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Top 10 Vegas Summer League Players To Watch

Rodrigue Beaubois (photo. Nicky Woo)

Now that the NBA Summer League has moved from Orlando to Las Vegas, NBA fans will have to shift their focus out West. The League, which runs from July 9-18, will have 22 NBA teams participating, along with another team made up of players of D-League studs. But out of all those players, here are the Top 10 guys that you need to keep an eye on.

10. Ed Davis (Raptors)
Now that Chris Bosh is officially gone, Davis has a lot more on his plate. Is he hungry enough to play, or will he continue to be a project?

9. Eric Bledsoe (Clippers)
Bledsoe played lead guard in high school, but then spent a year off the ball at Kentucky. Can he make a good impression on the Clippers or will he and Willie Warren end up being combo guards that needed to stay in college?

8. Derrick Caracter (Lakers)
58th overall pick? Wow, we all know the kid has Lottery pick talent, but obviously problems with maturity continue to linger. Also, Caracter has battled weight issues, but looked good as a senior at UTEP. Does Caracter continue the progress or continue to disappoint?

7. Greg Monroe (Pistons)
Many consider the Georgetown big-man as a better overall prospect than Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins. No doubt Monroe has more skills than the two, but does he have the drive to be great?

6. Gerald Green (Lakers)
I know, I can’t believe it either! Where was Green playing last year? He was playing for Lokomotiv Kuban in Russia. While he did average 16.3 points per game and shot almost 50 percent from the field, can Green ever live up to expectations that he had coming out of high school? He’s still only 24.

5. DeMarcus Cousins (Kings)
No question that Cousins has the talent to be next year’s NBA Rookie of the Year, but like Caracter, there are questions about the big man’s maturity and ability to stay in shape. Not going to lie, if Cousins has his head on straight, him and Tyreke could terrorize opposing teams.

4. Marcus Thornton (Hornets)
How good were the Hornets’ two draft picks last year? I mean Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton were two of the biggest steals of the Draft. Last year, Thornton destroyed in Vegas, averaging close to 21 points per game. With a year under his belt, how will Thornton perform this summer?

3. O.J. Mayo (Grizzlies)
First thing I thought of when I saw Mayo’s name on the roster was, why? Well, apparently Mayo wants to polish and perfect his skills at the point guard spot. Last month, Mayo told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that, “I’m probably horrible right now mainly because I haven’t played with the ball in three years…but I think through repetition I can be good.”

2. John Wall (Wizards)
Cox Pavilion will be packed on Sunday afternoon just to get a glimpse of John Wall. No question that he is the future.

1. Rodrigue Beaubois (Mavs)
They call him Roddy Buckets! Last year in his Summer League debut, Roddy put up 34 points (7-for-12 from beyond the arc), eight assists and nine fouls! If he’s not exciting to watch, then I don’t know what is…

*Also no word yet as of yet if newly acquire forward, Anthony Randolph, will suit up for Knicks’ Summer League squad (remember he scored 42 points last year in Vegas.

Other players to watch: DeMar DeRozan (Raptors), DeJuan Blair (Spurs), Patty Mills (Blazers), Earl Clark, Wesley Johnson (T-Wolves), Larry Sanders (Bucks), Xavier Henry (Grizzlies), Hasheem Thabeet (Grizzlies), Sofoklis Schortsanitis (Clippers), Willie Warren (Clippers), Jermaine Taylor (Rockets), Brandan Wright (Warriors), Jeremy Lin (Mavs), Joe Alexander (Bulls) and Jeff Teague (Hawks).

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    is blake griffin playin in summer league?

  • IG

    I watched the Rockets last two games.
    Jermaine Taylor is a beast around the basket, Ruben Patterson-like. His teammate, Chase Budinger, is doing work. Jordan Hill? Not so much. Also, another player to watch is Austin Day. When he is in the game, it’s a postup/clearout on every possession.

  • jmg

    Caracter is going to be a BEAST if he keeps his focus on hoops!! He has nice post moves, solid on the boards and needs to keep his weight in check and improve on D!! WE GOT A STEAL!! LAKESHOW!!

  • We-It Athletics

    Devin Ebanks has been ballin in Summer League…He’s a 6’9″ trevor ariza

  • the truth

    LA had the best draft value picks by far

  • Russ M

    You don’t think Lance Stephenson should be on this list? I honestly thought you might’ve had him at #1.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Didn’t Born Ready play in the Orlando league?

    And I agree with this list for the most part, cept don’t know why Thorton is in Summer League yet Julius Wright refuses. I mean tf has he done to demand not to go?

    Another guy to watch is Scheyerface on the Heat. With their roster on the bare minimum I really think he has a chance to make it cuz lord knows the Heat need spacing, and he fits right at home playing for a team everyone hates

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I hope that Griffin plays in the Summer League. Big ups to OJ Mayo for his humble approach!

  • Legend 33

    Calm down Laker fans Caracter is more Big Baby than Tim Duncan, dude is fat and short but nimble. Those layups and dunks in summer league will be swatted back in his face in the regular season. trust me I watched Big Baby play all season.

    DeMarcus is looking good, he will be the best center out west in two years. Got to love how he already called out Bynum and said Bynum don’t deserve to be holding the Larry O’Brien trophy.