NBA / Jul 13, 2010 / 3:40 pm

Zydrunas Ilgauskas Follows LeBron To Miami

You didn’t think that Puppet LeBron was going to let Puppet Z stay in Cleveland all by himself? According to Herb Rudoy (Ilgauskas’ agent), the free agent center will be joining his ex-Cavs teammate to Miami, most likely for the veteran’s minimum of $1.4 million.

While Big Z isn’t going to make or break a championship in South Beach, his addition will definitely help the squad. Plus, there are rumors one of the NBA’s elder statesmen, Juwan Howard, could be next.

UPDATE: According to Brian Windhorst, Ilgauskas will receive a two-year contract with Heat worth $2.8 million, second year expected to be a player option.

What do you think?

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  • DSwyn24

    good for him. He probably realized that Dan Gilbert doesn’t really care for him anyway.

  • Stunnaboy09


    Yeah Cavs should let him walk, he’s done all he can and gave them his best years. Miami actually shaping up into a nice team with adding some size, Juwan actually balled well for Portland so if they can get him another coup

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 1

    Did you talk to Gilbert or you just makin a statement based on that letter? Here’s the deal: None of my boys in Clevland hate that man. Matter fact, Gilbert’s popularity is thru the roof in Cleveland with blacks and whites. Don’t believe the hype that the NATIONAL MEDIA been tryin to feed. They understand in Cleveland. Ain’t nobody mad at Z in Cleveland. He let em trade him for Jamison and then signed back when he could. Ain’t nobody questionin his loyalty.

    This signing is the way it’s goin down for the Heat. Obviously, Z coulda got alot more money in Cleveland since Shaq is gone and they need a backup to Varejao. You got 8 mil to sign 7 players, all you gonna get are hometown discount dudes like Haslem(who’s gonna be the only good signing) and guys like Juwan Howard. What they need to do is see if CWebb and Reggie can come outta retirement and do work.

    Preseason Top 5 Ranking
    1) Lakers
    2) Celtics
    3) Magic
    4) Bulls
    5) Heat…maybe. I like the Bucks overall team better

  • Luigi Bros

    All they need is Delonte West and the Heat are set.

  • DSwyn24

    @K Dizzle,

    I was making a statement based on the letter. Dan Gilbert made the organization( or at least himself) look rather bad. I think that the attitude he showed after LeBron left made it hard to pity him( it made him the worse(as opposed to the better) man). Ilgauskas was indeed loyal, and he did pretty much all he could with what he had. I’m glad he’s free to hunt for a championship on his own accord, that’s all.

  • Bizz

    Gilbert’s popularity is through the roof in Cleveland, only because everyone in that city is equally upset at LeBron leaving, but Gilbert’s “popularity” is with the FANS, not all the players, and Z is probably one of those guys who respected LeBron’s loyalty to Z at multiple times in their careers, while Gilbert and the Cavs haven’t always treated Z the best. Therefore, post #1 is totally accurate.

  • Blue

    @ Bizz…

    True that!!!

    Gilbert is gonna have a tough time convincing big names to play for the Cavs. I’m not saying Lebron was right for the way he left, but Lebron got what he wanted to he’s happy, and he’s competing for a chip. Gilbert is the one who needs to convince people to come play for him.

  • ianny b

    Bring on Delonte West, she must’ve heard he was caught riding dirty and her lil inquisitive ass gopt served.

    Lebron’s a bitch riding D-Wade’s coat tail


    this was pretty inevitable wasnt it. Z was always goin to Florida, either a retirement home or the Heat.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Bizz

    most of your post is true, but as we know, this Bron-Wade-Bosh takin less money to go to Miami ain’t the rule, it’s the exception. Amare went to New York and had no promises of any help comin and I know comparin NYC to Cleveland is off, but my point is players do still chase the cheddar.
    Cleveland still got solid pieces in Mo, AJ, Varejao, Hickson and Parker(I ain’t even bringin up Delonte). I assume they get that trade exception from Bron leavin so they can fill that 3 spot the best they can and move on. Even the Raps got Turkoglu last summer.
    Believe it or not, there are players who agree with Gilbert and who think Bron did Cleveland dirty but they ain’t really gonna say anything cuz they know they’ll get served up when they play the Heat, and I don’t think the player’s union would be good with players talkin bad on each other.

