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5 NBA Players That Deserve Their Own Statue

mj statue

It has been a good summer for Scottie Pippen. Not long after he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame two times — as an individual player, and as a member of the ’92 Dream Team — the Chicago Bulls announced they will build a statue of Pippen to be displayed at the United Center by the end of this season, where he’ll take his rightful place in immortality (barring a Bart Simpson incident) alongside Michael Jordan.

In ode to Pippen’s recent accomplishment, we’ve decided to give you our top 5 active NBA players deserving of their own statue in the future.

5. Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas)
Dirk is the Dallas Mavericks. Even though they would lose the only NBA Finals appearance of his tenure (so far), Dirk has taken the Mavs higher than they’ve ever been as a franchise and has become Dallas’ defining player. He is their all-time leading scorer and rebounder, and the franchise’s only league MVP (2007). Dirk will always be adored by Dallas fans because he has been loyal, even in times when it may have been a smarter move for him to go somewhere else in search of a championship. At 32 years old, he still has a few years left to win a ‘chip as “The Man” in Dallas, but even if he ends his career ringless, you can almost guarantee Dirk will have a statue in his honor outside the Mavericks’ arena someday. The only question: Which hairstyle will they choose?

4. Dwyane Wade (Miami)
Growing up in Chicago, D-Wade idolized Michael Jordan, but has maintained that he doesn’t want to be compared to MJ because there will never be another MJ.

In the 2006 Finals, however, Wade did his best possible Jordan impersonation and brought the Miami Heat its first NBA championship. For that, he will be forever endeared to Heat fans. Wade has been the face of the relatively young franchise — he is Miami’s all-time leader in points, assists and steals — but we’ll have to wait and see whether he gets his spot usurped by new teammate LeBron James. Wade could soon become the second-best player on his team, though he will probably always be the heart and soul and captain of the ship, similar to Derek Jeter with the Yankees.

They’ve already named the county after him, so it’s only right to put a D-Wade statue at American Airlines Arena.

3. Allen Iverson (Philadelphia)
To say Iverson was the heart and soul of Philadelphia would be an understatement. Iverson was the pride of the city during his run with the 76ers. In his prime, he was on top of the world, even without a championship. Iverson was at one point the most beloved player in the League; it got to the point where you couldn’t walk outside without seeing someone in an Iverson jersey, especially in Philly.

During his time with the Sixers he won Rookie of the Year, MVP and four scoring titles, but what really won over the hearts of fans in Philly was his passion and energy. Iverson also revolutionized the game with his swag, starting several NBA trends (cornrows, headbands, arm sleeves, widespread tattoos) and made a huge impact in the hip-hop culture. His impact on and off the court helped shape the NBA and made him a Philadelphia legend along the lines of Dr. J, Mike Schmidt and Bobby Clarke, and there is absolutely no reason Iverson shouldn’t have his own statue at the Wachovia Center.

2. Tim Duncan (San Antonio)
“The Big Fundamental” was the focal point of four Spurs championship teams, collecting three Finals MVP’s, two league MVP’s, 13 All-NBA selections, 13 All-Defensive Team selections, and 12 All-Star nods in his career. He is widely regarded as the best power forward to ever play the game.

Those accomplishments speak for themselves. Duncan has always been a Spur and will most likely finish his career a Spur. It’s rare to see NBA players stay in one place for a long period of time nowadays, so Duncan should definitely be rewarded with his own statue in the AT&T center, and soon.

1. Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles)
Kobe’s career is self-explanatory. The fact that he’s being considered better than Jordan by some — even compared to Jordan, for that matter — shows you why he has to be No. 1 on this list.

Kobe is by far the best player of the 21st century so far. His career and accomplishments are among the greatest of all-time. If you don’t already know what Kobe’s done throughout his career you must’ve been living under a rock, so there’s no need to go over it. His 81-point performance may be the greatest NBA performance of all-time by any single player, seeing as how Wilt Chamberlain towered over his opponents when he scored 100 points. Kobe has a collection of five rings, is the Lakers’ all-time leading scorer, and has added an MVP trophy and two Finals MVP’s to his collection of accolades.

And he’s far from finished; he has the Lakers in championship shape and still atop the favorites even with the new star-studded Miami Heat team. The Kobe statue should already be made if you ask me.

Who do you think deserves their own statue?

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  • Dr. Jumper

    No Paul Pierce or KG???

  • Dr. Jumper

    And what about Steve Nash???

  • Ross

    Only the last two deserve a trophy(Kobe and Tim). Wade still has to advance in his career to be considered. And last time I checked you don’t just get a statue for taking your team to the finals you must win. Statues aren’t the same as having your jersey retired. More exclusive. Dr.J should get one in Philly if anyone. Boston-Larry Bird/Bill Russel. Period.

