NBA, Video / Aug 26, 2010 / 10:00 am

Brandon Jennings To John Wall With The Ridiculous Alley-Oop

Last year, when the Boost Mobile Elite 24 was still in NYC, they held a secret midnight run at MSG so all the players could ball with Brandon Jennings and Kevin Love. This year, now that they’ve moved out to L.A., they were burning the midnight oil at HAX. While Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozan, Bobby Brown and Jay Williams were all in attendance, it was Elite 24 coaches Jennings and John Wall that were making the highlights. Check out the ridiculous alley-oop below.

How good would a backcourt be of Jennings and Wall?

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  • hahns

    dunk was dope, but how come no love b/t the two after? maybe some young pg tension? haha

  • http://www.more-sports.net andrew macaluso


    What do you mean no love? Their in the middle of a basketball game. You don’t see NBA players hugging it out and kissing every time they do an alley oop pass.

  • Jah

    I don’t know about you all, but I’m giddy at the thought of all of the new, talented PG/SGs entering the league! Reminds me of ’96!

    Derrick Rose
    O.J. Mayo
    Eric Gordon
    Tyreke Evans
    Brandon Jennings
    Stephen Curry
    John Wall
    Darren Collison

    The future is BRIGHT! Rumble, young men, RUMBLE!

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    @ #3: Westbrook in there too!

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    That was nice. Yea future seems to be good. Just would love for the era of big men to return. Those days of Shaq, Hakeem, Ewing, Robinson and Mark Eaton were the nice!

    Anway I don’t think a backcourt of Jennings and Wall would be that good they both scrawny (Wall not as much). Good but scrawny.

    Weight room is calling.

  • bobby stew

    Take OJ off that list. OJ=Larry Hughes

  • ianny b

    that play was rather ill. Can see those guys doing that in an all-star game [pretty soon

  • hahns


    lol whos talking about hugging and kissing? tell me you havent seen guys at least pointing to each other after a nice play or smiling or anything. especially in these “all star” type settings, players are usually a little laid back-

    but whatever, you might be right- maybe they were in intense competitiong

  • http://www.cheehee.com Jeffco

    I was there. This wasn’t the only good Alley-oop they had. They were seriously running the floor and catching lobs the the whole time during the first couple of games before they all were tired.

  • reww

    hahah when jennings threw the pass you saw his defender like “where is that ball going…. aww shit im gonna be on youtube”

  • Posterboy15

    @Bobby Stew

    Your name Just sounds like u dont know shit about basketball to be comparin OJ Mayo to fuckin Larry Hughes…GTFOH, LOL..dats insane, Mayo came out the gate of his rookie year avr 20 ppg, dude can score anywhere on the court with ease, just now he has been practicin to be a PG probly cuz of size, but changing your game to a position that worked so well for u many years, takes total consentration and skill development, especially one of the most important positions like the 1 spot. Larry Hughes now is still a good contributor to any team, but he has basically underachieved his whole career.

  • control

    Man, the guys on that court look small…are there any pick up games anywhere that have guys 6’6+ on a regular basis?


    Larry Hughes only contributes bricks to a team. The guy makes millions of dollars from construction companies because he represents bricks. He’s done (or should be) in the NBA. I agree with your assessment that OJ=Hughes is fucking insane.

  • Sporty-j

    Wall is going to be the next DWade. Once he bulks up about 20 pounds and work on his outside shooting. He will be the best point guard in the leugue and i wont be suprised if he gets moved to SG 2 yrs from now. John Wall A.K.A. flash part 2…

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    Look at this dude talking bad about Juice. Calm Yourself!

  • Chise

    Juice is averagin 18ppg through his first 2 seasons in the L. Plus he’s never missed a game. How many dudes can say that?

  • Rpcjr72

    OJ is NOWHERE near a pg; so stop thinking that right now. And I’m speaking to Lionel Hollins as well.

  • ay yo..

    Jennings could really show out this yr with all the scorers he’s surrounded with.

    BTW, I wonder if John Wall will be moved to the 2 in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MiamiHeat Miami LeBron

    I’m sick of Lebron haters out there, never giving anyone props, no matter how tight they are.