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You Gots To Chill

Chris Paul (photo. Chad Griffith)

Is anybody getting tired of how over-the-top and dramatic some of these writers and other media types have become during the NBA offseason? With Chris Paul as the latest center of attention, we keep reading and hearing terms like, “destroying his legacy” and “throwing everything away” when it comes to CP’s latest drama with the Hornets. SETTLE DOWN. We can list some potential legacy-destroying and image-trashing acts that guys like Magic, Kobe, Jordan, Karl Malone and Bird have committed over the years, but here’s the truth of the matter: As long as you win and put up numbers (and play the PR game correctly), all will eventually be forgotten and you’ll be remembered more for your game and what you did on the court. If Kobe can recover from some of the stuff he’s been through to become arguably the most beloved basketball player on the planet today, we’re pretty sure CP3 can survive a trade request … Speaking of Kobe, it just came out yesterday that he recently had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. It was no secret that Kobe was banged up all season — which makes his playoff performances even more incredible — and he would have been forgiven for skipping out on Team USA even if he didn’t have surgery. But you know Kobe won’t rest too long: As soon as they clear him to run, he’ll be on the court putting in work … Meanwhile, L.A. might be without Luke Walton for all of next season. His back is jacked up, and if winds up getting surgery it will be a long recovery. But Walton wasn’t going to play much behind Ron Artest and Matt Barnes anyway, plus you have rookie Devin Ebanks in the mix at small forward … Team USA has its intrasquad scrimmage tonight (ESPN2, 10 p.m. EST). We’ve talked to a few of the players down in Vegas this week, and of course Kevin Durant‘s name has come up a lot, but also watch out for Rudy Gay. One guy we thought would make the squad is Tyreke Evans, but he’s had a bum ankle all week and might be out of contention now … Apparently you can put a price tag on dumb. Timberwolves GM David Kahn said Michael Beasley “smoked too much marijuana” in his past, for which the NBA hit Kahn with a $50,000 fine. Technically it’s for breaking the League’s drug policy confidentiality bylaws, but mostly it’s for having oral diarrhea … We know it’s early, but here is our pre-preseason NCAA hoops Top 10. No surprise that Duke sits at the top as they go for a national-championship repeat, but No. 2 and No. 3 might surprise you … Two disturbing stories from the NBA this week: First, Stephen Jackson was the victim of a home-invasion robbery in Charlotte, at a time when S-Jack wasn’t home but the gun-toting robbers locked his wife in the bathroom. Second, Lorenzen Wright has been reported missing by his family in Memphis. No one has heard from him since Sunday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both the Jackson and Wright families … We’re out like Kahn’s tact …

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  • Sam I Am

    so sad

  • one and done

    I agree that some of these writers are getting a bit out of hand. The biggest offender is Adrian Wojnarowski and his serious hate-on for Lebron. Personally, i’m indifferent to Lebron and I think he needs to quit bashing him. He’s almost as bad as Skip Bayless. He even blamed him for Chris Paul wanting to leave New Orleans.

  • zcw

    Seriously this is it. You have to stop riding these pros dicks. Chris Paul WILL hurt his legacy just as Lebron did. It’s no coincidence that he’s asking for a trade right after he signs with Lebron’s management team. The problem is that Dime wants so hard to be apart of what is happening that they’re unwilling to criticize these pros who keep making mistakes. Paul gives you a tour diary so you don’t want to say out loud that he’s doing a dick move. He might not talk to you, and he doesn’t have to because your magazine holds such a small market. So you just keep smiling and nods as if they don’t make any mistakes Every player you just brought up stayed with their respective team(except Jordan at the end of his career) till the very end.