  • Posterboy15

    Toronto needs to put a big ass Statue of Vince Carter dunking on Frederic Weis right in front of the Air Canada Center..probly wont happen, but it is much needed and well deserved, That one 1 man had a whole damn country for gods sakes draw attention to the game of basketball and revolutionized it as well along with the likes of AI,Kobe,Tmac,Shaq and so on.

  • Big T

    I agree with #3… Only Kobe and Duncan *deserve* their own statue. Multiple chips, plus taking into consideration the longevity with their respective teams.

    PP, KG, Steve Nash… really? Look, they’re good players, but they’re not on the same level as the two players mentioned above. No statue for them.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    Exactly what Ross said. You can’t just start handing out statues like “this was our franchise player, see?” outside of every arena.

    If Dr. J don’t have a statue outside in Philly, then this whole list gets trashed. This should be called “which players should have their jersey retired”.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Patrick Cassidy

    @ Kermit,

    There’s Dr. J statue outside of the old Spectrum in Philly where Doc did his work.

  • AZ

    GTFOH…….Steve Nash? Look in a mirror and slap yourself.

  • Ian

    just the first two maybe wade one day.

  • Shrink This

    If there was a douchebag hall of fame, KGs statue should go in front of it.

  • JAY

    A statue of Vince Carter?? Get outta here. First of all, that dunk was in the Olympics and had nothing to do with the Raptors. Second of all, that dude was, is and will forever be SOFT. Third, Toronto is a hockey town. People here don’t take “softness” too lightly.
    Fourth, for good target practice, they should put it up because you know it’ll be vandalised and shot at until they smarten up and decide to take it down.

  • JAY

    Furhermore…. how did Vince revolutionize the game of basketball?? If he did anything to change the game, it’s the fact that he was the first “superstar” who blatantly coasted after signing his 7 year extension. He led the way and unfortunately more players followed.
    Way to start a trend, Vince!

  • AT33

    Kobe no. 1? Hell no. He has never been the No. 1 player in the league, not a single year. The first three championships are piggy-backs, he would have never won them without Shaq. The last two he won because of Gasol and the deep team the Lakers had. His game is not great, he’s a good one on one player but not a great player, does not make their teammates better. Kobe’s time is over though, now we have LBJ, Wade, Melo, Durant, CP3 who are all better then him.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ VC revolutionized basketball

    Did u really mean that PosterBoy?? or was that some Friday trash talk?? Cuz that shit was garbage lol

  • K Dizzle

    LMAO @ Vince gettin a statue ANYWHERE.

    Vince Carter’s career was 2000. Dunk contest in Oakland then puttin it down on Weis. Fast forward 10 seasons: a big dunk here or there but nuthin significant….except 2 missed freebies last season.


  • Mike Mihalow

    Dirk, maybe
    Wade, no. He’ll soon be overshadowed by LBGay
    AI, lol
    Duncan, definitely
    Kobe, no. He’s a great player and all, but there’s too many great Lakers that should come before him. Oh yeah, and he’s a rapist.

  • nola


    really? REALLY!? oh man…

  • Mike Mihalow

    @ #3
    Wade did win in the Finals.

  • jace

    the first name that came to mind was a.i. then second was kobe. tim duncan deserves 1 too.. but id say david robinson needs 1 too before that. a.i. deserves 1 just becuz hes done more for the city and culture than just being a sixer. plus i think its a good message/vibe for the city of brotherly love to have the little man with the most heart be a staple into our basketball culture. but i guess if a.i. gets one, there should be other sixers legends that should get 1 too.. i.e. julius erving. kobe is kinduva no brainer.

    @Ross – dumbass.. are u even a basketball fan?

  • JAY

    Being a fan of Vince is one thing…. saying a statue of “half-woman, half-man” is “much needed and well deserved” is totally, utterly, absolutely ridiculous. If he played in the WNBA he’d still be the softest bitch in the league. That’s the type of player you propose we immortalize??

  • Sporty-j

    Wade, Lebron, and Bosh is a no brainer! Because of the many championships they will win together and they will go down as the best big 3 to ever play this game. I guess they will have there statues sculpted together with Wade standing in the middle just like there photo shout. If Kobe is #1 than Shaq must be 1a while Kobe is 1b because Shaq won L.A. 3 as the man and they had to create the hack of Shaq just to stop him. Kobe is once again on an all-star team with Bynum and Gasol bailing him out every time he misses and decides not pass his team-mates the ball. Tim Duncan definitely and for my fifth spot and final answer. Lebron James again but in Cleveland. He single handely put A-con, i meant Akron on the map even though hes not from Cleveland. Pat Riley as greatest GM/Coach in NBA history slso deserves 1 to…

  • Promoman

    If AI did get a statue it should be based on the practice press conference.

