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Carmelo Anthony pulling a Tiger Woods on the Denver Nuggets

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

By the time you read this, Carmelo Anthony may have been traded. At least that’s the vibe we’re getting from the reports surfacing around the League that say ‘Melo has made it very clear to the Nuggets that he has no intention of signing another contract with them and wants to be traded ASAP. One of our guys came up with a ‘Melo-to-Houston scenario that could work; what do you think of a Kevin Martin/Chauncey Billups backcourt? The Knicks, Magic, Clippers, Warriors and Nets have also been mentioned a lot … On the grand scale of NBA divorces, ‘Melo leaving Denver would be like the marriage where one spouse thinks everything is fine and dandy, then find out one day that the other spouse has been exploring other options for months. And almost before they can comprehend what’s going on, it’s over … The Nuggets should take full advantage of this, though. Can they get All Sport to sponsor an hour-long special on ESPN2 called “The Reluctant Decision”? … The Nuggets don’t have to throw up their hands and go into rebuilding mode. But at the same time, with Kenyon Martin‘s contract expiring and J.R. Smith‘s continuing shenanigans, maybe they should take this opportunity to start over. What would you do if you were running the team? … Speaking of running the team, it doesn’t really help Denver’s chances of keeping ‘Melo that they just hired a GM who’s spent the last three years helping bury the Toronto Raptors … A few media outlets picked up on a report that Baron Davis is on the Boris Diaw diet and ballooned up to 260 pounds this offseason. That was quickly refuted by Boom Dizzle on Twitter: “Faulty insider info. Hi hatersss! Lol.”Nenad Krstic got his FIBA punishment, a three-game suspension plus a 45,000-Euro fine (about $57,000 American) for his role in the Serbia/Greece brawl. Baby Shaq was suspended two games and put on milkshake restriction for his part … Meanwhile, it looks like Argentina won’t have Andres Nocioni for the World Championship. His bum ankle is bad enough that the Sixers are encouraging him to sit out … Is it really a good idea for the Blazers to have Buck Williams working with Greg Oden as he makes his way back into the lineup? It’s not that Buck doesn’t have a lot of wisdom to drop on the youngster, but if you remember, Buck went head-to-head against some of the toughest power forwards the game has ever seen, and he didn’t play nice. He might end up breaking Oden’s other knee while having a Karl Malone flashback … We’re out like Krstic …

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  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    That’s crazy the Melo could get traded so soon. I just can’t see him in another jersey!

  • PrettyBoyPeeWee

    My Team The 76ers Have A Good Chance Of Getting Him

  • Paul Wall

    As a Nuggets fan that sucks to see but the writings on the wall. Hopefully we get somebody of value in return so we don’t have to blow everything up.

  • Chuck

    Why does Melo wanna leave denver so bad? Just two years ago they were challenging the lakers. After everyone comes back from injury who knows what they could accomplish? I understand not signing the extension but demanding a trade? Lebron has started some sophmoric high school crap where the league isn’t even gonna be competitive anymore, it’s about clicks now and people teaming up. pathetic!!

  • Paul Wall

    From yahoo.com

    Carmelo Anthony (notes) wants out of Denver, and Worldwide Wes delivered that message to the Nuggets with all the delicacy of a jackhammer at Sunday morning services. Do yourself a favor and trade him, the agent told the organization weeks ago.

    Denver was furnished with a short list of teams and told to get to work. Yes, this how William Wesley and Leon Rose of CAA work now, thick with threats and ultimatums and a swagger suggesting that the sport belongs to them. After Anthony told owner-in-waiting Josh Kroenke that he still wanted out of Denver during a Sunday meeting, the Nuggets appear done trying to sell their All-Star forward on a contract extension.

    This wasn’t a productive, nor particularly pleasant, meeting and multiple sources said it could turn out to be the point of no return for Anthony and the organization. Sources insist it’s no longer a matter of if the Nuggets trade Anthony, but when, where and for whom he’s traded for.

    “It’s almost a given they’re going to move him,” said a front-office executive who’s talked with the Nuggets and Anthony’s agents with CAA.

    While Kroenke had several severe remedies in his back pocket if the agency didn’t back off its most strident demands, sources said Thursday night that the owner never had to go that far to get CAA to work with the Nuggets. Now agent Leon Rose and Wesley are more open-minded about potential trade destinations.

    Anthony wants to leave Denver and get his three-year, $65 million contract extension now. This partnership is rounding third and rapidly reaching disrepair. Denver is willing to trade Anthony, J.R. Smith (notes) and Kenyon Martin (notes) , and start over again, sources said.

    The Nuggets made it clear to teams they want young players and draft picks for Anthony, league executives said. The New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as the two most probable destinations for Anthony because they have assets that appeal to Denver. The geography works for Anthony because of his wife LaLa Vazquez’s entertainment career.

    Golden State and Houston are contenders, too. What’s more, the Charlotte Bobcats are a sleeper because of Anthony’s Brand Jordan shoe deal and the team’s ability to give the Nuggets a salary-dump proposal.

