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Andre Iguodala, Jay-Z takeover USA Basketball Showcase

Andre Iguodala (USA Basketball, Nike)

Even though it wasn’t much like a real game — being played in 12-minute halves with a sudden-death overtime — last night’s USA Basketball Showcase at the World Basketball Festival was more than worth the wait. The atmosphere was definitely closer to an All-Star Game than the first scrimmage we saw on ESPN a couple weeks back. Playing on a totally unique stage (Radio City Music Hall) in a totally unique setting clearly inspired dudes to bring out their A-game material. Rudy Gay almost snapped his shoulder off cocking his arm back as far as possible on a dunk, and Andre Iguodala and Derrick Rose unleashed some sick dunks of their own while trying to make the crowd gasp … But on the flip side, guys like JaVale McGee tried to get loose and it didn’t work. One time McGee tried some kind of post move and ended up on his butt throwing up a very ugly version of one of Jordan‘s signature no-look shots. Somebody sitting near us deadpanned, “I think Odom is coming in for JaVale now.” … When the score was tied at 47-all after the second half, they announced overtime would be sudden death. (But you didn’t have to win by two.) That drew a cheer from the portion of the crowd who really just showed up to see Jay-Z‘s concert after the scrimmage. In maybe the most tension-filled exhibition possession ever, Rajon Rondo ended it for the Blue team by hitting Tyson Chandler with an alley-oop … Don’t be surprised if Iguodala and Kevin Durant hook up for at least one lob in every World Championship game. Those two have an obvious chemistry, and Iguodala will be a MONSTER the day he doesn’t have to be the best player on his team. Are you paying attention, Sam Presti? It might cost you something like Jeff Green and James Harden in a trade, but an OKC lineup running KD at the three and AI2 at the two would be beastly … Lamar Odom is wildly popular — only Carmelo Anthony and LeBron (watching courtside) got bigger ovations all night. Not sure if it’s because Odom is from NY, or because he’s spent more time on the E! Network than any NBA player ever … Also watching courtside: Amar’e (wearing a hat from the Bert Sugar Collection), D-Wade, Chris Paul, Jadakiss, Fabolous and Charles Barkley. And LeBron would be the dude wearing shades indoors … Normally Anthony Anderson is pretty brutal, but he was mad funny in his role as co-MC last night. During one timeout they brought up three kids for a dance-off, and when the girl got a little too Trina-like with her moves, Anderson said, “You gonna have ‘em throwing money on the stage, make somebody lose their liquor license.” Then when the token Sean May look-alike danced, Anderson kept screaming at him, “Twerk yo’ jelly!” … If last night’s scrimmage was any indication of who’s getting cut before Turkey, we’re thinking Eric Gordon and Danny Granger (who just hurt his finger earlier this week). Neither really did anything to stand out. Although it would make sense to carry three point guards instead of four, and Russell Westbrook is probably the last PG on the depth chart … Iguodala got the MVP of the scrimmage, and got a nice plaque that looked like somebody actually put some thought into it rather than the candy dish from Grandmama’s house that Durant won in Vegas … In between the scrimmage and the Jay-Z concert, they aired some famous Nike ads on the big screens flanking the stage. It’s crazy seeing Barkley back when he had muscle definition and could still see his own junk, and seeing Spike Lee when he could have passed for a teenager … We’d heard a depressing rumor earlier in the day that Jay-Z was only going to do three songs, but he delivered the money’s worth. He ran through a medley of stuff from Reasonable Doubt, and hit all the new classics like “Run This Town,” “Public Service Announcement,” “99 Problems,” “On To The Next One,” and of course closed it out with “Empire State of Mind.” All in all, it was an amazing night, whether you’re a basketball fan or not … Check back today and throughout the weekend, as Dime will be all over the WBF like nobody else … We’re out like JaVale Olajuwon …

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  • shage

    The Facebook webcast was a total failure for me. WBF should have found some other way to broadcast the event.