  • karizmatic

    Are they going to be able to get anyone young and halfway decent? VareHO should be begging his agent to find a way to get him to Miami as well, he has no career without Lebron.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Miami should just raid Minnesota for players, if they giving away Big Al for free then they could at least get Brewer or Sessions for lil to nothing back

  • http://basketblog808.wordpress.com/ Egon.

    Well, at least Big Z will finally be making what he’s worth to sit on the bench with an injured foot. Funny, outside of the new Big 3 I think the Heat might be eligible to play in the senior league!

  • eazy yeezy

    they should of tried to move b-easy to memphis to pick up some pieces like perhaps hasheem thabeet. the dude cant score in an empty gym, but he’s huge and would of been able to rebound and block any shot that came his way.

  • My Favorite Superhero

    Man, I was trying to keep me mouth shut through all of this LBJ crap, but people are tripping!

    LBJ played Dan Gilbert like a cheap slut! How you gonna put in 7 years and let your boss, who actually did TRY to get pieces around him…Think about the last 7 years and look at how the Cavs made move, after move, after move to put a competitive team around LBJ…They got a better coach, fired the GM and laid out the red carpet for LBJ…

    Just last season, everyone was saying the Cavs were much better by having Jamison, now Jamison is expendable…the Cavs were much better by having Shaw, now Shaq is expendable? Gilbert gave LBJ what he needed and STILL tried to give the man more this off-season…

    But LBJ didn’t call, didn’t write, didn’t text, didn’t do sh*t and broke up with a city on national TV and everyone is saying Gilbert is wrong??? GTFOH!!!!! How would you feel if you’d been with a chick for 7 years, you give her everything and one day she tells her girlfriends that it’s over. On Facebook.

    Let’s be real, LBJ made a grimy move and all these ring chasers, MIGHT end up like Payton and Malone in ’03…

  • Legend 33

    The Heat has now gotten the needed the size with Haslem and Big Z. With the shooting of Miller off the bench thats a solid 6 man rotation. In the NBA you only play with 8 men during the playoffs anyway. Look for them to add Raja, Juwan and Ridinour to round the championship team.

  • My Favorite Superhero

    I know my spelling and grammar was wrong, but watevor! LOL

  • Rebo

    @Legend33- Raja, Juwan, Ridnour = No, No, and NO. First off, Raja Bell is meeting with the Kobe and the Lakers. My money is on Kobe being able to sell the Lakers to him. Juwan Howard? All the time he really sees now-a-days is trash time. Maybe if he shed about 10 years off his knees he would make for a solid contributor. As for Ridnour, he makes for a half-way decent back-up PG, but honestly his defensive shortcomings aren’t what the Heat really need.

    The Heat could maybe use a Brad Miller as a serviceable backup center. A Kyle Lowry would feet quite nicely as he is a solid distributor on the open floor and loves to push the tempo. Believe it or now, Shaquille O’neal may be the best option the Heat have at this point as far as big men are concerned, and while not even half the monster he once was is able to take up more space in the paint than he ever has and is still better than 3/4ths of the centers in the league today.

  • “Tha Boddy” Wall for one and Wall for all!

    AI to the Heat can happen…He is way better than Mario and he can go sumwhere and start…Pat Riley better take a look at him and they can get him cheap

  • Diggity Dave

    K-Dizzle likes the Bucks over the Heat. Must be a Bulls or Knicks fan. I love how envy blinds people.

  • the truth

    I’d say he’s a bulls fan. Thats some funny sh*t. Not to mention completely ignorant

  • jnuh

    FYI – none of these clowns took LESS money. they all signed max deals.

  • kudz

    @ jnuh
    lebron bosh and wade all took less money

  • QQ is an idiot

    ^this is a common misconception. they actually didnt take less money. the state tax in miami is much less compared to cleveland, so in reality, brons actually making the same amount of money.

    the only dude who took less was wade, when he actually deserved it the most (his team, he has one ring). but whatever.

  • one and done

    They actually did take less money according to cap space. For example, if player A is offered 100 million in a state with tax and player B is offered 95 million in a state without tax, player B is leaving his team with an extra 5 million in cap room. They deal with gross, not net.

    By the way. It’s funny how laker fans talk about people “hating” on their team, yet they seem to be hating an awful lot on Miami.

    p.s. I have no idea if that’s how the salary cap works.

  • Robmo35

    Didn’t Z refuse to suit up for Washington because he wanted to go back home to Cleveland and finish his career there? When did Cleveland move to Florida?