  • Lincoln

    Stephen Jackson is going to go find those fools and cap them

  • don

    i honestly dont see what the problem is with a player trying to win now instead of when they are old and past their prime, what has new orleans done to put a team around cp3 that can win now?? ill wait lol and where does it say in the nba handbook that a player is not allowed to leave or demand a trade from the current team is on. In sports your measured by wins and if you dont have the ring your basically considered a failure. i think a lot of true players would rather have a better chance of winning and so called ruining there legacy than to not even be a contender

  • Stunnaboy09

    Its what gets attention and readers. Dan Gilbert did it perfectly. Play to the emotions. He rallied the city behind him by making over the top statements. Same thing with New Orleans people saying CP is a traitor. It just works that way. Playing the emotions of fans is what makes readers read works. What earns more views:

    “Chris Paul is using his options, requests trade”


    “Chris Paul a treacherous scumbag, demands trade for easy way out”

  • down since the begining


    The difference between lefag n chris paul is that cleveland was actually trying to build a team for him to win with, chris paul on the other hand hasn’t gotten jack shit. Okafor, david west? Who else has got your back on that team? Peja? Dude probably can’t even move now with out tweeking his back. Lefag is suppose to be the “king” but he went to miami to be a fucking jester. Don’t even mention lefag n cp in the breathe what they were given are compeltly different things.

  • Legend 33

    Something fishy is going on with Captain Jack’s situation, I read his wife got a rap sheet a mile long. What a coincidence that they held her up when Captain Jack was out of state. Can anyone say insurance fraud…

  • Chise

    Insurance fraud? All that was reported stolen was a gun, an LV bag, a ruby necklace and some other basic shit.. Insurance would cut you a check for a couple grand for that shit.. I doubt captain jack needs a couple thousand dollars that bad… The truth is, if captain jack finds out who robbed him before the media does, then the rest of the world won’t EVER find out who robbed him lol if you get my drift.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Any way we can get CP3 to announce what team he gets traded to via TV special? Who wouldn’t watch “The Decision, 2?” I’d kill to hear CP say “I’m taking my talents to Universal studios” or “I’m taking my talents to Broadway”

  • Bizz

    @3 CP3 did not officially sign with LRMR…he does share the same agent though.


    @5 “where does it say in the nba handbook that a player is not allowed to leave or demand a trade from the current team is on.”

    Says it directly in the handbook…do it and you’ll get fined like 50K.. ask Stephen Jackson what happens if you indirectly imply you wish to be traded. He didn’t even flat out say “trade me”.

  • clipperluck

    this is y i subscribe to Dime. AMEN

  • Jay

    Adrian Wojnarowski is a moron. The dude is clearly an attention whore and stirs up shit for no good reason.

    While I agree that it slightly makes you less legendary if you request a trade from your OG team, you really can’t blame a guy for trying to be in the best position to win right now. The Hornets weren’t doing shit and haven’t done anything productive in quite a while, CP was wise to ignore that whole “I must remain loyal” mentality and try to be on a good team while he’s still early in his prime.

  • Showtime

    Huh legacy? What is Chris Paul’s legacy? One game shy of reaching the Western Conference Finals?

    That’s definitely better than T-Mac but not exactly legacy material

  • ART


  • Stunnaboy09

    Chris Paul’s legacy is being arguably the best point guard in the league over the last 3 years doing it while putting up the best PG numbers since Oscar. Also for taking a way overmatched Hornets team to one game shy of the WCF.

    Not much? Well he’s 25. He has the potential to be great and honestly If he goes to NY or Orlando and wills them to a chip or contention then he actually helps his legacy.

  • IGP

    Great medical analysis on Luke Walton. A jacked up back is no joke.

  • D.I. Dollar

    @ ZCW – My thoughts exactly.

    @ Don – “where does it say in the nba handbook that a player is not allowed to leave or demand a trade from the current team is on.”

    He signed a legally binding contract. If he didn’t want to be in New Orleans he shouldn’t have signed on the dotted line.

    You shouldn’t be able to force a team to do anything. If he doesn’t want to play for the Hornets…don’t. Sit out and don’t collect a paycheck. Darren Collison may not be as good numbers wise…yet…but he did a good job filling in for CP while he was HURT. It’s not like HIS absence didn’t HURT the teams chances and competing.

    I’m not even really mad at CP…yet…it’s LeBums doucher “business associates” that are stirring all of this sh!t up and putting a stain on CP’s “legacy”. Let’s wait til Monday when he sits down with his bosses to see what comes out of this.

  • Showtime

    @ Stunna

    Legacies aren’t about numbers. Legacies are written in the real season.