  • Ross

    @AT33, I take it your either a Kobe Hater or a rec league basketball sixth man. Kobe has an MVP trophy, you know the most valuable player in the league which should settle your never been the best in teh league empty statement. Also two scoring titles. Check the list for all time playoff points or regular season scoring or all star mvps or well anything that has to do with being the best. As far as his first three rings, magic had kareem, bird had a team and so did jordan who played with scottie and rodman. But nonetheless he makes his team better ask, Ron Ron who just got his first chip or Gasol And Bynum who are making crazy dough thanks to two rings. No coincidence he is called “Lord of the Rings” at Rucker. Stop it with Chris Paul or wade or bron or Howard. To the best is to prove it over time and win. Key word win those players equal 1 ring(Howard lost to Kobe in the finals). Respect the mans game at least, 7 championship appearances/14 seasons. As Nas would say, “Parden the rest of my N***** but I’m the best that ever did it”.

  • Ross

    @ Jace…Are you a basketball fan? Did you see how your man AI can’t get a job or how he left the sixers last time? And you think he deserves a statue? Moses Malone maybe.Mo Cheeks? Oh But AI right for one finals appearance and a nice career, Ray Allen had a nice career to but you don’t see him getting a statue. AI could have kept his mouth close played basketball and PRACTICED and maybe just maybe we would be ranking him behind Duncan and Kobe, by the way check the greatest players of the decade list on NBA.COM. But am I a basketball fan. lol. Period.

  • Jay10do

    Only Duncan and Kobe deserve ah statute, Wade not yet, Iverson get real,Dirk no! Pippen don’t deserve one either and since he’s getting one where’s Shaq in L.A.

  • Jay10do

    Kobes ah rapist. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Mike” ur ah comedian

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ross — You just used Kobe’s league MVP, two scoring titles and All-Star MVPs to bolster his status … but then turned around and said A.I. has only had a “nice” career. Iverson has a league MVP, four scoring titles and multiple All-Star MVPs. Obviously the biggest difference is Kobe’s 5 rings to A.I.’s zero, but if you’re using individual accolades as a factor (which you did in the Kobe argument) you have to put A.I. among the best ever as well.

    Also, you don’t need championships to have a statue. Cases in point: Stockton and Malone in Utah. Guys like Iverson and Dirk are icons in their adopted city and (moreso Dirk) faces of their franchise. In my hometown Seattle, nobody would be opposed to a Steve Largent statue outside the Seahawks stadium, even though we never won a Super Bowl.

  • Ross

    @Austin Burton-My bad maybe i should have used his all nba first teams or all nba defenses is that better? Or playoff appearances and points consecutive 30 plus agains this postseason? Still not good enough? Global appeal? How about MVP Voting stats? You Pick? Are you willing to say that Kobe and AI are in the same conversation….hmmm…one is still in the league the other couldn’t cut it in Memphis. I like AI was a huge fan but being the best is about longevity and winning period. Malone and Stockton Hall of Famers so is Barkley but at the end of the day the game is either won or lost…Measured in Wins. Malone and stockton i think deserve a statue..so to your point are you arguing that AI is in the same class? Be careful what you wish for. If thats the case get your man GP and Kemp statues.

  • Ross

    Jersey retired and statue different things…Statue list: Jordan, Pippen, Magic, Julius Erving, now access where the player your arguing for fits?

  • Posterboy15

    It aint nuthin but a bunchin of fuckin vincehaters on this thread for real,the man is a great talent,who gives a damn if he didnt live up to your expectations, Im 23 years old Im a fan of the early 2000 era, when people were lookin around for that person to be Jordan or wuteva cats like Vince,AI,Tmac,Kobe,Shaq,Duncan, Webber, were tearin the league, I love em all, But vince and kobe the only ones that came close, Vince just stood out in my eyes, yea the dunks n wut not..but he was just simply unstoppable period, he wasnt just averaging 23 ppg(career stat) on his dunking alone, dude had it, he unfortuantley didnt take it to the next level, but to say he didnt turn that piece of shit franchise around single handely is total BULLSHIT, there situtation now is a total example of who they really are. Vince is my fav alltime it was Hakeem before him..Ill go far as to say this to say Vince wasnt part of revoulitionizing u cats have to know, AI brouht somethin new, Vince brought somethin, and Kobe and Tmac…thats revolutionizing Im pretty sure Lebron, Carmelo, Dwade got something from those guys, and they dont even do it on the same level as them, thats another story..Im a realist VC is my fav player he isnt greatest, but he has done great in the league, players like dont come with his talent everyday..Id say put that Phuckin statue up…F U if u feelin different.

