Video / Aug 18, 2010 / 9:30 am

Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford make a rap video

Well, more like they made it into a rap video. Unfortunately, though, the clip by Seattle crew Cali & Cavalli is drawing controversy for B-Roy and Crawford — two of the NBA’s genuine good guys — because of the marijuana images involved. In a common-sense world people would understand that just because athletes know weed smokers doesn’t mean they are weed smokers, but that’s not how we work. B-Roy has issued a public apology, which you can read after the jump.

“The first thing when I seen it, I was really disappointed with myself. I’m usually a guy who’s very conscious of what’s going on around him. It was a situation where I was at a tournament that I regularly attend every year. It’s for a really good cause. A couple of old friends of mine asked at first could I just take a picture for their website. I didn’t even look into it. I just took the picture. Later on, they asked if it was ok to shoot the video in our area. Initially I didn’t think anything of it. There wasn’t any music, it was just two guys talking to a camera, from what it looked like to me.

“As I thought about it, I said let me step away from this just in case. I never really looked back into the situation. I should have asked those guys what were they actually talking about. It’s something that I don’t want to make any excuses for.

“It’s something I shouldn’t have been involved in. I don’t smoke marijuana. I don’t think kids should do it. I’m against those things. I just feel really bad that that’s something that’s associated with my name and my family. And that’s not what we’re about.

“I think the biggest thing is I don’t want to shine a lot of light on the video because it’s something that I don’t want kids watching and saying, ‘Hey, Brandon Roy was in there.’

“It’s a situation where I should have been more responsible. Usually I am. I don’t want to sound naive. Like, ‘Hey, I didn’t know nothing about what was going on.’ I did know the guys were shooting the video but I wasn’t participating in what they were talking about. I didn’t even know what the topic of their video was.

“They’re old friends. For me, I was trying to be nice but at the same time I don’t want to be a part of something like that.”

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  • Yooo

    These niggas SUUUUUUUUCK. Is this how they do it in seattle? Terrible

  • fallinup

    Duhhhhhh… oooh look. Brandon Roy is in a video where other guys are showing ‘marijuana images’. You know what! I think I’ll start smoking weed JUST because of that!

    pfft…. society today. The more advanced we get, the dumber we become.

  • magik_trick

    Good Character Guy.

  • flegman

    contemporary shitty thing called “music”, but it is not music.

  • ianny b

    Are there really any “genuine good guys in the NBA. Just because a guy has never been busted doesn’t mean he doesn’t do dirt. Remember Dwight Howard came into the league as a devoted christian, I guess that’s out the window with him impregnating the cheerleader and his ongoing rants.

    Not saying that she is right, but even Lorenzen Wright was a genuinely good guy, then his wife gave her recollection of his phone conversation before he left.

    Go figure………….

  • Taj

    Thats nothing to write a public apology for!!!

    Damn, he should apologize for being in a shitty video with a shitty song.. They suck!!!

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Wow WOOOOOOW! Why is the freaking hook so sllooowwwww. Sounds like some kids with mental problems rappin. If I was Roy I wouldn’t want to be involved just because it was a horrible song, video and all forget the weed.


  • Young Gunner

    They could have all the celebs they want int their video, those two rappers aint shit

  • Joe’s Momma

    How sad is it that a guy like B.Roy gotta apologize for something someone else did. Roy is a high character guy.

    I love B.Roy, he is the 3rd best 2 guard in the league and he don’t need to say shit about that. He needs to apologize for letting himself be in that video with that sorry as song.

    Because of Dime, 100x more people have seen this video. If Dime never brought this up, only 7 people in the entire world would have seen it. Please don’t give people any press unless their shit is legit.

  • DZ

    i dont really understand what so horrible about being in video where some OTHER guys smoke weed. if we could see Roy and Crawford smoke that ish, that would be totally different case and i would be against it too, but there is just jamal checkings those guys and brandon standing there so what is so bad about it?

    btw that song is trash, i dont wanna hear it ever again

  • Charli2na

    First dude rapping looks like OJ Mayo..ha ha

  • carlfifty

    this video doesn’t make any sense. they are talking about selling weed and they they cut to a basketball practice???? what the hell this has got to be one of the worst videos ever and the song is pretty terrible too…brandon roy seems so awkward in it too he clearly didn’t know what was going on

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