    – They didn’t make the playoffs his first two season
    – They took San An to game 7 in his third season
    – They were killed by Denver (remember that 50 or 60 point loss?) in his fourth season. Chris Paul was getting outplayed by Chauncey Billups who gave him the business
    – They missed the playoffs this season as Paul was hurt

    Sorry, in my book that’s not legacy material. We might not agree but that’s how I see it

  • Legend 33

    @chise insurance fraud by Capatain Jack’s wifey, not him. Don’t matter how rich somebody is, you hear about millionaire athletes doing dumb things like buying stolen property and stuff like that all the time, just to save a few bucks. So I wouldn’t put it pass his ghetto wifey to do the same thing. Hmm I get your drift kinda doing his street justice thing, maybe he should get his boy Carmelo to help him out with it. Carmelo and his stop snitching video was so funny!

  • S-SiN

    ..”and you’ll be remembered more for your game and what you did on the court.”

    What the fuck?

  • Kobeeeee

    CP3 is doing the correct thing. As long as he is not meadia-whoring his trade too much like Legone things are all right.

  • Guitar Hero

    This is a team game – and that includes the staff (GM,coaches,etc).
    Is the backoffice team letting CP3 down? Yes.
    Are they building a team for the chip? Nope.
    Are they trying to do so? Doesn’t seem like it.

    So, get the F out of there…I mean, why waste a potential Hall of Fame career for a team which isn’t even trying to be a contender out there?

    NY would be the best option for him – They are ambitious, have some right pieces in place, don’t mind spending the extra $ to build a contender, and they present CP3 with an potential amazing pick n roll partner in Amare.

    Plus, they seem to have the right pieces for a trade:
    -Financial relief (Curry’s fat exp)
    -Young guys (Wil Chandler, Gallo, TD, even Felton)

  • porkpiehat

    George Shinn is a horrible owner, there is no stability in management in New Orleans and they have done nothing but go backwards for three seasons. I’m not a Hornets fan, and clearly none of you are either, otherwise someone would’ve pointed these things out already.

    It’s not about small market vs. big market. It just so happens that about a third of the league is chronically mismanaged and the top notch players who play in those organizations can and should want to do something better than waste their prime years in futility. More power to CP for recognizing this and trying to do something.

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Come to Orlando C. Paul, come to Orlando. It’ll be a shame to have to move Jameer but in the Finals and in the ECF last yr we were exposed when we couldn’t get Dwight crisp passes or clean looks inside, and it hurt spacing from not having a serious driving threat to collapse the defense. Chris Paul tossing alleys to Dwight. This is what kind of world I want to live in.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I like Showtime’s assessment in post 19. He ain’t done shit except whine, push-off and dribble over his head. That his legacy.

    I used to joke about “The Wrath Of Kahn”, but this shit is no longer a joke. He’s probably in negotiations to get Curry, Kwame and Gheorghe Muresan.

  • len-e

    if i was a gm id trade those pussies to the worst fucking team i can find. These idiots sign contracts but they dont seem to understand.

  • That’s What’s Up

    okay, I like len-e’s assessment better.

    I had those same thoughts…

  • http://richjanitorreviewed.org BV

    Amen Dime – if Kobe can resurrect his image from RAPE allegations, no one will be remembering what Paul or Lebron did in a year or two.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Celts Fan

    @showtime and that’s what’s up – dude maximi2d the potential of a team where Tyson Chandler was the 3rd option. Even MJ couldn’t win a chip w/ Julian Wright in the starting lineup. Since he signed his extension (right after the almost-wcf run I think) when it looked like they were an up-and-coming squad, they’ve done nothing to show they’re looking to win. They tried to straight up give away Tyson Chandler to OKC for nothing before okc nixxed the already-agreed-upon deal and SOLD a draft pick. This past year they traded down from #12 just to dump contracts. Name one thing they’ve done to show they wanna win on the court more/as much as they wanna win on the balance sheet. CP3 did a TON for the city of NO but the Hornets aren’t doing anything to make it worth his time to stay there. He must hear the clock ticking, especially as he’s been kinda banged up lately. I think it’s def worse than LeBron (you don’t gotta like what he did, but he was a FA) but CP3 has the potential to be one of the 5-10 best PGs ever, but to do that, he needs talent around him. When he signed his extension he was told they were committed to winning and were coming off that playoff run. In the years since it’s been pretty much proven that that’s not the case. I don’t support most guys asking out, but this situation is shit and it’s shit cuz the owner isn’t committed to winning. Free CP3!