  • Ben1en

    I think a player should only get a statue if he was the best player the franchise ever had. That’s why Dirk getting a statue makes sense, he’s the greatest Mav ever. That’s also why it’s hard to see Kobe getting a statue because while he is great, he’s not the absolute #1 Laker. Timmy D is the greatest Spur so he deserves a statue… Pretty much, the greatest player for that franchise deserves them, not a player who was great at one point…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Posterboy

    Pau Gasol turned Memphis into a playoff as soon as he got there.. Doesnt mean he gonna get a statue..

    @ AB

    Allen Iverson was basically booted off the Sixers after “everything he did for that franchise”.. Kobe aint getttin booted from the Lakers anytime soon..

    And they damn sure BETTER give TimmyD a statue when he retires.. Dude held down the Spurs for a decade and gave them they first 4 chips.. Nuff done..

  • http://www.nba.com heino skovgaard

    muggsy bogues.a bronze statue of him would only cost 3 bucks-

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ross — Nobody in Seattle would have a problem with Payton getting a statue. Kemp might have some opposition since his reputation isn’t as clean and he didn’t play for the Sonics as long as Payton.

    I would rank Kobe ahead of Iverson for overall careers, but are they in the same conversation? Absolutely. Each has 1 MVP, while Iverson has more scoring titles. They were both two of the best players of their era without question. Don’t let the last couple years of his career ruin your perception of everything he’s done.

    @LakeShow84 — What’s your point? I’m not arguing against Kobe, just saying Iverson shouldn’t be downplayed when his list of accomplishments is comparably long.

  • andy

    To have a statue you must be have:

    A title of some kind, defense or scoring…
    At least MVP of the league or close for many years.
    I would say More than 4 championships with your only team ( loyalty)
    Doesnt matter if you win 7 rings like horry, which is a no body and will never get half a statue. he just happened to be at the right time right place.

    be the soul of the team. Like jordan…
    Pippen deserves one too, but not as much either…

    KObe deserves one in staples. And so does Duncan… they both raise their team to another level. ( specially duncan)
    Kobe at the end of his career will end up probably with 1 spot in point with more than 40 thousands. The best single game 81 points. Probably 6-8 championships. I mean and dont fool your self.. he may even get the scoring title again and be the oldest to get it. ( if he is healthy of course)

    KObe has played with the lakers only, which makes him a real laker.
    I wont be surprised if kobe gets his statue in other places too, and definitely will get his jersey to hang in New York, miami, LA and probably the celtics hang his number too… to honor his competitiveness… ( well that last one was just dreaming but who knows)

  • LakeShow84

    Nah that was more of a comparison lol

    I dont think AI should have a statue in Philly because they basically shoved dude away..

    No statue owner has been shoved away from his team, thats my point..

  • LakeShow84

    I mean dont get me wrong AI carried the NBA for a good 3-4 years during the “Jordan-less” times but lets not get it confused with what his “exciting” brand of basketball brought to Philly..

    One Finals appearance and after that he was gone in the 1-2 round every year.. practice issues, leadership issues, team issues and so on.. It aint dude has a rosy time there even when they were winning..

    I couldve seen Lebron getting a statue in Cleveland without winning a chip because he kept them in contention throughout his years there and even if they never got one dude wouldve been in the ECF for years to come.. Kinda the same for Stockton and Malone..

    If your marquee player(s) keep your team on top of the NBA for YEARS then yeah they can get a statue BUT 1-2 years of actual winning followed by individual accomplishments dont warrant being immortalized..

  • Busted Douglas

    @LakeShow84 — Yeah but a lot of those Philly teams Iverson only carried to the 1st or 2nd round had about the same talent level as the ’05-07 Lakers, which Kobe carried to the Lottery and 1st round exits. Remember, Billy King was the GM during many of Iverson’s years. You can’t watch those Iverson-era Philly games and say A.I. wasn’t doing all he could’ve done.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Douglas

    Yeah they went through a lull and basically the original team fell apart once Brown did the “im out” thing but Iverson was Iverson.. even when they got CWebb they were still the SAME team.. granted CWebb had the hops of a parapalegic his addition didnt add ANYTHING to the team, why??

    Because as Chris Webber.. possibly the best passin PF in the history of the NBA said “Allen Iverson is by far the hardest player to play with”..

    Thats why King shipped his ass for a Coca-Cola lol and i didnt mention the East was SOOOOO WEAK in the early 2000’s..