    Back in mid-July, the Kroenkes had to travel to New York for Anthony’s wedding to finally realize he no longer intended to sign their extension offer. The reception spiraled into an evening of Chris Paul (notes) and Anthony’s brother making toasts about a future partnership for Anthony and Paul in New York with the Knicks. With nothing to trade for Anthony, though, New York isn’t considered a strong contender in the eyes of Denver management.

    Few can be as strong-minded and willful as Stan Kroenke, and it doesn’t matter the Nuggets will be turned over to his son Josh by the end of the year. Stan still will be looming over the franchise, and the billionaire has shown an old-school ability to carry through on his convictions once you’ve lost him as an ally.

    With the way that CAA has tried to muscle and manipulate the market this summer, sources said Stan Kroenke, freshly approved as the St. Louis Rams owner, intends look closely at whether the NBA should adopt a “franchise player” tag that teams could slap on superstars like the one the NFL uses. NBA owners are still far from seriously discussing that issue, but CAA’s manipulation of Anthony and Paul while under contract has become an increasingly sore subject within the league.

  • control

    Paul Wall

    Thanks for the post.

    I really hate how these fucktards like “worldwide wes”, guys who are essentially nobodies, are walking into GM’s offices and making a list of demands. If a player wants to be traded, great for him, but giving a list of teams is just fucking pathetic. If I were Denver, I’d send him to the Wolves just so Melo would fade into obscurity.

  • Mr. TKO

    Man, it seems like Melo is taking advice from Lebron’s people. I understand if you don’t want to be there anymore, but I wish they could have kept this low key so that we wouldn’t know about him and his people trying to force their way out.

  • NYK


    you can’t send Melo to Wolves. He’s not a point guard.
    Kahnnnnnn has is having nightly wet dreams about a CP3-Ricky Rubio backcourt though.

  • Big Mike

    Has the league come to this? WWW and Leon Rose are taking over like Nino did the Carter… NBA will suffer from this!

  • Shiptar

    yeah, i would trade his stupid ass to minnesota or toronto… these young superstars are a bunch of spoiled primadonnas!!

  • Busted Douglas

    So the same people who are calling Lebron a follower and a sidekick are now blaming him for starting the super-team trend? You cant have it both ways. If Lebron is a follower and DWade is the leader, then DWade should get the blame for starting the clique trend.

    And why is nobody giving DWade a hard time for “not being able to do it on his own” and “admitting he needs help”? Didn’t he just go out and recruit Bosh and Lebron to play with him? Isn’t that EXACTLY what Jordan and Magic said they wouldn’t have done? But why is Lebron getting all the hate and D-Wade is skating free?

    And nobody is getting on Bosh either. He gladly took (almost) max money to be the #3 guy. He also admitted he needs help and can’t do it on his own. But Bosh aint getting any hate, it’s all on Lebron. BS.

  • porkpiehat

    Carmelo is a talented offensive player but is overrated. He is a no D shot jacker who is not that great of a shooter.
    While almost no one has his variety of moves, there are dozens of guys who have better judgement and better jumpers and a lot more maturity. Denver could easily improve by trading him.

    Similar story for JR Smith. A much better shooter than Anthony, he also has a very low hoops IQ and an even worse attitude. Possesions count more than talent in the NBA, and Smith wastes a lot of them. Between he and Anthony you have 15 bad possesions a game, guaranteed. It’s a near miracle the Nuggets win as many games as they do with these two.

    Trading Martin would be bad for Denver, though, in the short term. Although he is old, overpaid, injury prone and churlish, he is also a tenacious on and off ball defender who can get out on the pick and roll and defend the post. Also, even though he’s not as tough as he acts, he’s still comparitively tough by today’s standards, and unlike Anthony and Smith, he’s no dummy (basketball-wise)

    All told, Denver has just the right mixture of talent and uncertainty to do what they do best; make the playoffs and lose in the first or second round.

  • alf (from melmak)

    As a Utah Jazz fan, I am smiling at this development. As an NBA fan, I would hate it so much if the competitive balance in the league is lost for good.

    Why would I watch the regular season if the teams are stacked unevenly? Might as well only watch the games starting in the conference finals.

    Also, just a guess here, but people like Worldwide Wes probably never had a happy childhood.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    57. We will play Blue’s Clues in the office.

  • yoda

    never liked melo. from day when he came to league and started to talk like him and lbj are going to be next magic and bird, without even single game played, to that sucker punch-pedaling back against knicks, he was little bitch. but this “here is list where i want to be traded” (and its not only melo, its just about every super star player nowdays) is really over the top. i’m with control on this one, send him to minny or some other place like that. guy who never delivered anything in nba, whos hurt his team with suspension now wants out and he demands to be traded to certain teams? no way!

