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Delonte West, Allen Iverson fighting to save NBA careers

Delonte West (photo. Jacob Gerber)

How much does it take to end an NBA career? Crazy enough, a criminal conviction is probably less damaging than a League suspension. When we heard yesterday that Delonte West had been handed a 10-game suspension by the NBA for his Chow Yun Fat impersonation, the first question somebody asked was, “Is his career over?” At first glance, you’d say no way: Delonte is only 27 years old and can be a solid contributor on a good team. And never mind that he pled guilty to riding around strapped like the revolution was about to be televised, but that 10-game suspension is going to make it tough to get back in the NBA. Rosters are already filling up, so if a team doesn’t sign him before the season begins, he’d have to be a midseason pickup. But usually when you sign a guy midseason, it’s because you have injuries or an immediate need at that position; so who’s going to pick up Delonte in that situation when he can’t play for the first 10 games in which he’s eligible? … Speaking of guys having a hard time getting back in the NBA, we finally had a whiff of interest in Allen Iverson. A rumor broke yesterday that the Hornets had A.I. on their radar, but then it was shot down. Iverson could work in New Orleans; now that Darren Collison has been traded, N.O. is once again in a position where Chris Paul doesn’t really have a backup, and they’re also thin at two-guard with just Marcus Thornton, Marco Belinelli and (maybe) rookie Quincy Pondexter, who is more of a three. If there’s anybody A.I. would have to accept a reserve role behind, it’s CP3 — if he’s going to do like he’s tweeted and accept a reserve role. But do you want to saddle first-year coach Monty Williams with a potentially explosive situation like that? So we can see where the Hornets would pass … And it’s crazy how A.I. can’t buy his way into the NBA, meanwhile Rudy Fernandez will do anything to get out of the League but he’s stuck in Portland … You can see Rudy in action when Spain plays Team USA tomorrow (NBA TV, 3 p.m. EST), and today the U.S. plays Lithuania (NBA TV, 5:30 p.m.). Linas Kleiza is the most recognizable name on the Lithuanian roster, but they’re usually good overall, one of the top medal contenders in the European Championships. They won’t be as athletic or fast as France, but will be tougher and better shooters … So Amar’e Stoudemire himself said Isiah Thomas had nothing to do with recruiting him to sign with the Knicks. If you remember, that was one of the main reasons NY’s bigwigs said they were hiring Isiah as a consultant. So either Isiah somehow convinced the team he did talk to Amar’e when he really didn’t, or the team just made up a reason to re-hire Isiah. Or maybe his “help” in recruiting was telling James Dolan, “Hey, you should sign Amar’e Stoudemire. He’s good.” … Nenad Krstic is the luckiest dude in the world right now. First, because he went on his chair-throwing, Greek-punching rampage in a FIBA game and not in the NBA, he’ll probably only be suspended for a few games. Second, since the game between Serbia and Greece took place in Greece, he had to spend a night detained by Greek police. Why is that lucky? Would you want to spend a night in a Serbian prison? Very good chance you wind up missing a vital organ … We’re out like Rudy …

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  • oh brother

    somebody please fire Isaih! He’s just trying to save his ass by saying he went after Amare. Amare don’t care about Isaih, he wants to win a championship and if Melo and CP3 or even Tony Parker go to the Knicks, rest assure they will win at least one championship

  • Joe’s Momma

    Delonte West got jizzed when Minnesota cut him so late in the beginning of the off-season. There are lots of places he can fit and play well but a lot of the $ has dried up. He will catch on somewhere hopefully.

    If he can go through a year of disaster free off the court stuff, a team will really benefit having him. Lots of positives, possible/probable negatives (10 game suspension) but sometimes its good to have a couple crazies around come playoff time


    Delonte West career is over of his run-ins with the law. Dude thought he is a real life Punisher! The deciding factor is — his sexual encounter with Heat #6 Mommy!

    See Delonte, if only you have gotten her pregnant, you would have been set for LIFE! You’ll be a legend!

  • s

    Krstic is Serbian, so he’s probably a hero for throwing the chair…

  • IGP

    Iverson could help so many teams…Lakers, Knicks, and Bulls at least.

  • yoda

    why would lakers want iverson? he doesn’t bring anything they need. they have solid point guards, great 2guard and solid back up. iverson could only be a distraction. knicks could use him, they are going to suck one way or another, so there is nothing they can lose.

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    why would kristic want to stay in a Greek jail as opposed to a Serbian jail if he’s Serbian himself. Wouldn’t a Serbian jail be more comfortable for him?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Hornets should pick up Delonte to back up CP3 when he sits out most of the season with a bruised vagina

  • gigi

    Lets go LT! Excited to see how this team will show, it cant be worse then what happened in the EuroBasket last summer.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Good call riling up the Serbians with these cheap shots. Didn’t some kid just tell someone on this site to eat his mother’s pussy for a less serious insult the other day? Watch it, there might be a poorly thrown chair in your future.

  • Promoman

    Delonte will get picked up before Iverson.

  • vignesh kumar

    orlando should pick up iverson… just to add a scoring option.. i cant believe there is no one out there who wants a former scoring champ,all star, mvp, guaranteed HOF..who can still ball and is still legit… coaches are so overrated

  • jnuh

    there’s a better chance of one of these clowns getting arrested before one of them getting signed.

  • i luv ur mummy

    callin all mummys…wat it do..holla at a fool

  • Darius

    I dont even care who signs A.I long as its somebody, I just want 2 to see him get an opprotunity

  • penya

    Dime, what do you know about Serbian prisons? You went a bit too far this time…

  • Heckler

    Delonte West would be good with the Spurs.
    they won’t need him right away anyway. Manu is breaking down and who is there 2-guard off the bench anyway? and if Manu is coming off the bench as the two, who is their starting 2-guard?

    Allen Iverson is done. he messed up his own career. no use feeling bad/sorry for him. I like bubba chuck, but he burned all his own bridges. only larry brown and charlotte can save him now.

    and seriously, what is Rudy Fernandez bitching about?!!?

  • oo wee

    Rudy Fernandez wants out of the league so he can play more.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I’m not surprised alot of the Euro players try the NBA, suck, and then go back. They’re treated like royalty in Europe…

  • That’s What’s Up

    If CP3 were a woman I’d be all over dat.

  • jawjack

    AI- Burned too many teams (team mates & fans)the wrong way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a 10 day contract at mid season, if he would take one.

    Krstic- Greeks love a good fight no matter what side you’re on. Guards probably fed him Ouzo all night.

    West- From the reports, I always wondered if West swung some huge betting scam with mommy. The timing and manner of the affair revelation could not have been more perfect for one. No wonder he was so well armed in Maryland.

  • Desrat

    Are there any confirmations of West and Lebron’s mom…any at all? Can you chime in here Dime?

  • dlight

    Dime ain’t gonna spill the goods on mommy and piss off Daddy………had to say it, ya’ll was thinking it