  • Curtis G

    You know what? Reading everyone’s post, I realized nobody really grasped the true significance of Big Z leaving, because if they did, they’d immediately reckonize why James left Cleveland: Cleveland (and by that I mean the owners) were not going to give Lebron a ring. Lost in the fact that Big Z is headed to Miami is the fact that he also gave 14 years (all of them actually since Cleveland was the only team he ever played for) of his career to Cleveland and what, really, does he have to show for it? Not much. It’s no secret that Lebron and Z are close and I can’t help but wonder if Lebron looked at Z and saw himself 7 years from now; a former all star with a few accolades (okay lebron will have more accoldaes) but minus the one piece of hardware the game is supposed to be all about. And I think the fact that Z jumped ship with Lebron speaks volumes about not only where Lebron thought Cleveland was headed but where Z thought the franchise was headed. Think about it… Z had the chance to be one of the few modern era players to play and retire for ONE team and he threw that away. To me, he doesn’t do that without a good reason. So Z should serve as an example of why loyalty doesn’t mean squat in the NBA; because it will only get you so far and people will still refer to your all star career with an asterisk. For every Micheal or Kobe that stuck it out, I can just as easily name you just as many Stocktons, Malones, and Barkleys that got served a hot fresh goose egg for all their troubles. Personally, I am glad he left now because I really would have hated to see the guy stick it out in Cleveland another 3 or 4 years, get nothing, and then follow in Malone’s and Barkley’s (and even the Glove’s) footsteps and try to latch on with a contender when everyone pretty much knows they’re just coattail riding. At least this way, good or bad, he has put himself in a positon to seriously challenge for the chip every year. True, he went to someone else’s team, but lost in that is the fact that he is STILL the best player on that team. Just like he potentially gave up part of his legacy, you gotta think Wade knew he was also relinquishing the title of “best Miami player on the court”. I wish Dime would post this because a lot of people just ain’t looking at it from the right perspective.

  • D.I. Dollar

    @ Curtis

    Damn you hit it right on the head…not!

    We are all stupider from having read that.

  • Curtis G

    @ DI Dollar:
    No… you’re just stupid.

  • RapTOr

    I agree with DI Dollar. I actually read that shit and immediately forgot what it was about! Serves me right for reading long ass posts like that…

  • My Favorite Superhero

    @ Curtis….

    I’m sorry, but the Cavs went to the ‘chip in ’07, won the East every year since, had the MVP the last 2 seasons, and had the best record IN THE LEAGUE the last 2 seasons….and Clevland didn’t try to put together a championship team?

    I’m sorry, but if what I said is true, then your logic is garbage

  • futuristic handgun

    co-sign curtis. Lebron wants a ring, he was a free agent, he signed with the team with the best chance of winning it all. bottom line. He said his biggest fear was being 30somthing with no rings and bad knees… TRANSLATION: Big Z!!!

    Have u seen Boston, LA, and Orlando’s teams????? The only guy that played D in the playoffs for the Cavs was Lebron!!!!! he had Paul Pierce on lock!!! Everybody else: Shaq, Mo, Jamison, Parker couldn’t stop Garnett, Allen Rondo even a LITTLE BIT!!!! OWNED!!! I dont want to hear how they are good pieces if they dont bring it defensively in the post season, PERIOD. there is no gurantee he would have won one in Cleveland especially when he found out this offseason that no free agent wants to sign with the Cavs givin other options. He tried to recruit guys & failed. Just something about boring azz Cleveland & the racist state of Ohio that has guys not wanting to go there over NEW YORK, CHICAGO, JERZ, or SOUTH BEACH lol. On to the next one…

  • Sporty-j

    To the dude that said he has his money on Kobe selling Raja Bell to the lakers over miami. Ill bet you! How about if he signs with the lakers you ill never post on this site again but if he signs with the Heat you cant post on this site again??? @REBO???

  • K Dizzle

    @ Diggitt Dave & the truth

    If you two been postin on dimemag longer than 6 month, you’d know what team I claim.

    If you think a lineup of
    Wade/ Butler
    Big Z/Pittman

    is better than a lineup of
    Mbah a Moute/Maggette
    Gooden/ Ilyasova
    plus promising rookies Gallon and Hobson

    then it’s cool if we disagree. Milwaukee pushed Atlanta hard without Bogut,
    Redd, CDR, Gooden and Maggette. They filled out their depth and are a more complete and obviously deeper team even when Miami gets done signing old ring chasin vets.

    Keep buyin the hype that 3 players are better than solid squads of 7-10…

  • BJS

    @ my fav superhero

    Ring chasers??? Isn’t that what it’s about?