  • Chise

    Damn I wish I could have seen this shit. Had to settle for preseason football instead…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMFAO @ Javel McGee’s “post move” footwork. Thats my man fity grand and all, but he should just stick to his game. An announcer during the game made mention of guys trying to do too much (doing things they don’t even try on their own teams), and I did pick up on that. Javel was the main one, but I figure his agent must have told him to try to make a great impression on the NY crowd. Try to gain some media hype for more endorsements or something. Eric Gordon too.

  • alf (from melmak)

    To me, anyone who wears shades indoors is a highly suspicious person. The eyes would never lie.

    Anyway, congratulations to Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen for entering the hall of fame.

    Malone, to me and millions more out there, was the best power forward ever. He might have choked on a few important games but he delivered in most. He revolutionized the position. And please do not start with the Tim Duncan debate.

    Pippen, meanwhile, was the ultimate sidekick. The do-it-all guy on a team. Michael Jordan would never have been successful without him.

    If ever I believed in conspiracy theories, I would have said that David Stern hates the Jazz.

    Imagine, last year John Stockton went into the hall of fame, but Jordan was also there. This year, Malone is coming in with Pippen. Geez.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    62. I can sniff stories.

  • Trey bing bay

    Did Chandler pin one of Gay’s dunk attempts?? Anyone know where i can see the highlight?

  • porkpiehat

    Alf from Melmak also likes sniffing glue and warm bicycle seats.

  • Robmo35

    I just want to be clear. Lebron and Charles Barkley were both sitting courtside? Didn’t Lebron just tweet that he was making a shit list, and didn’t Barkley say put me on it, and you know where I am? No dust up from Lebron there with the perfect opportunity? Just goes to show he is turly king of the pussies. Those sunglasses were hiding the fear that Barkley was going to whip his ass.

  • fallinup

    Anyone feel like doing a collab on my upcoming hit single? I think I already have a stupid dance to go along with it. All we need is a beat and some weak ass rhymes and we’re superstars.

    It’s called “Twerk yo’ jelly!”.


    Reasons why people wear shades indoors:

    Jerky-eyed (eyes that move uncontrollably)
    ‘Chameleon’-eyed (each eye has own trajectory)
    Impaired eyes
    Bulging eyes
    Lacks/No sleep
    Sore Eyes
    Abusive Hubby/Wifey
    Recently got in a fight
    To be incognito
    Likes to feel incognito
    Check out bitches/dudes incognito
    A Douche
    A Douche who thinks it’s cool/badass
    A Douche who plays poker
    A Douche who recently watched ‘Ray’, ‘MIB’, or ‘The Matrix’
    A Douche who thinks he’s Jack Nicholson
    A Douche who listens to Corey Hart
    Or a Douche who is just plain Fugly

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @En fuego
    Excellent list but u forgot a few…

    -People who think their shit don’t stink.
    -People who think they are too good to let people see their eyes.

  • Yummy32

    @En fuego

    -people who are currently sleeping

  • That’s What’s Up

    only two types of people wear sunglasses indoors:
    Blind people and assholes

  • Simon

    Just got my Axe prize pack. Thanks Dime for sending it up to the Great White North! The 30 day shower strike ends!

  • control

    Been thinking about these LeBron discussions going back and forth on this site, and I think I see what the problem is. People who are saying LeBron is garbage, etc, because he’s not clutch, not an assassin, or whatever are looking at LeBron completely wrong.

    LeBron’s main strength, is his ability to make teammates around him better. Next to Steve Nash, LeBron is the best at making a set of scrubs look like beasts. James has people talking some reckless bullshit like “Mo Williams=Scottie Pipps” and “Jamison is as good as Gasol” and “Valgina is a good player”. Cleveland will be a 10-15 win team this year unless they make some major changes, they are essentially that 19 win Wizard team that Jamison was on, but with Mo being worse than Butler.