    The main reason they even made the Finals was because Larry Brown’s coaching, Snow’s big shot, and a cast of players who basically rebounded, played D and deferred to the youngsta..

    Basketball is a team game where RARELY can a gunner can be effective on the championship level and even when they are effective, it dont last long..

  • LakeShow84

    And you dont give someone a statue for 4-5 good years..

  • schoops

    I hate Kobe, but he’s on a whole other level compared to AI.

  • Seven Duece

    AI wasn’t as good as Barkley (let along Dr. J, Moses, Bobby Jones), so no. He defined a generation of ballers and changed the game (somewhat); but I’m not sure he’s deserving of that much of a tribute. If Dirk earns a chip in Dallas, then he gets one.

  • Nyeme

    Dr. J has a statue…used to be outside the Spectrum but I have no idea where it is now. But AI? Nope….they just can’t go giving out statues like jerseys now can they? Dr. J says it all; classic & iconic.

    Duncan needs one, Stockton & Malone and probably Kobe….after that its NOPE

  • Nyeme

    Oh ish…Malone and Stockton do have statues…shows how much I pay attention to Utah

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ AT – eh. You might be a little strong on your stance, but…I’m glad that someone said it.

  • jzsmoove

    i have to agree that only the best players to play for a team should get statues. kobe is a great player but far from being the best or greatest laker ever. and if they chose to hoist a kobe statue anyway, would they have it appear in RAPE-MODE?

  • cp3

    Dr J has had a statue i think even before MJ did so you guys can stop crying about that one.

    I always laughed a little at CWebb’s “Iverson is hard to play with” comment. Iverson at PG got Webber ALMOST 20 SHOTS A GAME! Iverson is not easy to play with but Webber was a ballhog. The offense stopped with him and his 15 foot jumpers when he was in Philadelphia. Everyone forgets that Webber ran off their coach that year (Jim O Brien) Which was actually bad news for Iverson because AI and OBrien got along great.

  • 3423

    I see Scottie Pippen is still riding the coattails of MJ.

  • Chise


    lol really?

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    AT33 – you’re on point. When was he the best player on his championship TEAM? Shaq had that honor for the first 3 titles. Pau helped him to his next 2.

    Kobe as best player, between Shaq and Pau: combined 12 games in the playoffs.

    Pau as best player, before Lakers: 12 games in the playoffs.

    Is Kobe a world beater, best player? No. Flat out, he’s not. As Austin has said before, if T-Mac had been on the Lakers, he would’ve won those titles instead of Kobe.

    Great player? Yes. Deserving of a statue and the continued slobber of the basketball community? No.

  • lakers 3peat

    kobe definetly one of the best players to ever play the game, hate him or love him. a statue of him would be nice. maybe he isnt better than jordan, but its not his fault they compare kobe to mj. he works hard and has 5 titles to show for. iverson sucks right now, but in his prime he was a beast, and hepled the sixers win playoff games. he should also have a statue because he meant alot to phily and brought his own swag to the game. gotta respect that guy. duncan is on my statue list.

  • sAberToOtH..

    ei yo dogwaller..:p .. ur just jealous about kobe had his career .. kobe’s a great player..ask ur self hater!..haha,, u know it.. if u cant accept it..just get over it…

  • Manny

    Kobe’s going in to his 14th Season with LA. He’s broken so many Laker records and has 5 rings like Magic and can challenge Kareem for most points scored if he can stay healthy. Shaq left in ’04 and Kobe is a better scorer than Jerry West ever was, he already surpassed so many Laker greats and his career isn’t even over yet, so once he reitires or even when he’s inducted into the HOF he should have a statue outside Staples. AI maybe, he played in Philly for a while and Timmy for sure, he;s been so good for so long and the fans love him. I dont know about D-Wade and Dirk, maybe if Dirk wins a chip.

  • j

    Only jordan deserves a statue

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    ei yo SaBeRtoOth – Am I jealous of Kobe? Only in the sense that it would be awesome to have millions and millions of dollars and be a phenomenal basketball player. I think that 99.99999 percent of the people that visit this site are jealous in the same way, love him or hate him.

    When you get into high school, though, you might learn that it’s possible to respect someone and have an objective opinion of him. Is Kobe a top 50 player of all time? Undoubtedly. Does he deserve a statue? Not in my opinion.

    But, I guess I’ll get over it, per your request. Thanks! Always looking for ways to get over things and…like…sTuFf.

  • Fertsy

    If Kareem, Magic, Shaq don’t have Lakers statues out front then Kobe should NEVER have one… Top 15 player all time but come on he’s been the MAN on his team, let alone in the league, for only HALF of his career.
    Does any1 have a memory longer than 2-3 years?
    Shaq was the main MAN for Lakers 3 rings (& loss).
    Remember Kobe post-Shaq / pre-Gasol that was not a G.O.A.T. display.