  • K Dizzle

    Please don’t start with the Melo just a jacker shit now.
    Dude is a top 5 player in the world.
    Is he a bitch like Lebron for leavin a franchise that was built around him for the sake of Lala’s career?
    But please don’t start the “He ain’t shit as a player cuz dude wants outta Denver”

    @ post 11

    We shit on Lebron cuz he is the 2 time MVP, “nearby” raised kid who led his squad to back to back 60+ wins, then bounced to go play with his friends in South Beach.
    Nobody blames Bosh cuz he’s always been seen as a 2nd option who needed a Kobe, Wade, Durant, James, Roy type of alpha to lead him.
    Why would anybody be mad at DWade? He got help for HIS team. He never abandoned his squad. He recruited some free agents to strengthen his squad. Just happened to be 2 Franchise players from other teams. No reasons to be mad at him.
    Like barkley said, when you the 2 time MVP, dudes should come play with you, not the other way around.
    Hope that clears up a lil bit of that.

  • heavy d

    Years ago David Stern made the decision to market individual players above the teams or the league. This summer was all about those players realizing that they had the power. The big threat is that they’ll walk and the team will get nothing or possibly a couple low draft picks in return when they leave, so you better get what you can. Lebron and Bosh just left providing the object lesson to teams who foolishly want to believe the system of being able to pay more will save them. Chris Paul tried it but found that he had two much contract remaining. Carmelo now is the one to try. Not hard to understand why he doesn’t believe in the Nuggets. This is the team that gave away Marcus Camby for nothing to the Clippers. They aren’t willing to pay anything for a shot at a title, so he knows he could be the well paid star with the team slipping around him due to financial constraints (think Joe Johnson).

    The reason that this is being played out now and not like Bosh and Lebron is timing. Carmelo didn’t have the forethought to sign a shorter extension at the end of his rookie deal and with a new CBA looming he might not be able to ink such a lucrative extensive next summer (with anyone but Denver). He has to force a trade to a team he wants now so that he can sign a max extension before the term max gets redefined. If it wasn’t for that timing issue Carmelo would be player most likely to appear on “The Decision 2011″.

  • rick773

    I know it’s not on his short list but how bout Deng and our two first round picks for melo. Yes I know Deng is overpaid but he did average 18 and 8 and outside of houston offering K-MART i don’t see any better deals than that.

  • common sense

    Man, this all started when Jordan was winning titles. The notion of ‘The Man’ or ‘Leader’ has clouded everyones decision to make people think that MJ won the titles by himself and not without Pip, Rodman, etc… and that Kobe was ‘the MAN’ on his team when in fact he had the most loaded squad in the league, now people have the nerve to moan at Bron for wanting to join a loaded team when all of the past champions have been absolutely loaded.

    I mean seriously, LA, Detroit, Boston, Spurs, Multiple all stars/Hall of Fame players. Get of the crack people, Lebron had to join Miami to stand a chance of beating LA and Boston and Orlando, those teams are too loaded to beat by himself.

  • common sense

    Now that players are starting to see through the BS, they realize that whislt the media might want to promote the ‘ONE MAN CAN WIN IT ALL’ fairytale.. reality differs.. hence they are clamouring to join teams with a high possibility of at least challenging.. and fans are still believing the propaganda about how these loaded squads have ruined the league.. please, the league was ruined when all involved in the game endlessly ‘ulogize’ about how ‘player X’ won a chip by himself, thus elevating him to godly status. Meaning he can demand ridiculous trades and put himself before the TEAM. ALL are responsible for this mess…

  • common sense

    also, if anything is to blame for this point in time with the ridiculous inbalance in the NBA resembling the Gap between the worlds rich and poor, blame the GASOL trade and the blatent foul play involved. Such a lopsided trade has led to the Lakers allmost three peating and potentially making the finals for 5 straight years (unless Durant goes on the Rashard Lewis/JJ Reddick diet). The Lakers squad has become so stacked that other teams are taking reqruiting super squads to a whole new level and players are willing to put pride aside and join up becaus they know that alone they have no chance in taking down the lakers, or the Cletics as a matter of fact. I mean the Celtics have 4 future hall of famers on their roster, potentially 5 if you count Rondo (whos a very unique talent, does it all (but shoot straight off course)). I mean these squads set the trend, they might have been comprised slightly less assiduously than Miami or Carmelos destination but they are stacked none the less. Throw in Miami and Orlando and we have a 4 way ‘NBA ARMS RACE’ were everyone else might as well just die. Now ‘EVERYONE ELSE’ is clamouring to join this race and form their own stacked squad to the detriment of the League, the fans and to the Jilted franchises (i mean DAN GILBERT damn near lost his mind the way he reacted, he even got AL SHARPTON to compare the event to slavery!!!)..

    P.S. Sorry for the long post but i think ive covered the reasons why we have what we have.. and please message to fans. quit the orwellian double speak and quit believing in this ‘ONE MAN WINS ALL BS’, it does not happen!!!

  • That’s What’s Up

    Jesus Christ DIME – I’ve always asked for a character limit on these posts. Today should be the proof. A bunch of wannabe Alf’s up in here….wishing they could write for DIME.