    If Mo Williams would have stayed on the Bucks, do you think that anyone would even dream of saying something like “Mo=Pip”? Do you think Mo would have even sniffed an All Star game? Mo wouldn’t have even been able to get TICKETS to see the All Star game. There are 100s of examples of how Steve Nash can carry groups of scrubs (Jason Kidd too), but LeBron James also has that gift. It will be interesting to see what LeBron James can do to make players like Bosh and Wade improve.

    People have no doubt that the Suns were Steve Nash’s team, even with Amare and Marion putting in All Star efforts…and LeBron should make it clear that Miami is his team, based on the impact he will have in making other players better.

    8 months from now, all of these discussions will be resolved, but I’m sure there will still be some idiots saying James is garbage, etc…get it right, he’s a douchebag, but he’s an amazing basketball player.

  • Stunnaboy09

    I never did get the whole sunglasses indoors thing, especially in a dark room like clubs. Just makes you look, well. douchey. I agree with control that LeBron bashing is ridiculous, dude is a 2 time MVP. You don’t win back to backs without dominating the league. And he did just that, no one does better with mediocare help than him, while Kobe was getting out the first round with Smush and Kwame Bron was taking Boobie and Eric Snow to the Fibals.

  • LakeShow84

    Haha come on now everyone knows Lebron blows BIG..

    Dude was high out his mind probably.. How much herb him and Jay probably burned before the show?? prbably more than people who practice the slash and burn technique lol

    @ Control

    Only reason CLE MIGHT not make the playoffs is because they have NO 5 spot players.. if that roster were to come back fully without Lebron id say they win 30+..

    with or without Lebron they were big..

    with or without Lebron they played decent D..

    with or without Lebron they could get up and down..

    of course with no Lebron the team aint shit but they still were 2 deep at EVERY position and were even 3 deep at some spots.. i cant think of a lottery team that had a strong bench..

    @ Stunnaboy

    Ohhhh check that.. im sure if Lebron ran into the 50-60 win Phoenix suns he wouldve been out in the first round.. With Boobie and Snow.. East and West was night and day back then.. check yoself lol

  • QQ is an idiot


    because the Eastern conference is just as difficult as the West right? Please refrain from ever making any dumb comments like the one you have just posted. Kobe took the scrubbiest team ever to a brutal 7 game series against the Phoenix Suns (which was a very good team that year). Lebron led his team in maybe one of the weakest Eastern conferences in the history of the NBA that year, so please shutup.

  • control


    2 or 3 deep at every position? All teams have 2 or 3 players who play every position, but who on Clev was any good? Your boys, the Lakers, have a solid 4-6 players who are better than anyone on Clev…Kobe, Gasol, Odom, and Artest are better than anyone else Clev has without LeBron. Bynum MIGHT be better (though I think he’s a bust) and Shannon Brown is probably better than anyone on Clev’s bench. Now you guys have Barns and Blake as well…both of them are better than most of Clev’s starters.

    Who on Cleveland would even be a starter on almost any other team in the league? Hickson MAYBE, Mo…depending on the team, but probably not and Jamison would, but he’s soft and weak as fuck. Cleveland is PURE GARBAGE right now, and if you are talking like West or Shaq would make a difference…West was just bought out and might not even be in the league this season, and Shaq is backing up Jermane, and PERKS when he gets back…Come on man.

    Like really, tell me who on Cleveland is really any good?

  • LakeShow84


    Shannon Brown is better than Delonte West?? Shit Shannon Brown was better than Big Z?? Nah so please recheck ur bench statement..

    Derek Fisher is better than Mo Williams?? NAH Mo Williams would MURDER people in the Triangle offense.. so u should recheck that one too..

    Shit a part of me would take Varejao over Odom in a second because i know Varejao will show up every game.. Odom can go from grabbin 17 boards in one game and 2 the next game.. yeah dude is AllStar materiall.. 2 years on the bench you heard his name as 6th man of the year?? nah didnt think so..

    And Blake STILL isnt better than Mo Williams.. Damn dude been trashed pretty hard but who scored 20 first half points in CLE elimination game?? shit if it was for him it would be a blow out.. dude avg’s over 15ppg so can we please stop acting like hes chopped liver?? yeah he dont defend that well but he’ll light u up.. TOUGH..

