and that team could have somewhat rivaled the LakeShow

  • Chise

    Andrew Bogut is the best player on the Bucks.

  • Alex

    Anyone on the celtics?

  • fLaVa

    bogut is the MAN on the bucks then BJ and Salmons is tied. ppl always sleep on salmons..

  • regie francisco
  • http://www.lebronpippenjames.com Jim

    LeBron has to be in the top 5 now. He’ll be a good side-kick, and if Miami wins 6 of the next 8 championships, he could potentially be considered as good as Scottie Pippen.