  • Timo

    I hate the whole shaq and kobe argument… in order 2 win championships, great players must also play with other great players, its proven. Shaq couldnt win without great players either, whether he was the man on the team or not. he couldnt win ith the magic and then bailed on them 2 have an opportunity to win with a winning franchise (the lakers). and when he went 2 miami, he had wade. he attempted with lebron and now chasing them with the celtics, but now is stuck at four rings… now that kobe has help, he doesnt have 2 b the MAN on his team anymore. he’s been there, and done that, proven that he can carry a team by himself inbetween the time shaq left and pau came. 81 points isnt the only thing he’s done, thats just 1 great example 2 say the least. i could argue with other great teams/players who won with multiple great players, but i wanna stay focused on kobe because there’s alotta kobe haters out there who jus dnt wanna respect the fact dat he ISNT Mike, but jus 2 get u 2 understand, i’ll say he’s the mike of this generation. and im not backing him up because im from l.a. im from chicago, born and raised. and jus for the record, i dnt consider the guys that dnt like kobe, but admits and RESPECT the fact that he’s da best in the game right now,i love that u guys are REAL basketball fans and kno how 2 conversate on an article not only about kobe, but basketball period. jus like i dnt like Rondo, but i do think he’s better than derrick rose RIGHT NOW, and im a die-hard rose fan, but rose, IMO, will b beter soon, but thats another story… but kobe doesnt deserve a statue yet, his career isnt over guys, he”ll prove evrything he needs 2 until its over, and when it is over, even if he doesnt win anymore rings, i most definitely think he deserves a statue. i wont talk about anyone else like A.I., etc., that can b argued, but kobe is a no brainer, lets be honest.

  • Timo

    Damn, i didnt know i wrote that much lol sorry

  • Timo

    and i meant 2 say i dnt consider u guys kobe haters if u respect that hes the best, but jus dnt like him, i didnt even finish that

  • rav

    Only reason Kobe has 5 rings is the ridiculous Pau Gasol trade.

    Otherwise he’d have three rings (which were Shaq’s work mostly). Even with the last two, Pau Gasol was at least equal standing if not better for 2010 (which they only one because of 21 free throws in the 4th quarter of Game 7).

    In addition, is he really the second-best player ever? I could think of many who I’d put there instead of Kobe, e.g. Wilt, Bill Russell, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird – MJ is probably the best though.

  • JAY

    This is late, but i’ll adress you anyway

    “Im a realist VC is my fav player he isnt greatest, but he has done great in the league, players like dont come with his talent everyday”
    Like I said in an earlier post, being a fan of Vince is one thing…. saying a statue of him is “much needed and well deserved” is ridiculous.

    And just because he influenced other guys, you don’t give him a fuckin statue. Lol. That’s crazy. In that case, Kenny Anderson should get one, Rod Strickland too. and while we’re hadning out statues to players who influenced other guys, let’s give one to Vlade Divac. Not only did he influence that entire league to flop everytime on the block, he truly revolutionized the way the game is called.

    IMO, Vince didn’t change shit. A guy who did is Shawn Kemp. He revolutionized the PF position. Are we giving him a statue too?

    “F U if u feelin different”
    Fuck you too. And take your Vince statue with you. I bet it breaks before you cross the street.

  • Ross

    At all Kobe Arguments:
    Lets be clear, before you argue against Kobe Bryant do your research. Remember it was Shaq who said Kobe was the best player in the game when they were on the same team. Neither could win without the other. Kobe to the last shots, rememeber that. Peroid. Any whatever individual decided to bring of TMac he is not even in the conversation for statue. No truth in the fact that if he played for the lakers he could have got those rings. He had Yao Ming no rings, he barely led Orlando to the playoffs after receiving 96 million remember that? But let me guess he earned every bit. At least KB24 HAS ALWAYS EARNED HIS KEEP. Futhermore you will never see him tag along for veterans minimum to win a chip. AI is not on the same level of Kobe period. Stats and whatever else can back that up. You can dislike him just respect his game. Once again longevity measures success not a few good years and a few scoring titles(AI, TMAC). Stop it. And really who was considering Pau Gasol as a potential Hall of Famer before he got to LA. Pay Attention.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ross — You can’t just use Shaq’s word as law. Every team he goes to, he says his new teammate is the best player in the world. He also says his new coach is the best coach of all-time and he won’t play for any other coach.