    I aint comparin them to us but if u saying we had a better bench than CLE last year you just yappin..

    Shit our bench was supposed to keep us from repeating RIGHT?? im sure RangerJohn would agree with me lol

    I dont even feel like going into they roster but they were the deepest team last year.. damn near BY FAR..

  • LakeShow84

    Mo Williams is a starter

    Delonte West is a starter

    Anthony Parker is a starter

    Antawn Jamison is a starter

    Shaquille O’Neal is STILL a starter

    Big Z is- ok maybe not that one lol

    And as you pointed out Hickson is also a starter

  • Yummy32

    @ control

    I will give you a list of players that went to play with LeBron and their numbers dropped:
    -Larry Hughes
    -Eric Snow
    -Antwan Jamison

    he turned one shooter into a one time allstar….who does he make better? If your not a shooter and your on lebron’s team, your numbers will suffer.

  • control


    Mo Williams is a shot jacking sg in a midget pg body. That ain’t really hard to find in this world.

    Delonte West has more game with LeBron’s mom than he has on the court. The guy is pretty decent though, scrapy as fuck.

    Anthony Parker isn’t even the best player in his own family, Toronto didn’t even try to keep him, and their biggest weakness was his position…he’s not bad, but he ain’t a starter on most teams.

    Jamison is a starter, the guy can be a legit, if very inefficient, 20-10 guy who is getting on in his years.

    As soon as Perk is back on the Celts, Shaq is going to be a 3rd string center. He almost couldn’t even get a contract this year. That is starting material?

    I actually like Big Z, but he’s too old.

    Hickson will have a chance to break out this year, but watch his highlight videos. 95% of his highlights and amazing plays are him being fed by LeBron.

    What was Cleveland’s record when LeBron James was out in the 7 years he was there? Can you guess at that?

    If any part of you is saying you’d take Valgina over Lamar…you must really hate your team. That whole comment about Fisher, just a few months ago people were talking like Fish was a top 5 point guard in the league (I disagreed completely, and still do).

  • control


    -Larry Hughes
    Didnt his lil bro die or get cancer when he joined Clev? His numbers went down A LOT more once he left.

    -Eric Snow
    Numbers go down when you hit 40 years old. James still carried that team to a finals appearance.

    -Antwan Jamison
    He was on the team for like 3 months, and it wasn’t like LeBron made him completely choke during the playoffs.

    His numbers were already declining before he got there. Lets see how low they go this year.

    That this is the worst list you can come up with kinda proves my point…

  • Yummy32

    larry hughes-bro died during playoffs, his game was wack before then

    E Snow- Was averaging 12 and 7 with Iverson, a guy who was a “ball hog”

    Jamison- dude scores 20 points a game with out ever having a play called for him, no his jump shots werent falling, but hes a great cutter and should have scored more. He wasnt brought there to cover garnett.

    Shaq- He was voted in the allstar game the year beofre playing for a running team. I wont put all the blame lebron for this one, brown should have involved him more. But lebron could of got him involved too.

  • LakeShow84


    Mo Williams is a buckets PG but there are plenty of them in the NBA.. Aaron Brooks, Rose, Westbrook, etc, etc all those guy are mainly scorers who can pass when needed but run the point and drop 20+ easy.. And Mo always got his points.. Anyone can do this?? Nah bruh not EVERYONE can go into the NBA and avg 15+ppg.. especially on a contender..

    Delonte West is a SCRAPPY defender, as you pointed out, but he also has a good bball IQ, can create his own shot and spot up from 3.. sounds solid to me..

    Anthony Parker plays good defense man2man AND helpside.. can spot up from 3 and even has a lil fadeaway.. dude can start for a few teams not a lot but a few.. U blamin him for Toronto?? come no now lol

    Jamison 20&10.. yeah nuff said.. u know it too lol

    And who exactly is Shaq going to be playing behind at the 2nd C spot?? shit i can see Shaq coming in after the first whistle for much needed offense.. Dude is stil 15&8 if given the minutes based on his mass alone.. Could start for A LOT of teams.. and his askin price was too much for someone known to cause rifts.. bball skill?? never a question..