    Melo to the Spurs – perfect fit. Spurs got the D covered, but could really use a scorer with no conscious. Go get him Pop.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ That’s What’s Up

    Thanks. Want to grab a burger one of these days? :)

    @ Dime
    Why not hold something like an annual party among the people in here. Everyone here loves basketball and I am pretty sure everyone will have one or two stories to tell. What is the worst that could happen?

  • DNice

    Kevin Durant is the anti-Melo

  • DNice

    By the way whats up with all these horrible NBA nicknames. I want some new names like The Reignman, The Mailman, The Admiral. Not this stupid initial crap. J Ho, D Wade, D Will. com’on lets get more creative. The only one in the nba that has a cool nickname not associated with his real name is Agent zero aka The Hibachi. Whats next? J Wall, E Turn, D Cous. Am I the only one who feels this way!! (Sorry for the rant)

  • JAY

    Actually, Alf’s posts haven’t been that bad as of late.

    and the Laker/Memphis trade wasn’t lopsided. I thought so at the time also but in hindsight, they were really building for the future. It was a calculated risk that worked.
    I went over this a few weeks ago….
    Memphis knew they wouldn’t win with Pau as “the guy”, so they moved him. Marc is now one of the league’s best young centers, who has at least another decade ahead of him, and is surrounded by a ton of young wing talent. They also got rid of a max player who they may not have been able to sign.
    Nobody knows where they would be today if they kept Pau… but i’m sure their room for improvement would be this high.
    Great trade by Memphis and obviously great move by the Lakers. A win for both sides.

  • JAY

    @DNice: Wade’s nickname isn’t D-Wade… it’s Flash. IMO, “Hibachi” is wack because he gave it to himself. Same goes for “Black Mamba” and any other self-appointed nickname…
    To defend the players though, maybe they wouldn’t have to appoint their own nickname if the media would come up with some good ones.

    *nudge DIME*

    My suggestions for the other Heat dudes…
    Lebron… The Brand
    Bosh… 3rd Wheel

  • The Journeyman

    I LOVE ALF!!!

    lol he is the best of the best

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    This is going to be long, and not trying to be a reporter or all that, just getting this out there to be said.
    The have(s) and have-nots.

    Now concerning Melo. I am thinking, in some regards I don’t want him to go to Houston. Don’t get me wrong, dude is a talent and great. Still I feel like in different apsects Houston doesn’t really care about winning it all. I also feel some more teams fall in this catergory as well.

    In looking at certain teams and Houston. I feel like while teams like Boston, LA and Orlando are making it clear ..we want to win it all NOW. Houston is more along the lines of hey lets be “competitive”. Come on now lets be honest, while Tracy McGrady did have perhaps 1 at the most 2 decent players with him before all the injuries, dude never had a squad that you could honestly look at on paper and say yea these dudes will see the finals.

    When they did finally have a squad worthy of at least moving past the 1st round, it was to late, as all the years of carrying the load (mixed in with just being fragile) was to much and McGrady couldn’t do it. (Think what could have been if they made the trades necessary while Tracy was dropping 20-30 a night.)

    Meanwhile, in all these past years, the Lakers pull off getting Pau Gasol and others, Boston works out having a “Big Three” and other teams make moves to win it all NOW.

    While Houston is riding pipe dreams with Yao, cause lets be honest he can’t carry a team, he isn’t going to take them to the next level and if you get 50 games plus the playoffs out of him count it a blessing. Yet what separates Yao from many is he has a big market that is helping Houston greatly from players getting All-Star votes on the team, to shoe contracts and other fortune.

    I personally have been campainging for Yao to be traded for a while now. Sure he is a 20/10 guy but as I saw someone say once, it’s not like a dominating 20/10 as a young Shaq would give. So why not trade dude and make the trades that make Houston a win it all now squad.

    It’s because the GM D.M. has had success with pressing his luck and now seems to be trapped in that mode. Granted you have had players like, Brooks, Von Wafer, Lowry, Landry and others work out for you. Yet that doesn’t mean that you stay in the mode of always trying to find a hidden “gem”. Houston seems to be stuck there.

    So the fear is, sure Houston gets Melo. Yet they give up Martin most likely cause, they are not giving up the marketing cow in Yao. Then you do have a nice squad, but still it’s not one that’s going to likely win it all now. It’s one that will be competitive for a nice amount of years till Yao gets hurt again, or Melo gets frustrated or to injury prone or wants out.

    Competitive is nice and a good way to stay relevant. It’s even great that they are able to market with China in such great ways. Still I have grown tired of being a fan of a team that just wants to look good and be competitive. I want them to do what is necessary to be a “Win it all now!” team.

    I am not leaving the squad as a fan, but it does make it hard and frustrating to know they could have and could be that team to win it all now and won’t just because other things matter apparently more.

    It’s other squads that seem to be in the “competitive” mode as well and while they are great cooler talk. Besides an outside chance of being a Cinderella story, the competitive teams won’t see the trophy. While those that are in win it all now mode will likely at some point hold the trophy, up or at least be where they should be to have the best chance.

    My apologies for length.

  • http://tolulope.edun@gmail.com Y.G.