    Nobody was saying T-Mac deserves a statue (he wasn’t with any one team long enough), I think the point was that when T-Mac and Kobe were in their primes, they were about equal as far as talent and production. Which is absolutely true.

  • Ross

    @Austin Burton:
    The point in saying that was that out of all the star teammates Shaq has had he disliked Kobe the most but still had to recognize and respect his game. Plus Kobe was the FIRST he said that about. And how long was TMAC in his prime…or his defense? If your a basketball purist/throwback…you have to love the last of a dying breed and thats Kobe. Who else works with a hall of fame center to refine his low post skills at his elite level(mind you he is a guard). On this list or any other list he is arguably one of the greatest to ever play. NO ONE ELSE ON THIS LIST ENTERS THE CONVERSATION.-What more can i say!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Ross

    I’m not debating whether or not Kobe is a top 50 player of all time. I’m saying that he doesn’t deserve a statue.

    TMac was just as good as Kobe was during the early-mid 2000s. TMac had Yao? HAHAHAHA ok I’m a fan of Yao’s, but he was the best center of the year a couple times. Shaq was the best Center over about 15 years.

    As I said before, when Kobe was without Shaq, he went a few years COMBINING for 12 playoff games. Real elite stuff there. Definitely earning his keep…yea…

  • plyka

    Wow, so many Kobe haters, so many, lol…the guy is a living legend pure and simple. You can hate on him all you want, but it’ll get you no where. You want us to discount Kobe’s first 3 rings because he played with Shaq in his prime? Are you stupid? Did Magic win no rings cause he played with Kareem, a potential GOAT candidate? Does Bird get no rings cause he played with 2 other hall of famers? Does West and Oscar not get any since they won with Wilt Chamberlin? This idea is idiotic.

    And the worst of all, to claim that Pau Gasol was the leader of the lakers for their latest dynasty, lol. That just shows how far you haters go. Pau never even won 1 playoff game without Kobe. Pau went to 1 all-star game without Kobe, lol. With Kobe he has 2 rings and 3 NBA finals appearances. With Kobe he goes to the all-star game every year and is 3rd team all-nba.

    And what has Shaq done without Kobe despite playing with some of the best ever in Penny, Wade and Lebron? Without Kobe, Shaq has 1 ring and been to the NBA finals 2 times. Kobe without Shaq has 2 rings and 3 NBA finals appearances.

  • plyka

    Kobe haters…whatcha you gonna do? haters gonna hate as they say…but you know when they try to claim that Pau was the number 1 option on the Lakers instead of Kobe, that they have run out of any legitimate reasons. You know that when we are talking about basketball they bring up something never charged against him (rape). These guys are haters and don’t have lives. All they do is hate on other successful people. They are pathetic.

    Ask yourself, why do you hate on others instead of congratulating them? It’s usually because your life is so horrible that you attempt to bring others down to your impotence. A better tactic than hating on Kobe is changing your own life for the better. Go out, learn how to talk with women. Get yourself some hot lady friends, get yourself some good real friends, enjoy life. Become successful! You can do it!

    Then maybe you’ll stop hating so much.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ plyka –
    A.) Learn another word, no one has “hated on” someone for the last 3 years.
    B.) It’s not “hating”, it’s called having an opinion, please develop that thought and come back again. Seriously, you used the word “hate” or some version of it 11 times in 6 “paragraphs” (I use the term loosely). Awful.

  • Ross

    @dagwaller…First how many years was TMAC elite? Second what conference does Kobe play in, the west right? Check who was on the Lakers when Kobe inherited the team cats like Brian Cooke was getting clock..lol…You stated the early 2000’s(like a year or so he was good tmac) at the end of the decade which is now who has been the best player over the decade(10 year span)?Not Tmac. Post shaq error Kobe in his prime has been to four finals and won three. Measure success the only way it can be measure by what you obtain and how long you obtain it. Period.

  • Ross

    meant to say three finals two chips.

  • ab_40

    Wilt Chamberlain… with 20000 women.

    Yao Ming deserves a statue in David Stern his crib he’s opened up the chinese market and the nba is making a lot of money of of that. If you havn’t won a title you don’t deserve a status so dirk, AI don’t deserve one. Wade has 1. Duncan would probably break his own statue. Dikembe Mutombo deserves a statue for being a great man on and of the court.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Ross – T Mac has been on 8 all NBA teams and won 2 scoring titles. So the answer to your question, “How many years was T-Mac elite?” is “8”. Kobe has been on 12 such teams. Am I arguing that T-Mac was better than Kobe? Not necessarily. I’m saying that they’re about the same, and that T-Mac could just as easily have won titles with the MDE and a top 10 player in the league like Pau Gasol.