    And CLE record was probably the same as say MIA without Dwade or HOU’s without Yao.. how good would the Thunder be without KD??

    And for the record i hate Odom’s inconsistency.. always said that.. Id rather have a player HALF as good who shows up everynight than a player 2x’s as good who cant be counted on.. so when people bring dude up like hes 6th man of the year yeah its annoying.. still love em as a laker tho.. not a player..

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Holy fuck. The ressuerection of this BS “Cle was garbage outside of James” argument. Foolishness.

    @control: “Do you think Mo would have even sniffed an All Star game?” As a matter of fact, as a 20pt scorer over multiple season with the Bucks, Mo was getting considered for the All-Star team.
    If I remember correctly Jamison was also an all-star. Varajao, although not the most skilled player, nobody in the whole league does what he brings to the court. Hickson, if used correctly, would have been a beast… he’ll show it this year. Book it.

    To say the Cavs were garbage is so retarded. There are very good players on that team (yes, even all-stars). They won 60 games for 2 straight seasons. LBJ did that all by himself?? Bullshit.
    So, according to your line of thinking, now that he’s running with Wade and Bosh, he should win 72 games, right?? It’s only logical. 60 wins with garbage teammates… 72 wins with his Redeem Team buddies. Anything less than 72 wins means two things… 1) The Cavs did a good job building around James… and 2) @control, you are wrong.

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    Fuck dude its Friday let us argue lmao

  • control

    All I gotta say, is watch what happens this year. The Cavs might be looking at being the worst team in the league, if not worst than the worst team in the league!

    The major xfactor here is coaching as well. Mike Brown being fired actually improves the Cavs some, that guy was HORRIBLE. Anyone arguing that “James didn’t use his teammates correctly (Hicks, Jamison, etc)” or whatever bullshit, James wasn’t the fucking coach.


    I’m not the only one who is thinking that the Heat might push 72 wins. I don’t even think they will, but it’s more than a possibility. The guy traded Jamison in for Bosh, and Mo in for Wade, are you going to start arguing that his new teammates aren’t better than his old? Mo wasn’t getting any consideration for anything. Even the time he DID make the All Star game, it was after like 3 other ppl got injured. I don’t even think Mo was on the fucking ballot until the year before he got traded to the Cavs.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Hahaha!! My bad. Friday the 13th nonetheless. lol.

  • K Dizzle

    Damn, normally I agree with most of Control’s posts, but you missed the point hard on this one.
    The point of all this talk is that IF Lebron’s teammates had played half as well as they played during the 2 60+ win seasons, we ain’t havin these discussions.
    Delonte West was a playmaking, good shooting defensively minded combo guard who STARTED for the Cavs before Parker got there so then he goes to the bench givin em depth. Shaq was doin pretty good before he hurt his thumb against Boston. Jamison was the perfect pick-up cuz he’s never needed the rock to be effective. Unfortunately for the Cavs, they ran into Orlando, who they weren’t built to matchup with, and got crushed. So they pick up Shaq to deal with Dwight/Bynum and AJ then run into Boston. Shaq played well, but NOBODY saw Mo and Jamison disappearing like they did. Dudes keep sayin Lebron had no help need to understand that if you on a 60+ win team, and were the #1 defensive squad all season, just cuz your support players don’t show up in the playoffs don’t mean “the team sucked”. When the Lakers got crushed by Boston in ’08, Lakers were the better team(imo), but Pau didn’t show up, Lamar didn’t show up, Bynum was out, Ariza was just comin back from his injury. Kobe played his ass off. Nobody does it on their own, so it wasn’t that Cleveland sucked, it was that AJ and Mo didn’t show, Delonte wasn’t gonna be playin well hookin up with the mvp’s mom, and I don’t even know what Lebron was doin with his left handed freethrow and passin off the rock when he was wide open to guys who were shocked that he was passin up good looks that he was shootin ALL SEASON. Think I’m lyin? Go watch games 5 and 6 and see for yourself.