    Don’t know what’s wrong with Wes & Leon Rose doing what’s in the best interest of their client. If this was Tellem or Faulk, I doubt they would receive this amount of hate. Melo is among the top basketball players in the world, & wants to to win a chip. So why would he want to stay in Denver when it’s obvious that they don’t have the players to compete for a chip & Karl may not return. How aren’t y’all coming at Kronke for not making Melo an offer he couldn’t refuse by offering him a 6 year $128 million extension, instead of a disrespectful 3 year $65 million. Smh

  • carmikal

    Last year’s playoffs probably put the nail in the coffin. Karl wasn’t there and all but did he need to be for a squad like Denver to beat Utah? What are the chances that Denver makes it out of the west? Not to mention that they added another nut in Al Harrington. I don’t blame you Melo however it only makes sense if you go to NY because Lala won’t be in his ear about her career and his marketing $ will make up for a lot. I just don’t see the logic in leaving Denver for Houston?

  • http://www.givejonadollar.com givejonadollar

    Carmello is a grown man and can play for who he wants, when he wants, if a mutual agreement is reached.

    Dime mag indeed!

  • Busted Douglas

    @K Dizzle — You and Barkley are forgetting the major major difference here. Lebron would have had to convince DWade and Bosh to move to CLEVELAND, whereas DWade had the allure of MIAMI in his pocket. (There’s no need to get into why Lebron and DWade wouldn’t go to Toronto.)

    Obviously the fans/media care more about the “His team” and “alpha” and “1st option” stuff than the players do. Lebron-DWade-Bosh wanted to play together, so they made it happen; they don’t care about the uniform so much as the opportunity to play together. If they had all gone to New York, would LeBron be getting the same hate? Would DWade be getting any hate? Because in that case, they all would have ditched their original teams.

    It was dumb in the 1st place for people in Cleveland to think they had Lebron’s loyalty. He’s not even from Cleveland. He’s from Akron, and he said when he was growing up he and his boys didn’t like people from Cleveland.

    There have been hundreds of free agents who changed teams, and none of them get hated on like Lebron. Why is nobody hating on Boozer? Nobody’s hating on KG for forcing a trade out of Minnesota. Nobody’s hating on Baron for leaving a playoff team in GS to play for the Clippers. Nobody’s hating on Artest for leaving Houston (a winning team) to go play for the loaded team in LA.

  • calvin brodus

    LOL @ Y.G.

    offering a man $65 million to play basketball for three years is disrespectful?

    i wish i got that kind of disrespctin.

  • WinDelRoj

    If Carmelo goes to Houston hes in the same situation he is here. If he stays there at least is the possibility that Denver can make enough moves to get some players. The best trade rumor was the one sending him to Orlando. I almost get the feeling hes not going anywhere unless Lala can get her own talk show.
    BTW Melo is an incredible basketball player, his whole deal is effort. He doesnt bring it every night. The Lakers series 2 years ago excluded since he actually believed in the team.

  • http://tolulope.edun@gmail.com Y.G.

    How can Melo not ask out? The past two summers the only real addition Denver has made was Al Harrington. Wow!!! Further, George Karl is sick;Chauncey’s best days are behind him; J.R. is unreliable; Nene & K-Mart as a frontline combo are too small to compete in the west; whose a viable#2 option on the team??? I’ll wait. Those are just a few reasons why Melo wants out.                                                       I’d love to see Melo bring basketball to MSG with STATS & Tony Parker. For all y’all saying that the nba’s competitiveness will be lost… Guess what, it’s been gone ever since the big 3 formed in Boston, & when us Lakers got Gasol.

  • JAY

    There’s no use explaining to you why people are hating on Lebron and not shining the same light on anyone else. If you can’t understand it now, 2 months later, you never will.

  • K Dizzle

    @ JAY

    I was gonna reply to it till I saw the comparisons to a guy who didn’t want to be traded(KG) and 2 guys their teams didn’t even want(Baron & Artest)…

    @ Y.G.
    Lemme guess. Knicks fan?

  • http://tolulope.edun@gmail.com Y.G.

    @K Dizzle- I’m a Laker fan dawg. I feel that it would be good for the NBA to have the Knicks relevant again. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Melo out of the west.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Y.G.

    That’s cool then, but with or without Melo, Denver goes as George Karl goes. That’s why they rolled over and died last playoffs. I don’t know if Melo can play with STAT. In the Miami situation, both Lebron n Flash can play set-up man and make plays for everybody else.
    With Melo and STAT, they stone scorers. I don’t remember them ever setting up anybody else or makin their teammates better.
    NBA’s gonna be in trouble if it keeps goin like this with 30 franchises and 20 legit franchise players playing on 7-8 teams…

  • common sense

    The theory of Parody in the NBA is long dead and theres no pretense anymore. The league is geared around the Markee teams and always has been. The only difference before is that it was quite well masked. I mean lets face it, the drafts have been quisical to say the least, the way the ping pong balls conveniently fall to the teams who need it the most… I mean how on hell has Minesota never recieved a 1st pick when they suck every year, and Chicago come out of nowhere to get the hometown kid/saviour Rose.