    As you said, post Shaq, Pau Gasol has won two titles. Ohhh, you were talking about Kobe? Ok my bad. Yea my point stands, Kobe has had a great big every time he’s won the chip.

    And if you want to give statues out, maybe we’ll make the standard 6. And anyone that thinks that the Lakers are winning this year is in for a rude awakening. Period.

  • RC

    Sam Cassell deserves a statue in Mars

  • John

    Who the fuck has ever said Kobe is better than Jordan?

  • DNice

    Pat Riley deserves a statue

  • Ross

    @dagwaller:Tmac was all nba “FIRST TEAM” twice so is that the same as Kobe..check how many he has. And he has been on only 7 all nba teams with two of them 3rd team. Wonder who was first team on those ill give you a clue..kb24. To argue that they are about the same is like arguing a mercedes and a camry with the same mileage are about the same car. Not. They are the same age but there abilities and career are no where near the same. Where is Tmac right now at 31 years old? And if we made the standard anything other than zero…where would tracy get one lol.
    To the Gasol nonsense..check his stats they were the same in memphis as LA if not better. Oh and hes good top ten big man good to nba third team good to but is he responsible for the success of kobe, not even close as Kobe is responsible for his toughness and growth as a player. Before you start an argument do your research correctly. Stats between Kobe and Tmac not even relative. Stop it. Tmacs side kick YAO stats are good and if he was still there luis scola stats are good, the difference is he cant lead a team. Period. Lakers three peat-Lord of the Rings=6.

  • crimewave

    i really can’t believe what some of y’all are saying about kobe…

    it’s one thing to argue about his ranking among the greats, but to deny that he is one of the greatest of all time is absolutely outrageous!!!

    i can understand not liking the dude, but y’all have taken hating to the next level

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Ross, your arguments are sad and tired. I was definitely mistaken – T Mac was only All-NBA 7 times.

    Their careers are more or less THE SAME. Take away Shaq and Pau, and you get Kobe for those three years where he appeared in 12 playoff games, as I have ALREADY SAID. Your reading comprehension is painful. Kobe has ZERO titles without a dominant post presence.

    Seriously, if your argument is “lol dood koby haz moar titles”, I’ve already told you that he didn’t earn them! Shaq was the best player in the League for the first 3 titles – Kobe was like a Pippen-lite in how much of a sidekick he was. All Shaq needed was a scoring slasher type at his side. T Mac easily would’ve fit that bill.

    The last two titles? Are you serious? When has T Mac ever, ever had a top 75 player in the league COMING OFF THE BENCH for him, like Kobe has Lamar Odom? Or a top-flight big man like Pau Gasol? Another elite wing player like Ron Artest? Do you even know who coached T Mac in Orlando? Hint: it wasn’t one of the greatest coaches of all time, like Kobe’s had his entire career. Oh, and how did Kobe do under Rudy T? 0 titles. 0 titles.

    Dude come with something new. They’re the same player, right down to Kobe bitching his way out of Charlotte so he could go to another team. Kobe just happened to pick a better team to bitch his way to.

  • Manny

    Why do I keep hearing this nonsense that Kobe without a dominant post player has ZERO titles ? GAsol without Kobe has no playoff wins. How about that one ? And Shaq without a Penny , Kobe or D-Wade doesn’t even make the Finals. A teram wins a championship and the Lakers has two superstars. SHaq did make opening for Kobe , but Kobe is the one making the openings on ofense for Gasol now. Put that shit to rest please, it makes no fucking sense. Everyone always has a WHAT IF scenario, be realistric.

  • Ross

    @dagwaller:Reading Comprehension? I have a master’s in english(fact). Tmac does not play defense! That is half the game, and one way they are not the same player. To argue that they are the same player is your inability to put forth an argument of veritability. Does Kobe make Gasol better? Is it Kobe’s fault Tmac could not work as hard as he did and stay healthy and develop his game? Lamar Odom as a top 75 player off the bench…really..thats what you put forth? Your obviously a kobe-hater, which is why you have failed to make the simple delineation between him and Mcgrady. Kobe getting his way out of charlotte is a mute point…LA had to trade for him charlotte only drafted him you idiot. Rudy T didn’t coach a full year another disasterous point by you and your sub par reading skills lol. And the next time you quote me…actually quote me dumb a**. How exactly did Kobe not earn his titles? Where do you come up with this jargon. You cannot just take out on player and plug another one in, partly because the triangle offense works better with Kobe who has a back to the basket game. But I bet you never thought of that one. I’m done with you until you utilize what abilities you have to build an argument around reading and then comprehending lol. Period.

  • A.S.L.

    a kobe statue before magic, kareem or shaq. . . ?