    @ Control you can let go of the Pip vs Mo “controversy”.
    That was just me and Ian messin around about sidekicks. Scottie Pippen is an all-timer. If Mo played in the playoffs like he does in the regular season, nobody would be questioning the Cavs support players.
    I was just sayin Scottie in ’90(before thefirst chip) was as invisible as Mo with his migraine headaches.
    Blows my mind that a team could go 120something wins to like 30something losses over 2 years and dudes say they “suck” cuz they caught some bad matchups against other teams.

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    and feel free to drop ur 2 cents in too bruh its good lol

    @ Control

    Good frontlines in the NBA are usually pretty successful..

    Id think a team with a lineup of,

    Mo Williams
    Anthony Parker

    with Varejao, West, Big Z, Moon coming off the bench would do decent in the East..

    Be real that starting 5 has power and speed with perimeter shooting and post play.. like i said pretty versatile personnell..

    But that wont be what they have this year so all this is moot.. They wont make the playoffs because players like McGee, Lopez, Favors and whoever else will be dropping career highs on them.. Think the Warriors in the East lol

  • Stunnaboy09

    @Laker fans, yes the West was better back then, but LeBron went through a solid Wizards and Nets team and a very very good Piston team. All while Larry Hughes was his fucking wingman. He took those guys all the way to the Finals. That is impressive, no hater can take away from that.

    I thougt we proved that in all of Brons years in Cleveland he’s had 2 teammates with all-star years. Meanwhile Kobe has twiced played with the best big man in the league. So lets compare: LeBrons best teammate was 18-4 Mo Williams while Kobe’s was 30-12-3 MDE MVP Shaq. Gee I guess who has had the better supporting ast.

    How is this Miami thing gonna prove what Bron did in Cleveland, he doesn’t have the ball in his hand as much as he did with the Cavs as well chemistry issues. All that being said I don’t see the Heat winning less than 60+ games this year.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    -Mike Brown is shit. I agree.
    -When I said, “Hickson, if used correctly…” I was actually referring to coach Brown, not James.
    -Of course Mo was on the AS ballot. He was the only dude doing anything on the Bucks… outside the often-injured Redd.
    -I’m not making an argument about his old teammates being better than the Heat… actually, i’m saying the exact opposite. Your #14 post pretty much killed Jamison, Mo, and Varajao. I’m saying he won 60 with the “scrubs”, as you put it. So if he wins 60 with scrubs, the Heat should blow that win total out of the water, right?? It’s only logical. 60 wins w/ scrubs, and AT LEAST 72 wins w/ 2 of the best players in the league. If his Cleveland teammates were scrubs, then below 70 wins is a fail. I realize regular season doesn’t necessarily count, but we’re still here talking about MJ’s Bulls 72-win season in addition to his rings.

    My point is give Jamison, Mo, Andy and the rest of them credit. They aren’t scrubs. You predict a 10-15 win season. Come on bro. If they’re that bad, then what the hell will the Raps get? 3 wins?

  • LakeShow84



    A solid Wizards team?? They had 3-4 players who could play.. THAT was a shitty roster, NO bench.. Stevenson was their enforcer too?? Nah not too solid..

    A solid Nets team?? another team with 2-3 TOTAL players and no bench..

    Those 2 teams had no identities and no bench.. not solid.. pretty much the opposite if u ask me.. No solid team has no idea what they going to do to win..

    And call me crazy but if your in the ECF and you see a player score a 10-15 pts in a row and your a “so-called” defensive minded team WHY WOULDNT YOU DOUBLE THE MAN.. you think Boobie gonna win it??

    My point of that last statement??

    Detroit gave Lebron his first Finals appearance.. They got lackadaisacle and they were blown up by Dumars because of that complaceny shit.. NO GM is gonna blow up a team that has chemistry and been 3-4 ECF in a row FOR NOTHING.. just sayin..