    Way to many coicidences to not raise some red flags. People bemoaning a top heavy league should join the real world. I mean how many teams have actually won a chip. It rotates between a small number of teams, primarily LA and Boston.. the biggest markets.

    NBA = National Banking Association – Its all about the Benj$mins Baby….

  • LakeShow84

    I love all these top 10 players racin to other teams cuz they tired of getting they asses kicked..

    I been waiting to say it so ima say it..

    This is all fallout from us having a STRANGLEHOLD on the last 3 Finals and possibly the NEXT 2-3.. Last year everyone re-upped during summertime and we STILL came out on top.. This year?? Shit MARQUEE players are joining forces because they know who is coming out the west..

    Melo going to the East?? Shit that just leaves Dallas and OKC as our main competetion.. These foo’s is making it easy for a 4 straight Finals appearance and they dont even realize it..

    And for everyone STILL asking why DWade got a pass for his shit?? Dwayne Wade won a ring.. he brought a ring to Miami and no one even EXPECTED him too.. So even if he LEFT Miami wouldnt trip TOO HARD (they’d trip SLIGHTLY lol) because he delivered the franchises JEWEL moment..

    With all the yak being thrown out about Lebron one of the main clips was “Lebron will bring a championship to Cleveland” – FAIL.. So thats why DWade gets a pass..

    BET if Lebron won a ring in 06 the fallout wouldnt be THIS bad.. at least Cleveland fans could have something HISTORICAL to look back on.. not a whole of bunch douche baggery lol

  • Ross

    Trade him. He is a good player but not a franchise player. Just a scorer who will never commit his game to defense and become a franchise player. Can’t lead a team to the chip. Period.

  • http://tolulope.edun@gmail.com Y.G.

    @ K Dizzle                                                                                                Yea George Karl is a major part of their team, but to basically say that he matters more than Melo is a reach. Come on man, did you watch them in the playoffs? Who was consistent offensively & defensively besides Melo?                                                                                                I agree that Melo isn’t D-Wade or LBJ from a playmaker standpoint, but he has never played with another elite player like Parker or STATS. Melo is a guy who looks for his shot first, but one cannot deny that he has the skills to be a playmaker: high basketball IQ; good court vision; commands a double team. Birdman, K-Mart, & Aaron Afflalo all ate of Melo. Picture Tony Parker, Melo, & STATS under D’antoni’s system… I don’t think they’ll have any problems scoring. Imagine Parker & Melo in pick n roll with STATS. I think they would give Miami trouble

  • K Dizzle

    @ Y.G.

    Not sayin Melo or Karl is more important, but with Karl, Denver was the 2nd best team in a tough west, but without Karl, they get destroyed by Utah? That shouldn’t happen.
    Melo played good all season so, for last season, Karl was more important.

    I don’t know if Melo has the skills to be a playmaker. He’s been in the league 6 seasons and I’ve never seen it. All them boys eatin off Melo were more cuz Chauncey was runnin the point and dude commands respect. If Billups gives the ball to JR or Kenyon when Melo wants it, he can’t say nuthin to Chauncey. Don’t get me wrong. Melo, STAT and Parker would be ridiculous, but I think they’d have more of an issue sharin that rock.
    Don’t underestimate what Steve Nash meant to D’Antoni’s system.

  • Deez Nutz

    @ LakeShow84

    thats right, lakers all day!!

