Latest News, NBA / Aug 4, 2010 / 5:00 pm

Breaking News: Shaq to Boston is official

And the rich keep getting richer. To sum up how the last three years have gone in Boston, one of the Celtics fans in the office just learned that his team basically got Shaquille O’Neal for free, and his reaction amounted to “Eh.”

After sitting available on the free-agent market longer than anyone expected, Shaq officially agreed to terms with the Celtics today. While terms were not disclosed, it’s believed to be a 1-year contract worth $1.4 million.

“It is not every day that you can add a player of Shaquille’s caliber to your team,” said Celtics exec Danny Ainge. “His past experience speaks for itself and we believe that he is a great fit for our roster.”

Shaq was supposed to be the final puzzle piece in Cleveland’s championship run last year, but injuries limited him to just 53 games in the regular season, and in the playoffs he averaged 11.5 points and 5.5 rebounds in only 22 minutes a night.

“I am honored to be joining the Celtics,” Shaq said. “I have played against Paul, Ray, Kevin, Rajon and Jermaine for many years and it will be great to be able to call them my teammates. I cannot wait to get to Boston to get started in pursuit of another championship.”

The Celtics already signed center Jermaine O’Neal this offseason, and regular starter Kendrick Perkins should return from an ACL injury around February. Word is the Celtics want Shaq to come off the bench, but don’t be surprised if he’s on the court for tip-off Opening Night.

What do you think? Good move for the Celtics?

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  • dlee


  • That’s What’s Up

    The Big Leprechaun is gonna help the Celtics out.

    it’s not like they were a running team anyway

  • LakeShow84

    yep he gives them offense at the 5 spot..

    Shit they can run their offense through him at the 5 really..

    And like ThatsWaddup said they already were a halfcourt team so if anything they’ll lose a bit in transition D but Doc is a smart coach he’ll kno the matchups he wants..

    i also expect him to pick up less fouls and get away with his usual clobbers even more frequently under the green mystique BS..

  • Chuck

    @ That’s What’s Up

    He’ll help if he comes to camp in shape and ready to listen to Doc rivers, but me and you know Shaq never arrives to camp in Shape, he doesn’t feel he has to for some reason and then wonders why he stays injured this late in his career.

  • yoda

    can’t believe that shaq went to boston.

  • LakeShow84

    And for the record F#$K the Boston Celtics..

  • sh!tfaced

    Shaq and Ray… got a good feeling those two old farts will do a lot of damage with their natural chemistry…

  • atticusmitch

    I thought they learned from Sheed. Old bigs dont amount to anything.

  • D.I. Dollar

    The ULTIMATE Ring Chaser.

    He can’t stand that Kobe has more than him.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Fuck the Lakers :)

    But really Shaq and J.O. gives us low post offense we needed and I’m gonna love seeing Rondo tossing up lobs to the big Leprachaun.

  • Heckler

    blackathlete.com is reporting that Shaquille O’Neal is going to wear #36.

    is that true?

  • ProphetGK

    are they trying to make the oldest team in league history?

  • MJ3008

    It’s lose-lose for Shaq – what’s he supposed to do, not sign with a contender just so he’s not called “a ring chaser”? Who SHOULD he sign with then

  • http://Dime Smitty012@twitter

    Miami heat are gonna run on them

  • Heckler


    whiteathlete.com is reporting that it does not matter what number Shaquille O’Neal wears. Honestly.

    This is what is going to happen. The Celtics just tried to patch up the big hole left by the injured Perkins with two of the most rapidly-aging, injury prone Centers in the game today. My guess is Shaw makes to little to really give a shit what happens in the regular season and he and Jermaine are going to come to an agreement to alternate games. Sit one, play one. The Celtics are going to be in for a long regular season, but once the playoffs start, it’s on.

  • Marvelous

    For real the Celtics were already nice, but the moves they have made are putting them in a great position considering they stay healthy and fresh.

    As of right now, and understand I like the Lakers way better. I think in 7 series with no one injured. Boston wins it all.

    Granted the Lakers have gotten some nice pieces too, but I just don’t see Barnes and Blake as the answers to a Three-peat.

    Oh and down in Miami I think one of those cats (likely Wade, but possibly LeBron because of karma for some) will get injured. So that will take them out.

    Wow gotta to give it to Boston the moves they have made are excellent. Houston and other squads need to pay real attention.

  • MBE18

    #36 according to the website

  • K

    even tho shaq is old he still get a couple of buckets and thats all we need from him in boston.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Five years ago the front court of KG. Shaq, and JO would’ve dominated the League. Today they’ll be lucky if two of them are healthy at the same time.

  • Chise

    I think it’s a great move until Perk comes back. Once he returns it’ll get pretty interesting.

  • K Dizzle

    Cosign post #6

    Gonna love Orl, Mia and Bos beatin the crap outta each other.

    I keep hearin dudes say they can’t wait to see Rondo throwin lobs to Shaq…..it’s 2010. Shaq don’t do that anymore…

  • alf (from melmak)

    Utah could have been a better fit. And at that low priced contract, the Jazz really should have made a run at him.

  • hahns

    boston: where 90’s all stars go to die.

  • fallinup

    My first thought reading the article was “Bill Walton”. He jumped into the Celts mix and they pulled off a ring. Who cares if Shaq comes into shape… if anything, we know the Celts save everything for the playoffs. Shit, Sheed got into shape a month before June, so don’t think they won’t know how to use Shaq. It’s a great plus to scrap out one more good run, for DIRT cheap.

    This upcoming season becomes even more interesting.

  • Tony Toni

    If they can keep KG healthy they can go back to the finals, they got plenty of fouls to give, now Ray Allen has to hit a J. Check out this blog that has a 2010-2011 Atlantic Division preview http://www.4realhoops.blogspot.com

  • Jquest 23

    Yo this is a big pick up. Now they Def gunna bang wit the heat in the East. Mia needs to get some real big men.

  • QQ is an idiot

    what a scrub. what a way to completely turn your back on the lakers. Its a shame to play for Boston after having had a successful career with the Lakers. This is like if Magic went to play for the Celtics when he came back. Despicable.

  • LoBezn0

    That Celtics lineup is like the NBA version of “The Expendables”. Heck, even their frontline alone can pass for that; maybe Rasheed won’t retire after all.



    WOW!! seems your not a big fan of miami.. but saying there would be a possible injuries???….. hmmm….. nevermind…

    may godbless you always….

  • Cha-Ching

    Is this the first LA champ to sellout to the green garbage????

  • http://therulers.bandcamp.com/ pacetola

    Celtics = Koch Records

  • joross

    Nice now the heat have a challenge in the east!!!!fuck the heat,fuck the bandwagon!Fuck lebron james!

    sorry for the bad word,just happy…

  • OneZero

    so it finally happens..

    the two O’Neals are finally reunited..at long last


  • SJ

    Man, with as many people that were saying Shaq should hang ‘em up the last few weeks, I can’t believe so many of you love him on the Celts. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for him and the team. If you look at his numbers last year with injuries (pretty much 12 and 6 in 22 minutes), it’s decent production for the time played. Assuming he played 40 minutes, you can arguably double those numbers and you got a 20+ and 10+ player. I’m certainly not saying he could play 40 minutes a game and definitely not do that consistently, but if you will say someone is a great player who can do 20 and 10 in 36 minutes, how can you knock his production?

    I was honestly hoping he would find his way to the Pacers, but there’s always next year.

  • SJ

    *Turns out it’s a two-year deal, so nix my Pacers remark for getting Shaq next year.

  • mark rideout

    keep playing shaq five more years be the oldest player to play the game. the bret farve of basketball