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY


    Thrust a Girl In’er Face!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    It kills me how people downplay that roster.. and thats not at u Control its at everyone..

    People said it themselves when CLE got Jamison.. NO EXCUSES..

    What happens when they lose??

    They go RIGHT BACK to the SAME OL EXCUSE.. So wack..

  • LakeShow84

    Wasnt that Nets team the same team Mikki Moore played on??


  • Stunnaboy09

    Didn’t Brons Cav team only have ONE good player? The Nets and Wizards were solid put them in todays east they both make the playoffs. Wizards had Butler, Jamison and Arenas 2 All-Stars adn a solid role player. Nets had J-Kidd, Jefferson and VC once again 2 All-stars and a role player. Bron had himself and a bunch of scrubs, yet somehow he managed to get them to the Finals. I mena in the playoffs his next highest scorer was Big Z with 13 points. Yet he somehow willed them to the Finals. I may hate on bron for mostly everything he does but in 2007 he showed the world he is amazing.

  • control


    That line you post there would get killed…that isn’t even better than those Wizard teams that were throwing up 19 wins. The Cavs don’t even have that this year…they are going to get brutalized this year, watch.


    We’ll know in a few months. It isn’t reckless to predict the Cavs having the worst record in the league, with the Heat having the best (and pushing over 65+ wins).

    I don’t even want to think about the Raps…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I been reading these without posting on this topic because i figured Control would make his good points and that would be the end. But I see that is different

    First off that lineup would get smashed by the Bobcats let alone teams like ATL, ORL, Bos, and the rest. There is no speed and power there.
    -Shaq is only good for half a season maybe a lil more and just 25min a night.
    -Vajayjay is booty without Lebron plain and simple.
    -Mo Williams is an avg pg at best and no longer has speed. He is a jacker, but he isn’t even that good at shooting to be a great jacker. he’s just a plain on avg pg at best. Regular season or playoffs it doesn’t matter.
    -Anthony Parker, while i love his sister to death, he is done and over with. He is slow now, and doesn’t posess the shooting or defensive knowledge to make up for it. He’s a back up SG.
    -Jamison is the only legit player, but he can’t play any defense on a PF or SF and he is a stone cold gunner, willing to shoot your team out of every game.

    Put it like this….would you want any of these cats on your LA team? I know personally, there is not one of the Cavs i would want in a Bulls uniform. Not one.

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    Maybe Varejao’s OFFENSE is booty without LBJ but dude is a defensive pest.. a glorified flopper if u will.. and he sets solid screens and will hit the deck..

    you say u coach bball right?? how come you dont respect those intangibles??

    And for the record the Bobcats smashed that lineup WITH Lebron on the team so i cant roll with that example..

    I dont understand why everyone gets on Shaq so hard.. Shaq’s problems are A) Mentality and B) Health.. only problems he got on the court are LATERAL quickness and FT’s.. But that lateral aint too bad cuz dude lays lumber and that speaks VOLUMES..

    Last 2 matchups The Lakers have had with dude he beasted Gasol AND Bynum.. but yeah he washed up?? GTFOH..

    During the end of the halfcourt plan in Phoenix he did his thang playing good on that team when they went back to running.. Your C dont need to get out just get the ball and make a crisp outlet right?? ok then

    And id take Varejao, West and Mo Williams in a heart beat.. id even take Shaq but he burned that bridge pretty good lol i also would take Parker and Moon..

    Only player i’d start tho is Mo lol so ill give u guys that..

  • JR

    LBJ wasn’t brought up during timeouts to be interviewed coz they were afraid the crowd was going to boo him. CP3, Amare, Melo, Wade were all interviewed during TO’s and breaks in the game.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – I’d take Hickson, and if Leon Powe healthy, I’m takin that kid off my bench…

    @ Control
    50 bucks that Cleveland wins more than 20 games…

  • JAY

    60 wins w/ a team full of “scrubs”, should be an automatic 70wins if indeed the Cavs team is scrubs.