  • Sporty-j

    To the 1 poster who asked why is D-Wade not recieving any HEAT while Lebron is getting all the HEAT. Are you serious or just slow??? Well heres why! Its because D-Wade stayed with his team and got 2 other franchise players to sign with “HIS TEAM.” Its because DWade does not seperate himself from any of the other superstars in todays game like KOBE, DURANT, and ETC and act like hes bigger than all the other superstars. People got MAD respect for DWade and he has done nothing wrong and thats why none of the GREATS and people in general like the “media” can call him out or find anything to say just like you cant. There are plenty of reasons why people lost mad respect for Lebron and its more about the way he acts and carries himself than his game. He acts like he intitled to everything and has had everything handed to him in life once he hit high school except a NBA championship ring and joined a player who many people still consider to be better than him and the best of the 2003 class and did it in not a so classy way that rubbed a lot of people in the wrong way. Now hes going to be handed a championship ring eventually with-out having to earn it because he was scared he was going to be 31 with bad knees and no rings to show for it when he was suppose to be the next coming of Jesus or Jordan and took an EASY way out after being the most hyped athlete in sports history. Hell im a Heat fan and can understand that. No harm done on Wades part and Wade is going to battle Kobe for the 2nd best SG to ever play the game behind Jordan and Wades Legacy will always have to be ahead of Lebrons from now on, even though i think Wade and Lebron will end up as top 10 greatest players of all-time when its all said and done. By the way DWade has won it by HIM-SELF so i dont know what your talking about or what planet you’ve been sleeping on. Wade never admitted he cant do it by HIM-SELF because he has showed the WORLD that he can in 2006 and the Mavericks will co-sign that. He could not do it with the bunch of losers we had on the roster the last 2yrs because we were waiting for 2010 to get back on the map and i think it paid off big time, way more than even Wade could have imagined. LOYALTY, staying the course even though he was frustated as heck is why Wade will eventually be compared to Jordan when hes done lacing them up because if not for WADE none of this stuff in Miami would have been possible and Lebron will co-sign that. It showed Lebron was more hungrier to play with Wade be than Wade with Lebron because if Cleveland would have had the cap space my Heat had and Bosh would have signed with the Cavs. Wade would have just tuffened it out and just rode out with Boozer and Mike Miller if he would have had to lol. Hell Wade might even go down as the most realist guy in NBA History. He has never Bashed Pat Riley and Arison to the Media like Kobe did with the Lakers 4yrs ago and when it looked like all hell broke loose in Laker-land and he was right behind Shaq and going out the door next. It looked like the lakers were going to lose 2 franchise players in 1 decade and be in rebuilding mold but a trade from Heaven comes thru and the Lakers are contenders again. Shaq can tell you first hand that loyalty means a lot in sports because and the way you leave your job can come back to bite you in the a$$. He could have easily been down here in the warm weather having the time of his life but he burnt his Bridges with Wade and Riley when he sold them out when he left and now hes in the cold freezing his A$$ off and it looks like Kobe will have the last laugh at the end of there career also because he now has 1 more ring than Shaq which we all know will haunt Shaq until he goes to the grave. If Barkley felt Lebron should have stayed in Cleveland, he should have also made a a statement about Kobe and called Kobe out also because when your the “2-TIME” back to back NBA defending champs which hes knows nothing about. You dont go out and recruit players to come play for you. You let them come to you says THE GREAT CHARLES BARKLEY and you let other teams respond to catching up with you while you vacate on Mars until camp. Kobe is even nervous about what went on down in SOUTH BEACH and probably feels like he did not even win a championship just a few months ago because Charles BarkleyS idol the “GREAT MICHEAL JORDAN” would not been trying to recruit guys he almost fought with on the court to come join him from Starks, to Reggie or whoever. He would have wanted to embarress those guys every time he saw them so does that make Kobe a PUNK or a smart man for reacting to what just went down on SOUTH BEACH because he already knows who he will be facing if he wants his 6th ring??? The bottom line is that Lebron knew Wade was finally going to get a team put around him again after the Heat wasted 2yrs of his prime in which Wade had all the right to stick it to us the way Lebron stuck it to Cleveland because hes never getting those 2yrs of his prime back and had a reason to unlike Lebron who had no reason to because Cleveland kept adding pieces to get Lebron over the Hump unlike Wades team who were looking for expiring contracts and did not care if the players name was Kwame Brown. Some teams in the NBA never could compete with the elite teams of the NBA because of bad management by a lot of teams so i dont know why people and Owners are complaining now as if they had a chance last year or any other year. Wade, Lebron , and Bosh just made it even more obvious that those teams dont stand a chance because of this crazy summer but those teams never did once you look at the Lakers roster so why complain now. Wade is the most LOYAYLIST AND REALIST down to earth player in the NBA and thats y he recieves no “Heat” because has has his own mind like Kobe, D-Will, and Durant do also and Bows down to NOBODY.

  • control

    I’m all for reading long, well thought out, intelligent comments(actually why I visit the site)…but having a 3 page paragraph that is just incoherent gibberish by some retard with almost no basketball knowledge is just stupid. There shouldn’t be a character limit here, there should be an IQ test (80+=pass) before you can post. Ironically that would also eliminate almost everyone who doesn’t agree with me.

  • That’s What’s Up

    IQ test/Character limit combo.

    The stupider you are, the less you can post

  • That’s What’s Up

    It’s like people are typing the same way a geeked-up crackhead would talk

  • JAY

    FYI to you power-posters… I just skip your shit.

    Just thought of something… the 5 basketball positions and how they correlate to DIME posters…

    1 – Point Guard… straight to the point posters. 1-2 sentence.
    2 – Shooting Guard… people who “shoot the shit” about everything, regardless of what the topic of the article is.
    3 – Small Forward… people who belittle the shit out of the DIME writers every chance they get
    4 – Power Poster… people who write a frikkin 4 page essay, both sides, double-spaced. are you kidding me??
    5 – Center… “the banger” who likes to butt heads with other posters. State your case, but calm the fuck down!

    Which one are you?

    TGIFF!!! Have a good weekend boys!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BERN BROGDEN


    “Denver could easily improve by trading him.”


    ‘Melo’s nice. He goes hard on D when his shot is dropping. And he’ll try to stay committed to that – that is, until his team is down 15. He’ll give you everything if he feels his efforts are contributing to a win…it’s just the roster…their particular ROSTER has a CEILING.

    Don’t take my words as I’m saying he’s flawless professional. But Melo is TOP 5 PERCENTILE in terms of TALENT. You aint easily improving jack!

