Smack / Jul 31, 2010 / 2:37 am

Wall to Wall Potential

John Wall at Kentucky

With the Heat taking up about 98 percent of the post-Decision attention devoted to the NBA’s Southeast Division, it’s like everybody forgot that the Bobcats are still on the rise, the Hawks are still pretty good, the Magic are still very good, and the Wizards shouldn’t be slept on as a future problem — and not the “Our three best players all think they’re The Man and want 20 shots a night” kind of problem they’ve been in the recent past … John Wall is the alpha, and if Gilbert Arenas isn’t a distraction, he’ll give you 20-something points a night at the two. Al Thornton will probably start at small forward initially, but when Josh Howard gets healthy, he’ll probably take that spot. Then you have a pair of young super-talented and athletic bigs in Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee; if they act more like Duncan and Admiral and less like Craig and Day-Day, they’ll complete a solid starting five. Throw in Kirk Hinrich (defense, shooting, ball-control), Yi Jianlian (skills, size, shooting) and Nick Young (buckets, buckets, buckets) on the second unit, and the Wizards are looking OK for a move up in the standings. Only everybody else in the division is a playoff contender, so that could be tough … Howard inked a 1-year deal worth $3-4 million yesterday to stay in D.C. But if he comes back strong off the knee injury and the Wizards are lagging in the playoff race after a couple months, don’t be surprised if Howard gets traded to a contender at the deadline. We could see him fitting in with San Antonio for a title run … The Raptors are another young talented team to watch, but right now they’re shrouded in Chris Bosh drama. After GM Bryan Colangelo publicly questioned Bosh’s heart, commitment and ability to be a franchise player earlier in the week, Bosh responded accordingly but respectfully. Bosh put up monster numbers last season (24 ppg, 10 rpg), but plenty of astute Raps observers will tell you they noticed a change in his play down the stretch. And after CB1 let it slip that he, LeBron and D-Wade had been talking about teaming up for “months,” maybe he did have one foot out the door already … Have you seen this? Video of Tyreke Evans doing triple-digits on the freeway before getting arrested for reckless driving a few months ago. You want to just write it off as a new-money rich kid getting out of control with his new fast car, but when you actually see it — damn. And this was in the middle of the day! It’s not like it was 2 a.m. when less people are out and the cops might miss you. Hopefully Tyreke learned his lesson, because this could have been tragic … Most random story of the offseason: Amar’e Stoudemire (right after getting a Star of David tattoo) traveling to Israel this week to study Judaism and the Hebrew language. Amar’e is a pretty deep guy, so it doesn’t totally surprise us, but some cynics think it might just be a ploy to endear STAT to New York’s large Jewish population … The Cavs signed Joey Graham. You do realize this team is going to stink like bum briefs this season, right? We heard they’re working on a 10-story banner that shows Mo Williams covering his eyes … We’re out like traffic school …

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  • YW

    can’t wait to see that banner, haha

  • ab_40

    amara to israel… during their national gay and lesbian parade.. coincedence? that washington team has no players who are effective without the ball. they’re gonna win 30 games max

  • sh!tfaced

    Welcome to Jew York, Amare

  • icey

    lolololol good read

  • darkdefender

    Love to see Amare wearing a skull cap on opening night.

  • K Dizzle

    Am I high or is that video link of “Tyreke” actually Bogut givin himself high fives?

  • Mr.Wang
  • Soopa

    K Dizzle

    Nope, it links to a wrong URL.

  • Diggity Dave

    “Astute observers” = Bitter Raptors fans?

  • shiptar

    @dime: raptors are young, but they are certainly not talented..

  • S-SiN

    Good read. Craig and Day-Day reference might be a bit more hilarious than a Mo poster

  • Stunnaboy09

    Joey Graham aint that bad if the Cavs really are playing R-n-G. He’s crazy athletic and I somehow see the Cavs scraping a 35 win season out of these guys.

    Or I may be wrong and they shit out a 20 win one.

    Washington like someone above me said is full of people who need the ball. Arenas, Wall and Blatche all require it to be succesful and I dont’t think J-Howard will reduce his ego into accepting a 4th option on the team. If they can get some defense from Blatche and offense from McGee then they maybe hahve a competitive chance. SSHould have traded Arenas while they could and started Hinrich next to Wall (better fit) and developed Nick Young of the bench.

  • chris

    blatche and mcgee have a lot to prove in the middle for washington, tho they definitely have the size.

    bryan colangelo screwed up the month of july so bad he must be begging for a do-over. you know players don’t trust him now after signing matt barnes when he didn’t have the cap space. his chances of getting ANYTHING in exchange for calderon now is zero, and having calderon in training camp will just be a cancer.

  • Mr. TKO


    If i remember right, it was supposed to be a sign and trade with Orlando that would allow them to get Barnes, but some obscure Collective Bargaining rule got the trade stopped at the NBA offices.

    I don’t think that anybody holds Colangelo to blame for that.

  • Atom

    Not feeling your Josh Howard to San antonio prediction for a title run. Spurs are all about charachter, and J-Ho has done enough questionable shit to keep his name out of contention for a spot with big fun and the squeqy clean crew. I think he is more effective in a running offence, but wouldn’t b surprised to c Houston or New Orleans gamble on him if he makes A decent recovery.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    McGee and Hinrich are both good without the ball, and are solid defenders. The Wiz would be alright except for the hellish division they play in. They’ll definitely be better than the Nets and Cavs, at any rate haha.

  • jzsmoove

    25-win season for the Raps this season. 28 MAX. I just hopre I am around to see one of those winning games. It sucks so bad when u have to pay then you lose anyways.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Raptors may shock people. If Bargniani starts taking it to the low post more often and finally breaks out they may actually maintain statys quo. It all depends on DeRozan; if he actually took it on himslef to become a scorer and improve his handles and J they are still looking at that 40 win ceiling.


    The Wizards will suck next year! Two guys coming off knee injuries, Arenas hasn’t been healthy in I don’t know when and Josh Howard is now an afterthought. I don’t know why the Wizards won’t just award Howard a 100 million dollar max contract? Isn’t that what they do? Reward critically injured players? LOL!!!

  • Scott

    The Cavs should do a mural of using Mo, Jamison and Andy, in the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil poses. lol

  • ballin

    did that cop seriously pull a gun on tyreke for speeding????? wtf is that

    i fucking hate cops man

    /that said, tyreke was driving like a total idiot

  • Legend 33

    Man any cop in their right mind would pull a gun on Tyreke cuz he is a black man driving an expensive car with all the windows tinted and going more than a 100mph. That means he is racing away from a crime, high or joy riding in a stolen car.

  • larry brown

    Nick Young is a starter, not a bench player,just let the kid play.

  • WinDelRoj

    if Arenas scores 20 a game Im wondering what the FG percentage will be. I dont believe in that comeback

  • “Tha Boddy” Arenas and Wall For Best Backcourt

    Why the Arenas bashing still he averaged 22ppg and 7assists last year and showed he can still shoot the hell outta the basketball get off his back.He can come back score 25ppg and Wall will do fine at 18 and 8 which nobody would complain about.If Arenas is the best player by far on the Wizard then give him the ball he can play off the ball also it’s just like unlike Rip Hamilton of the Pistons Arenas can drive to the hoop and fire up 3’s from outta this world.Let the scorer score and let the passer pass don’t sweat the technique admire the results which is a 6-8th seed and trouble in the first round

  • S-SiN

    That article made me watch 2 of three Friday movies yesterday..

    Tyreke better stop imoersonating Ovechkin’s crazy ass