NBA, Video / Jul 13, 2010 / 10:30 am

Top 25 NBA Dunks of the Decade

You may be surprised to find a lot of Vince, a lot of Dwight, a lot of LeBron, and a lot of Kobe

What do you think? What was your favorite dunk of the decade?

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  • Trey bing bay

    Marbury’s face in number 11..hahaha

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    @Trey bing bay: Yeah that was funny as hell.

    Those last 3 dunks was just so nasty! DAMN SON!

  • http://blackhercules21.blogspot.com/ blackhercules21

    Rudy Gay over Scola should be on that list…and #2 and #3 should be switched…although since it was the playoffs I guess I see their point…but Varejao got VIOLATED

  • .K.i.n.G.

    stromile swift should hands down be number one, just filthy!

  • NTstateOFmind

    #5 ?!?

  • JC

    Yeah, I JUST had a nightmare about that Stromile Swift dunk (#12) yesterday. Funny this list pops up today. I thought that could have been ranked significantly higher as well. The hangtime and the textbook two-handed tomhawk form were just vomit-inducing.

  • eazy yeezy

    damn b.diddy could flush. he was getting air before rose and westbrook made it cool for 1’s to throw down.

  • nate

    that dwight oop at 14 was rediculous. looks like he’d pull his shoulder outta socket reaching back

  • chris

    damn, stromile, carter, t-mac, davis. they could have had much much better careers than they had.

  • yoda

    no shaq from early 2k’s? no t-mac from orlando days? and davis on ak47 is from playoffs. so many great dunks are missing here

  • DizzyDutch

    Yeah that Rudy Gay over Scola was mind blowing. Also can we change timmy D’s nickname from “big fundamental” to “big poster”?

  • Rizwan

    I dont know what was better, the dunks or Kevin Harlan’s shameless attempt to get ‘he just sucked the gravity right out of the building’ quote popular!

  • TCB

    Wait a sweet move that behind the back reverse dunk is that Kobe pulled off. And that last one of Vince is just great because it was like there was time for them both to sort of prepare and it was like ok, can you stop this? No you can’t. Bang.

  • datdood

    baron davis on ak47 was the dirtiest dunk i have ever witnessed. i remember watching that game, seeing that dunk, getting up out of my chair and running around my house for 20 minutes screaming.

  • KnicksFan84

    Those dunks were all pretty good but when you compare them to 90’s with Barkley, Kemp, Jordan, etc… um they look a lil sissy.

  • Soopa

    CP3’s dunk on Dwight Howard is missing, but not sure which on it should replace.

    And loving the 3 entries by Boom Dizzle and that #2 dunk should have been #1. The execution, the stage, the momentom swing, everything is BIG TIME.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Daayyyum, VC and Kobe be killing cats man shiiiit.

    The only dunk I can think of thats missing is the one where the guy hurdled Von Wafer. That’s like the mini VC-on-frenchie dunk.

  • Heckler

    timmy duncan and kev garnett stay getting flushed on!

  • Heckler

    ricky davis is missing. he had two sick ass dunks. one where he climbed over kirk hinrich and another when he skyed over steve nash.

  • NYG

    DERRICK ROSE IN PHX shoulda made the cut!

    Great list team.

  • Bobb23

    How bout Kobe over Nash?

    No Iguodala?

  • Rizwan

    No Amar’e over Tolliver?

  • Ian

    dizzy your comment was stupid.

    i bet they have ten times more blocks than being dunked on.

    was the second best (behind carter)

    btw the list sucks no manu on the lakers or the whole city of dallas.

  • sweetv0mit

    Seriously with Keon Clark at number 5????

  • mules

    this video has gotta make anyone from Cleveland throw up in their mouth a little bit.

    dunks over players named Nash and Hinrich were not included in the list for the same reason that dunk-contest dunks were not included…no defense (that TA/Gerald Green alley-oop off-the-backboard didn’t really belong in here either)

  • barons beard

    2 & 3 should be 1 & 2, and is that Keon Clarke dunk at 5 a typo? Was it even a dunk?

    And no love for Kenyon Martin?


    lol at that rondo one inbetween two disgusting VC hammers. i know he gets the dunk an the ball goes in, but gettin flattened when you dunk on someone aint a good look.

  • karizmatic

    There was a lot of Baron Davis in there too, and Tim Duncan and KG got dunked on a lot.

  • chicity

    That Stromile dunk shouldve been top 3 and is bitter beer face nastyyyyy.

    The lebron over rasheed in the playoffs is missing, the ronnie price over boozer, drose over dragic, and cp3 over dwight howard. All shouldve made it easy button

  • kingralf

    I just knew what dunk would be first…and it deserves the spot. one of the best dunks ever.
    and u just realize how rare somebody like VC is. his dunks imho just stand head and shoulders above the others

  • the truth

    #12 was filthy, but WHERE’S MY DUDE IGGY?

  • MattO

    I was gonna ask ‘why no early VC dunks?’ but then I realized that was last decade. damn I feel old…

  • Junio Rodrigues

    Kobe on Yarbrough best of the decade…..perfect play.

  • jdizzle

    Tim Duncan would probably think this whole video was dedicated to him after those first two dunks lol

  • surfnaked

    derrick rose on goran dragic anybody? good list though, fun to watch :)

  • j

    Dwayne wade at number 3 was way too high, how bout the dunk when Blake griffin blew out his knee. he litterally exploded his knee he jumped so high, and last, where is teh ricky davis “Oh Sh*t” Dunk on steve nash? that was filfy

  • dawut

    lots of Duncan in here too lol
    But no corey brewer on fish?