    “It’s a near miracle the Nuggets win as many games as they do with these two.”

    ^^–}} that’s hyperbole to the fullest extent of the law. Have you seen Ant Morrow, Kobe, Monta…dot dot dot…it’s the personnel and the coaching. Can’t blame it all on those two. Big Shot doesn’t show up all the time. You already mentioned KMart’s weaknesses. Bird’s Offensive repetoire is sorta like the average tall guy on your hs varsity squad. Put backs and rebounds. Some blocks. Basic avg tall guy sh*t.

    Trading KMart is bad but Trading Melo is good.
    I’ve heard it all. Melo wants out ’cause Melo wants to win.

    Parity’s a joke in the NBA until you lay some wagers.
    And that’s all I say about that!

    JAY I think I can play all positions. HA!

    PS – I don’t have a problem with Melo and Worldwide. If anything, what this summer has shown is – players are seizing more control of thier lives, their future and thier bargaining power. Aint nuttin wrong with brothers wanting to make good decisions with their finances. Aint nuttin wrong with brothers using thier friends or hollywood agents or ‘taking a different path.’ Period.

  • Jay10do

    Lebron done started sum shit, GO HEAT!!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    Sporty-J gots lots to say now that his team has returned to relevance.. its cute though lol

    @ Jay

    ill man the 2 spot all day lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ Brodgen

    I fail to understand how these peeps are “seizing control of their lives”.. these foo’s lives are KOSHER.. they make millions of dollars playing a SPORT.. which aint no cakewalk but it aint like they fucking SLAVES.. These cats (and its really this 03 draft class) are basically reneggin on they contracts and using snakish ass tactics to get it done.. all these “leaks” and media reports..

    Funniest part is its all coming from the same people..

    So players basically dont have to value contracts anymore?? when the going gets tough they can whine and pout they ways out of being a teams centerpiece??

    And aint no seizing control of their lives.. these is grown ass men.. i dont hear about them getting what they want in contracts all i hear about is “where they want to go and who they want to play with”..

    Be real.. this is a bunch of over grown kids basically acting like children and pushing they responsibilities to the back burner.. they all want to have fun..

  • Claw

    @ KDizzle and Lakeshow – f*ing right on!

    @Busted Douglas – What the hell are you talking about!?! Akron doesn’t like Cleveland? Its 30 minutes away (minus traffic) and what pro team is in Akron? Stupid as hell comment and yes I’m from Akron.

    League is becoming a joke, you are going to have a top 4-5 teams and the rest will be non-competitive. NFL created a salary cap to create parity what the hell do you think is going to happen at the next NBA collective bargaining agreement?

  • Busted Douglas

    @Claw — LeBron himself said he and his boys growing up didn’t like people from Cleveland. Said they treated people from Akron like they were less than them because Cleveland is the “big city.” It’s in the new GQ article.

  • LakeShow84

    Honestly i dont everyones going to follow this trend..

    This is just Lebrons influence.. look at last 2 people really tryin this shit.. Melo and Paul.. coincidence?? Nah because Lebron be in they ear all the time.. they all pahtnas..

    Lebron, Wade and Bosh?? Shit they all basically pahtnas too except for Bosh who is basically a follower and never been a leader..

    So its all basically the 03 class Lebron ACTUALLY has an influence on.. You dont see Nash, and even on the younger tip, Deron Williams, Al Jefferon, Rose or anyone else gripin about nothin.. Jamison and Butler didnt gripe about nothin they served they time and the Wiz were a joke..

    This 03 draft class is STRONGLY influenced by Lebron and the funniest part is Lebron is influenced by others.. Everyone followin someone who is a follower himself.. pretty ironic to me..

    Hopefully all the other NBA players see the ignorance and disrespect in this summer and look to it as an example of what NOT to do..

  • Dakeem1

    Why so much Houston hate? tell me how are they NOT a serious contender with a Melo-Martin trade? They are the ONLY team to take the Lakers to 7 games during the Kobe-Gasol era. they did it without Yao for half the series, and Artest didn’t show up at all. That team had much less talent than the current Rockets team, plus a melo tradee would upgrade the talent even more.

    I would argue that Melo to Houston is the most logical choice for EVERYONE involved.

    It works for Denver because the Rox have more assets to trade than any other team other than the Clippers. What can the Nugs salvage from Orlando? They’re onyl yonug asset is Reddick. they have no high draft picks, and no amazing large expirings.

    It works for Melo because he’d sstay in the west which is ip for grabs. He won’t hae to deal with heat an Celtics. and Houston has proven to be a bad match up for Lakers. Even though the lakers are still better than Rockets, they have trouble against them. And this is without Melo or Yao in the team.

    NBA fans have to stop listening to the crap that ESPN spit out. Most media outlets don’t give respect to the Rockets, even after a 22-win streak and taking Lakers to 7. all ESPN talk abot is Lebron. Get your heads out of your asses, and look at the facts, rather than the media spin, and you’ll see that Houston is a top 4 team in the west WHEN HEALTHY.