  • SH

    With all due respect, Woj is a real reporter. I love Dime, but it’s more a fan site than journalistic one.

  • Otto

    Feeling the title. Made me want to dust off my Strictly Business record.

    I’m guessing only a fraction of readers picked up on that EPMD reference. Man I’m getting old.

  • Dagger

    The worst example: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=aw-paulfuture072310

    Standard Woj: half-baked rumours about team USA, vicious personal attacks on (currently) easy targets (like Lebron), ridiculous melodrama. The man is probably the worst NBA columnist out there – likely why he works for Yahoo! and it’s impossible to comment on his stories.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    “Oral diarrhea”? Gross, man, unnecessary!! Isn’t oral diarrhea the same as saying “vomit” anyway? LOL

    And what the heck happened to Luke Walton? How’d his back get so jacked up? I thought he just had a bad ankle, and now all of a sudden he’s virtually crippled. Time to get your assistant coach on, Luke…I think he’ll be good as an assistant to Shaw; he understands the triangle better than most on that team; you can see his mind working when he’s out on the floor.

  • jzsmoove

    i can say my love for basketball has matured. If before a top player requests for a trade cuz he dont like his team no more, or the talent on that team sucks I would dis that player too. But now I dont mind at all, I am all for seeing what great and vast things a topnotch talent can do with another team he thinks is better. I am not at all sour that Bosh left my Raptors. It sucks to be turning on to Raps games on TV, or the 2-3 games a year I go to the ACC and left to watch subpar teams. But my curiousity is piqued with the things that could happen. I wanna see the “What ifs”, now. Like what was said, this whole thing will be gone and forgotten in a couple of seasons.

  • mo.B.bad

    why does everyone always knock LeBron, Paul, etc. by comparing their trade demands to players like Magic, Bird and Kobe who won with their original teams?

    LeBron started in Cleveland with the Cavaliers
    Paul started in New Orleans with the Hornets

    Magic and Kobe started in LA with the LAKERS
    Bird started in Boston with the CELTICS

    little easier to win with your first team when your first team is one of the biggest franchises in the game. it’s not as easy to attract the necessary help to smaller teams is it?

    (I know MJ turned Chicago into a monster, but that’s what makes him the GOAT)

    now I do think LeBron made a mistake in choosing Miami over NY, coz he woulda been the King in NY and while it wouldn’t be as sweet as winning it with the Cavs at least he could say he did it as the main man on a team. but at miami he’s on Wade’s team and will always have 1 less chip than Wade as well. it’s a bitch move.

    but CP3 shouldn’t get that kinda heat, even if he pulls a “big 3″ in NYC, it’ll be 3 guys of great talent with no chips. plus as good as CP3 is he’s not GOAT material which LeBron is, or was anyway. and that’s why his decision really sticks in the throat. this guy coulda challenged MJ for the throne. now he won’t even match Wade (let alone Kobe!)

    also, Paul should go to Orlando and tear it up with Howard. 2 superstars, one in the front court, one in the back. perfect team blend.

  • Sporty-j

    Chris Paul looked at what the Heat did and saw his time table of winning a NBA championship just be cut down in half if he was counting how many times he thinks Wade and Lebron will win the NBA championship. He said im going to be 31 by the time those guys contracts are up and in order to compete with those guys i have to try and go to a team that care about winning and i have to do it now. Lebron James was suppose to be this generations next Jordan, and even be better as the self proclaimed chosen one but i think we all just WITNESSED a different prophecy and he was chosen as the player to now put the power in the hands of the players instead of the OWNERS. He also started a new trend and i wouldnt be suprised if 1 day John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, and maybe Evan Turner plot to join the same team and its not just any team. You have to be able to sell these guys on why they would want to live on your city so they wont be bored? Miami, L.A., and New York will always have the advantages and im glad i live in the city that will have 1 of the advantages unless those teams are already stacked.

  • king

    Did kobe and kg hurt their legacy for requesting a trade??? what about Barkley.. How about Grant Hill and Shaq for leaving their orig. teams in free agency. We all know the answer is no. Stop with the bullshit people

  • Rich

    I like CP3 well enough, but it’s hard to argue that he’s acting like a pouty bitch in this situation. It’s every player’s aim to win a ring – is Paul more justified in demanding a trade simply because he’s a top tier talent? In any given year you can count the number of genuine title contenders on each hand – is every other player on every other team justified in trying to wrangle their way out of their contracts? The whole T-Wolves roster would be decimated.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Sporty-J — Younger players are already doing the LeBron/Wade/Bosh thing, and have been doing it for a while. High school recruits become cool with each other on the AAU scene, and often pick their colleges according to where their friends are going. So it’s not really a fallout from the Miami situation. In Dime’s Austin Rivers diary, he was saying he wants to play with Kyrie Irving at Duke, but if Kyrie goes one-and-done that will affect his decision. It’s nothing new. In fact, when “regular” kids are picking their colleges, they often consider where their friends are going. It’s something people do all the time, so I don’t get why we’re bashing pro athletes for doing it when it’s perfectly legal.

  • frmkt

    legacies happen – they’re not man-made… stupidity was the “decision.” going to a team that you think can win with YOUR help is not. i’m tired of these guys calling it a business… players and teams try to accomplish one thing: winning for the least amount of money. the business of the game is left to the owners of the teams and execs of the league. i’m a laker fan and for dfish to think he was “mistreated” or to feel “bad” about negotiations between his agent and the team is bullshit! if it was business, dfish would be gone. he was given a sentimental contract and kobe wouldn’t give a shit if he was there or not – the boy just goes out and plays to win. sports “writers” do what is in demand: create stories to make the mundane more interesting or else the kids amongst the fan base wouldn’t read their shit and spend money on jerseys and sneakers that never see the shadow of a basketball unless they’re walking down the aisle in WalMart! Jackson’s hit was “inside.” conducted when they knew he was away and i hope wright just wanted some down time and is alive and well. GO LAKERS – MIAMI will BE A FUCKING BEAST and we’ll see what kind of student D HOWARD really is after his lessons with Hakeem.

  • Mike Mihalow

    “Kobe can recover from some of the stuff he’s been through to become arguably the most beloved basketball player on the planet today”
    This is why you fail, Dime.

  • ben1en

    Dime, I’m disappointed… why no mention of the intrasquad game for Team USA?

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I’m sure this is going to sound f^ked up, but you think maybe Captin Jacks wife was f^king one of the dudes and thats how they got in the house and got her locked into the bathroom? i mean, a real theif would have shot her, unless he didnt want to hurt her for some reason. Jack better watch his back.

    Watching this intra-squad scrimmage and wow, DRose and Durant look great together. Only if Kahn was the GM in OKC, then we’d be able to give them Deng for Durant and a player to be named 10yrs from now. lol

  • jdizzle

    @ Otto count me in that fraction, plus CP3 sorta kinda looks like Erick Sermon lol
    @ mo.B.bad u think LeBron gives a damn if he has one less ring than Wade? He’ll be alright with just ONE ring as long as he has one thats all that matters.
    @ King THANK YOU!

  • Pat

    What Lebron, Wade and Bosh did was within the rules of the NBA. CP3 is not doing anything wrong as well for asking to be traded.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to win.

    The only thing these superstars need to account for is the financial impact they must absorb. Remember that they have to make sacrifices in their asking salary to put together a championship caliber team. Also, they also run the risk of losing a few bills in endoresment revenue because they obviously have to sacrifice stats to make it all work.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — Nah, a real thief is more interested in money than murder. They wouldn’t shoot somebody if they didn’t feel they had to.

  • OneZero

    @Celts fan

    spot on, agree 100%

    everybody would be bitching and whining playing in that Hornets team, their roster,save for West, was horrible.

    I was sad but not suprised when they got beat down 60 points by Nuggets.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I agree with Showtime. Chris Paul’s “legacy” has barely begun. He has none currently. If his legacy is that he is arguably the best pg in the peague, that’s crap. Well, it’s a great compliment but not a legacy.

    And you idiots saying that it’s ok for these players to demend a trade, you guys are morons. If that’s okay, then it’s okay for the Knicks to just void Curry’s contract. The fact is, for every 1 unsatisfied player asking for a trade, there are 3-5 other players who are coasting on their guaranteed money. A contract is a contract. Period. The owners have to abide by them, and so should these fagget-ass players. Whether they like it or not, they signed on the dotted line.